STEP RIGHT: Correspondent of “Reporter” spent two weeks in the “Right Sector” [translated]


The correspondent of “Reporter” spent two weeks in the “right sector” and learned who the radicals as they beat titushek and what they should expect from the government

Lyrics: Igor Burdyga Photos: Maxim Dondyuk for “Reporter”

“Death vorogov” – inscription over the entrance to the fifth floor houses the unions.
“Death vorogov” – displayed a black marker on my green army helmet.
“Death vorogov” – we shout in unison several times a day in response to the house ” Glory to the nation!. ”
We – “Right sector”

Thy name – Field

Join the ranks of the “right sector” was much easier than I imagined. February 1, after a couple of weeks after the first collision on Hrushevskoho I change hairstyle, say goodbye to the beard, put on clothes easier and come to the tent of the “right sector” on Independence Square.

– Join us on the fifth floor can. Ask a guard to you spent – genially advises young hour, basking near a makeshift stove of two metal barrels.

Strict protection of the House of Trade Unions is also recruits.

– Come, come, reinforcements – called show me the way a man for 40 years. – And then to the right, but not for self-defense?

A short climb allows me not to answer the question. Today, however, I will ask him a few more times.

– More recruits? – Now wonders already watch the fifth floor. – Guys, look: the rod and the rod. Catch up on the corridor, the kid over there before you come in for an interview went.

“Interview” holds a tall young man, who looked about 25 – as it turns out later, one of the senior commanders of the SS. Black trousers, camouflage jacket, long Cossack Oseledets sticking out tucked balaclavas.

– Why did you decide to join the “right quadrant?” – He asks the main question, without asking any documents or even names.

– After the mayhem that occurred on Hrushevskoho I think you are the only organization capable of defending Maidan against the regime. I want to help with this – I say it still houses a learned phrase. Come with me boy says something about the traditions of the Cossacks and national pride. Commander apparently satisfied with our answers.

– I must warn you that you are entering into a militant organization. For your actions, you may have to deal with law enforcement, to stand trial, could face imprisonment, health and even life – he says, probably more than once repeated disclaimer showing for persuasiveness bandaged hand: – It makes me a splinter Hrushevskoho to hurt.

We were questioned about specific skills. Very need translators and programmers – SS ready for “the release of a”. I want to know about the lives of ordinary men, so am not torn on the “thieves” positions – represent simple supermarket worker from Kherson.

– Martial arts, firearms?

– I shoot from the hunting, but no guns, no permission asked.

– That’s good.

– And what is from what to shoot? I thought guns from the cops …

– It will be necessary, and we can find, – dark commander.

Having dealt with the skills, he directs us to one of the units (right down the hall, third door on the other side). There we were met by commander – even younger than the previous one.

– Radical (names and aliases of all the characters, except for public figures are changed. – “Reporter”) – he seems. – Think of yourself pseudo.

From now on I’m Field. Radical records to add at my “real” name that I came up with on the fly, age and contact details, promising to destroy records at the first sign of danger.

– Welcome to the “Right sector” fighters!

Making It took us just over an hour. Nearing night, and I ask for leave “for other things”, promising to return in the morning to finally quartered. Come with me boy asks permission to sleep at home.

– And today I have a birthday wish to make it. I just turned 18. Coming to a “Right sector” – the main gift to adulthood did not take.

– Okay, leave the location squad authorize. Tomorrow now passes without them on the fifth floor admitted.

Step right.  Photo 1“Right sector” took responsibility for the outbreak of the January clashes Hrushevskoho and believes that the victory they won thanks to him

Summer camp for overage

– “Right sector”, the rise! – Stentorian cry of duty on the floor – much better than an alarm clock. – Wake-up! Wake-up!

Fifth floor rises at eight in the morning. Come to the aid of duty commanders orders, do not hesitate to wake the sleeping soldiers in the hallway light kicks. Collect artless bed (mine is karemat and sleeping bag), to wash, to drink coffee – this is ten minutes.Then build and morning exercise – “ruhanka.”

