Libertarian Party of Canada


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Libertarian Party Platform

The Libertarian Party of Canada founds its policy on respect – respect for the person and property of our fellow citizen. We believe that if government’s role were limited to upholding this respect, our natural tendency to fulfill our needs at the least cost would ensure an ever-increasing quality of life and the satisfaction derived from helping others would ensure social harmony.

Individual Rights: We hold that each individual has the right to exercise sole dominion over her/his life, and to live in whatever manner she/he may choose, so long as she/he does not violate the equal rights of others.

Government’s Role: We hold that where governments exist, they should be stringently limited both in their structure and in their operations.

Civil Order: No conflict exists between the individual’s rights to life, liberty, and property, and the government’s obligation to maintain civil order.

Social Concerns: Government interference in current social concerns such as pollution, consumer protection, health care delivery, and poverty exceeds the level required for the protection of individual rights.

Defence & Foreign Policy: A Libertarian government would adopt a policy of non-intervention, abstaining totally from foreign quarrels and imperialist adventures.

Trade & Economy: The only proper role of government, in this context, is to protect property rights, enforce contracts, and adjudicate disputes, providing a legal framework for the protection of voluntary trade.

About Libertarian Party

The mission of the Libertarian Party of Canada is to reduce the responsibilities and expense of government. This, so that we may each manage our lives to mutually fulfill our needs by the free and voluntary exchange of our efforts and property for the value that best realizes our happiness.

Our Principles:

  1. Each individual has the right to his or her own life, and this right is the source of all other rights.
  2. Property rights are essential to the maintenance of those rights.
  3. In order that these rights be respected, it is essential that no individual or group initiate the use of force or fraud against any other.
  4. In order to bar the use of force or fraud from social relationships and to place the use of retaliatory force under objective control, human society requires an institution charged with the task of protecting individual rights under an objective code of rules. This is the basic task, and the only moral justification for, government.
  5. The only proper functions of government, whose powers must be constitutionally limited are as follows: settling, according to objective laws, disputes among individuals, where private, voluntary arbitration has failed; providing protection from criminals; providing protection from foreign invaders.
  6. As a consequence of all the above, every individual — as long as he or she respects the rights of others — has the right to live as he or she alone sees fit, as a free trader in a free market.

Libertarian Party FAQ’s

What do we stand for?: Property rights. Personal responsibility. And liberty.

Do we really need another political party in Canada?: The Canadian government has grown enormous over the past few years, in both size and scope, and we’re concerned with the levels to which various government and regulatory bodies infringe on our basic freedoms.
No other party seems to recognize this threat. But we have, and we just want to make sure we retain our birthright to govern ourselves as much as we can.

Specific Issues of Concern:

  • Property Rights: Do you know that if the government decides that it wants “or needs” your house, they can actually take it – with or without adequate compensation? Naturally, this is wrong. So we want to protect Canadians’ property rights through a constitutional amendment.
  • Free Enterprise: Take the smoking issue; it’s not about smoking at all. If we intend to live in a free society with free enterprise, then we have to respect the rights of hard-working business owners to run their operations in a way that they believe will meet the needs of their customers.
  • Individual Rights: As Marilee Haylock wrote in her classic piece, What is Libertarianism?, “The very concept of the individual is becoming obsolete.” And how right she is! Because increasingly, we’re told what to do, what to say and what to think. It’s our job as people, as Canadians, to stand up and say enough!
  • Socialism and Interventionism: The ideal of socialism is to redistribute wealth in order to make everyone supposedly equal, but nothing could be further from the truth. Many government programs, whether motivated by socialism or special interests or other types of interventionist thinking actually create more problems than they solve. So what we need to do is change this culture of socialism and statism into a culture of freedom.
  • Big Brother: Do you remember George Orwell’s 1984? We do and that’s a large part of what we’re trying to prevent.

Libertarian Party Information

Short-form Name: Libertarian

Party Leader: Mr. Dennis Young

National Headquarters:
Suite 425, 1111 Davis Drive
Newmarket ON  L3Y 9E5
Tel: 905-806-5170
Web site:

Eligible: 2004-05-13

Registered: 2004-06-02

Chief Agent: Mr. Drew Dorweiler
308 Du-Square-Saint-Louis Street
Montréal QC  H2X 1A5
Tel: 514-962-6896

Auditor: Mr. John Fitzgerald, CA
320 – 145 – 17th Street West
North Vancouver BC  V7M 3G4
Tel: 778-340-0800
Fax: 778-340-0811


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