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Well friends and adversaries alike, it surely appears that the zero-sum gain manufactured crisis’ in Ukraine and Iraq/Syria are slowly pushing us towards another “World War” in an eerily similar fashion as the others. Since we have already well documented the media manipulation and propaganda being weaved and spun via the CBC, we feel that certain other “details” should be archived and published as well.

Before we move further, let’s review a few “other” pending issues that the Harper Regime, controlled Opposition and yellow journalists seem to be conveniently unaware of. The first items and questions that should be addressed are indeed related to the actual situation evolving in Ukraine and the “speech” that seems full of inconsistencies and mis-truths. Notice that there has been zero mentions about any actual investigation into the Maidan sniper incident and the actual investigation, or lack thereof, regarding the perpetrators and causes of the MH17 shoot down, only repeated memes that are based upon false speculations. The preliminary report is very light on details, yet the current narrative keeps repeating the same false narrative, that is not based upon any truths and/or facts. Guilty until proven innocent and lies in the face of truth is the new normal. Not only that, but there is no hope for the required gas supplies anytime soon, not directly nor reversely. As a matter of fact, even if the US and Canada can deliver any at all, it won’t be available until 2018 at best. What real capitalist wants to “sell” or provide any goods/services to a consumer that refuses to pay their previous debts?

While the billionaire oligarch Chocolate King, instead of digging into his vast fortunes, was being praised, honoured and clap-trapped, while begging, pleading and looking for yet another financial and military handout from Canadian and U.S, taxpayers, the Ukraine Rada (Parliament) was surrounded by rather violent Svoboda and Right Sector affiliated protesters. Those “protests” included the typical tire burning festival along with the usual democratic beating and intimidation of politicians and social media advocates. At the same time, the more powerful war party Prime Minister and Rada were busy rewriting the so called amendments that were being sold via the Harper Parliament under the guise of democracy. Not only that but they also introduced more anti-democratic legislation that all public sector workers would be forced to take a “loyalty” pledge to the Kiev Regime. Keep in mind that elections are supposed be be undertaken next month so why would they need to purge the ranks so quickly and stack the deck and silence dissent. One may think that there is another coup being planned but this time it’s a pre-emtive strike against Poroshenko while he is away selling a bad bill of goods abroad. The latest ceasefire meme was one of the greatest and grandest illusions thus far. The problem was that since the Kiev side and their “volunteer” battalions immediately violated it, the meme had to continue that it was “fragile” but still holding. Never mind the dozens of long range TOCHKA-U ballistic missiles being utilized by the Ukrainian forces, further assaults on civilian infrastructures and not so covert repositioning of advancing pro-Kiev groups, that somehow keep finding themselves in encircled within bubbling cauldrons. It really does begin to seem as if, from the relative safety of their geographic positions, certain special interests, lobbyists, munitions makers and oligarchs, including their politco proxies, will wage war ’till the last Ukrainian drop of blood is spilled. Or maybe, like the previous World Wars, the desired result is a brutal military dictatorship, that can be groomed into being the next target in this perpetual war economy.

If one were to ponder a bit more, it appears that a full scale coup to remove this entire Regime is being coordinated on many levels. The battle between the oligarchs that have controlled Ukraine since the Orange Revolution has only just begun and many have their own private mercenary battalions conducting various ATO operations, not to mention the many “volunteer” battalions that seek to purge the oligarchs and corrupt politicians completely. We also should not forget that the Right Sector and their allies are anti-imperialist, anti-colonialist and defiantly not pro-EU by any stretch of the imagination. Do not forget that they were actually the ones that violently took down the previous democratically elected Yanikovich Regime only last time they were armed with bats, clubs, molotov cocktails and small arms, this time they have heavy weapons and real war time training and experience. For those that claim that Putin is the modern day Hitler, keep in mind how well Hitler was received by the elites and their political proxies of the “West” and the parallels to Poroshenko’s receptions(s) today.

One must also consider the implications of several other anti-democratic strategies as well. The 25 May 2014 elections did not include the 40% or so Ukrainians in the East that were certainly suppressed by the initial stages of the so called ATO launched in April, a couple of political party’s were declared illegal, several media organizations were declared illegal and shut down. Then we must acknowledge the massive amount of refugees that have fled the region. Out of approx 1 million refugees reported, at least 90% have fled to the Russian Federation for some reason, while the other 10% fled to an increasingly unstable Western Ukraine where many have faced hostilities.

In this newly “democratic” Ukraine, the goal of purging any/all that do not agree with the pre-scripted narrative and/or hidden agenda seems to be par for the coarse that almost seems to mimic the strategy of the Harper Regime. In other words, anyone that disagrees with and/or questions them or there opaque agenda are deemed to be enemies. This is nothing more than a simple divide and conquer strategy concealed from the public by legislated secrecy. It is rather sad and even more troubling that the “prominent” Ukrainian diaspora are so willing to be duped once again and sacrifice their own. It’s almost like they have forgotten how their predecessors were forced into the horrific internment camps in Canada circa WW1 after their usefulness in propagating the march to war rhetoric had achieved the desired purpose which were conflicts that consumed their former homeland. This is the third time in a century that the same piece of geographic real estate has been utilized for the benefit of profiteers and carpetbaggers. All of which began by first imploding their own “capitalist” economies and accelerated by creating fictitious adversaries enemies that turned into real enemies eventually. These economic wars have all been based upon false speculations and propagandist narratives as a convenient cover, under the guise of economic sanctions, for their economic crimes against humanity.

Even if one were to dismiss any/all of the above, there are several other issues that need to be addressed. Let’s ponder why there has been so much focus upon this rather odd war-mongering blame game. Why is there no actual reporting by the yellow journalists or mentions by the controlled Opposition related to the realities about the utter failures of the Harper Regime’s “Economic Extraction Action Plan”, nor the over valued CDN Dollar, nor the free falling TSX, nor the collapsing commodities sector, nor the hyper inflated housing bubble, nor the record debt-to-income ratio, nor the shale gas bubble that is more akin to a vast Ponzi scheme. That does not even factor in the gross manipulation and deception by the pharmaceutical industry with the assistance of Health Canada and the cover provided by the Harper Regime. This also provides pretty a deep cover strategy for the complete disregard to the issues that face our Aboriginal, Indigenous and First Nations Peoples.

