#CBC Propaganda Challenge 6: #Harper vs #cdnpoli vs #Ukraine vs #Russia vs #NATO

This media manipulation situation is getting truly bizarre and it seems as if all hope may be lost regarding the journalistic integrity of our beloved CBC, at least as far as the manufactured crisis in Ukraine is concerned. This is troubling on several fronts but most of the brunt and burden is being shouldered by the People of Ukraine. One might think that since this steady escalation based upon speculation and rhetoric may well lead us all into another World War that would make the first two seem like a picnic, the media would attempt to be somewhat balanced.

One sided “reports” only serve as propaganda, plain and simple. One sided “reports” only serve a select minority of global investors. One sided “reports” only serve to deceive the majority on any and all sides. One sided “reports” usually destroy civilizations and economies for no justifiable reason. One sided “reports” are pure evil.

Have you ever heard the phrase similar to, there are 2 sides to every story and then there is the truth? If that is the case, then what can be learned from one side that is always shifting, dancing and dodging around alleged facts and proven fictions? How many times does a media outlet need to change the title of a “story” before they can get their “story” straight?

Yesterday we seen another day of a shifting narrative disguised as “Updates” once again and this is unjustifiable. Today, it seems like the media subversion is getting even worse since the CBC News has decided to not utilize the terms “NEW” and/or “UPDATED” in several instances thus far. Not only that but one “story” was changed 5 times before noon Eastern time, but that is another issue for another time. (please note that as of this time in this summary draft, the “article” has been updated again, and yet again for the 7th version as of 1:06pm EDT.)

While these constant edits and rewrites may not seem significant, keep in mind that we have several time zones combined with the broadcast and scrolls at the bottom of the CBC News Network plus CBC Radio reports. This is a really simple way to confuse a whole population. Not only that but when one considers that the Harper Regime has so many pro-Harper trolls being employed to ‘correct misinformation’ and control the flow of information at our expense. The sad reality is that “We the People” of Canada are footing both bills.

Not only is the Harper Regime attempting to sell us a war we cannot afford, but Ukraine is drowning is debt, destruction and death, plus NATO is demanding more “investment” into the Military Industrial Complex. The reckless and haphazard actions and inaction of Harper and the Regime, combined with the subversion of the media, is indeed a dangerous thing!

Moving forward to the task at hand, below you will find the propaganda of the day from yesterday 01 September 2014, courtesy of the CBC News. This expose has a slightly different twist as well. It seems as if the narrative shift required an update to the Reuters article itself that required it to be pulled down for a while completely, leaving the “Page not found” error message. Since we located the before and afters, we’ll post them below for a closer look. Not only was the “article” “updated” but a few of the words, sentences and paragraphs where changed.

As always, we will present the basic general info within a numbered list that will include the title, author, posted and last updated time-stamps, plus the shares, comments and url “wording” at the time of the page snapshots that follow the list.

Please note that this really is the same article and once again was drastically changed as you can plainly see. Also worth noting is the timing of the updates and how the entire context gets shifted based upon the titles. There are pretty much 3 actual versions between the 5 noted. Truth, accuracy and factual reporting seems to be essentially dead, period.

Article Titles and General Details

  1. Ukraine crisis: Russia will defend economy from sanctions, Lavrov says
    Negotiators set to meet in Minsk to discuss possible ceasefire
    Thomson Reuters
    Posted: Sep 01, 2014 2:55 AM ET | Last Updated: Sep 01, 2014 2:55 AM ET
  2. UPDATED Ukraine crisis: Petro Poroshenko accuses Russia of ‘direct and open aggression’
    Changes coming in Ukraine military top brass
    Thomson Reuters
    Posted: Sep 01, 2014 2:55 AM ET | Last Updated: Sep 01, 2014 9:17 AM ET
  3. UPDATED Ukraine crisis: Petro Poroshenko accuses Russia of ‘direct and open aggression’
    Changes coming in Ukraine military top brass
    Thomson Reuters
    Posted: Sep 01, 2014 2:55 AM ET | Last Updated: Sep 01, 2014 9:22 AM ET
  4. Ukraine crisis: Separatists soften stance on independence
    Insurgents release platform at the start of Monday’s negotiations in Minsk
    The Associated Press
    Posted: Sep 01, 2014 2:55 AM ET | Last Updated: Sep 01, 2014 1:50 PM ET
  5. Ukraine crisis: Separatists soften stance on independence
    Insurgents release platform at the start of Monday’s negotiations in Minsk
    The Associated Press
    Posted: Sep 01, 2014 2:55 AM ET | Last Updated: Sep 01, 2014 10:04 PM ET

