Oleksandr Aronets: Svoboda Party and #Ukraine’s Freedom of the Press 18Mar2014 #cdnpoli

This event was confirmed by Amnesty International and NBC News. For more perspective, it is also worth noting that the confirmations were published after this article was originally published (19Mar2014 at 06:45am) and the companion video was uploaded (19Mar2014 at 07:21am).

On 18 March 2014 several prominent members of Ukraine’s Svoboda (Freedom) Party stormed the office of Aleksandr Panteleymonov, interim CEO of the public broadcaster National Television Company of Ukraine (NTU).

Declaring to be from the Freedom of Speech and Information Committee, the group yelled and beat Mr. Panteleymonov while accusing the channel of a lack of nationalism and for broadcasting unfavorable criticisms during the Maidan protests. They then collectively and forcefully demanded him to write a letter of resignation over allegations that the channel lied and aired anti-Ukrainian content.

Svoboda Party Media and Public Relations Manager Oleksandr Aronets posted a photo of the resignation letter along with a message on his official Facebook page and published a video on his “official” PR website Svoye.TV, that has since been taken down.

The source and screengrabs of the original post as well as a roughly translated version along with an archived mirror of the video are located below:

“Gently asked the head of the First National Panteleimon write a resignation letter. During Yanukovych was initially Deputy Benkendorf information policy, that person zombuvav Ukrainian and urged that pakraschennya already occurred and when men killed, showing series of Rusko army, and last year was the head of the channel” (translated version)