About Muhammed Sillah


Muhammed came to Canada in 2006. The conditions of the Gambia severely worsened while Muhammed was in Canada and in October 2011, he filed an application for protection without being able to afford the tremendous legal fees and therefore the application failed on a small technicality.

Muhammed has an onDemand Justice for Muhammed Sillah #JusticeforSillahline group called “Gambian Green Party” (formerly “Concerned Citizens”) where he outlines his projected improvements to government and ideas for sustainable development for the country. He also explains quite clearly how the current government is failing Gambians. He has posted his discontent with the illegal, horrendous crimes of the Gambian government in a group called WA Banjul Open (WA= People of), he has also been very active in conversation and debate within the HelloGambia.com newscast, in opposition to the government. This newscast is owned by a former Gambian Ambassador who submitted an affidavit to the Federal Court just prior to Muhammed’s removal outlining who Muhammed is and the threat to his life if he returns to the Gambia.

Muhammed has been reporting to both CBSA and the Toronto Bail Program (no criminal record), since October 2011 when he filed for protection. He has complied 100% with any appointments/requirements put on him on a weekly/monthly basis, which was to also attend a meeting with CBSA on May 29th, 2013 with his wife. In the meeting the officer explained a program to give Muhammed $2,000 to blend back into the Gambian society, and Muhammed refused because his life is not equivalent to any compensation from the Canadian government. The officer asked Muhammed and his wife to “wait a minute” while the officer “went to get the form for Muhammed to sign to pull out of the program”, when she returned, she asked Muhammed and his wife to meet her in room 7, where two CBSA officers closed the door behind them and asked Muhammed to face the wall while they frisked him, then to put his hands behind his back, and at that point arrested him. The reason given was because his status has “run out”.

Therefore multiple protests were organized and an emergency stop motion was submitted to stop Muhammed’s removal. After an hour hearing with the Federal Court on his day of removal, the Federal Court knew that the “balance of convenience lies in the favour of Muhammed and that he has a genuine fear for his life and safety” so they stopped his deportation to re-file for protection, although he was already taken to the airport and waiting to be forced to board! He is still in detention and we are demanding his release to stop this continued oppression, to stop the power hungry officers and their racial slurs, to raise awareness on the treatment of detainees in Canada, and to shed light on what an injustice this has been for Muhammed and to make known what is happening in The Gambia so that one day, he can return to his beloved home soil with his wife.

Sign the petition: http://www.change.org/en-CA/petitions/free-gambian-freedom-fighter-from-canadian-immigration-detention

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