Western Block Party


Please note: The logos shown below are the ones officially registered with Elections Canada by the individual political parties and link to officially registered information about the parties on the Elections Canada website.

WBP Platform

The foundational strategy of our party is to secure for Western Canadians a referendum for Independence.

After Western Canada is independent, our policies will be decided on a regular basis by thorough, free, public debate followed by citizen-initiated referenda on all major issues.

Parties and corrupt politicians who place their vote at the disposal of the highest bidder will be a thing of the past as people become actively involved in the political process.

Until then, however, attempts to divide the movement with fractious debate over post-Independence arguments will be resisted by the leadership of our party. We do not yet have the power to choose, and we will never have it unless we unite to achieve it.

About WBP

There are many reasons for an independent Western Canada. Each person may choose various explanations for their desire to achieve this goal.

  • For the practical and tax-conscious person, the reasons will be largely economic, focusing on the costs of government in Canada and the value of Western resources, if the money remained here rather than being passed on Ottawa.
  • For those concerned about political justice, the realization that Ontario has more seats in the House of Commons than all of Western Canada combined. To this we are given no answer but patriotism.
  • For those concerned about language and culture, it is obvious Ottawa does not care about our language and our culture. They would like to see the demise of all Western leadership.
  • For those concerned about the Western Canadian environment, separation is the answer because the rapid pace of immigration, which is consuming our land space at an alarming rate and which is directed by Ottawa for the gain of the Liberal Party.
  • For those concerned about bureaucracy and government waste, experience tells us it is Ottawa’s creation.
  • For those concerned about freedom, from gun control to the Wheat Board monopoly to the Canadian Human Rights censors, this is all Ottawa’s doing.
  • For those who desire referendum, initiative and recall as democratic tools, the Constitution Act places these tools in the hands of MPs and not anyone but a Federal bureaucrat.
  • For those concerned about the growth of government generally, Ottawa is the origin of the problem.


Our one goal is to achieve Independence for all Western Canada after referenda in each of the four Western provinces.

We seek to establish a new nation with four basic qualities:

  1. A constitutional right to direct democracy—recall, referendum and initiative applicable to all laws and measures.
  2. A bicameral (two-house) legislature, with representation by region in the upper house and representation by population (one person, one vote) in the lower house.
  3. Two levels of government, national and municipal.
  4. A referendum on the constitution after its drafting by a constituent assembly.
  5. An independent judiciary beholden to a constitution based on the principles of liberty and personal responsibility.

WBP Information

Short-form Name: WBP

Party Leader: Mr. Douglas H. Christie

National Headquarters:
810 Courtney Street
Victoria BC V8W 1C4
Tel: 250-590-2979
Fax: 250-479-3294
Web site: www.westernblockparty.com

Eligible: 2005-06-24

Registered: 2005-12-29

Chief Agent: Ms. Keltie Zubko
810 Courtney Street
Victoria BC V8W 1C4
Tel: 250-590-2979
Fax: 250-479-3294

Auditor: Burnell, Peterson & Burns
c/o Ms. Jane Burns, CA
100–3930 Shelbourne Street
Victoria BC V8P 5P6
Tel: 250-477-4431
Fax: 250-477-4405


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