In the “right sector,” I have a few days. Our unit “Zasіka” placed in dual office Federation of Trade Unions and its surroundings. In the smaller room has been living for a week as a cold radical, more – a few fighters. The first couple of days there and I’m trying to turn over – fearing catch the eye of a former colleague, now press secretary SS Artem Skoropadsky not to recognize and not issued. But the place is small, and had to move into the corridor.

“Ruhanka” – a set of exercises, consisting of jogging to the European area and back and simple exercises near the tent “right sector” (bottom of the stairs leading to the October Palace). Tolerated even for me, not really a sports guy. Besides charging for the day yet, as a rule, two workouts: dogfight maneuvers and heavy shields. Here, in principle, all the care in a peaceful day.

Another is a regular duty: Internal – at the entrance to the fifth floor, near the elevator and near the headquarters and external – Substation near the tent. Last – a real chance to experience for yourself the people’s love, especially on weekends. The fact that the tent is taken care of citizens: money, food, clothing, helmets, cigarettes, petrol and plastic on the Molotov cocktails and etcetera, etcetera. Carry bags, if not bags. On the first Sunday of my duty, within 15 minutes of the national council, “the right sector” passed about 2 thousand UAH.

– Boys, you heroes! Take tea with cakes, and in the evening we will bring you a cake – circling near our stove two older women.

– In the evening is another change will be. But still carry – we pay for the generosity stretched courtesy. For example, allow us to be photographed against the backdrop of a banner, patiently listen to advice from “cushions fighters” – people’s love requires sacrifice.

During training with shields we demonstrate sight in exchange for bread. Take a look at how the squad for 15-20 seconds builds almost impenetrable (in theory) “turtle” marching awkwardly and it withstands the attack alleged enemy, going in the evenings a couple of hundred onlookers.

– Order “Zasіka” build “turtle”! To close the shield! Hold on!

– We “Berkut”, all you n … n, give up – it’s to help us with training came another group.

Here in the “turtle” flying rocks, logs, firecrackers (carefully, eyes!). We punched a running blizzard on their shields with batons, snatching from the construction of front (lying, do not take – “Right sector” does not betrays!). We survive. Applause, the curtain.

– Boys, why all this? We are in a peaceful protest. Lord God you for it … – pop up unexpectedly between the “attackers” and “protect” the little old lady brisk. General laughter drowns her last words, a pair of fighters carefully removes granny away from the parade ground.

Then we sharimsya on YouTube looking for videos with workouts. Show newcomers and their children from other units with the obligatory description details.

– Here, dark, can not see, but I was standing right here, you see how it us!

– And I have a firecracker exploded right under foot!

– Yeah, but remember, he grabbed you by the board and began to pull out, and I keep, do not let …

Indeed, more than any other “Right sector” just loves “Right sector.” This month truce between January and February collisions self-importance fighters grew with each passing day.

– Yes, if we do not, these draconian laws nobody had not canceled.

– Yes, we have got a grenade and Self sat out in the bushes, came all gotovenkoe …

It says young people on the fifth floor where about three quarters. In our group, for example, only two of more than 30 years: small, always hoarse Coat (40) and humorist Will (50) – simple workers of the Central Ukrainian regions.

Step right.  Photo 2

In the smoking room, you can catch people and interesting. For example, veterans of the UNA-UNSO (included in the SS, but was stationed at the time separately), cheered and fasten the front camouflage. Caricature mustache twirling, they regurgitate old martial adventures:

– … They Dudayev people somehow put a crate of beer German – Muslima same’m not drunk. So guys dressed in Russian form and this went to their compartment tank company. Found some suckers out there and say, little brother, lend us the tank for an hour or two – it is necessary to drive into the village, and we will treat you a beer.They agreed, and in our tank and climbed, not even when he departed, direct fire by Russian artillery battery on the radio … And lit a panic: “Czechs” fit, “the Czechs!” In general, the Russian artillery Russian as a tank company and put all. Dudayev then they still put a case of beer.

