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Stephen, Why Do You Treat Our Veterans Like Political Pawns?

How do you put out a fire?

Simple question, first of all it depends on how big the fire is.  If it is a small fire, like a candle, it’s pretty simple.  You can blow it out, some like to dampen their fingertips and pinch the flame out, or the more elegant might use a candle snuffer.  Basically you can douse it with water (on your fingertips) or starve it for fuel (with the snuffer).

If it’s a larger fire, like a campfire you can toss a bucket of water on it, starve it for fuel and let it burn out on its own.

What if it’s a big fire?  Like a PMO/Senate Scandal?

Well Steve and Co. have tried just about everything you can think of.  They tried to let it burn itself out, no luck.  They threw water on it and tossed people under the bus to no avail.

They even sent their minions with torches at Justin Trudeau, the only problem is that Canadians like Justin Trudeau.  He may not be everyone’s choice for PM, but lots of us grew up with him.  He’s a nice guy.

And the fire the Harperistas started at JT’s feet just drew more people to him to sit by the fire.  Like going camping or enjoying a bonfire.  It just wasn’t working.

So the Harper folk looked for a new place to set a fire.  I mean intentionally.

So they set their torches toward recently retired Lieutenant General Andrew Leslie.  And they got a fire started.

A lot of people are upset that the General’s move to a new home not far from his existing home ran to $72,000.00 or so. 

CTV reported this, Minister Rob Nicholson is telling the DND to look into this.  But the bottom line is that it appears that the only thing that General Leslie did wrong was to join the wrong political party.

He joined the Liberal Party of Canada.

You see, because the Military requires members of the Forces to relocate, there is a provision that helps to take care of the move.  A benefit of serving for 20 or more years in the Military is that the government pays for one last move.  It could be across town or across the country, but the government has a third party company that takes care of packing, storing, and moving the retirees’ property to the new location.  The Integrated Relocation Plan (IRP) also takes care of some of the expenses in selling the old home and buying the new one.  In General Leslie’s case, this was $72,000.00.

General Leslie did not hire anyone, he didn’t do anything other than what a 20+ year veteran would do.  He submitted his information for the move.  The third party took care of the rest.

The IRP has been on the books for decades.  As a matter of fact, the Auditor General submitted a report on the IRP in November 2006 to the Harper government that pointed out a number of problems with the IRP.  The government did nothing about it.  They even repeated problems that the AG pointed out in 2006.

When General Leslie moved in 2011, no alarms went off, no one at the Treasury Board Secretariat (Tony Clement’s department) waved any flags and no one in Rob Nicholson’s National Defence Department raised any issues either.

Actually, the Harper Party was so enamoured with General Leslie that they offered him a job, even hinting that he should run for them in the next election.  No they didn’t get mad at him until after he had signed on to be an advisor to the Liberal Party on International Affairs.

Go figure.

The Harper Party should take care here.  They have already offended the Veterans and the Military with their treatment of our Warriors.  They are adding fuel to that fire by starting up with General Leslie.

You see the danger is that when you start fires, they can become unpredictable… especially when they are big ones. 

It just depends on which way the wind blows. 

Laters BC

Maybe Stever should be happy we don’t live in an emerging Democracy like Egypt… It’s not good to pee on the military there, is it Steve?


An Historical Timeline – TORTURE FILE

“If you know your history, then you would know where you’re coming from.  Then you wouldn’t have to ask me, who in the hell do I think I am.” – Bob Marley


April 27

Prof. Michael Byers (Canada Research Chair in Global Politics & International Law, University of British Columbia)  and  Prof. William A. Schaba (Irish Centre for Human Rights) sent a letter to the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court in The Hague. The letter, asks the Prosecutor to investigate whether Canada’s two most senior military officials committed war crimes by allowing unlawful transfers to take place, and by not stopping them when credible reports of torture surfaced.


