Stephen Harper and the Many Shades of Grey…

Stephen Harper and the Many Shades of Grey…

Where Ideology, Religion, Theology, Policy and Enforcement Collide

(please note that this is a working draft in progress… last updated 21Oct2012)

The purpose of this article/doc/essay collaboration is to examine the various aspects that influence the decisions and major policy changes and enforcement mechanisms swiftly being made by the Harper Regime. Please keep in mind that the majority of the information and data that was factored into this document can be found throughout this site along with various background sources and resources that are not formally referenced. Other references and background information related to minority rule scenarios may be found at the 15% RULE Theory weblog. Please consider the speed at which the wheels of the Harper Regime machine is constantly diverting attention elsewhere while  churning secretly and behind closed doors. We encourage everyone to do their own independent research, collaborate findings and share information. Let’s assUme for the sake of argument that Stephen Harper and the Harper Regime can be summed up with the following statement that seems to dictate domestic and foreign policy

“We don’t develop foreign policy to be popular around the world,” ~ John Baird December 2011

We will need to begin with the most important aspect of the entire equation, ones ideology and at the same time, attempt to understand the importance of how it fits into an individual’s theology. Once that task is achieved, the next components of the complex equation need to be factored in, loyalties, global views and finally, how they attract the Harper Regime to other like-minded individuals as well as their equal and opposite opponents.


This anomaly is true across the entire realm of the population, in all cases, religious, political, societal as well as economic and eventually becomes dangerous as power shifts to the minority and the repercussions shift to the majority. Once a “leader” has been enthroned, it is a simple fact that the “agenda” of the leader has been etched in stone. For someone like Stephen Harper, this is vital since it untangles the Harper Regime’s adversaries, advisers, allies, loyalists and the victims, from Stephen Haper‘s personal manifesto, aka: hidden agenda. Oddly enough, all of this data and information is well hidden, in plain sight.

Neo-cons, Manifestos, Agendas, Ideology and Religion

Taking ideology into consideration, we will need to explore the religious influences that shaped Stephen Harper and formed his core neo-conservative theology. Most people can agree that for the sake of argument, ones personal character and beliefs were shaped by some form of religious influence. These influences are either accepted, rejected or a third hybrid theology emerges that attempts to blend both. This is where we begin to explore the many shades of grey and is very important considering Stephen Harper is a “Born Again” Christian that is engaged in an ongoing, self-inflicted “War On Terror“, which in itself implies he once rejected and at the same time rejects Christianity. More importantly is the answer to the next logical questions.

  • What version of Christianity did Stephen Harper reject?
  • What did Stephen Harper despise so much about the Christian “congregation” that he was born into and raised upon?
  • Why did Stephen Harper embrace the fringe elements of the religious-right movements?
  • Why do the radical right-wing elements embrace Stephen Harper?
  • What version of Christianity does Stephen Harper’s “new” congregation believe in and at what point are archeology and science accepted as reality, rather than dismissed by doctrine.
  • What if Neo-conservatives are the dark forces that the ancient texts warn of?

Yet, other thoughts to ponder…

What if Stephen Harper actually has rejected Christianity entirely but has found a convenient and mentally susceptible cover “congregation” that happens to have a significant statistical and demographic importance?

Once that above patterns develop and get blended into the economic situation, we can then move forward through the resulting sludge the above creates. We can then assUme that the result can be referred to as the fog of war or more appropriately the tar sands, where oil is gold. Since the neo-con vision includes, requires and recruits “free market capitalists” and right-wing extremists to bolster it’s agenda. Every minority, seeking power or otherwise, has it’s fair share of fringe affiliations that perform the dirty work. These individuals and groups are the first line of defense and diversion, double agents if you will. These rouge agents, better known as profiteers, accept undefined and unacknowledged roles that support the overall good of the core ideology. Not only do these groups extend to infinity, they are the most important as they set the tone for the discontent. These protected fringe elements open the door for other extremist groups to bloom under the invisible hand that guides a well oiled controlled opposition.

“However, the global economic environment is still fragile and uncertain, and recent economic developments suggest that there are downside risks to the fiscal outlook contained in Economic Action Plan 2012. Nonetheless, our government remains committed to achieving our goal of returning to balanced budgets over the medium term.” ~ Finance Minister Jim Flaherty

We must now examine another couple of other “right-wing” factions that are operating with impunity upon the worlds stage. While these factions may not share the same religious ideology, they do share the same top-down “trickle down” economic and social model. This is where the bigger picture begins to emerge as we compare the minorities based upon their commonalities. We must then attempt to take into account, the methods that other right-wing factions utilize to control other minority groups and thus control the majority, by controlling the legislative and enforcement aspects of “their” engineered society. One trend emerges, a police state, which in turn, historically, assures the eventual unrest, the current trends predict this eventuality, armed rebellion. since the Harper Regime is supporting minority groups in their quests to overthrow nations, it would be fair to assUme that turn about is fair play?