– Of course, returned to Ukraine, but here the characters nafig not needed. Drink started with longing. We have ourselves in Cherkassy, ​​remember, went into one Handel, and whether there is debris, or some bandits sitting. And the song book constantly, you know, “Lord, officers.” We gave them an amicable explained that this song affects our aesthetic sensibilities, and they began bychit. Well, earrings tower blew off, he pulled a grenade from his pocket, and pulled the pin in them …

Youth listening with wide-open mouths. Such stories here – a kind of meager part of the entertainment program, a way to kill free time between workouts and whose duty is a heap. It only chessboard three stages: one of amateurs, another of the masters, the third of checkers players. Books around the floor – part of patriotic literature provided “Trident” (nationalist organization, a member of the SS), is taken from the library of the Ukrainian House on parole. Maps soon banned, although played on squats and push-ups. Separate company meets regularly to play “Mafia”. It has its funny nuances to “mafia” all shout, usually the “Gang Go!” And to “police” – “Down with the cops!” And «ACAB!» (From the English. All Cops Are Bastards – «all cops – Bastards “). Creek is on the entire floor, and night duty unceremoniously dispersed players – just like in the pioneer camp counselors during the quiet hours.

Happen and more sophisticated cultural events. Periodically someone brings tickets for events in the Ukrainian House, but wanting to go to concerts of opera singers and poets little. Sold-out concerts going on their own “right sector”, such as when guests come from the group of musicians “Saucier Perun” or writer and showman Antin Mukharsky aka Orestes Fierce.

– I’m glad that now a new generation of young conscious people willing to take up arms. Maybe you can break this vicious circle, in which we were, started their struggle for national liberation in the late 1980s. If you do not, these “three heroes” would have long trampled – a preamble Mukharsky says before performances.

– I, frankly, and became a nationalist because of his songs – whispers in my ear radical.

Moskal vіchny barbarian vіchny ham

Brood rosіyskoї zemlі!

Chuzhe zagarbat, znischit temple –

All Tse vmіyut moskalі!

Brother rosіyanin, zrozumіy,

Blagayut sky i Plot:

In Muscovite sobі ti kill,

Kill five in sobі Muscovite!

– This is the chorus sings with demonstrators Orest Fierce.

Builders white paradise

Of course, the “Muscovites”, or Russian, and there among the “right sector.”Nationality here, on the one hand, to ask not accepted, and the other – many are proud conditionally multinational composition. It is said that among the demonstrators even lived quietly at one time is a faithful Jew, although hard to believe in it with difficulty.

– Hey, boy, and you do not zhidenok accidentally? – Hangs in the smoking room of a young lad Mars, football ultras from Dnepropetrovsk.

– No, what are you saying, I blooded Ukrainian – with bravado meets boy, just in case clinging to the wall.

– Yes shutyu I shutyu, relax. Smoke give better – you, a Jew, stocks, probably.

Actually, friendly atmosphere that prevails on the fifth floor, something akin to Gogol’s “partnership” – does not provide for such conflicts. Even a formal appeal to the “right sector” – “friends”. But the place for ideological disputes always exists.

Commitment to national-patriotic ideology, of course, is a kind of “default option” of fighters, but the truth is everyone still own. “Right sector” – almost an informal association of several radical organizations, besides most activists generally comes from the street. So the views range from romantic nationalism and “loyalty glorious Cossack traditions” to outright neo-fascism.

Step right.  Photo 3Appearance among the protesters at the first victims Hrushevskoho only inspired “Right sector”

Morning near the washbasins in the toilet encounters Defined Man 25 years with a huge, tattooed on the entire back swastika. Leaning over the mirror, he shaves his head gently disposable razor. This is one of a small detachment of soldiers Donetsk ultras – D88 (88 – digital signage abbreviation HH, or Heil Hitler!). Celtic crosses, shoes Dr. Martens, jackets Thor Steinar, knives on his belt – in general, the real warriors of the white race.

– We construct a white paradise! Sieg Heil! Sieg Heil! – Jokingly greet their players in the “mafia.”

– What do you know – dismisses the youngest of D88. – Hitler was right, you do “Mein Kampf” read?