December 17

Canadian Soldiers Complicit in Rape of Afghan Children” is published by peaceculture.org, calling for the ICC to probe allegations that some Canadian officers serving in Afghanistan told subordinates to ‘look the other way’ when Afghan soldiers and local interpreters sodomized young boys…

“It’s common knowledge that young boys are used in this way in Afghanistan,” said Brad Adams, executive director of the Asia division of Human Rights Watch. “It’s the great dichotomy of Afghanistan. Homosexuality is treated as a cardinal sin, but it’s still common for men to have sex with boys.”  Moreover, Adams said he wasn’t surprised that some Canadian soldiers say they were told to ‘ignore’ cases of abuse. “I think (Western soldiers) look the other way about a number of things, like opium production and warlordism. They are looking the other way on almost everything.”

“I think it’s safe to say that they had other worries, like how they were staying alive,” said retired Canadian major-general Lewis MacKenzie.


September 9 

The chief prosecutor at the International Criminal Court, Mr. Luis Moreno-Ocampo, announced that the ICC had received “allegations from many different sources”, and that he has launched a preliminary examination.  If he finds grounds, a full investigation into war crimes committed by NATO soldiers and insurgents in Afghanistan would be required. Law experts say there is a very real chance Canadian officials could be charged with war crimes.

November 18

Richard Covin testifies to a Special Committee of Parliament in respect of obstruction, intimidation and contempt on the part of Harper’s government, and confirms the commission of widespread war crimes by parties within the government, including the armed forces.

November 19

“Clearly the reality is there is no credible evidence, none, zero, to suggest that a Taliban prisoner transferred from Canadian Forces was ever abused.”
– Peter MacKay (Question Period, Nov. 19, 2009).

November 22

“Not a single Taliban soldier turned over by Canadian forces can be proved to have been abused. That is the crux* of the issue.” – Peter MacKay *
“Crux simplex”, a simple wooden torture stake, according to the classic Greek word “stavros” (“σταυρός”), by Justus Lipsius (1547-1606), De Cruce Libri Tres, Adwerp, 1629, p. 19.

November 26

The Special Committee on the Canadian Mission in Afghanistan presents its THIRD REPORT. (That the Committee believes a serious breach of privilege has occurred and members’ rights have been violated, that the Government of Canada, particularly the Department of Justice and the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade, have intimidated a witness of this Committee, and obstructed and interfered with the Committee’s work and with the papers requested by the Committee – therefore the Committee reported the breach to the House for consideration).

December 9

Harper’s Chief of Defence Staff Gen. Walter Natynczyk finally, and for the first time, reveals to reporters that such torture had, in fact, occurred in Afghanistan. (Harper’s ministers say they were aware of neither Natynczyk’s torture reports, nor indeed any of the widespread reports that Afghan authorities were abusing detainees).

December 11

Liberals / NDP / BLOQ MPs pass a motion (votes: 145-143)  in the House Commons that orders Harper’s minority government to release thousands of pages of unedited documents in order that Parliament can examine whether Afghan prisoners detained by Canadian forces were subject to torture when handed over to local authorities, and what the government knew about the issue.

December 16

Embassymag.ca publishes “Could Canadians be charged with war crimes?”

December 30

Harper’s PR officials announce to Canadians that he has shut Parliament down until March by issuing the following angry “ALERT”:

From: Alerte-Info-Alert <Alerte-Info-Alert@pmo-cpm.gc.ca>  | To: Alerte-Info-Alert <Alerte-Info-Alert@pmo-cpm.gc.ca> | Sent: Wed Dec 30 13:25:11 2009 |

Subject: New Throne Speech / Nouveau discours du Trأ´ne
| Today, the Prime Minister announced that the next phase of our Economic Action Plan will be launched, following the Olympic Games, with a Throne Speech on March 3 and a Budget on March 4.

| This is the 105th time in Canada’s history that a new Throne Speech will launch a new session of an existing Parliament.

| The economy remains Canadians’ top priority and our top priority. The three economic themes of the new session will be: (1) completing implementation of the Economic Action Plan, (2) returning the federal budget to balance once the economy has recovered and (3) building the economy of the future.

| Ms Hoeppner’s bill to repeal the long-gun registry will be unaffected by the launch of a new session. We will reintroduce in their original form the consumer safety law (Bill C-6) and the anti-drug-crime law (Bill C-15) that the Ignatieff Liberals gutted.

| We will seek Opposition agreement to proceed expeditiously with other Government legislation — particularly laws urgently needed to fight crime — that the Ignatieff Liberals have blocked and obstructed.


