Christian Heritage Party of Canada


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CHP Party Platform

The CHP is Canada’s only pro-Life federal political party, and the only federal party that endorses the Judeo-Christian principles enshrined in the Canadian Constitution: ‘Canada was founded upon principles that recognize the supremacy of God’ – capital ‘G’: the God of the Bible -‘and the rule of law.’

Immigration and Refugees: New immigrants must acknowledge and respect that Canada’s cultural heritage is rooted in a Judeo-Christian worldview which is the foundation of our national identity and laws. The decision to choose to live in Canada must be accompanied by patriotism and loyalty to Canada and our democratic values and morals.

Economy: It’s not government spending that creates jobs, but businesses. CHP Canada has a Better Solution to put Canadians back to work.

Life & Family: CHP Canada knows when life begins, and what marriage is, and how vital strong families are to Canada. CHP Canada is the only political party that will stand with you to uphold these essential building blocks of our nation and its future.

Healthcare: Canada’s Healthcare system has been the envy of many countries. But is our healthcare system flat-lining? Wait times for medical services are far too long, delivery of essential medical services needs desperately to be improved and studies show that our hospitals are actually making us ill. CHP Canada has Better Solutions to improve our healthcare system.

Environment: Canada needs real protection for our air, land and water, solutions that encourage good, proactive stewardship practices. CHP Canada has a plan that can help.

Justice & Defending Your Rights: Whether it is the unconstitutional rewriting of our constitution, the attack on free speech by the Canadian Human Rights Commission, the attack on conscience rights, or the lack of property rights, the unalienable rights of Canadians are under attack.

About CHP

Christian Heritage Party of Canada Party principles are based on these Biblical ethics and are unalterable:

We Believe:

  • There is one Creator God, eternally existent in three Persons, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. We believe in the Lordship of Jesus Christ.
  • The Holy Bible to be the inspired, inerrant written Word of God and the final authority above all man’s laws and government.
  • Civil government to be under the authority of God.
  • The purpose of civil government is to ensure freedom and justice for a nation’s citizens by upholding law and order in accordance with Biblical principles.
  • Decision-making processes by civil government must not in any way contravene these Biblical ethics.


Who are the people of the CHP?

We’re your neighbours, and we want the same things you want: safe communities, a strong economy, and a good future for our children and grandchildren. We come from all parts of the nation, and from all walks of life.

Why a specifically Christian political party?

The CHP was not started because there were no Christians in the other parties — there are. However, party discipline in Ottawa is so restrictive that Christian members of Parliament in the major parties are not permitted to bring their deepest convictions into parliamentary debates: they are told by their caucuses what to say, and when. Therefore, we saw a great need for a national political party that would encourage Christians to put forward the Biblical perspectives upon which Canada — and indeed, western civilization itself — was founded.

Is CHP membership broad-based?

Yes. There are no denominational tests for membership, and no church directs our efforts. CHP members include Anglicans, Baptists, Brethren, Catholics, Christian & Missionary Alliance, Mennonites, Pentecostals, Presbyterians, Reformed – and probably many others: we don’t keep track. From our various backgrounds, we come together to seek a consensus about the best way to apply proven Judeo-Christian principles of justice and compassion to Canada’s contemporary public policy needs.

We invite you to work with us in this project: to help restore those principles – the very principles already enshrined in the Preamble to the Charter of Rights and Freedoms in Canada’s Constitution – to a place of respect and pre-eminence in the public life of our nation.

Is the CHP trying to impose Christianity on those of other faiths?

Absolutely not! We’re politicians, not evangelists. Our purpose is to place ourselves under the authority and guidance of the principles of the Gospel – principles like justice, honesty, compassion, diligence, thrift and “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

The Secularist minority in Canada dominates four powerful institutions that shape all our lives: governments, courts, the public education establishment, and the major news and entertainment media. The best defence of the religious freedom and intellectual liberty of the minority faiths (which at 4% all together total only about 1/3 the 12% who are Secularists) is to make common cause with the 83% of Canadians who identify themselves as Christians.* We are thus a bulwark defending religious liberty – for everyone – against a militant Secularist juggernaut that seeks to exclude all faiths from the public square.

What is the CHP in a nutshell?

The CHP is Canada’s only pro-Life federal political party, and the only federal party that endorses the Judeo-Christian principles enshrined in the Canadian Constitution: ‘Canada was founded upon principles that recognize the supremacy of God’ – capital ‘G’: the God of the Bible -‘and the rule of law.’

Short-form Name:
CHP Canada

Party Leader: Mr. James (Jim) Hnatiuk

National Headquarters:
PO Box 4958
Station E
Ottawa ON K1S 5J1
Tel: 819-281-6686
Fax: 819-281-7174
Web site:

Eligible: 2001-11-08

Registered: 2004-05-28

Chief Agent: Mr. Louis (Luke) Kwantes
4710 Slack Road
Smithers BC V0J 2N2
Tel: 250-847-3777

Auditor: Mr. Henry Salomons, CA
4506 Ontario Street
Unit 1
Beamsville ON L0R 1B5
Tel: 905-563-7045
Fax: 905-563-3134


Full name of the division: Alberta Council of the Christian Heritage Party

Chief Executive Officer of the division: Mrs. Cornelia Sya Strydhorst

Principal office:
PO Box 88
Neerlandia AB  T0G 1R0
Tel: 780-674-4269
Fax: 780-674-4269

British Columbia

Full name of the division: BC Council of the Christian Heritage Party

Chief Executive Officer of the division: Mr. Harold Ludwig

Principal office:
PO Box 16014
617 Belmont Street
New Westminster BC  V3M 6W6
Tel: 604-523-8229
Fax: 604-526-7995


Full name of the division: Manitoba Council of the Christian Heritage Party

Chief Executive Officer of the division: Mr. David Reimer

Principal office:
535 Evergreen Avenue
Steinbach MB  R5G 0J1
Tel: 204-326-7520
Fax: 204-346-3861


Full name of the division: Christian Heritage Party Ontario Council

Chief Executive Officer of the division: Mr. David W. Bylsma

Principal office:
5313 Sixteen Road
St. Ann’s ON  L0R 1Y0
Tel: 905-957-8145
Fax: 905-957-8146


2 thoughts on “Christian Heritage Party of Canada”

  1. Hello Maureen,
    While we are unsure of the CHP Candidate for your specific riding, the CHP Electoral District Associations page is located here:

    For Ontario the published list is as follows:

    Durham: Peter Vogel
    Elgin—Middlesex—London: Carl David Hiemstra
    Haliburton—Kawartha Lakes—Brock: (John) David Switzer
    Haldimand—Norfolk: Peter Ton
    Hamilton Mountain: James Enos
    Huron—Bruce: Jim Siertsema
    Lambton—Kent—Middlesex: Mike Janssens
    London—Fanshawe: Gilles Rancourt
    Niagara West—Glanbrook: Don Bos
    Oxford: Robert Koppert
    Perth—Wellington: Dave Bylsma
    St. Catharines: Bill Luchies
    Sarnia—Lambton: Curtis Bryce
    Simcoe—Grey: Iain Morris
    Simcoe North: Adrian Kooger
    Welland : Hennie Dunnink
    York—Simcoe: Vicki Gunn

    Hopefully this information is useful.

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