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MLPC Platform

CPC(M-L) believes that all aspects of political, economic and social life in Canada need renewal. This can be brought about only if the people are sovereign. They can exercise their sovereignty only if the fundamental law of the land vests sovereignty in the people and if the institutions and laws of Canada guarantee it. Canadians have expressed their wish for modern arrangements on many occasions, as they did clearly during the Spicer Commission hearings. They have repeatedly said that they need to take measures and begin working towards affirming their sovereignty and creating the required renewed institutions. They also see the need to take the same approach towards the problems of the economy which is in deep crisis. This crisis has become chronic, creating a jobless recovery and general insecurity. The same is the case with the political process which marginalizes the people and reduces them to the role of voting cattle.

The people of Canada must deal also with the problems of culture and national sovereignty: working for the formation of a free and equal union between the nation of Quebec, the nations of the Aboriginal peoples and the rest of Canada, and building a truly multicultural society in which the languages and cultures of all Canadians are given official recognition and are encouraged to flourish.

The principle that all people have claims on the society by virtue of being human must be held as the overriding principle of the society, along with gender equality and freedom of conscience and lifestyle. A new, modern, truly democratic society in which people are sovereign is the urgent requirement for Canadians to free themselves of the legacy of the country’s 19th century colonial foundation.

The creation of such a society is the immediate aim of the Communist Party of Canada (Marxist-Leninist), consistent with its long-term aim of creating a socialist society as the transition to communism, which will usher in a classless society.

About MLPC

  1. Stop Paying the Rich — Increase Funding for Social Programs
    • Like everything in a modern society, planning is indispensable to its overall functioning. The first step towards a planned modern society is the economic and political program to Stop Paying the Rich — Increase Funding for Social Programs.
    • It is a political program because its starting point is the harmonization of the individual interests of the members of society with those of their collectives, and of their collective interests with the general interests of society.
    • It is an economic program which would ensure that people have the financial resources in their own hands to plan and build the economic foundation of a new and modern society. This economic program will immediately:
      • Stop Paying the Rich — Increase Funding for Social Programs.
      • Impose a moratorium on the debt.
      • Nationalize all banks and other financial institutions.
      • Increase fiscal and budgetary requisitions for health, education and other social programs in order to immediately assist the most vulnerable sections of the society.
  2. Democratic Renewal
    • In order for the people to exercise their sovereignty and govern themselves, there is an immediate need to: PROCLAIM A NEW AND MODERN CONSTITUTION
    • This new and modern constitution must enshrine:
      • The rights and duties of all citizens without any discrimination on the basis of language, race, national origin, religion, gender, lifestyle, ability, age, wealth or on any other basis;
      • The right of Quebec to self-determination, up to and including secession;
      • The hereditary rights of the Aboriginal peoples; the injustices of the past and the harm done to them must be redressed through the provision of indemnity payments;
      • The rights of the national minorities of Canada, including the recognition of the equality of all languages and cultures and the creation of conditions for their flourishing;
      • The vesting of sovereignty in the people.
    • To enable the people of Canada to exercise their sovereignty, this new and modern constitution must lay down as a fundamental principle that there can be:
      • No Election Without Selection.
    • Under the fundamental law that elected representatives and all institutions must be subordinate to the electorate, the constitution must enshrine:
      • The Right to an Informed Vote;
      • The Right to Recall;
      • The Right to Initiate Legislation.
    • These laws must be turned into reality through the creation of institutions which enable the electors to exercise their right to elect and to be elected and facilitate their maximum participation in governance. A Canada-Wide Electoral Commission, as well as Electoral Committees in each constituency would be bodies to replace Elections Canada. The finances and facilities currently provided to Elections Canada and to Members of Parliament to operate their constituency offices would be reallocated to fund the functioning of the Canada-Wide Electoral Commission and Electoral Committees. The Members of Parliament would conduct their affairs through the Electoral Committees to which they would be subordinate.
    • The Canada-Wide Electoral Commission and the Electoral Committees would be entrusted with two key tasks: 1) Guaranteeing that all electors can exercise their right to elect and be elected; and 2) Ensuring that the elected representatives are subordinate to the electors and serve their interests. These bodies would involve a large number of people, especially in the task of ensuring the subordination of the elected to the electors.
    • The new and modern constitution must establish:
      • The rights of all citizens and residents by virtue of being human.
        In providing a guarantee to these rights, the constitution must hold the society, and the governments which represent that society, responsible to provide people with the highest possible standard of living within the existing conditions. It must also set out the aim of raising this standard to higher levels, consistent with the development of society, so as to meet the ever-increasing needs of the people for health care, education, culture and other necessities of life. The constitution must guarantee the recognition of the claims of all people on society by virtue of being human, as well as the claims based on the conditions of their collectivity in the case of women, youth, workers and all other collectives in the society.
  3. Renewal of International Relations
    • In the sphere of international relations, the renewal of Canada requires a foreign policy which bases itself on:
      • Support for all peoples fighting for their rights;
      • Relations of equality and mutual benefit amongst sovereign nations based on peaceful coexistence;
      • Non-interference in the internal affairs of sovereign nations.
        The plan for the modernization of Canada’s foreign relations would include immediate withdrawal from all economic and military blocs. This entails:
      • Immediate withdrawal of Canada from the Free Trade Agreement (FTA), the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC);
      • Immediate withdrawal of Canada from NORAD and NATO;
      • Immediate democratization of the United Nations based on the principle that all nations, big or small, have an equal say;
      • Upholding the right of all nations to decide upon their own system and opposing the efforts of any country or group of countries to dictate what kind of system a country can or cannot have; opposing the Paris Charter and the Organization of Security and Cooperation in Europe; and opposing the blockades against the Republic of Cuba, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea and similar pressures exerted against other countries.