January 5

Harper tells the CBC that  torture is not on Canadians‘ “radar”.


January 9

Canadian voters start ICC letter writing campaign re: war crimes investigation.

January 10

OURCANADA.TK website is launched

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The Bear Cat’s musings: Canada: Democracy under siege

What does Stephen Harper think of Elections Canada? In 2001 he called them “Jackasses”.As in “The jackasses at Elections Canada are out of control.”

Well it appears the Jackasses are still out of control, but they aren’t in Elections Canada, they are in the Stephen Harper Party.

Canada was a bastion of freedom, a place for the world to look for inspiration. Sadly that is no longer true.

It took a long time for us to evolve from settling electoral campaigns with fist fights to buying votes with bottles of whiskey to our recent system of campaigning to present the reasons why one should vote for this candidate rather than that candidate.

No, while we were sending our ships and planes and foot soldiers to places across this world to free other countries from oppressive regimes we had an oppressive regime forming right here.

Harper said it himself, I’m in charge, I make the rules. And when he doesn’t like the rules it is fine to walk all over them. But only Him and His people.

At the same time that Harper’s Omnibus Bill to put the bad guys in prison longer, to make Canada “safer” was being debated, the Harper Party was challenging the court’s ruling against them in the “In and Out” scandal. And what a penalty the Harper Party paid, some fines, and the ones that admitted guilt kept their comfy red velour seats in the Senate.

Not long ago, the opposition parties wanted the Harper Party staffers called before Committee to answer for issues that were being raised. No less a person than John Baird rose up and shouted that the staffers were not to be called but the Ministers who were in charge. He would not stand for bullying of staffers by the Opposition Members on the Committee, but now that the Harper Party wants a Liberal staffer called onto the carpet the story changes.

Dean Del Mastro says that if the Liberals wanted then they should be willing to allow it now. I say stuff it in your hat Dean Del Mastro. Baird set the precedent, you live with it. Or does Dean Del Mastro advocate two sets of rules for Canada? One for the Harperistas and one for the rest?

In 2001 Stephen Harper warned that the Internet should not be infringed on by government and that the free flow of information was essential to Canada. His infringement of the Internet got booted to Committee in record time, likely because Vic Toews called Canadians paedophiles rather that it just being a bad law.

Ask the prairie wheat growers about Harper’s stance on democracy. They had a constitution for the Canadian Wheat Board that required that the farmers vote to dissolve it if they so desired. Harper ignored that and wrote his new law that in effect breaks the old one.

Now we have Elections Canada investigating vote suppression that occurred during the last Federal Election, the “Robocall” scandal. Harassing phone calls to non-Harper Party supporters late at night or early in the morning or on the Sabbath designed to drive supporters of the other parties away from the polls and going as far as contacting people on Election Day to falsely inform them that their polling station had been moved. Was this an attempt to keep non-Harper Party voters from voting?

It certain looks like it to me.

When the issue was raised in the House of Commons, the Harper Party response was predictable to say the least. A staffer was sacrificed, thrown under the bus and the finger pointed at him. When he denied involvement the finger was pointed at the Liberals, accusing them of undermining their own campaign efforts and suggesting that the Liberals had hired a U.S. firm to make these calls while the Harper Party boasted that they had not used any U.S. firms.

Even though the Harper Party was shown to be “in error” over these “facts” they still maintain their story.

That is called lying.

And lying to the House of Commons is Contempt.

Our only hope at this time is that Elections Canada with the RCMP will be able to trace what the message of the calls was, and who caused those calls to be made. And whether they will have the freedom to investigate this scandal.

