Letter to Harper re: Palestine

Dear Stephen.

It’s been a while since I last wrote, but I was wondering about some things and I hope that you can help me with them.

Recently, I’ve been hearing a lot in the news about the situation between the Israelis and the Palestinians. Frankly, there is much here that I don’t understand, but mainly I don’t understand your position on all of this.

You might want to call me anti-Semitic because I am not pro-Israel or because I’m not anti-Palestinian but you’d be mistaken. I have nothing against the people of the Jewish Faith any more than people who are Christians or Muslims for that matter.

What I am though is anti hate.

Look Stephen, I’ll agree that for the Hamas militants to fire rockets into Israel is wrong, but is the bombing of the Palestinians right? The response of the Israeli government to the Hamas rockets, some 300 or 400 I understand, has been the dropping of hundreds of Israeli bombs on Palestine. The response of the death of 10 Israelis has been the deaths of hundreds of Palestinians.

My question is when will it end? Will it end when the last Palestinian lies dead in the street because there is no one left to bury him?

What do you think history will say if this occurs?

Will Benjamin Netanyahu be celebrated as a great hero, or will his name be listed alongside other notables like Stalin?

What will history have to say about Stephen Harper, if it even remembers you at all?

If history is nice, you might be remembered as a Neville Chamberlain type. You had the ear of Mr. Netanyahu but chose to support him rather than to create a lasting peace in the Middle East. If history is cruel, you could end up being Mr. Netanyahu’s Mussolini.

Even the Americans, the staunchest of Israel’s supporters are trying to get the offending sides to sit down and work out a compromise, and yet you distance Our stance from theirs.

You seem to support the Israeli government with an almost religious fervour and that troubles me.

You, me, the Israeli government, and Hamas all have something in common. Our religions are all derived from the God of Abraham. We are all related. We share a common God.

Does that bother you? It bothers the Hell out of me.

These are rival factions of the same family beating the life out of each other and it appears that the one side has the power to do the other in.

And you? You’re cheering them on.

They tell me there is a special place in Hell for those who do nothing when evil occurs. Do you suppose there is a worse place for those who cheer on the evil doers?

We are told that Jesus said “Blessed are the peacemakers” so why aren’t we working towards peace in stead of sending Mr. Baird to the UN to chastise those who want the fighting to stop?

While I’m thinking of the Bible, there are very few actual words of God recorded. I mean quotes like “Thou shalt not kill.”

Or are you one of those who believe in the “end times”? Are you looking forward to the Apocalypse and think that the Balkanization of the Middle East is just another step on that journey?

How long can this situation between Israel and Palestine go on until someone says “Enough” and takes up arms in support of one side or the other? And then the fun begins…

I really don’t fear God unleashing the Apocalypse. God promised Noah that He would never again eradicate humankind after the great flood.

If God is all powerful and hates the unbelievers the way some think He does, why does He allow them to have children? Why wouldn’t He just wave his hand and render all the offending religions and Nations barren? Within decades there would be no one left to fight, only the Chosen Ones would remain.

No, if there is to be an Apocalypse, it will be caused by man and fought by man. If Jesus should arrive at the end, I doubt that he will be dressed in armour and riding a white steed. He’ll more likely be dressed in a poor man’s robes, ministering to the sick and dying.

He’ll likely be preaching again too.

“Look what the word of man hath wrought. Come to me and let us create a new world where we can live in peace.”

I doubt that you’ll be invited Stephen.




One thought on “Letter to Harper re: Palestine”

  1. I really hope we get Harper out of office in 2015. He’s been in power for too long. Unfortunately he’s quite pro-Israel, so I’m sure he’s chosen their side in this conflict. I really hope something gets done about this soon, but it’s been going on for so long that I don’t see an end.

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