Warrantless Online Spying

Warrantless Online Spying

The latest and greatest news, speeches, videos, transcripts, archives, propaganda, information and upside down views about Warrantless Online Spying within the Harper Government, aka: Harper Regime, not to be confused with the former Canadian Government. Please remember, information is a contact sport, like hockey, so feel free to add contributions and relevant information as a comment below! Contact us if you would like to contribute to our collaborative efforts or would like to share/submit articles, data or additional content…

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  1. Warrantless Online Spying Bills Target all Canadians; Unpopular openmedia.ca – Conservative Government Ignores 8 in 10 Canadians – http://openmedia.ca/news/warrantless-online-spying-bills-target-all-canadians-unpopular-legislation-tabled-petition-tops-8000
  2. Government Moves Toward Warrantless Online Spying; Amends Consumer Protection Bill openmedia.ca – Amendment to PIPEDA Gives ISPs Carte Blanche to Give out Customer Information – http://openmedia.ca/news/government-moves-toward-warrantless-online-spying-amends-consumer-protection-bill
  3. The lobbyists behind warrantless online spying OpenMedia.ca – Who, exactly, wants warrantless online spying? That’s one question that members of the pro-Internet community have been asking us via email… http://openmedia.ca/blog/lobbyists-behind-warrantless-online-spying

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