This investigation has grown from one or two constituencies to forty or more. There are complaints of harassing calls and fake Elections Canada messages directing people to the wrong or nonexistent Polling Stations and now even voting cards directing people to incorrect Polling Stations sent to addresses, but with no names on them.

Had Stephen Harper and His Party stood with the Opposition to decry the Robocall scandal and make efforts to get to the bottom of this and see that the guilty are held accountable they might have avoided much of the scandal. But their antics, blaming a rogue operative, blaming the Opposition, and now they’re even blaming Elections Canada. This is beyond belief.

The Harper Party is standing in Elections Canada way when they ask to see the actual receipts for election expenses. And now we are finding out that although the Harper Party candidate from Guelph apparently used Racknine’s robocall services in the election, they didn’t include any charges from Racknine in their expenses.

Apparently some candidates used Visa Cards and PayPal to pay Racknine for services and then reimbursing whoever paid the charge. This strikes me as odd. When I was in business we were billed directly and paid directly. Only incidentals were handled differently, small items through petty cash, but only with the receipt.

Calls to Racknine are showing up from MLA and MP constituency offices. Constituency offices are only to be used for government business and electioneering is not government business.

But what surprises me the most is that this story has was discovered by and driven by the staunch supporters of the Harper Party, the National Post.

The National Post says they know where the Robocall scandal ends, in the Stephen Harper Party computers, in the Constituency Information Management System database.

It seems the National Post is more interested in right and wrong than being on the right politically.

Where does Stephen Harper stand?

Well we got some late breaking news…. Seems that Stephen Harper has decided to join with the NDP and support the New Democrats’ proposal to enhance the power of Elections Canada to see documents and new rules governing Robocallers… But he is mentioning something about six months from now…

And it seems that around 2700 people in the riding or Eglinton-Lawrence showed up at polling stations without voter registration cards and filled out forms in order to vote, but [in violation of the Election Act] an unknown number left their current and previous addresses blank and others used false addresses… This is a riding where the Liberal candidate complained about harassing phone calls… and lost his riding by about 3000 votes… Go figure.

Maybe we need to start running our elections like the Third World countries who are trying to use Democratic means to oust Dictators and their regimes.

I’ll dip my finger after I vote, I just hope the ink isn’t blue.

  • Anon: Excellent Blog, Bear Cat. Keep nailing them with those claws of yours.

  • Anon: Very good Bear Cat! And we also have ‘politcal super weapons’ and the mysterious shenanigans going on in the 2010 Fantino by-election campaign, the second bank account and “the guy with the red goatee …who worked the computers”.Here is what we are left with. No one knows who the guy with the red goatee is who worked the computers alongside Stephen Lecce in the Fantino by-election campaign office, despite how popular red goatees are becoming. No one knows if there really were two bank accounts for the Julian Fantino by-election run. No one knows if the Fantino campaign did or didn’t lend surplus campaign funds to other Tory candidates, and if it did, if there is anything wrong with that.”

    Was a ‘political super-weapon’ part of Robogate? | iPolitics


  • Anon:As well as the Quebec “In and Out”….Meanwhile, Le Devoir has raised questions about whether the national campaign effectively transferred money “in and out” to local campaign accounts, not for advertising expenses, but for voter identification and mobilization purposes.The Quebec newspaper reported that at least two Conservative candidates in Quebec agreed to requests by the national campaign office to pay money to RMG — the Toronto-based Responsive Marketing Group — during the 2011 campaign but told the newspaper they did not know exactly what services were rendered for the money.We were a kind of mailbox for funding that,” Le Devoir quoted defeated Conservative candidate Bertin Denis, who lost to the NDP’s Guy Caron in the riding of Rimouski-Neigette-Témiscouata-Les Basques. “We had nothing to say on the operations of it. They didn’t call me, and nobody was called. I wasn’t part of a survey, nobody consulted me.”Denis said his riding had been targeted by Conservative Party headquarters as winnable, so the party agreed to spend more on it, putting some $55,000 into the campaign.”We didn’t pay (the contract with RMG)” he is quoted in Le Devoir. “The funding came from the national and we wrote a cheque.”