Since most of these issues directly affect everyone that is not fortunate enough to be in the top 10%-15%, they do seem to be more important to our National security and our society as a whole. If we are to even begin to look deeper into our own affairs, we may begin to see that the Harper Regime is working for some outside foreign interests at the expense of Canadians. Some refer to this type of opaque and deceptive governance as the Deep State. Once we consider that, we must realize that whether we are focused upon Ukraine/Russia, Iraq/Syria, Scotland/UK or any other diversions, we have not only lost one generation due to the gross mismanagement of government institutions that pander to global special interests and international corporate lobbyists, we are dooming yet another generation to poverty and despair.

Below you will find the 17 September 2014 “speech” (in 3 parts) by Petro Poroshenko’s to the clapping seals of Harper’s Parliament and the controlled Opposition, followed by a text transcript that was sent to us by one of our anonymous contributors. Below that for comparison study and research purposes, you will also find the “speech” that Poroshenko gave to the U.S. Congress on 18 September 2014 followed by transcripts that were sent to us by another anonymous contributor.

You will notice that the false narratives that have already been dis-proven and/or discredited are being re-injected as fact. This only goes to show that as long as a lie is repeated and regurgitated often enough, sooner or later it becomes accepted as truth by clapping seals that pose as politicians. It is also a bit odd that in these “speeches” Poroshenko uses the “war” term considerably and liberally that, if the rules of the IMF still apply, restrict them from issuing any loans, not to mention that they have wasted most of the previous cash and loans on their utterly failed ATO. Ukraine today, just like the rest of the G7 cabal, will never, ever, be able pay off their massive debts, no matter how much “austerity” is downloaded upon their society…

Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLKm1boxcMsqHWeSBR1ZqdOMSsczZ8QDDv

Part 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oD-MJ1mf9uA
Part 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ljhHYWPrtlM
Part 3: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J6JRTnMWGBU

Andrew Scheer: I would now like to invite the right hon. Prime Minister to take the floor.

Stephen Harper: Monsieur le Président du Sénat, monsieur le Président de la Chambre des communes, honorables sénateurs et députés, distingués invités, mesdames et messieurs, ladies and gentlemen.

It is our great pleasure to welcome to Canada, to welcome to our Parliament today, the President of the Ukraine and his wife, Petro and Maryna Poroshenko.

Merci monsieur le président d’avoir quitté brièvement votre pays pour participer à cette séance conjointe de notre Parlement. Nous savons qu’il s’agit d’une période cruciale pour vous et pour l’Ukraine et nous apprécions grandement votre présence ici.

Mr. President, you will recall that in June I was in your parliament to witness you take the oath of office to “protect the sovereignty and independence of Ukraine”. I went to Kiev representing not only the Government of Canada, not only the 1.2 million Canadians of Ukrainian descent, I went to Kiev representing all Canadians from all regions, all walks of life, and all parties represented in this Parliament to demonstrate our unwavering support for your nation’s democratic future and for the independence of the Ukrainian people.

Monsieur le président, peu de temps s’est écoulé depuis le mois de juin. Cependant, seulement quatre mois plus tard, votre pays et notre monde ne sont plus les mêmes.

Mr. Putin’s soldiers and their proxies have expanded their penetration into Ukrainian territory. More members of Ukraine’s armed forces have been obliged to make the ultimate sacrifice. The world has witnessed the attack on flight MH17, a deplorable crime that took the lives of so many innocent people, including one Canadian.

Mr. President, what I told you in June has not changed.

Peu importe les difficultés que pourrait réserver l’avenir, peu importe les actions de ce qui menace la liberté de l’Ukraine, l’Ukraine ne sera jamais seule parce que l’Ukraine peut compter sur le Canada.

This commitment is almost as old as our country. It began in the late 19th century with the arrival in our west of tens of thousands of Ukrainian settlers fleeing tyranny and poverty there to help build a free and prosperous society here, but never surrendering the dream that their homeland would one day also share that freedom and prosperity.

It was expressed in the 1960s by Prime Minister Diefenbaker in his demand that Khrushchev grant open elections to “freedom-loving Ukrainians”.

Cette sympathie s’est à nouveau manifestée à la fin de la guerre froide lorsque le premier ministre Mulroney a fait du Canada le premier pays occidental à reconnaître une Ukraine nouvellement indépendante.

It was forcefully displayed again in this Parliament in 2008 when, led by our colleague James Bezan, we declared the Holodomor what it was: an act of genocide against the Ukrainian people.

Canadians have now served proudly as observers for seven successive Ukrainian elections and just last week I announced that when the Ukrainian people once again go to the polls exercising their hard-won democratic rights on October 26, Canadians will again be there in force.

Nous collaborerons avec nos alliés afin d’aider l’Ukraine par d’autres moyens.

We have, in large measure, terminated our engagement with Mr. Putin’s regime, suspending his Russia from the G7 and working to isolate it diplomatically.

We have enacted tough sanctions on business interests tied to Russia’s illegal occupation of Ukrainian territory. Just yesterday, Minister Baird announced additional measures.

Nous avons livré de l’équipement de protection et de l’équipement médical et logistique pour aider les courageux soldats ukrainiens à défendre leur pays et leur famille.

We are providing significant financial assistance. Canada is also giving humanitarian aid to help Ukrainians affected by the conflict, including additional funds announced today.

We have also deployed the Canadian Armed Forces as part of the reassurance mission to our NATO allies in Eastern Europe, and we have been unequivocal, Mr. President, in our support for the peace plan that you have been pursuing for the Ukrainian people.

At the same time let us be clear. Canada recognizes the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine, all of Ukraine. Whether it takes five months or 50 years to liberate it we will never, ever recognize the illegal Russian occupation of Ukrainian territory.

Comme vous-même l’avez dit là-dessus, il ne peut y avoir aucun compromis. Le Canada restera ferme dans ses positions et continuera de dénoncer sans équivoque le manque de respect de M. Poutine pour les lois et nous continuerons avec nos alliés à répondre à l’agression russe.

