Welcome to the DumpHarper! commentary weblog and archives brought to you by the Canadians Against the Harper Regime [CAHR] Collective Research Collaboration. CAHR is an open, diverse, non-partisan, uncensored and unbiased group of socially conscious and concerned citizens from Canada actively engaging in constructive dialog to better our Nation. While we do not necessarily agree on specific singular issues, we do understand how these trends towards the authoritarian far-right spectrum will affect all of us.

At this point, we must collectively acknowledge that the ideological Harper Regime “majority” has embarked upon several uncharted war paths in many directions with zero economic plan within any of their budgets to adequately fund these misadventures. One does not require a degree in mathematics or economics to understand that Harper’s opaque vision may well sacrifice the peace, prosperity and security of many future generations for very short term political and economic benefits.

Issues of utmost concern: Constitution vs. Mandate, Social vs. Corporate Responsibility, Public vs. Private Healthcare, Government Transparency vs. Suspicious Opacity, Ideology vs. Reality, Poverty vs. Economy, Jobs vs. Education, Civil Rights vs. Immigration, Politics vs. Influence, Corruption vs. Status Quo, Security vs. Prosperity, Free Trade vs. Environment, Foreign Policy vs. Domestic Policy, etc.

Selling “war on” something with cheap propaganda is one easy thing on one visible hand, paying for “war on” one thing encompasses many difficult things within an opaque and hidden hand. Now multiply reality and then add the broader collateral damages.

“In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist. We must never let the weight of this combination endanger our liberties or democratic processes. We should take nothing for granted. Only an alert and knowledgeable citizenry can compel the proper meshing of the huge industrial and military machinery of defense with our peaceful methods and goals, so that security and liberty may prosper together.”
~ Dwight D. Eisenhower (17 January 1961) Farewell address to the Nation.

As noted in Ike’s quote above, this collaboration is only one small cog in a complex system exploring global governance within systems of domestic governments. therefore we encourage everyone to create smaller groups of like-minded individuals, collaborate together about common issues, identify causes and create sustainable solutions. We must always keep in mind that many Canadians are left out or left behind due to various reasons, personal, professional, private, transportation, time, economic, family, disability, etc. This is merely a representation of one hub of communication for the voiceless.

Contributions, comments, suggestions and feedback are always welcome on any post or page and are highly encouraged but one thing is certain, while comment moderation is necessary, we believe in the principle that knowledge is free, ideas are bulletproof and censorship is not an option!

«Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.»
~ Universal Declaration of Human Rights, 19th Article. December 10, 1948.

Stay tuned for updates, feel free to contribute and be sure to share and share alike. .. 🙂

16 thoughts on “Welcome”

      1. Many thanks Kelly!

        Suspicious special-interest driven CGI related political interference issues are becoming less opaque as the financial connections to the Harper Regime and the radical right elements of the US Republican Party that seek to disrupt the Union become clear. These tactics of economic manipulation of global markets by proxy via staged “uncertainty” for the political and economic gains of global investors are becoming self-evident with each newly uncovered scandal. The implications of potential and intentional sabotage of the “Obamacare” websites and portals may just open the floodgates if ever investigated properly.

      2. “Canada’s CGI at centre of Obamacare foul-up furor”…


        “Canada’s prime minister said Thursday he “won’t take no for an answer” if the Obama administration rejects the controversial Keystone XL pipeline to the U.S. Gulf Coast.”…


        “Spotlight on CGI’s oil and gas offering in Canada”…



        To learn more… http://www.therichardtriggcase.com/cgi.htm

      3. CGI are in the habit of using their extensive government contracts to serve their private financial interests & political agenda…

        “The registry again became a political issue in the early 2000s when massive cost overruns were reported.”…


        “A Public Works spokesman confirmed a deal was ironed out with CGI, the company developing the new software for the gun registry, that saw the contract cancelled for $10 million. Since 2002, CGI was the key contractor that had been developing a computer system to replace the original federal arms registry software…”…


  1. Harper is extremely Dangerous and a complete Psycopath . He is 100 % New World Order which
    includes GeoEngineering ( actually destroying environement , water and soil ) with Toxic chemical
    spraying as well as Agenda 21. Harper is a treasonous Traitor and should be tried as a
    Criminal conspirator . Environement Canada as well as Health Canada deny the existence of
    Toxic chemicals being sprayed in our air . Therefore these Gov’t departments should be
    disbanded and replaced with with people who respect the rights and freedom of True

  2. “Harper is extremely Dangerous and a complete Psychopath.”
    Dangerous, I’ll agree. Complete Psychopath, I don’t think I would go that far.
    He is dangerous to Canada in that he has shown to have no moral or ethical compass. He lacks the character to be Prime Minister. He is willing to trample on peoples rights in order to achieve his purpose.
    He has absolutely no qualms about lying and will lie whenever it serves his purpose and cover up any wrong doings committed.
    He is not a man of his word in that most of what he condemned in others he now commits himself often more-so.
    He has no remorse and totally blames others for his mistakes.
    He is becoming more and more Fascist with every sitting of Parliament, so let us give the Harper Salute. Fart and point at the dog.