    His official agent Ghislain Pelletier confirmed to Le Devoir that we were strongly advised to take it.”

    Pelletier said the Conservative Party “sent us the bill and I paid it on the recommendation of the party.”

    Asked if the party or RMG supplied the local campaign with the results of the calls, Pelletier, a trained accountant, said: “Absolutely nothing, ma’am. If I were in a private business, I would have demanded a report.”

    Robocalls: Elections Canada expands probe into fraudulent messages in 2011…

    Elections Canada refers voters to online form to report concerns about misleading phone calls in the 2011 federal election.

  • Anon: What about in-and-out for robocalls in Guelph?

  • Anon: Re: the Fantino campaign article Who are these people?” Stephen Lecce, volunteer co-ordinator Madi Murariu and “a large man with a reddish goatee”.

  • Anon: “A staffer in the Prime Minister’s Office has gone from being a registered lobbyist to working for the Prime Minister and being lobbied on the same subject he once pushed, a practice one advocacy group says is worrisome because of potential conflicts of interest that could arise. ”

    Lecce takes leave from PMO to work on Fantino’s byelection bid | hilltimes.com

    Canada’s Politics and Government Newsweekly

  • Anon: good work. we need an “unwanted” picture gallery/album for all the neo-con operatives and bag men/women.

  • Anon: That’s an excellent idea Anon. A bit of a “rogues gallery” of all the people involved and associated with the Robocon. The Dump Harper WordPress site may be a good place for it. https://dumpharper.wordpress.com/2012/02/25/enough/
    Had Enough?

    Welcome to the Dump Harper weblog brought to you by the Canadians Against the Harper Regime (CAHR)

  • Anon: From the Fantino campaign article linked above:”No one knows who the guy with the red goatee is who worked the computers alongside Stephen Lecce in the Fantino by-election campaign office…”Well… Stephen Lecce must know. Anyone asked him? Madi Murariu must know. Anyone asked him? And the “EDA member responsible for obtaining signatures for Mr. Fantino’s nomination papers for the by-election”, the woman who sent the affidavit to Elections Canada mentioning the mysterious computer guy with the red goatee, might subsequently have recognized this person from recently pictures published pictures. Anyone asked her? And Julian Fantino must know along with numerous others involved in the campaign.

  • Anon: Is this Madi? Check out her “Likes”.

    Madi Murariu

    University of Ottawa
    Parliament of Canada

  • Anon: Stephen Lecce from PMO from Macleans January 29, 2010 article ‘Hill Helps Haiti fundraiser packed’

    “Folks from all parties packed the Hill Helps Haiti fundraiser organized by the government relations firm Summa Strategies. The event raised over $32,000. Below, Health Minister Leona Aglukkaq (left) and Minister of Fisheries and Oceans Gail Shea.”


  • Anon: So do I have this right? This guy who is the deputy director of communications for the PMO and who is in everyday direct contact with the PM, gets leave to go work on the Fantino campaign in 2010 where he turns up working in some “private office” with the mysterious red goatee computer guy. Other influential campaign workers (one’s that were concerned the campaign may be violating Election Canada laws) didn’t know what they were doing in there.Was the alleged second bank account paying for whatever activities were being directed from that second private office.
    Thoughts anyone?

    Tandem – Online magazine

    Stephen Lecce with Prime Minister, Stephen Harper. At just 25 years of age, he is …

  • Anon: ElectRight – “According to the Fantino campaign filing for the 2011 general election, a Barrie company called Electright did his robocalling at a cost of $15,820. There was no claim for phone services in the 2010 by-election.”
    From their website: http://electright.ca/services.php
    “The key task of any campaign is identifying your supporters. ElectRight provides live campaign calling that has made the difference for numerous campaigns. As volunteers are in increasingly short supply, use ElectRight to make these critical calls for you.With our LIVE Customer Service Representatives, we will make thousands of calls to the voters in your riding and identify who they are supporting. Our CSRs, managed by seasoned political managers, will contact individuals utilizing customized scripts about your candidate. As each caller speaks English fluently, your message will be clearly communicated.The ElectRight Team will ensure that the data collected by our Live CSRs is compiled in specific fields to segment the information and returned in a format that is compatible with your database and software requirements.”

