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CAP Party Platform

The Canadian Action Party is, above all, a pro-Canadian party dedicated to the principle that Canada can best serve its citizens and the world by re-claiming and maintaining its political and economic sovereignty as an independent country.

It is opposed to the ascendancy of “corporate rule” and those aspects of unrestricted global investment that promote colonization of the world’s smaller powers and in Canada’s case its absorption by the United States of America.

In this context the Canadian Action Party is committed to the view that human dignity is the underlying principle of a democratic society and that the purpose of political organization is to guarantee equal opportunity in order to give full expression to that dignity.

In accordance with this philosophy, the Canadian Action Party subscribes to the fundamental rights and freedoms of all persons and equality under the law and commits itself to the protection of these essential values and their constant adaptation to the needs of a modern society.

The Canadian Action Party recognizes that human dignity, and a democratic system requires that all citizens have access to full information regarding the policies and leadership of the state; and that such information should not be unreasonably denied.

Citizens should be provided full opportunity to participate in open and public assessment of public policies and their impact as they deem desirable to promote the political, economic, social, cultural and general well-being of Canadians.

To realize this objective, the Canadian Action Party will strive to provide a flexible and democratic structure under which all Canadians can obtain such information, participate in open assessment and make their views known through open communication and political actions both electoral and non-electoral.

The Canadian Action Party recognizes the responsibility of the state to provide certain essential services for its citizens.

To assist in this regard the Canadian Action Party will reform the banking system and use the Bank of Canada creatively in order to provide the fiscal flexibility essential to this end.

The Canadian Action Party Constitution sets forth the systems and procedures by which the Canadian Action Party will work to implement these ideas on behalf of its members and all Canadians.

About CAP

The Canadian Action Party was founded by Paul T. Hellyer, a former Liberal minister of defence in the cabinet of Lester Pearson. Hellyer ran unsuccessfully for the leadership of the Liberal Party in 1968, and for the leadership of the Progressive Conservative Party in 1976.

It nominated candidates for the first time in the 1997 federal election.

After the 1997 election, it absorbed the Canada Party, another minor party concerned about monetary reform which had been formed by former members of the Social Credit Party of Canada. Former Canada Party leader Claire Foss served as vice president of CAP until November 2003.

Hellyer resigned as CAP leader in 2003 after the New Democratic Party failed to agree to a merger proposal, under which the NDP would change its name. In 2004, Connie Fogal, an activist lawyer, was acclaimed party leader after David Orchard failed to respond to an invitation to take over the leadership. Fogal stepped down in 2008 and was succeeded by Andrew J. Moulden following the 2008 federal election.

Moulden resigned as CAP leader on August 4, 2009 and joined the Christian Heritage Party. From October 2009 to September 2010, Melissa Brade has been acting as Leader of the Canadian Action Party.

As of September 2010, Christopher Porter has been acting as Leader of the Canadian Action Party.


Five essential, interconnecting pillars form the Canadian Action Party platform.

  1. Monetary Control – The use of our Bank of Canada in the best interest of all Canadians and to maintain and enhance sovereignty.
  2. Sovereignty – The ability to make laws and decisions for Canadians by Canadians.
  3. Civil and Human Rights – The restoration and fulfillment of our rights as originally intended under our Charter of Rights and Freedoms and the Canadian Constitution.
  4. Parliamentary Reform – The changes needed to bring our country to a state of complete interactive democracy, for the people, by the people.
  5. Environment – Water, air and soil are the basis to sustain all life forms. The Canadian Action Party will not sacrifice any of these for the sake of greed or the pursuit of profit.

CAP Party Information

Short-form Name:

Party Leader:
Mr. Christopher Porter

National Headquarters:
5346 Highway 1
Ste. Croix NS B0N 2E0
Tel.: 902-472-3114
Fax: 902-472-3115
Web site: [updated: 01Feb2014]

Eligible: 1997-03-17

Registered: 1997-05-13

Chief Agent:
Mr. Psam Frank
1688 Milford Avenue
Coquitlam, BC V3J 2V8
Tel.: 604-765-1496

Gary Rozon CMA Inc.
156 Redpath Drive
Ottawa ON K2G 6K5
Tel.: 613-866-2299
Fax: 613-823-3095


7 thoughts on “Canadian Action Party”

  1. Noted on the Party Webpage that this is a humanist party/organization
    with a motto that clearly rejects/mocks God. You haven’t got a snowball’s chance in
    hell of going forward politically with 80% of Canadians expressing belief
    in the God of their understanding.

    1. This is a slander site to the Canadian Action Party Site. Go to to see the official site.
      P.S. Chris Porter hasn’t been leader since 2012

      1. Unsure what you mean by “slander site” Logan considering this page was last updated March 8, 2012 with information provided via the Elections Canada website at 12:34 pm, please feel free to provide updated information.

      2. Thanks for the update Logan, it is much appreciated. If it is not a problem would you mind providing any other pertinent updates so that we may accurately provide current information on the page itself?

  2. I was genuinely interested in looking for a different party. I read with interest about what your party stands for. I was totally turned off with the same old same old leftist chant of dump Harper. I have heard this after each election like a sore looser.

    You should have a pillar that dictates how you will act during and post elections. I respect the prime minister as having been our elected head of state. I abhore how left wing parties bring personal aspects and other terrible tactics and statements to the front at every turn.

    Let’s see why we should vote for you. Stop the bandwagon anti Harper stuff. We have enuff choices if we want that. Give us new not old politics

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