Mr. President, in your inaugural address last June you said, and I quote, “Nobody will turn Ukrainians into the slaves of criminals or the servants of a colonial power. The world”, you said, “supports us”.

Monsieur le président, les pays libres et démocratiques du monde vous appuient.

We cannot let Mr. Putin’s dark and dangerous actions stand for they have global security implications and because, as I have said before, for Canadians, with our deep connections to the Ukrainian people, this is not to us just a matter of international law or political principle, this is a matter of kinship, this is a matter of family, this is personal and we will stand by you.

Monsieur le président, ce n’est pas en vain que des générations de patriotes ukrainiens ont lutté pour la liberté.

The Ukrainian people have the right, like all free countries, to seek their own future, to seek a European future of hope and never to return to the darkness of a Soviet past.

La population d’Ukraine veut avec raison ce dont nous profitons en Occident: la liberté, la démocratie, la justice, la prospérité.

Mr. President, freedom, democracy, justice, prosperity. These are not mere words, they are the very foundations of our country and they are the values that Canada champions around the world, not out of selfish ambition but because Canadians have always desired these things for all peoples.

Lorsque nous aidons d’autres peuples à préserver leur liberté, c’est notre propre liberté que nous assurons également.

Let me close, Mr. President, by commending you for showing leadership and courage and careful judgment in the face of ruthless and relentless intimidation and for tirelessly pursuing peace, independence and security for your people. Know that whatever lies ahead, Canada and Ukraine will continue to move forward together, confident that our shared dreams and aspirations are right, just and good.

I told you you would feel at home here.

Mesdames et messieurs, ladies and gentlemen, please join me in welcoming a true friend of Canada, le président de l’Ukraine, the President of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko.

Petro Poroshenko: It is very hard to give a speech in such an atmosphere, believe me. I have never felt anything like this.

Mr. Prime Minister, Speaker Kinsella, Speaker Scheer, hon. members of the Senate and the House of Commons, hon. members of the diplomatic community, distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen, dear friends, dear Ukrainians, it is a deeply felt honour to address this distinguished legislative body.

I must thank you, Mr. Prime Minister, for inviting me to come to Canada, Speaker Kinsella and Speaker Scheer, for giving me such an outstanding opportunity to address the Canadian Parliament. I see this as a tribute to my country and the Ukrainian people and an expression of the unique distinctive partnership which both of our nations enjoy.

C’est un grand honneur pour moi de tenir un discours dans le Parlement du Canada.

Let me also, just once, use the third official language of Canada: Ukrainian.

Thank you for this great honour, dear friends, dear compatriots, and dear Ukrainian community.

To be frank with you, I feel very much at home with you here today in a country that is very close to Ukraine, not in distance but through our hearts and through the common idea.

Indeed, Canada has become home for so many early Ukrainian settlers who came here more than a century ago. In 1892, a century before Canada was the first to recognize Ukraine’s independence, the first Ukrainian immigrants, Ivan Pylypiw and Wasyl Eleniak, arrived. They launched further numerous Ukrainians’ immigration to the Pacific coast, settling across the woods and prairies of Canada.

The Ukrainian community has easily integrated into Canadian society. It built railways and towns, schools and churches, heroically fought against the Nazis during World War II, contributed to the Canadian economy and culture. Later, the sons and daughters of farmers became prominent members of Canadian society, businessmen, artists, scientists, athletes and politicians.

One of them, Ramon Hnatyshyn, became a governor general of Canada. We always remember his name. The list is long and impressive: the premiers of Saskatchewan and Manitoba, Roy Romanow and Gary Filmon, Senators Raynell Andreychuk and David Tkachuk, James Bezan and William Kereluk, hockey superstars Terry Sawchuk and Wayne Gretzky, and also female astronaut, Dr. Roberta Bondar.

We have high praise for the great Ukrainian Canadian sculptor Leo Mol who crafted one of the best Taras Shevchenko monuments in the world in Washington, D.C. We always remember that. If I continue with the list, we will run out of time in this session, believe me.

Today, the Ukrainian Canadian community is over a million people. It is strong, and now it has been demonstrated that it is consolidated. It has preserved the language of their homeland, faith and traditions. Ukraine has always felt proud of Ukrainian Canadians and grateful for their lasting support.

On behalf of the Ukrainian people, I would like to thank you, dear brothers and sisters, for your help to Ukraine.

However, it is not only history that bonds us; it is also shared values that make Canada and Ukraine an integral part of the global family of democracies.

Today Ukraine pays a very high price for defending what we believe in: democracy and the freedom to choose our own future. For more than two decades we proudly stated that Ukraine gained its independence without shedding a single drop of blood. Now that is no longer true. Now we are engaged in a true battle for our independence. Now we are paying the real price.

Today Ukraine is bleeding for its independence and territorial integrity. The Governor General of Canada, Ramon Hnatyshyn, in his speech at the Ukrainian Parliament in 1992, just one year after Ukrainian independence, stated that we must not forget the suffering of the people that we are witnessing. That day he spoke to brave Ukrainian and Canadian soldiers who kept the peace across the world in zones of conflict and unrest. These words remain true now as never before.

Today thousands of brave Ukrainian men and women are sacrificing their lives for the right to live in the way they choose, on their land, under the blue and gold colours of the Ukrainian flag, colours that are so dear to many Canadian Ukrainians. In these dark days, we feel your strong support. Thank you very much for that.

It is in our time of need that we see our friends, and there is no other way to put it: Canada is a friend indeed.

As a commander-in-chief, as a Ukrainian, and as a father of soldiers, I thank Canada for each life that is being saved today in the Ukrainian Donbass by the helmets and bulletproof vests you gave us.

Once again I thank you, Mr. Prime Minister, and your government for your position. I thank the Canadian parliamentarians and senators, all Canadians, and fellow Ukrainians for standing tall and making your voices heard; for helping financially with technical assistance and non-lethal military aid; and for supporting us in international fora such as the UN, NATO, and the G7. This is very valuable for us.