    FlectRight — Our Services


  • Anon: ‎”ElectRight – $11,300
    There’s got to be some website template that includes pre-written copy and stock photos for all of these “direct”/”live campaign call”/”virtual townhall”/”IVR” businesses that exist to only serve Conservative-leaning candidates across Canada. I know my torrented copy of Adobe Creative Suite doesn’t include it, so I’m at a loss. What I do know is that every internal poll of theirs I was able to obtain has Dean Del Mastro’s letterhead all over it (it takes up over half the page). Oh, and it wasn’t just this instance. However I’m curious about the Peterborough-Willowdale connection. Regardless, I’m printing out Dean Del Mastro’s letterhead because it could double as a life-size model of Parliament Hill.”

    Willowdale (GTA) I’ve been meaning to get into the GTA for a while now (other than my inexplicable obsession with Etobicoke Centre), but this time I’m looking at Willowdale, a former Liberal…


  • Anon:“Conservative MP Wladyslaw Lizon says he ran a clean campaign to win the Mississauga East-Cooksville riding last May.Lizon, who defeated former Ontario Labour Minister Peter Fonseca by 661 votes to earn the seat, flatly denies charges from the Liberals and NDP that put his riding on the list of 34 (so far) across the country where opposition parties charge callers working for Conservatives suppressed opposition votes by phoning or using robocalls to direct non-Conservative voters to incorrect polling stations.”My campaign was not involved in any harassing or misleading phone calls,” Lizon told The Mississauga News. “If there were calls, I was not involved — I ran a clean campaign.”Lizon said he did not use RMG, the polling company for which Conservative strategist Stewart Braddick worked. Workers at an Ottawa call centre have alleged they were directed by RMG to make misleading calls to non-Conservative votersLizon said the only polling company he used during his campaign was Electright.

    Lizon says he ran clean campaign


    Conservative MP Wladyslaw Lizon says he ran a clean campaign to win the Mississauga East-Cooksville…

  • Anon: more and more interesting.. the rats will soon be jumping ship..

  • Anon:‎”According to the official minutes of the meeting, there was no mention of Tracey Kent’s reservations – an alleged omission that also made its way into her affidavit and that of former EDA director Richard Larello.

    “Richard Larello??


    Richard T. Lorello

    Richard Lorello, an advocate for transparency at Vaughan Council. His efforts h…

  • Anon: Richard T. Lorello with Immigration Min. Jason Kenney

    Richard Lorello

    Richard with Immigration Min. Jason Kenney

  • Anon: Barrie Ont firm ElectRight used by Del Mastro (with parliamentary resources) to promote Ontaria resourcesPM aide Del Mastro apologizes for Ontario election poll – Sep 27, 2011″Dean Del Mastro, prime minister Stephen Harper’s parliamenta…

    PM aide Del Mastro apologizes for Ontario election
    poll | News | National Post

    Dean Del Mastro, prime minister Stephen Harper’s parliamentary secretary, apolog…

  • Anon: Federal Corporation Information ElectRight Inc.

    Corporations Canada – Online Filing Centre


  • Anon: http://www.scribd.com/doc/66538325/Release-Elect-Right-Poll

    Release – Elect Right Poll

    Scribd is the world’s largest social reading and publishing site.

  • Anon:From comments on this Barrie Examiner article on there Mayor election (2010? 2011?) regarding Brett McFarquhar the contact for Electright. The links this poster gives for this don’t work (even if you type in manually) or don’t take you to t…

  • Anon: Bear Cat- Apologies for adding all this info to your post. It probably seems like a lot disparate information unless you were in my head right now. 🙂 I was on a bit of role looking into this. I will probably move all this over to a document but I didn’t want to delete any of it in case others were following along.