Sell not virtue to purchase wealth, nor Liberty to purchase power. ~ Benjamin Franklin (1738)

Controlled opposition is extremely vital and to bring a couple of right-wing ideologies in line with real-time events, we only need to look towards Afghanistan, North Africa and the Middle East. In addition, we must also create a simultaneous and direct timeline related to the Israel and Palestine issue, for the bigger picture to emerge. this is where the fog of war becomes a bit thinner and less transparent. Not only does it get to the very root of many issues, but it allows for any constructive dialog to begin.

The one commonality is that the issues that plague us all are pretty much ideologies embroiled in a 3 sided battle, once again another shade of grey emerges. On the one side you have a statistical minority of global Zionists and Evangelical Christians with powerful neo-conservative legislative allies that promote global, strict, religious based societies embedded with neo-liberal economics and free trade agenda. This system, by design, converts the population into assets and liabilities while removing the sovereign rights of a nation, its freedoms and liberties as well as shifting the responsibilities of the State to 3rd party control. This system, under the guise of privatization, then places absolute control over it’s governed citizenry, along with it’s sovereign land, mineral and resource rights to a self-un-regulated cabal of global free marketeers.

On the other hand of the same side of this equation, we have another statistical minority that is a combination of “royal families” and religious leaders that enforce their own right-wing ideology. These two groups have the same objective and the end result will be a subdued population governed by a religious doctrine. They both use unlimited, self-granted “police state” rights to implement and enforce anything they choose while affording themselves the authority to pick and choose the winners and the losers. More importantly is that they are each engaged in various proxy battles for land, population and resource control.

The secondary factor, that is widely unknown, is the extent the Harper Regime has “engaged” with groups and organizations that have posed great security risks. These issues are now beginning to come to light and have yet to be addressed in a broader context. Let’s compare for instance, infrastructure, CNOOC, Huawei and the secret free trade deals with China and Russia and ponder the question of who benefits from the Harper Regime’s latest free trade policy.

The third component is the most complex and should be called the “third rail” since it attempts to be more inclusive of the general population that actually ride along the tracks that are being laid.

Take a look towards the government leaders and dictatorial regimes that the Harper Regime associates and allies itself with. There is one stark commonality, they are all representative of a minority within a larger minority, that lead by intimidation, legislation and force. They in turn, designate all opposition targets as “terrorists” and rule with an iron fist. They also eventually expose themselves and their fundamental flaw by adhering to the “enemy of my enemy is my friend” method of intervention by suppression.

Let’s consider the events unfolding in the Middle East, North Africa and abroad. To boil it down to the least common denominator and to make it rather simple. Just like the neo-conservative agenda, that encompasses and embraces anyone that seeks to profit by way of exploitation. Tthere is also only one commonality behind all of the political and social unrest amongst the masses, top-down neo-liberal economics.

From Oliver Cromwell to George W. Bush, Wasp leaders have described their enemies as an axis of evil who hate liberty and God, seek world domination, care nothing for morality, will do anything to win, and rely on a fifth column of traitors within. ~ God and Gold: Britain, America, and the Making of the Modern World by Walter Russell Mead

In some nations such as Tunisia and Egypt, the formerly imposed, west-friendly dictators implemented the trickle down economic theory and over the coarse of 40 yrs or so, the inherit design flaws of the boom/bust cycles eventually imploded upon themselves, not unlike the cycles within North America over the same time periods. In the case of a petro-dollar based economy like Canada, or better yet Alberta, keeping blinders on and focusing a one trick pony that eventually gets stuck in the tar sands has it’s cyclical draw backs. That reverse engineered flaw, is an effective economic weapon of mass destruction against the people and opponents. In many ways it can be compared to the “mutually assure destruction” theory that kept the cold war, warm for so many years. If 2 players on the geo-chess board decide to wage war by proxy, they force the 3rd player to be the odd man out. Not only does the overall economy crash when the “master” cuts the puppet’s strings, but the military and police state require funding for security and transitional stability.

Military’s and the nation states they protect have mutual interests but not necessarily exclusive. The military needs the capability of removing a rogue government as well as protecting an existing government. It needs to function in such a way as to ensure the proper mechanisms are in place that assure it can maintain it’s sovereignty of undue foreign influence and provide security, depending on the overall needs of the majority of the people.

This flexibility becomes compromised by undue influence and allows for a great latitude against the people when power is concentrated towards the legislative body and it’s appointees. There is a fine line between a performing a duty and as a defensive mechanism and organizing a potentially illegal intervention for the exclusive benefit of a chosen few over the needs of the negatively affected majority.

As we explore the Harper Regime mandate as it affects the military component, one needs to factor the level of influence that is available to the global “Military Industrial Complex” as well as other allies that may have an arterial objective. An example of this influence could be the recent lust for global military adventurism against former allies. All while supporting repressive, dictatorial, religiously fanatical, radically fundamentalist, ideologically opposing regimes.

(please note that at this point and before we progress, we will be adding additional links, documents, articles and references to the above content.)

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