Tears in Moncton

It’s enough to make you cry.

While I’m writing this, Police in Dartmouth are responding to reports of a man with a gun, people in Moncton are mourning the murder of three Police Officers, and the idiots are running around the Internet.

The people of Moncton and the rest of Canada were only just beginning to realize what had happened in Moncton when the National Firearms Association (NFA) made their crazy statement.

Canada’s excessive firearms control system has failed again

The NFA may believe this to be true, but to make such a statement the day after the murder of three RCMP Officers, before an arrest was even made just boggles the mind. If they had merely made a statement deploring the shootings, which was part of their original statement and stopped right there, I wouldn’t be mentioning them at all.

NFA, if you don’t like bad press, stop acting like idiots.

The NFA did say that they were responding to the gun critics on Twitter.   For Pete’s sake! It’s Twitter, give them a couple of hours and they’ll be howling about something else. They always do, except for the handful that has been trolling on both sides of the gun control issue here for years, and they’ll never go away.

There will be another set of arguments about gun control in Canada because of this, but now is not the time. Now is the time to think about the three families that have someone who is never coming home again.

I’m glad they arrested the guy, and I’m glad they got him alive.

Now we at least have a chance to find out the truth about what really happened. Why someone would decide to do what he did. How he was able to do it.

There is plenty of speculation on the Internet and in the Media about the accused killer. Is he crazy? Were his weapons illegal? Is there a way to stop this from happening again?

There are lots of questions and very few answers at this point.

I hope the trial will allow us to see some of the answers. I really hope he’s found fit to stand trial.

And on top of all the gun lobbyists ranting on both the pro and con side of that Internet coin, we’ve got the pro and anti Police crews out as well.

I’ll cut to the chase, yes there are bad cops out there, people who should never have been allowed into law enforcement at all, but there are a lot more good cops that you’ll never hear about. Let’s face it, when something happens in your neighbourhood, who are the first people that you call, and who are the first ones to show up? Yep, the Police.

Finally, there are the reborn arguments on Capital Punishment.

I’m pretty clear on that one, I don’t support it and don’t think I ever will. In this particular case, I’d rather see the sentences carried out consecutively… 25 years for each of the murders of the RCMP Officers, and 25 years for each of the attempted murders of the two Officers wounded in the attacks.

Let him sit in prison for 125 years, and then his family can come for his bones, that is if they want them.

That’s it for me



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