  • Anon: Campaign Research Inc., Responsive Marketing Group, Crestview Strategies, Navigator Inc, RackNine and ElectRight are all in on this electoral fraud in my view.

  • Anon: Thanks Anon for the extra names. More research…:) I was trying to see if I could find a connection between ElectRight and RackNine and/or RMG. The information is very elusive and mostly leads to dead ends or 404 Page Not Found.

  • Anon: ‎Anon- I see you commenting over at Creekside from time to time – I like to follow what Allison has to say and love her sense of humor.

  • Anon: Honestly, Anon, I think that the National Campaign ensured that local campaigns had a list of conservative friendly service providers to use, who would deliver services without asking questions. ElectRight and RackNine are not turnkey, full service campaign marketing experts. RMG, Crestview and Campaign Research Inc are bigger fish. Also the bigger fish have connections to Preston Manning’s “Democracy Institute”.

  • Anon: Thanks!

  • Anon: See you at Creekside :-))

  • Anon: ‎:=))

  • Bear Cat: 1st @ Anon… no problem, the post is to try and make people think. I don’t have the answers, if you help light a fire undersome one we all win…

  • Bear Cat: 2nd @ Anon… Could it be as likely that the National Campaign contacted and contracted the various companies and then sent out “polling information” to the constituency offices along with an in and out cheque for $15,000.01? [I think that was the amount]

  • Anon: ‎$15000.01 is probably the maximum amount allowable.

  • Anon: Bear Cat, I have a couple of questions so please shoot me a message via fb, through the site or by email dumpharper@live.ca…

  • Anon: I did a little checking on crest view inc which is basically a company that you can contract to promote whatever BS you are trying to peddle to the public (regardless of whatever fancy rhetoric they may use to sell their ‘product’). The principals seem to hang with the media class providing ‘expert opinion’ etc. which is where you wanna be if you are in the business of promulgating BS and propaganda. 🙂 They are definitely connected to some powerful sources such as the NDI. I haven’t found the connection to Manning’s DI yet but I notice RMG advertising on what appears to be an insider magazine/newsletter they publish, ‘Campaigns and Elections’.So, the bigger fish such as crest view and all, use companies such as rack 9 and elect right as tools in their overall marketing strategies. These smaller fish do the dirtier grunt work of collecting data and narrowing targets that are to be attacked in line with the overall strategy. As well, these smaller fish are used to carry out the ‘dirty tricks’ such as robocalling.

  • Anon:I think you are right Bear Cat that it is likely the national party set this up in advance on recommendation of one, some or all of these marketing gurus. The contracts would have already been in place just a matter of how they were going to pay for them so as to avoid it being noticed, hence the in and out we see with the Quebec Cons. I am wondering if the $15,0000 dollar amounts (and there were several of them) were in ridings where the Cons knew they didn’t have a chance of winning and why we see this concentration of them in Quebec.http://crestviewstrategy.ca/team/

  • Anon: To elaborate on that last point, what I am pondering is if they spread out the cost of targeting a few key swing ridings across the board where only some ridings got the lion’s share of ‘benefit’ while most of the others were just contributing and got nothing for it. It of course, also hid the money from going through as an expense to the national party.

  • Anon: RMG definitely has the capacity to do data mining that lead to targeting 60+ voters. Bear Cat, I am feeling quite confident that whatever work was done by RMG was sent out or used to influence what local campaigns did.

  • Bear Cat: I think the NP is right, the answer is in the computer database in the Stephen Harper Party’s basement….
    Are political parties allowed to keep databases of other parties’ supporters?

  • Anon: Agree Anon, I was thinking seniors was a marketing tool. In the cons riding where I live the last vote was in a seniors home, when previously it has always been in a public school.
  • Anon: There is also a name, Tracey Kent, mentioned in the above comment related to former EDA director Richard Larello…

    Is this Tracey Kent ?


    Tracey Kent

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