I would like to use this great opportunity to thank all Canadian parliamentarians for their continued support of Ukraine and especially for the emergency debate in the House of Commons during the critical period of the Maidan revolution in human dignity. We heard your voice, and this voice was very important for us. Our great achievement and our victory happened because of your support.

Thank you very much indeed for the work of the House of Commons foreign affairs committee on Ukraine and for the election observation mission, which helped to ensure that the will of the Ukrainian people was respected. You sent 500 observers, the biggest mission ever to come to a presidential election to confirm that it was true, free, and fair. It helped us to establish a new authority in Ukraine. Thank you.

We are waiting for your October 26 mission on the parliamentary election because we are determined to demonstrate that this election will also be free and fair.

Thank you for the many visits by the parliamentary interns, and for your visit, Mr. Prime Minister, at the inaugural ceremony. In the same way that Canada recognized our independence, you recognized the results of the presidential election. That was crucially important for us. In difficult times, you are always with us.

Also, I want to thank the Minister of Foreign Affairs, John Baird, for his support of Ukraine, during the Maidan especially.

I have a long list of thanks, believe me. From my heart, thank you very much. We really feel the strong support of Canadians not only in difficult times, but I am sure when we have peace and we stop the war by integrated and coordinated efforts of all the nations of the world. Canada helps us to keep the world united and Canada can help us to demonstrate to the whole world its strong solidarity with Ukraine. Thank you very much, Canada.

Without this support provided by the Government of Canada, by all parliamentarians, and by the Ukrainian Canadian community under the leadership of the Ukrainian Canadian Congress, it would be much harder for Ukraine to face the challenges of today. No other leaders or nations, I mean no one, with the possible exception of Poland, was so straightforward and earnest when sending a signal across the world to the Russians and the rest of the world that fighting a nation which is trying to chart its own path is just conceptually wrong.

It is arming rebels with advanced anti-aircraft missiles, providing them with operators, intelligence, and in-flight data. Those who were equipped, trained and financed by Russia executed a terror attack, shooting down the civilians on flight MH17, killing 298 innocent lives of the Netherlands, Malaysia, Australia, and many other nations, including Canadian citizen Andrei Anghel. I think that the war in eastern Ukraine is a war against terror, our common war. I have no doubt of that.

With your support and with the support of the global community, we will win this struggle and fulfill the dreams of many Ukrainians in our homeland and across the world. Ukraine will be strong and independent, a very important European nation.

Yesterday was one of the most important days in the history of Ukraine. Thee Verkhovna Rada ratified the European Union-Ukraine Association agreement. Do you know what my feeling was yesterday when I was standing in front of the Ukrainian parliament presenting this association agreement, coordinated and synchronized with the European parliament? It was that it was the last farewell from Ukraine to the Soviet Union. That was a Rubicon that Ukraine crossed and we never ever will turn back to our awful past.

I strongly believe that our values, our freedom, our democracy, our European future, including a membership perspective, is possible and reachable for the Ukrainian nation. Why? Because the Ukrainian nation has passed one of the most important tests during the last five months and maybe paid the highest price for being European. That is why we demand providing reform, defending democracy, defending freedom, from a membership perspective, in the European Union.

Implementation of the agreement will not only harmonize Ukraine’s trade and customs rules with European Union standards but will help my country draw closer to democratic norms and a market-oriented economy.

At the Wales NATO summit, I declared my country’s desire to move closer to NATO and to gain the status of a major non-NATO ally. I really count on your support on this.

All allies have strongly condemned Russia’s aggression in Ukraine, the illegal annexation of Crimea, and stand ready to support territorial integrity and sovereignty in Ukraine within the internationally recognized borders, as the Canadian government, the Canadian Prime Minister, and the Canadian people are strongly doing.

I am thankful to Canada. Your country was one of the strongest supporters of Ukraine at the summit and committed to provide more than $1 million to the NATO trust fund. It will help Ukraine build its command, control, communications, and computer capabilities.

Dear friends, let us look beyond the crisis and war. Let us think of how to enhance the special partnership between Ukraine and Canada. This is why I am here. I am convinced that we need to pay more attention to bilateral co-operation and such spheres as energy, trade, investment, information, air space, and many other technologies.

In co-operation with Canada, we hope to accomplish the ambitious project of consolidating Ukraine’s informational space by launching the telecommunications satellite built by a Canadian company. We will finally be able to provide all of our regions with reliable and trustworthy information and export telecommunications services. There should be more projects like this.

I hope that both negotiation teams have translated our firm signal, the Prime Minister’s and mine, and the next time we see each other we will have a Ukraine-Canada free trade agreement to sign.

Having said that, I cannot help but mention one particular program that played a significant role in enhancing our people-to-people contact. I am talking about the Canada-Ukraine parliamentary program. During the years of independence, CUPP has hosted over a thousand students from Ukraine who were able to work as interns right here in the Canadian Parliament and help us build Ukrainian democracy. Welcome back, dear colleagues.

I also want to thank the Canadian Parliament and the Ukrainian diaspora for helping us breed the new generation of new Ukrainian democratic and free leaders.

Mr. Prime Minister, I remember you mentioned that Canada is probably the most Ukrainian nation outside of Ukraine itself. You know what? This is absolutely true. Let me reciprocate. There are great European nations that stood as the source of the foundation of modern Canada. Canada has friends all over the globe, and the closest one is next to it. However, I doubt that you will find another nation that would say so sincerely what I say about you: Ukraine is probably the most Canadian nation after Canada itself.

Exactly this feeling I felt today during my meeting with many Canadians. Thank you for all of that.

Let me refer to the words of Winston Churchill, who truly loved your country and visited it seven times from 1900 to 1954. We recall him as a brave leader who confronted the Nazi aggression with courage.

In the summer of 1929, he wrote this from Canada to his wife: “Darling I am greatly attracted to this country.I am profoundly touched; & I intend to devote my strength to interpreting Canada to our people.”

I have the same feeling, believe me. Unfortunately, I will not write these words to my wife since she sits here with me today. I will simply tell her these words.

Please let me quote Churchill once again. He said: “I love coming to Canada. God bless your Country.”