      1. Psychopath, could very well be right. Most important is that he be gone!
        I believe the best way to convince others is to show him a liar by his own words.
        ie. In his convention speech he said, “A typical family of four pays more than $3,000 less in taxes than when we came to office!”. The only way that happened is if they were laid off and had to take a job with less pay. Which is very likely. How many people do you know saved $3,000 on income tax last year? Or $2,000? Or $1,000?

  3. When Canadians gave Harper government majority, I said to my husband” Canadians will not recognize this country by the time he leaves office|”. I did not had to wait long.

    He is stands for everything that this country is not! This trip to Israel, is my latest disgust. Our country tradition is to see things through both eyes, not just one way.
    His speech is embarrassing to me, and I hope to most Canadians.

    1. Agreed Jennifer! It would appear as if the only thing Harper actually “believes” publicly about modern day Israel, aka: the “State” are ideological and radically driven Biblical fables about ancient Israel, aka: the “People”, that he was taught in Sunday School as a child and/or when he was “Born Again” via Tom Flanagan as an adult, before his rise to power.

      Considering the “Speech” to the Knesset counters Canada’s official foreign policy regarding the Middle East and was absolutely one-sided in favour of Benjamin Netanyahu’s policies and views regarding the Occupied Territories, along with the smirks and smiles that graced Netanyahu’s face, Harper is seemingly the perfect Manchurian Candidate groomed to lead a Ideological Dream Regime or a misguided stooge being led astray by global speculators and foreign investors.

      Either way, since the average Israeli probably knows less about Canada and it’s past and present crimes against First Nations People than Harper knows about Israel’s past and present crimes against it’s Occupied People, Canadians and Israelis and the Occupied Peoples alike should expect exponential blow-back and costly collateral damages long into the future.

      We also think there is way more to this “mission” to Israel than meets the eye…

      #Censorship + #Harper + #Israel vs #Palestine – (#GolanHeights + #Syria) = #cdnpoli #Error404

      Chronology of Events leading up to Stephen Harper and the Harper Regime’s hurried trip to Israel

      The premise of this investigative chronological summary timeline is based upon the questions and evidence raised after reviewing and following up on an couple of articles recently published, Conservative party launches website to promote Stephen Harper’s first official Middle East trip by Jason Fekete, Published January 14, 2014 and Foreign Affairs website at odds with PMs comments in support of Israel, group says By Lee Berthiaume, Postmedia News January 15, 2014, regarding the current Harper Government’s Foreign Policy vs. the previous Canadian Government’s Foreign Policy as it relates to Israels economy, the Occupied Territories and Golan Heights.

      The timing of a couple of hastily, oddly removed and edited, censored information, that were previously accessible and available via the official tax-payer funded Government of Canada’s websites that are currently being redirected to 404 “Page Not Found” error pages. Along with the PMO based Senate Scandal and past Harper Party electoral shenanigans, the timeline of this censorship is suspicious at best. Once combined with couple of new dedicated websites launched by the Harper Party that utilize taxpayer-funded government assets to promote support for Israel while propagandizing it’s foreign policies domestically and abroad, it gets worse considering how the Harper Government treats Canada’s Veterans.

      This certainly appears to be a coup d’etat of sorts by Big Oil driven Fracking special interest groups in an apparent effort to capitalize on the chaotic and deadly situation in Syria, that was encouraged and instigated by the Harper Regime, in-order to subversively exploit the occupied Golan Heights while leveraging, manipulating and diverting Asian, Middle Eastern, African political support and financial assets between various taxpayer-funded government missions and groups domestically and abroad.

      Questions to Ponder

      • Who is currently dictating and scripting Canada’s Foreign Policy and who is benefiting from this speculative Economic Diplomacy?
      • What are the costs and motivators behind the timeline and sequence of events?
        When was the recently updated propaganda narrative mandated?
      • Where is the investment funding coming from and where will the profits go?
      • Why is there so much secrecy in the present and censorship of the past?
      • How does this “timing” affect Canada and Canadian interests in the future?

      Please review the following trilogy of topics and chronological sequence of articles, archives, caches and snapshots of retrieved pages, paying close attention to the removed text, links and information from the Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada websites: https://dumpharper.wordpress.com/2014/01/17/harper-israel-vs-palestine-golan-syria-error-404/

    2. The only commonality between Israel and the Harper Regime is identifying and antagonizing the enemy. I fail to see how the Jewish community could follow Harper and his near Fascist administration.

  4. November 21, 2104

    Finally! A group that can rally the country for action before it is too late.
    That it has come to this, after all our armed forces members, past and present, have done for the country and the people in it, this is a shameful declaration of where our country is now.

    Where can I donate to the cause? Unfortunately, for this to work, money will be required.

  5. OK WE ALL AGREE THE GUYS GOT TO GO …BUT HOW.?lets look for the most workable strategy then we can go to work.

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