Summary Observations

If you notice the credited “author” was changed in Version 4. This is not an “update” in any way as it is a selectively edited merging of several articles that only serves to massage the narrative. There really is no reason that it could not have been published separately. It should also be noted that even the last version did not accurately “report” many very pertinent facts from the days events, which were many, not to mention it did NOT accurately reflect what was actually stated by the Novorossiyan Leadership. Version 1 is a stand alone, Versions 2 and 3 are similar to each other, and Versions 4 and 5 are similar to each other.

In comparing the versions above and below, if you notice the time-stamps between CBC’s version 3 and version 4 coincided with the MIA version 1 from Reuters below. Note the entire title was completely swapped out via the CBC’s new version that was re-credited to the AP (Associated Propaganda) and was changed in in the Reuters version. This is what one may consider a “red” flag.

Article Titles and General Details

  1. Ukraine accuses Russia of ‘open aggression’ as rebels advance
    By Pavel Polityuk and Polina Devitt
    KIEV/MOSCOW Mon Sep 1, 2014 6:11am EDT
  2. Ukraine accuses Russia of “undisguised aggression” as rebels advance
    By Pavel Polityuk and Polina Devitt
    KIEV/MOSCOW Mon Sep 1, 2014 3:05pm EDT

Article Snapshots

Above there are 2 (two) versions from the Reuters site captured via the g**gle cache. We included this segment for a couple of reasons, but primarily because the original “article” went missing and was returning a Page not found” error message. It was also referenced in countless comment threads and independent sites as well. If you notice, the second version was pretty heavily edited and there are several “word” changes along with several paragraph additions and subtractions that change the tone and context as well. The most noticeable difference between the 2 is the wording within the title itself from alleged ‘open aggression’ to “undisguised aggression”. So, which was it, open or undisguised. This wordplay is getting outta hand already!

Bonus Article: Harper is in Over His Head!

This is where it gets very interesting since Harper was blatantly posturing and pandering for the Ukrainian Diaspora’s vote while war-mongering and now finds himself in a jam. Considering his Regime has slashed our Armed Forces budgets so drastically and is delivering weapons and armaments stockpiles to other foreign endeavours such as Iraq, one may wonder how he will increase military spending that NATO is demanding and still balance the budget in order to make good on his election promises of tax cuts for his caucus. Not only that but it has become rather clear that our CAF are ill-prepared for anything for the most part.

As mentioned within the intro, the articles published today may be the most blatant and misleading propaganda spins thus far. To be continued…

Further Research

For some additional background information that you might not otherwise be made aware of, here is very relevant and important press conference that you should definitely watch :

Press Conference – Formation of a state – 24 Aug 2014

This is a thorough press conference by Alexander V. Zakharchenko, Chairman of The Council of Ministers of The Donetsk National Republic. It touches upon a few key points regarding the war, its origins and what and whom Kiev is fighting.

The possibility of Federalization is also discarded as irrelevant as that ship had certainly sailed. This is a fight for independence now.

France Saker
Published on Aug 26, 2014
Subtitles in english, french, german
Transcription/Translation/Timecoding: Marina
English proofreading and editing: Erebus,Michael and Vaughan
Editing and Publishing: Augmented Ether
French Translation & Editing: Jean-Jacques
German Translation & Editing : Dagmar


Below you will find a few sources that will provide you the opportunity to view information from reliable alternative viewpoints that you never view from the CBC or any other Canadian MSM conglomerate, outlet or “wire” service provider.

Vineyard of the Saker
A bird’s eye view of the Vineyard

Rock Solid Politics @BradCabana
Political Scientist, Retired Captain -Canadian Armed Forces. Believer in the free human spirit. Commentator on local, national, and international politics.
Twitter: https://twitter.com/BradCabana
Website: http://rocksolidpolitics.blogspot.ae

Gleb Bazov @gbazov
There is no other way forward but to take a stand. If we don’t save the helpless, what are we good for.
Novorossiya Translation Requests: http://wp.me/P4KUOt-aX
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/slavyangrad
Twitter: https://twitter.com/gbazov
Website: http://slavyangrad.org



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