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#cdnpoli Admission: #CPC & #FordNation

Everyone keeps saying Rob’s a conservative, Doug explains. He’s a huge, massive social liberal. He loves Obama. The headlines of the papers when he won? “The White Obama.”

Now that is a very interesting pondering that seems intriguingly racist and elitist at the same time but we did not make up the term, we just created a hashtag to inspire conversation. So where can we even begin with the recent announcement from Doug Ford that Rob Ford is a “social liberal” that is fighting against the dark forces of the elite as White Obama. How can one possibly square this circle in the face of the never-ending Wars on Crime, Drugs and Terror rhetoric spewing forth from the 3 ring right-wing circus.

“Everyone keeps saying Rob’s a conservative,” Doug explains. “He’s a huge, massive social liberal. He loves Obama. The headlines of the papers when he won? ‘The White Obama.’ “ source: Reporter’s notebook: In the heart of Ford Nation with Toronto’s embattled mayor By Bill Weir, CNN updated 8:51 AM EST, Mon November 18, 2013

Maybe it’s OK sometimes to “white” wash the “black” market so that drugs, guns and terror can remain accessible to the “white” suburban folks and punishment can be left to the broke and less-white folks or less politically connected. Not only that but this is a fantastic way to “cut” taxes by way of downloading the costs to the tax-payer through the crimes against society? In other words, even though Rob Ford commits illegal acts and supports organized international criminal activity, being re-branded as a “White Obama” saves the tax-payers of certain areas of Toronto. One might wonder how much illegal activity the Toronto Police Services were really willing to allow Rob Ford to engage in. Not only that, but the bigger question, that has actually answered itself, may be if this is common practice, aka: status quo based upon quid pro quo.

Now one can fully appreciate the gravity that drugs and weapons are not exported to Windsor from Toronto and that they flow from the US through Detroit/Windsor to get to Toronto so that they may be redistributed, aka: trafficked, nationwide, via well organized criminal activity.

Police believe gang hiding suspect By The Windsor Star January 3, 2008

A fugitive murder suspect from Windsor who allegedly shot a man in the back has disappeared into an underground world of gangs and criminals who may be helping him hide from police, say investigators.

Police believe Mohamud Abukar Hagi has ties to a criminal street gang from Toronto called the Dixon True Bloods, which branched out to other cities after police cracked down on their territory.


That Toronto crackdown has Windsor police dealing with a growing number of gangbangers.

“They’ve branched off to Calgary and, obviously, Windsor,” Det. Const. Mike Williams, with the Toronto police guns and gangs unit, said of the Dixon Bloods. “We pushed them out.”

continue: http://www.canada.com/story_print.html?id=b5e2147f-7552-448a-b2a8-40df1317b5b4

Mayor Ford’s Dangerous Liaisons Bailey Reid 09 Nov 2013

Mayor Rob Ford may or may not smoke crack. That is yet to be revealed- because he doesn’t quite remember. What we do know, however, is that spending time with the man happens to be very dangerous, particularly for racialized communities in Toronto.

There have been numerous calls for the mayor’s resignation in the last few days, but mainly over the horror of his potential drug addiction and the attendant argument that he is unable to govern the city, from a moral standpoint.

Quite frankly, I find this to be the least of anyone’s worries. Our collective dismay about Mayor Ford smoking crack has overshadowed a very important subtext to this video of the mayor of Canada’s largest and arguably most diverse city (“Diversity Our Strength,” to cite the city’s motto). A deeper investigation into the mayor’s feelings towards marginalized people makes the crack video even more distressing: does the mayor see communities of colour as the proverbial “whipping boy”?

continue: http://www.policyplay.com/mayor-fords-dangerous-liaisons.html

Laughing at Rob Ford? The laugh may be on us By Paula Simons, Edmonton Journal November 7, 2013

EDMONTON – In Toronto, they’re known as the Dixon Bloods. Or the Dixon City Bloods. Or the Dixon Goonies. Many — though not all — are Somali-Canadian.

According to Toronto police, the gang has been “networking with associates” in Edmonton since 2006.

Not so coincidentally, since 2006, more than 30 young Somali-Canadian men have been killed in Alberta, most in gang-related shootings and stabbings. About half those killings took place in Edmonton.

Det. Cory Buerger is a member of Edmonton’s gang unit, on secondment to ALERT, the Alberta Law Enforcement Response Team.

For almost a decade, he’s tracked the rise of local drug gangs dominated by Somali-Canadians. All, he says, are tightly networked with Toronto groups.

“Dixon Blood members have been seen in Fort McMurray and Edmonton, but they’re not wearing their gang colours out here.”

Instead, he says, members in Alberta operate as free agents. They don’t stake out physical turf, as they have in Toronto. They’re mobile, customer-based, delivering drugs to their buyers. Buerger says the Bloods and their affiliates bring their drugs through Vancouver, but their guns from Ontario. Most are bought legally in the United States, then smuggled across the border near Windsor.

This June, after a year-long investigation, 17 Canadian police agencies, including the Edmonton Police Service and ALERT, executed a takedown of Dixon operations in Toronto, Windsor and Edmonton: Project Traveller.

Police made 44 arrests, and seized 42 guns and $3 million worth of narcotics, including cocaine, heroin, marijuana, LSD and crystal meth. Among those arrested was Edmonton’s Daud Hussein, 27.

Yet for all its scope, Project Traveller really made headlines because of its connection to Rob Ford.

continue: http://www.edmontonjournal.com/news/Simons+Laughing+Ford+laugh/9134771/story.html

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