#Harpers #DumpsterFire 2015

#Harpers #DumpsterFire 2015

#Harpers #DumpsterFire 2015

Well friends, it seems as if all of our hard work by way of cooperation, collaboration and consultation may have indeed sparked the Harper Regime’s Epic Outta Control Dumpster Fire! At the very least our latest poll diversion efforts have served to be an excellent accelerant by adding fuel within the dissenting ranks within the core of the Regime itself. It almost seems, judging by the varied mixed messages as if there is some sort of controlled demolition occurring. While the fire rages, we’ll try to keep this post, short and sweet while the whole mutha burns.

Before we begin, let’s not forget who the cowardly copypasta yellow journalists from across the spectrum are on Tuesday so that we may ask some tough questions and/or issue some pink slips. Surely there are more qualified individuals that may have the courage to do some independent investigative research into domestic AND global issues as opposed to the current trend of fear based war-mongering that is being spewed and regurgitated ad nauseum via “anonymous government” sources.

Now, let’s get to the meat and potatoes of this, hopefully last, installment of the DumpHarper! campaign and how it ties into our belligerent title. For this we have to open up some of our strategy guide, but not too much to provide the next Dumpable Regime any strstegic advantages.

The Harper Regime intended to create the same fear/war diversion/division atmosphere it did in the last election but since there global planners did not anticipate the flow of their “Old Stock” interventionist policies, (think WW1), we seemingly have found ourselves as a Nation caught in 2 separate simmering quagmires, one in Syria and the other in the Ukraine. One is brimming with so-called jihadist mercenaries while the other is brimming with so-called neo-nazi mercenaries causing unseen and unimaginable horrors upon the innocent populations.

The sad truth is that “We the People” are funding these foreign endeavours and really our kids and grand-kids cannot afford them and more than likely will decide to default on them. This should serve to be a wake up call to the so-called Boomers, since if push comes to shove, they will be dumped off into the Soylent Green camps. We will simply leave it there for right now so that you may let those thoughts percolate a bit.

Moving forward we need to make a semi-admission with regards to our recent “poll” strategy since the Regime felt it necessary to to bring in the Wizard of Oz as a high paid TFW to run the campaign. This “shy tory” strategy, oddly enough, played right into our strategy which we code named “Operation Lie Tory” for just such an emergency.

So what is a “Lie Tory” you may wonder?

Simply put a “Lie Tory” is someone who willingly infiltrates caucus meetings, inserts false “Armageddon” narratives (lol) into politcos/journalists/thinktanks, fields all calls/emails/polls/etc. plus pledge enduring (loaded) admiration, loyalty and support for Dear Leader Harper and all those within the Regime, aka: ReformaCons, to anyone that will listen to our outlandish tales. The only Harper Party members that were not given this stellar support were the actual “Old Stock” Conservatives within the bunch since they will have to perform the internal Regime purges. (BTW: Our version of “Old Stock” is pretty much the 180 degree opposite of Harper’s version.) You can believe us on that since many of us are traditionally conservative that hold certain fundamental views upon the balance between good governance and fiscal responsibility. In other words, we demand value from our investment by way of taxation. We believe in fair taxation with responsible representation based in the rule of law that benefit our own Nation first and formost. We do NOT believe in unfair taxation without representation that only benefits globalist and internationalist minded investors that do NOT hold any allegiance to Canada nor contribute to our taxation system, period.

As promised, we shall conclude this, hopefully last, installment of the DumpHarper! blog while keeping our eyes pealed for fraudulent and suspicious voting activities and irregularities.

We Don’t Need No Water, Let the…

Grandmaster Flash – The roof is on fire (remix)


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