Thank you very much indeed. Merci. Diakouyou. Slava Ukraini.

Noël A. Kinsella: Mr. Speaker, Your Excellency President Poroshenko, vitannya.

Prime Minister, honourable senators, members of the House of Commons, mesdames et messieurs, on behalf of all parliamentarians and all gathered here this afternoon I have the honour, Mr. President, to thank you for addressing this joint session of the Parliament of Canada. Your important words have been clear and stress that you are among friends.

We have taken note of the significant challenges currently facing the peoples of Ukraine. We thank you for your leadership and courage that you are bringing to securing peace, order and good government in your beautiful country.

Monsieur le président, monsieur le premier ministre, nous avons pris bonne note des importants défis auxquels sont confrontés les peuples de l’Ukraine à l’heure actuelle. Nous vous remercions, Votre Excellence, de votre leadership et de votre courage quand vous assurez la paix, l’ordre et une bonne gouvernance dans votre magnifique pays.

Canadians appreciate your leadership and fortitude as Ukraine addresses current challenges. We support your efforts to realize a successful resolution based on the solid foundation of human rights and democratic values.

Colleagues, Mr. President, Prime Minister, among the many images that adorn the chamber of the Senate of Canada is one of St. Andrew the Apostle, who is of course the Patron Saint of Ukraine. Indeed it was St. Andrew who prophesied in the year 55 A.D. that a great people would build a successful civilization along the banks of the River Dnipro. Notwithstanding the ebb and flow of the tides of history, the peoples of Ukraine continue to fulfill the prophecy of your patron saint.

Thank you, President Poroshenko, for sharing with us Your Excellency’s view of the road ahead. Please be assured of the solidarity of the peoples of Canada on your journey forward.

To Your Excellency and to the peoples of Ukraine we wish you godspeed. Thank you for your presence and address to the Parliament of Canada.

Andrew Scheer: Monsieur le président Poroshenko, monsieur le premier ministre, monsieur le Président du Sénat, collègues parlementaires, distingués invités, mesdames et messieurs,

Au nom de tous les députés et de toutes les personnes rassemblés ici, à la Chambre des communes, je souhaite la bienvenue au président Poroshenko et le remercie de prendre la parole devant nous, aujourd’hui.

It is a rare and special occurrence when heads of state or foreign dignitaries address a joint session of our Parliament and, even rarer still, to have a joint address during world events such as we are witnessing today. Your inspirational words are given even greater historical significance when we consider the current situation facing Ukraine.

As has already been mentioned, the links between our two great countries are well known and they run deep. Ukrainians have made their mark in many areas across Canada, from vibrant communities and our large cities to enclaves across the Prairies. Their contribution to Canada’s social fabric has been profound.

Les liens qui existent entre les citoyens de nos deux pays contribuent à nous rapprocher et ce qui renforce nos liens d’amitié, surtout depuis 1991, ce sont nos positions de principes communs envers la démocratie, les droits de la personne et la primauté du droit.

For those of us who were fortunate enough to be sitting as members of Parliament when His Excellency President Viktor Yushchenko addressed the chamber in May of 2008, we will recall that he observed that in the previous 90 years Ukraine had declared its independence six times. He said that he did not want the range of historic tragedies to be repeated in today’s history of Ukraine. What President Yushchenko then described in what may have been more abstract or theoretical terms has become all too real today.

Canadian parliamentarians have followed closely as recent events have unfolded in your country and have been inspired by the courage and perseverance that has been repeatedly demonstrated by Ukrainians in recent months. This Parliament has expressed its resolute support for Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity and for the Ukrainian people and their determination to realize a free, democratic, peaceful and prosperous future.

While there are, no doubt, many challenges and uncertainties for your country and its people, one thing that is certain, however, is that this Parliament and Canadians across the country are watching closely and stand united in support of Ukraine.

Thank you; merci; slava Ukraini.

Petro Poroshenko address to Congress Full Speech Sept 18th 2014


Mr. Speaker, Majority Leader, members of the House, members of the Senate, ladies and gentlemen, it’s impossible to imagine what I’m feeling right now.

How symbolic is the unity of United States Congress and solidarity with Ukraine.

This is exactly which Ukraine now needs the most – unity and solidarity not only with the United States Congress, not only with the United States but with the whole world.

Let me thank you for your warmth and hospitality. Addressing both houses of the Congress is one of the highest political privileges.

Standing here, I’m grateful and fully aware that this honor goes not to me but to the people of Ukraine – those brave men and women who are today on the forefront of the global fight for democracy.

Forty-five of Ukrainian people now watching this speech and this session of the Congress and seeing me [are] absolutely sure about our solidarity and our joined common strength. And please allow me to speak on their behalf.

I will focus on the one thing that is at the core of Ukraine’s existence today – freedom.

There are moments in history when the freedom is more than just a political concept. At those moments, freedom become the ultimate choice which defines who you are as a person or as a nation.

Ukraine has lived this moment over the last 10 months and became a sign for the most heroic story for the last decade – a synonym for sacrifice, dedication, and an unbreakable will to live free.

The people of Ukraine stood up to the corrupt regime of Yanukovich. They stood their ground during this dramatic winter. More of you were together with us during the last winter, and I thank you for this very important for us gesture of solidarity.

The defenders of freedom were willing to sacrifice their life for the sake of better future. What is more amazing – they and we won.

Armed with only sticks and shields, they attacked by the special police and chased them away.

The victory gained on the Independence Square in Kiev known now to the whole world as the very international word – the Maidan – was a victory against police brutality, harassment by the state-controlled media, violence, intimidation.

There is nothing more impressive than seeing hundreds of thousands of peaceful people forcing out a violent dictator and changing the course of the history. Second time in our history.

Day after day, week after week, month after month, thousands upon thousands streamed into the streets of Kiev simply because their dignity didn’t allow them to remain passive and silent while their liberty were at stake.

The standoff at the Maidan lasted long three months. It culminated on February 20th and 21st when over 100 protesters in one day were shot by snipers. We call them “Heavenly Hundred”. We remember them as the true national heros, and we applaud their heroism.

