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2 thoughts on “The Adversaries”

    1. Greetings lsammart,

      First we would like to thank you for posing that question and second, we apologize for taking so long with a reply as it has been very hectic.

      Actually, since we are presuming that you have posed your question after viewing some segments of this site and visiting the “DumpMulcair!” and “DumpTrudeau!” sites, we are in no way advocating less voter participation or suggesting “NOT TO VOTE”, we are actually advocating for more participation across the board.

      If you (or others) have not visited the above sites, please take note of the message from the homepage(s) below:

      The purpose of this site, and our companion site, is very simple once one considers the facts. Issues that concern the citizenry do not disappear just because a “new” government is elected. Let us count and ponder a few of the ways as we prepare a new way forward to ensure transparency and accountability in the future…

      Military Spending

      Mandatory Minimum Sentencing

      Unethical Business Lobbying

      Digital Rights Management

      Warrantless Online Spying

      Old Age Security Cuts

      Robocall/Election Fraud

      First Nations Rights

      Federal Budget Cuts

      Scientific Research Censorship

      Weakened Federal Regulations

      Immigration and Detention Issues

      Free Trade Agreements


      If you notice, we are highlighting that the ongoing and systematic damage being done to our Nation and our People by the Harper Regime will not simply disappear with their eventual defeat. The fact is that it will take a generation or so to undo most of it as it stands, not to mention the exorbitant costs down the road. We do not want to let any of these issues and/or problems disappear down the memory hole and are not going to let future Governments forget and/or take advantage of the unlimited powers provided to the PMO and/or the Police State and/or foreign investors and/or special interests along with their global speculators and financial backers.

      It is for the above reasons, that we propose a radical overhaul of the system itself that is far more representative to the constituency that they are elected to serve. The only way to achieve these goals is with more active participation from the ground up and across the generational sphere.

      If “We the People” take back the Parliament and refocus it to our core needs, then we can bring our Nation to a more prosperous standing. not only will this be far more beneficial domestically, but it will help rebuild our reputation and standing internationally. The Harper Regime has not only made us appear as ideologically driven unreliable laughingstocks on the global stage, it has portrayed us as nothing more than subservient lackeys of some opaquely dubious masters abroad.

      “We the People” cannot continue to be disengaged and allow special interests and ideological misfits to continue to loot our Nations wealth and vast resources. If we do, then we will slowly witness the continued hollowing out of our once prosperous and proud middle class that always assured that those socioeconomic and disadvantaged groups below them were sufficiently cared for. Keep in mind the time proven concept that we are only as strong as our weakest link.

      In summary, we advocate that all segments of the populous must not only mobilize collectively and individually to get out and vote, but we must assure that any/all candidates and/or political party’s are truly representative and pressure those elected to serve their constituents first and foremost, period.

      Thanks again for your inquiry and hopefully we have provided a sufficient explanation… 🙂

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