New Democratic Party


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NDP Platform

The NDP has an affordable plan to get Ottawa working for your family – one practical step at a time. For too long Ottawa has focused on the priorities of the well-connected, not the priorities of your family. Together we’re going to fix that.

The New Democrat plan is focused on improving your health services, rewarding the job creators, strengthening your pension, and making your life a little more affordable.

These are the priorities Jack Layton has been fighting for my whole life. And these are Jack Layton’s commitments to you in this election.

These commitments are fully costed – right from the first year. We won’t wait to lift all seniors out of poverty. We won’t wait to start hiring more doctors and nurses. We will act starting now.

Jack Layton promises you this: the morning after the election, Jack Layton will get down to work on your practical key priorities. As Prime Minister, Jack Layton will work with others to get Ottawa working for you. And Jack Layton will deliver results in the first 100 days. You can hold Jack Layton to it.

You know where Jack Layton stands. After May 2, Jack Layton will deliver for you. And Jack Layton won’t stop until the job’s done.

About NDP

  1. Give your family a break:
    • Strengthening Pensions and Retirement Security
    • Improving Family and Maternity Leave Benefits
    • Improving Access to Child Care and Post-Secondary Education
    • Delivering Affordable Housing to Canadians
    • Lowering Household Costs on Energy Bills and Renovations
    • Cracking Down on Excessive Credit Card Rates and Bank Card Fees
    • Re-instating the Federal Minimum Wage
    • Helping Lift Children and Families out of Poverty
    • Ensuring your Employment Insurance Benefits are There When You Need Them
  2. Reward the job creators by:
    • Reducing the Small Business Tax Rate
    • Establishing a Job Creation Tax Credit
    • Extending Tax Credits for Job-Supporting Investment
    • Ensuring Foreign Investment Delivers Quality Canadian Jobs
    • Setting the Corporate Tax Rate at Below the USA’s
    • Investing in Critical Infrastructure
  3. Improve your family’s health services by:
    • Strengthening Health Care with a New 10-year Accord
    • Investing in More Family Doctors and Nurses
    • Expanding Care for Seniors
    • Making Medicines More Affordable
    • Keeping Kids Healthy and Safe in Sports
  4. Tackle climate change by:
    • Adopting the Climate Change Accountability Act
    • Ensuring Canada Becomes a World Leader in Renewable Energy
    • Establishing Green Bonds to Fund Research and Development
    • Strengthening Public Transit for Liveable Cities
  5. Leadership in Canada by:
    • Building a New Relationship with First Nations
    • Ensuring Canada’s Arts and Culture Thrive
    • Building Home-grown Film and TV Production
    • Investing in our Shared Cultural Heritage
    • Ensuring Your Family’s Food is Safe
    • Protecting the Family Farm
    • Hiring More Police to Protect Your Community
    • Recognizing Local Heroes
    • Fast-Tracking Immigration and Family Reunification
    • Strengthening Canada’s Official Languages
    • An Action Plan for the Rights of the Disabled
    • Moving Forward on Women’s Equality
    • Promoting Equality Rights in Canada
    • Ensuring all Canadians Have Access to Broadband and a Robust Digital Economy
    • Restoring the Long-Form Census
    • Fair Treatment for the Provinces
  6. Leadership on the world stage by:
    • Leading the World in Response to Climate Change
    • Ensuring our Troops are Brought Home from Afghanistan
    • Increasing the Promotion of Health, Development and Human Rights
    • Charting a New Course for Canada’s Defence
    • Fulfilling Commitments to Honour our Veterans
  7. Fix Ottawa by:
    • Setting a New Tone in Parliament
    • Restricting the Prime Minister’s Power to Avoid Parliament
    • Making your Vote Count
    • Building a New Relationship with Civil Society
    • Balancing the Federal Budget


Practical first steps:

  1. Hire More Doctors and Nurses
  2. Strenghten Your Pension
  3. Kick Start Job Creation
  4. Help Out Your family Budget
  5. Fix Ottawa for Good

NDP Information

Short-form Name: NDP-New Democratic Party

Party Leader: The Hon. Jack Layton, P.C., M.P.

National Headquarters:
c/o Mr. Brad Lavigne, National Director
300–279 Laurier Avenue West
Ottawa ON K1P 5J9
Tel: 613-236-3613
Fax: 613-230-9950
Web site:

Eligible: 1971-06-07

Registered: 1971-06-07

Chief Agent: New Democrats of Canada Association
c/o Mr. Brad Lavigne, National Director
300–279 Laurier Avenue West
Ottawa ON K1P 5J9
Tel: 613-236-3613
Fax: 613-230-9950

Auditor: Mr. R. William Lyon, CA
10295 Shaw Road
Mountain ON K0E 1S0
Tel: 613-989-5534
Fax: 613-989-5526


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