Ladies and gentlemen, in February, when the world saw that no one could take away Ukraine’s freedom, an external aggressive decided to take away part of Ukrainian territory. The annexation of Crimea become one of the most cynical act of treachery in the modern history.

…Ukraine, which gave up the third largest nuclear potential in exchange for the security assurance, was stabbed in the back by one of the countries who gave her those assurance.

Allow me to remind you, 20 years ago – exactly 20 years – the Budapest Memorandum, Russia along with the United States, United Kingdom, France, and China vowed to provide for the inviolability of Ukraine’s state border and territorial sovereignty.

In reality, what we got from Russia was annexation and a war that has brought Ukraine to the brink of its survival.

The Soviet Union has collapsed too quickly, creating the illusion that this chapter in history was closed and that this story had come to the end.

But unfortunately, in mind of the people, it has not end. The imperialistic mindset is still there. Nostalgia for the Soviet Union and the dismissal for the settlement that ended the Cold War have been cultivated in the revisionist instincts.

In year 2008, Russia troops occupied Abkhazia and South Ossestia. They now have invaded Ukraine.

The right to protect ethnic Russians and even Russian speakers can and already has become a reason to fan the flames of war.

Besides Ukraine, Russian speakers are reside now in Moldova, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Baltic states, Poland, and even Germany – there’s a very big majority – Bulgaria.

Moldova, Georgia, Ukraine – who is next?

Many things including the effectiveness of the global non-proliferation system will be put under severe test and judge depending on the response of America, of the whole world to this very simple question. Even NATO allies are at risk.

…Two days after President Obama’s visit to Estonia, the day NATO Summit ended, the Estonian intelligence officer was abducted and accused of espionage.

The security assurance that was extended to Ukraine and then have failed to work, providing no agreements, treaties, containments can secure world order.

So what can bring the peace? And what can maintain it?

Common values. Cooperation. Interdependence. Leadership. And responsibility.

This is the things who can defend the global security.

So, I urge you not to let Ukraine stand alone in the face of this aggression.

And this is very important that the whole world will see this gesture of solidarity. Ukraine are not alone. We are together. We are united. And we’ll win because of our fighting – we’re fighting for freedom. It’s fighting for democracy. And I have absolutely no doubt that our victory will be very close.

I’m absolutely sure that United States made a commitment that it would stand behind Ukraine’s territorial integrity and we hope that it will live up to that promise.

Because it is very simple. Democracies must support each other. They must show solidarity in the face of aggression and adversity. Otherwise, they will be eliminated one by one.

The aggression against Ukraine has become one of the worst setback for the cause of democracy in the world in the years.

In just one move, the world has been thrown back in time to the reality of the territorial claims, zone of influence, criminal aggression, and annexation.

Can you imagine within two weeks Crimea was invaded and then annexed? Why? Because Ukraine simply were not prepared to this aggression. We were not prepared to face this…That was exactly at the time of the revolution of dignity and the use of this opportunity without any doubt

Post-war international system of checks and balances was effectively ruined. The world has plunged into the worst security crisis since US-USSR standoff 1962.

Today, we are witnessing another attempt dividing the world. Ukraine stands in the center of this attempt.

The outcome of today’s war will determine whether we will be forced to accept the reality of the dark term and beaten Europe as part of a new world order.

These Ukrainian army – imagine, these young boys under-equipped and often under appreciated by the world are the only thing that now stands between the reality of the peaceful coexistence and the nightmare of the…new Cold War.

Ukrainian soldiers, Ukrainian people, Ukrainian boys and girls now on the front for the freedom and democracy. They need your support.

The war that these young men are fighting today is not only Ukrainian war. Everybody should understand that. It is Europe’s and it is America’s war too. It is the war for the free world. For the free world.

Today, aggression against Ukraine is a threat to the global security everywhere – proxy war, terrorism, national radical and exodus movement, the erosion of national and international agreement, the blurring and even the raising of national identities. All these threats now challenge Europe. If they are not stopped now, they will cross European border and spread absolutely throughout the world.

To prevent this, thousands of Ukrainian soldiers are in the line of fire exactly right now when we have the so-called cease fire.

From the day we will start the cease fire, Ukrainian lost 17 lives of the Ukrainian soldiers. 67 are wounded. This is a cease fire. This is the price Ukraine now paid for the peace. Speaking in the United States Congress from this high beacon of freedom, I want to thank them for their sacrifice.

Thank you for the United States Congress, and I urge the world to recognize and endorse their fight. They need more political support throughout the world. They need more military equipment both lethal and non-lethal. Urgently need.

Please understand me correctly. Blankets, night vision goggles are also important. But one cannot win the war with blankets. Even more, we cannot keep the peace with blanket, and this is most important of our values, of our aid. Not to win the war but to keep the peace.

For keeping the peace, we should be strong enough and there is no any doubts that we will be strong because of you, because our solidarity, and because of the common very strong spirit of Ukrainian soldiers.

I thank all of those in America who realize and appreciate the historic importance of this fight.

Just like Israel, Ukraine has the right to defend her territory, and it will do so with all her courage, her heart, and dedication of her soul.

I urge America to help us and to rise and to be equal to its natural and manifest role. I urge America to lead the way.

Ukraine has a special bond with the United States. Today, Ukraine is taking shape as America’s natural and significant partner in the region.

This partnership is not circumstantial. It has not come because we find ourselves in the same boat. It came about because in the moment of the existential crisis Ukraine’s choice was the same as America. Very simple. Freedom, democracy, and the rule of law.

In a time of Euro skepticism and Russia’s open unprovoked hostility, Ukrainian citizens have been ready to give their lives to see Ukraine democratic and free. Circumstantial votes can change; nature of the people cannot.

It is the nature of the Ukrainian people to tolerate no dictators and to strive for their freedom no matter what.

Given today’s situation, Ukraine’s democracy will have to rely on their own strong army.

In the upcoming years, building a strong military will be another existential test for Ukrainian democracy.

I see in my utmost duty to rectify the damage done to the Ukrainian military and to give Ukraine a strong, modern army that we can be proud of.

I strongly encourage the United States to give Ukraine a special security and defense status, which reflects the highest level of interaction with non-NATO ally.