– A lot of what Hitler was right – it already recognizes one of the men in my squad, 24-year-old graduate student from one historian southern regional center. – But he was an imperialist, would enslave other peoples. I for nationalism in a single Ukraine, we do not need someone else. Although harsh methods are needed. My will be, so I used ten millions in our country just shot, and another five million – in the camp!Clear Ukrainian nation is necessary, and then divorced a whole bunch of rednecks hohlyatsky.

– What do you then will differ from the commies? – Enter into dispute Bulbash universal favorite. Young humorist, made everyone understand their native language, he came from somewhere in Grodno, support, he said, a new stage of “national liberation struggle”. – Overview – fighting katsapskim imperialism, with Putin, who wants to recreate his great Russian.

– It is true Bulbash case say. But never mind, we now we’ll manage, then you’ll pick, Luke, from the throne, cast off, and then with Putin’s face it. Liberate the prison of nations!

The “liberation of the prison of nations” too ambiguous attitude. Some of the men said about freedom of the oppressed peoples of the Caucasus, Siberia and Central Asia, part – the “dirty gooks” who should be to blame.

These disputes are days, evenings and nights. Although for many hours and have things more interesting – patrols.

At night all cats – titushki

– No, you guys as you want, but I’m tired of sitting around. There’s people from the neighboring unit is titushek catch, I’m with them – it’s your first night on the fifth floor I heard from one of our guys.

By 10-11 pm in the hallway going to several groups of four or five people in full uniform and go walking around the grounds of the Maidan. In his hands, as opposed to training, “arguments” – treated pieces of rebar, steel pipe, or lucky enough, baseball bats. Now PS – counterintelligence and police of customs at the same time.

– Titushek, titushek lead! “Right sector”, wear a mask! – Distributed on the floor in half an hour. The stairs with his hands cocked drag resisting man with a bag on his head.

– Guys, do you mean, do you mean? – Only he mutters.

– Shut up, bitch! Boys, and I let him have ye … with legs. Nn-on! Who is he? Where did you find him?

– As you were! – Intervene in the situation of someone command. – The toilet of his lead. Does not come here no more, let interrogation spend!

After the interrogation, sometimes someone has to wash the toilet with blood. And at night lead to a dozen detainees, most – three or four. Reasons most unpretentious:

– Seemed suspicious, asked to produce documents in response began “bychit and swing right.”

– Stood and berated “Right sector.”

– Said of the “right sector”, but his kick from the documents.

When the causes are not found, starts catching “live bait.” Man from a neighboring unit shows me several souvenir UAH 200 bills.

– Find a suspicious client, I went up to him, saying, saying, I was there samooboronovtsy traversed, help is needed to pay ready. Show money. If you agree – then titushka, and we knit.

Detained on one night the guy certified Assistant People’s Deputy from the CPU and hidden under a jacket baton pounce all. Inspired by the “right sector” there is no limit.

– Here it here Behave! Nn-on, bitch, take it! That b … qb kommunyatskaya on Maidan wanted to attack? Nn-on!

– Boys, boys, and let me go, can I have it?! – 18 years old girl, a couple of hours ago to run on the floor and shows all photos seals on the phone, too eager for execution.

– Set aside, moved everything I said! – Again yells one of the commanders. – You tear it prior to being questioned!

Step right.  Photo 4

Formally night patrols SS leadership are discouraged, but not condemned. Only occasionally from someone older can hear something like “stop, but then it is better than we” Berkut “.” But this is rare. But the competition announced by the friendly “okolosvobodovskoy” militant organization C14, greeted with enthusiasm.”Competition for the best amateur video on how to be dangerous titushkoy. Video work should illustrate the possible consequences of cooperation with criminal authorities. The prize fund – 3000 UAH “, – reads an ad on page PS” VKontakte “.

When radical recovers, we also pull it out on patrol. One group I join.

Maydanovskim frosty evening move out to the side Hrushevskoho. You can only patrol the area inside the barricades, although in the early days after the clashes titushek searched around Kiev. First down in the “Globe”, where are marching proudly past the frightened guards and expensive storefronts. Moment so majestic that even decide to take a picture.

