Liberal Party of Canada


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Liberal Party Platform

It’s time to put equal opportunity back at the centre of our idea of Canada.

Our country has so much going for it: great people, free institutions, amazing natural resources. But what has really made Canada successful has been equal opportunity. We believe every family ought to be able to prosper; every child should get a good start in life; every new immigrant deserves a fair chance to get ahead.

Equal opportunity is what makes Canada great.

Liberal governments have built up the foundations of equality – establishing universal medicare, a good public pension system and a Charter of Rights and Freedoms guaranteeing equality of rights and responsibilities for all Canadians. Now, we’re looking to the future.

Our platform in this election has one overriding objective: to make equal opportunity a reality for every Canadian, whether you live in a big city, a small town, a remote community, a farm or a fishing village.

We will invest in quality, affordable child care for every young family that needs it. We will help every family with the costs of college or university, so your kids can be ready for the jobs of tomorrow. We will help families take time off from work to look after sick loved ones at home. We’ll strengthen universally accessible health care for all, and build on the Canada Pension Plan so everyone can retire in security and dignity. We’ll also have a new tax credit to help with the up-front costs of renovations to make your home more energy-efficient.

Finally, since opportunities for Canadians are now global, we will promote Canadian success overseas and stand up for the proud ideal that a citizen of Canada is truly a citizen of the world.

We can afford to do this while reducing the Conservative deficit responsibly, without raising your taxes, by making better choices. We will cancel unnecessary and unaffordable tax cuts for the largest corporations, reverse wasteful spending habits and focus on what really matters – giving every Canadian the tools to succeed in the years ahead.

Advancing equal opportunity is the work of a healthy democracy. But in the last five years, our democratic institutions have been weakened by an autocratic and secretive regime that evades the rules and shuts down debate. We will begin the hard work of restoring the credibility of Parliament and reconnecting government to the people it serves.

That’s our election pledge to you: a government that respects our democracy and strengthens equal opportunity for every man, woman and child in this incredible country. When each of us gets a chance to succeed, we all succeed together.

About Liberal Party

The Liberal Family Pack – Our Plan for Canada

  1. Economy: Better choices
  2. Families, Finance, Future
  3. Clean Environment
  4. Bringing Canadians Together
  5. Canada in the World

Liberal Party FAQ’s

The Liberal Party of Canada built an inclusive and prosperous Canada through a national vision that puts people first.

The hallmarks of our nation – the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, universal health care, our national flag, peacekeeping, bilingualism and multiculturalism, national unity, fiscal responsibility – are Liberal achievements.

Canada’s legacy was forged under Liberal leadership.

Reformers like Louis-Joseph Papineau and William Lyon Mackenzie fought for the early democratic reforms at the heart of our system of responsible government. Wilfrid Laurier built the nation from West to East. Canada came of age under Mackenzie King’s industrial and wartime advances. Lester Pearson achieved healthcare for all and prestige for Canada on the world stage. Pierre Trudeau made Canada into a just society. Jean Chrétien strengthened Canada’s national unity. Paul Martin left Canada with the strongest economy in the world.

In recent years the Liberal Party of Canada helped to define the issues that will shape Canada’s future: returning this country to economic and fiscal health, achieving environmental sustainability, giving our youngest citizens a head start in life through national early-learning child care, and creating a bright future for our First Nations peoples through the historic Kelowna accord.

The next chapter in the Liberal Party of Canada’s history will unfold under the leadership of Michael Ignatieff. Inspired by the high standards set by our party’s past, Liberals are united and ready to achieve the next big national projects that will tie Canadians together.

Liberal Party Information

Short-form Name: Liberal

Party Leader: Mr. Michael Ignatieff, M.P.

National Headquarters:
c/o Mr. Ian McKay, National Director
81 Metcalfe Street, Suite 600
Ottawa ON K1P 6M8
Tel.: 613-237-0740
Fax: 613-235-7208
Web site:

Eligible: 1972-04-04

Registered: 1972-04-04

Chief Agent: The Federal Liberal Agency of Canada
c/o Mr. Patrick A. Ryan, Chair
81 Metcalfe Street, Suite 600
Ottawa ON K1P 6M8
Tel.: 613-237-0740
Fax: 613-235-7208

PricewaterhouseCoopers, LLP, CA
99 Bank Street
Suite 800
Ottawa ON K1P 1E4
Tel.: 613-237-3702
Fax: 613-237-3963


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