The election process makes people very cynical. Probably rightly so. Even the media promote this cynicism by reporting that the main response Canadians give when asked about the party programs is that everyone knows that once elected, the parties will abandon their promises and basically slash and burn social programs.

What is the alternative to this cynicism?

  • Contempt! Contempt for ruling elites who refuse to renew the political process! From that particular alternative to cynicism, other substantive alternatives can be investigated such as the Marxist-Leninist Party and their policies to fund the process and not the parties, no election without selection and increase investments in social programs.
  • The elites who control the political process and its outcome neither want change nor people consciously participating in politics. They are happy with less than 50 per cent of the people voting. Some political commentators believe that “voter suppression” is underway in Canada so a core group of neoliberal activists can retain their political power with a shrinking percentage of the eligible polity voting for them.
  • Cynicism is a powerful weapon in “turning off” voters and depressing participation in the political process. This may explain why the Liberals and Conservatives do not even hide the reality that all they want is a mandate and they will do and say most anything to win it. Once they have what they call a mandate to govern, their platforms and promises count for nothing.
  • When Ignatieff recently unveiled the Liberal platform as a “Red Book,” were you not filled with contempt? Do you not think that it was a big Liberal farce that he would do such a thing knowing that the Chretien Liberals are infamous for their 1993 “Red Book” promises that never saw the light of day after they won the election? If fact the 1993 “Red Book” promises were a deception that preceded the biggest social program cuts in Canadian history.
  • Cynicism and “voter suppression” are anti-social undemocratic projects of the Liberals and Conservatives. They should be fought with contempt and conscious acts of finding an alternative in democratic renewal. Genuine political renewal is the key that unlocks the door to the future where conscious participation in political affairs by every individual is considered not only normal but a primary duty of responsible citizenship.
  • Reject cynicism and embrace contempt and conscious participation in the political process!

What do you mean when you say the working class should constitute itself the nation and vest sovereignty in the people?

  • This is a call to the working class to organise itself for actions with analysis to defend the rights and security of all and engage in nation-building. The ruling elite have abandoned nation-building and given in to continentalism. The raison d’état of Canada at its founding was to defend itself against U.S. continentalism. This entailed nation-building projects such as the railway from sea to sea, Air Canada, the trans Canada highway, mass transit, provincial hydro enterprises, Canada Post, public steel companies, investments in social programs such as Medicare, public education and universities, political institutions and rights under the Charter of Rights and Freedom, bilingualism, multiculturalism, trade union rights and a growing recognition of the national rights of Quebec and hereditary rights of First Nations.
  • Political extremists allied with global monopolies mostly centred in the U.S. have attacked the Canadian nation-building project. Instead of defending the rights of Canadians and their nation-building project, the extremists launched the slogans “Open for Business” and “Free Trade,” which effectively means sell-out to U.S. continentalism. They began to dismantle or sell off national institutions to global monopolies, wreck manufacturing, privatise “everything that isn’t nailed down,” as Toronto Mayor Ford brags, attack rights as witnessed with over 1,000 arrests at the G20 meeting, abandon Canadian UN Peacekeeping in favour of participation in U.S.-led wars of aggression in Afghanistan and Libya, and curtail trade union rights such as the criminalisation of TTC workers’ right to strike.
  • Instead of solving problems, such as the underfunding of healthcare and takeover and bankruptcy of our major steel, mining and other companies, they block solutions and proposals for renewal, which results in further privatisation and nation-wrecking. Unfortunately, most of the big owners of capital in Canada have sided with the extremists and have sold out to the neoliberal agenda to dismantle Canada, attack rights and not renew the old nation-building project.
  • The working class with its vital stake and position within the economy is the only social force capable of leading the people forward. From their own life experience, workers realise that to defend their own individual rights and security they must defend the rights and security of all. All workers, seniors, youth, and small and medium size businesspeople that likewise have a stake in the country should rally around the working class and renew the nation and everything that has already been accomplished.
  • To do so, vesting sovereignty in the people is key. People must be in charge and control of their economic and political affairs. This economy is their economy and this country is their country. Their economy and Canada’s sovereign right to be are under threat from the Harper and Ignatieff extremists. They must be stopped!How the working class and its allies vest sovereignty in the people is for the people themselves to figure out in the doing. A first step is to vote for and join the mainstream of Canadian nation-building, the Marxist-Leninist Party of Canada.

How long have you been participating in federal elections?

  • We participated since the 1972 and 1974 elections. We are posting below some of the photos of our coverage from the 1972 and 1974 elections.

MLPC Information

Short-form Name: Marxist-Leninist

Party Leader: Ms. Anna Di Carlo

National Headquarters:
1867 Amherst Street
Montréal QC H2L 3L7
Tel/Fax: 514-522-1373
Web site:

Eligible: 1990-01-22

Registered: 1993-09-28

Chief Agent: Ms. Hélène Héroux
1867 Amherst Street
Montréal QC H2L 3L7
Tel/Fax: 514-522-1373

Auditor: Mr. Sylvain Lavoie, CA
6800 Macdonald Avenue
Suite 504
Côte Saint-Luc, QC H3X 3Z2
Tel: 514-739-8892
Fax: 514-739-2877


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