And I also ask that the United States be forceful and stand by its principle with respect to further sanctions against the aggressor.

Economic sanction are important for many reasons. They help to distinguish between good and evil. They help us to defend and stand the moral high ground and not to sink into the indifference, disgust, and pragmatism.

I understand that the wars of the last decade have been taken a heavily toll on the economy of the West. And I understand that Americans and American citizen and American taxpayer want peace not war. So do Ukrainian citizen and taxpayer.

However, there are moments in history, those importance cannot be measured solely on the percentage of the GDP gross.

The Ukrainian war is not only the war of the last decade that is purely about the values. Ukraine war is the war again for the freedom, democracy, European values, and the best evidence of that is the number of members of Ukrainian Parliament which ratified our Association Agreement with the European Union.

Our nation decide to be free and democratic. Another nation decide to punish Ukraine for this.

The world simply cannot allow this kind of behavior.

Values come first. This is the truth the world and the West will remind Ukraine over the last years. Now, it is Ukraine’s chance to remind the West this truth.

Allow me also to say this. There is no way at no price and under no condition that we will ever put with the Crimean occupation.

Ending the occupation and the annexation is not only an integral pre-condition to a full normalization of the relations between Ukraine and Russia, it is also the integral condition for the Crimea’s own prosperity and modernization.

Until this pre-condition is fulfilled, I urge America and the world to stand united in sending the signals to the aggressors of today and to the future that the policy and practice of annexation will never be tolerated.

And clearly, I’m not talking about the military solution of the Crimean problem. This will be dilemma for many years – a choice between two ways of life, two political, economic, and social system.

But I have no doubt that in the long run the system that offers the greater freedom will prevail. It always does.

Ladies of gentlemen, the last half year has been time of ultimate challenge for millions of Ukrainians. It was a time for heroism and sacrifice. Too many it become for their ultimate sacrifice.

Let me share with you three human stories that illustrate my point.

On March 3rd, when the occupation of Crimea just started there was one man in Crimean city of Simferopol who did the unthinkable. Where millions felt paralyzed and stunned at what was unfolding before their eyes, [incomprehensible name], 39-year-old father of three decided not to be silent. This brave son of the Crimean Tatar people ran a one-man protest in the front of the occupied city hall. He did nothing more than hold a sheet of paper that said “No to occupation”. A group of unknown people arrested him, transported him away in the plain sight of the thousands of witnesses, in front of the TV cameras. Two weeks later, he was found tortured and executed mafia style. Just the thought of this man’s final torment – I mean, it sends chills down my spine.

I ask myself, “What made this hero do what he did?” And I can find no other answer than he did for the freedom so his children would not face slavery like that neo-Stalinism dictatorship.

And I am convinced that in the years from now when Crimea occupation will belong to the past, the Crimean people will think about what he did and salute his braveness just as I do now.

I assure you that Ukraine will always stand together with the Crimean Tatar people. Those language, rights, culture are being trampled upon the right now as they were many years ago under the Soviet rule.

I urge America and the world not to be silent about these crimes. It is Ukrainians and Crimean Tatars who are being oppressed in Crimea right now. And it is a time for all the people of good will – to rephrase John Kennedy’s words from over 50 years ago – I am Crimean Tatar and there is nothing that would make me give up my freedom.

And let me also commemorate another Ukrainian hero – [incomprehensible name]. 42-years-old father of two. A member of the municipal parliament of east Ukrainian city of Volnovakha.

On April 15th, he confronted the separatists and the Russian special operations officers over the separatist flag that they were trying to hoist atop the local administration building…He was abducted and tortured. His last hours must have been unthinkable. His body was badly mutilated.

Today, I stand here in awe of this tragedy and of the courage and sacrifice of this man and of the courage and sacrifice of the millions of Ukrainians, from the bottom of my heart I deeply believe that there will be a time – and I’m sure very soon – when [incomprehensible name] Square will be named after [incomprehensible name] and when school children will bring flowers to his monument.

Ladies and gentlemen, make no mistake Europe’s and the world’s choice right now is not the choice between uni-polar or multi-polar order. Neither is it a choice between different kinds of civilization. It’s a choice very simple between the civilization and barbarism.

And while standing at this juncture before the great trial, the democratic pole cannot shrink or hesitate. We don’t want to see all the democratic accomplishment to the last decade to be erased and have been for nothing.

The free world must stand its ground. With America’s help, it will.

Yes, we live in a world that is mutually reliant and inter-connected. In this world, the aggression of one democratic nation is aggression against all of us. We fully understand that.

If anyone has doubts about this, if anyone was hoping to see the doubt while Ukrainian and Russian continued killing each other, this ended on July 18th when Russian missile launched by the Russian mercenary shot down civilian Boeing 777 of the Malaysian flight MH17.

298 innocent peaceful people – many of whom were flying on their vacation in the south – met their ultimate demise on the steps of Ukraine. Their cold-blooded killing, just like the barbarian treatments on their remains afterward, show that whoever fools Europe with uncontrolled weapons put millions of lives at risk for years, for decades.

This was an indisputable brutal act of terror. Unfortunately, it was this tragedy that gave a wake-up call to many in the world about the situation in Ukraine.

Long after wars end, the fear and hate linger on. How many more deaths will be caused by the handguns handed out with absolutely no control or accountability in those regions? How many innocent children will step on land mines so massively utilized by the separatists? How many lives will be ruined and so poisoned by the propaganda machine?

The act of pumping the region full of uncontrolled arms represent the policy of the state-funded terrorism, and it need to stop now.

The cynical downing of the Malaysian Boeing deliberated one most important thing: we are now at the forefront of the fight against terrorism, and we need to join our efforts to effectively respond to this challenge.

With this said, people throughout the world are asking the same question, “Are we on the eve of the new Cold War? Is the possibility of the new terrible, unimaginable European war there? Is what until recently seemed unthinkable now becoming a reality?”

Sadly, today the answer to all of these questions is yes.

However, we cannot and must not accept this as an inevitability.

As recently as in 2008, the President of Russia ran his election campaign under the slogan “Freedom is better than non-freedom”. And it was in Russia in year 2008.

