United Party of Canada


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UPC Platform

A never ending cycle of Liberal / Conservative, Conservative / Liberal government has got us into the current economic crisis and political malaise. It is time to try something new. If you want better, choose different, choose the United Party of Canada.

We are the only party to challenge the status quo and offer a program to simplify and streamline government through a series of new programs. We offer programs such as a streamlined tax system that it is fair and efficient and geared towards environmental sustainability. A guaranteed annual income to replace a series of income support programs, and the public funding of post secondary to develop the talents and skills of Canadians.

Our objective is a Canada for Canadians.

About UPC

The United Party of Canada exists because we see a need to renew the union that Canada represents, a union that emerged from the founding cultures of the First nations, French, British and others to include all those that came after the Confederation of 1867.

We believe that the evolution of politics in Canada has brought us to the point where a new party, the United Party of Canada, is the only means to offer Canada a new direction for the 21st Century. We believe that this party can attract supporters from all parties and those voters who have not participated in any recent elections.

The current political parties do not represent the Canadian people, but only exist to attain power in order to preserve their own self interest.

The United Party of Canada has come into existence to bring all the regions and all the people of Canada together to form a union that will bring the interests and opinions of all Canadians to the forefront of Canadian politics.



  • We represent all Canadians no matter who they are or what their situation is. Today’s political climate caters towards the vocal minorities and the political elite, the United Party of Canada will change that culture to include all Canadians!


  • We stand up for the common citizen. We are providing a voice for ALL Canadians no matter their political, philosophical or ethnic background. We are not Liberal, Conservative, Green Undecided… We are the United Party of Canada.
  • Economic renewal and progress for the 21st century is closely linked to environmental sustainability and conservation. As caretakers of our environment and wildlife, we stand up for our environment while making sure that our advances in environmental progress does not make a substantial negative impact on our economy.
  • We stand up for individual freedom, including freedom of speech, assembly, and self-determination. We recognize that with such freedom comes responsibility.

We are going to put an end to the divisive politics of today, and by working to elect United MPs we will make a real difference in our country!

The broader and more diverse our membership is, the better we can do all of those things. Join us. Be a part of the United Party as we build the Canada of tomorrow, today!

UPC Information

Short-form Name: United Party

Party Leader: Mr. Brian Jedan

National Headquarters:
119 Oakcrest Drive
Keswick ON  L4P 3J2
Tel: 905-476-0000
Web site: www.unitedpartyofcanada.com

Eligible: 2010-06-17

Registered: 2010-11-08

Chief Agent: Mr. John C. Hastings
PO Box 83
Pefferlaw ON  L0E 1N0
Tel: 705-437-1066
Fax: 705-437-1064

Auditor: Mrs. Mary Elaine Lisotti, CGA
2220 Line 11
Bradford ON  L3Z 2A5
Tel/Fax: 905-775-7775


One thought on “United Party of Canada”

  1. I am an American and I support many of your ideas. Your criticism of the system is right–the constant shifting policies between right wing/left wing parties has not addressed the concerns and grievances of the great mass of the middle class of citizens. In fact, it has led to dysfunction and wasteful political campaign funding of ideology–not effective public management.
    In the meantime,the environment and resources of the planet have gotten short shrift. It’s either “drill baby drill” or “we will still drill, but let’s be careful where we put that pipe.” Neither policy is sustainable.
    I am a little concerned about your phrase “streamline” government–as that generally means “reduce the capacity of government” in the U.S. When capitalism is failing the middle class as it is today, we want government to build safety nets and infrastructure capacity, not tear it down.
    But I don’t think you mean the interpretation above. I think you mean be “responsive” to the demands of effectively managing public resources and processes–instead of ideological rhetoric about “small government” or “big government” or other such nonsense. We need a government that “effectively manages national affairs;” whatever that size may be. Let’s call it “this one’s just right” government.

    Keep up the good work
    George DeMarse
    U.S. Office of Personnel Management (Ret.)

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