And I’m sure that despite the Crimea annexation and ongoing aggression, millions of Russians still remember that slogan and take it seriously.

Please, let’s remind them. Let’s show them that the freedom is not the luxury as some try to convince them but necessity and the pre-condition for the true success of the nation. And I’m convinced that the people of Ukraine and the people of Russia have enough good will to give peace one last chance and prevail against this period of hate between our countries.

That’s why my presidency began with a peace plan and one-sided cease fire which will last long term base. Again, paying the very high price of the killing of Ukrainian soldiers, hitting Ukrainian planes, and hundreds wounded. We keep this cease fire long term base.

Unfortunately, this was not accepted by Russian authorities. That’s why we’re holding our fire now. That’s why two armies stand before each other without massively shedding each other’s blood. And if the thing work out right, they will not have to.

I’m in daily contact with the leaders of the world, including the leader of Russia. The dialogue is not easy, believe me. Over these last months too much good will was destroyed. Too much hate was generated, naturally and artificially. Too many people have died.

Based on that, I feel that there is growing mutual recognition that enough is enough and that the bloodshed must stop. The pandemic of hate must be localized and contained.

As a President, looking into the eyes of the mothers and wives of the dead soldiers and civilians, believe me, this is my hardest duty. No one can take it slightly; today it’s my burden and the burden of President Putin. As he lit a candle in Moscow church to remember those who perished in this war last week, I did the same in Kiev.

And from the bottom of the heart, I deeply profoundly wish that the church candles would be the only thing to burn in Ukraine from now.

Over the last months Ukrainians have shown that they have courage to stand up to the most powerful enemy. We will never obey or bend to the aggressor. We are ready to fight but we are people of peace and we extend the hand of peace to Russia and the to Russian-inspired separatists.

I am ready to do my utmost to avoid the further escalation and casualties. Even at this point when the war has already started feeding on itself, sooner or later, I’m absolutely sure peace will return to the Ukrainian homes.

And despite the insanity of this war, I’m convinced that the peace can be achieved sooner rather than later. And I’m ready to offer the separatists more rights than any part of Ukraine have ever had in the history of the nation. And I’m ready to discuss everything except one thing: Ukrainian independence, Ukrainian territorial integrity, Ukrainian sovereignty, Ukraine dismember.

And I’m confident if this war is about the rights and not about the geopolitical ambition, the solution must – and I’m sure – will be found.

Ladies and gentlemen, in 1991 independence came to Ukraine at a very low cost and peacefully. Yet, the more real this independence become, the higher grew its cost. Today the cost is as high as it gets.

While fighting this war, we’ll learn the value of independence and to recognize the true friends. And at no point we ever forget why we need independence. We need it to have a country worthy of the dreams of our ancestors. We need a state that would give its citizens a life of dignity, fairness, and equal opportunity.

To reach this goal, we would have to root out the things that drain Ukraine’s potential for such a long time and make for the two decades of independence and times for the lost opportunities.

We are painfully aware of this largely inherited from the era of Soviet Union decay: corruption, bureaucracy, and the self-preserving cynicisms of the political elites.

There is a saying that each people deserve the government it gets. Ukraine – two revolution within a single decade show that Ukraine as a people is better – much better – than Ukraine as a government. They show that Ukraine needs and deserves deep and profound modernization in absolutely all sphere, of the kind that brought economic success to Poland.

Given the kind of situation in and around Ukraine, the implementation of the comprehensive reform is not a matter of Ukraine succeeding but Ukraine surviving. Deeply aware of that, I give my voters the pledge; I will stick with it.

With the Ukraine-EU Association Agreement signed and ratified simultaneously in the Ukrainian and European Parliament, we have a clear path of reform before us. Never in the history of the European Union was there a document that was paid so dearly with such incredible human cost and sacrifice.

And this sacrifice – the memory of the hundreds dead and wounded will be one more reason – an incentive – to hold this unique chance to make Ukraine live up to its potential.

Ukraine need modern governments and non-corrupt public administration. Ukraine need to delegate more power to the local communities. Ukraine need to rely more on its strong, vibrant, and dynamic civil society. Ukraine is building a new model of managing its state and economic affairs where merit and hard work are duly rewarded. Ukraine need know how technology and new start-up to become better integrated to the global economy.

And for all of that, we need you – America’s help.

In particular, I ask the Congress to create a special fund to support the investment of American companies in Ukraine and to help us with the reform of our economy and our justice system.

And I assure you that all aid received from the West will be utilized by non-corrupt institution and that the new generation of officials will make sure that the funds are distributed effectively.

Ladies and gentlemen, we call our revolution – a revolution of dignity.

Human dignity was the driving force that brought people to the street. And this revolution must result in the education of dignity, economy of dignity, society of dignity. Human dignity, which makes Ukraine’s heart beat, and Ukraine’s mind look toward new and better version of itself. Human dignity is one thing we have to oppose to the barbarism of those attacking us.

It is one thing that we can set against the sea of lies in which highly sophisticated and well-funded machine of Russian propaganda is trying to drown the truth about Ukrainian democracy.

In the coming years, too many thing will depend on Ukrainian success. Believe me, too many things. And this success will be determined by Ukraine’s new leadership, by its new political generation, and by newly modernized society of Ukraine. Ukraine truly makes a difference.

By supporting Ukraine, you support new future of hero and the entire free world. By supporting Ukraine, you support a nation that has chosen freedom in the most cynical of the times.

In Ukraine, you don’t build a democracy. It’s already exist. You just defend it. And exactly this – what makes Ukraine unique, its struggle deeply and profoundly different from any other countries on the world…This is what make Ukraine the ultimate test for adherence to the idea of freedom.

Live free or die was one of the mottos of the American Revolutionary War. Live free or die was the spirit of the revolutionaries on the Maidan during the dramatic winter months of 2014 with the significant presence of the member of United States Congress, and we thank you for that. Live free or die are words of Ukrainian soldiers standing on line of freedom of this war. Live free must be the answer with which Ukraine comes out of this war. Live free must be the message Ukraine and America send to the world standing together in this time of enormous challenge.

Thank you.



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