– Damn, how expensive everything! Look, borscht 25 USD! – Perplexed boy from the Lviv region. – Damn, and who only pays for these sushi at one hundred and fifty?

Cautious approach to the barricade near the stadium “Dinamo”, where our part policemen broadcast a documentary about corruption Interior Minister Vitaly Zakharchenko and their – “Ninth company of” Fyodor Bondarchuk.

– Good evening, we are “right sector.” How to post? Suspicious items, troublemakers have? – Politely greets with radical samooboronovtsami-guards barricades.

– And your b … qb, what is it? – On the move “runs” strong man in soiled by soot from burned tires camouflage. As it turns out later – the chief of the guard.

– We patrol Maidan looking titushek.

– You, b … qb, passed Maidan. Who promised to free travel on Hrushevskoho, eh? P … blow out of here before it’s too late. After midnight in this area no one but hundreds of our Self enters.

“Right sector” with the Afghans did a few days earlier made a statement about release readiness barricades Hrushevskoho if detained during clashes in January will be released. Like this is not all.

– Yes, what is the use of Hrushevskoho? Immediately swept away all the top in 10 minutes, I’m here already fought. And we have fifty guys sitting in prisons! – Trying unsuccessfully to explain radical.

On the other we will be greeted by a barricade.

– Oh, “Right sector”! What’s your call, if the cops will attack? We are here only eight people on duty, be spread as kittens!

For talking about the tactics of offense and defense is our main goal – find titushek – somehow goes by the wayside. Slightly froze, we go to Ukrainian house drinking tea for almost an hour and stuck it in the library, in the cinema.

Already at the exit radical pulls Laser Flashlight (“so the cops beat the eyes”) and, fooling around, begins to shine a green beam that the windows of the hotel “Dnepr” UNIAN or building, by barricades. With barricades soon revoked another laser pointer. Together with the radicals they “overtures” Cabinet window, then crossed in the sky and arrange incredible dancing. We laugh heartily.

– “Star Wars” Jedi fight, honestly, – poured radical.

Already near the House of Trade Unions appears that another group of our party has already led to one titushku floor. Someone grabbed patrols from non-SS units of ultra-C14 and “Narnia.” This radical can not forgive.

– And let’s go to the “Bill”, there is always some kind of scum drunk hanging out.Maybe someone picked up.

But even there, we will fail. Kindly, in principle, radical, seeing drunk, starts to shame them for violation of Prohibition, while at ordinary itching.

– Boys, why are you, well, a little bit drunk. We’re his, of Self, of Chernigov tent.

– P … u, me too self-defense. Drink of the night for all to see, and then about the Maidan will say that this bunch of drunks. No, but if it is absolutely unbearable, hide you in his tent, and drink! – Mumbles radical, causing regular “campers” clean up the bottle.

By the way, the “right sector” basically nobody drinks, although these streyteydzherov just a few people. Just such rules. A couple of times I’ve seen someone from commanders quarreled with someone, grab things and said that he was going to drink, but for the Maidan area and will not return to sleep. Ultras neurasthenic Mars, after learning that he had changed the girl, first smashed his fists against the walls of the toilet, and then, “namutil” chekushku cognac, went to drink it in his end of the corridor. That’s all precedents.

This evening we are still stuck in a bind. Our remark about alcohol greeted near the same “Bill” company starts “bychit.” Nerves to the limit, and we belive “cool” most brazen. The rest take out knives and “traumatic.”

– Hey, “Right sector”, are you really popuhli? We are their ultras Dynamo!

– So, what did you?

– What did you?

The conflict can be solved amicably. Disgusted, we do another lap on Khreschatyk – all is quiet. On Radical grumbling for leniency.

– Where in the subway? Who are they? – In the underpass under Maidan stops us another self-defense units. – Your same has been said, after 23:00 we transition patrol, 17th hundred. Get out of here!

– Hundreds of you, in fact, we just go!

– On top of the pass, the radicals crappy.

Have to obey – more of them. But self-defense, we do not get angry for the first time, and conflicts between the SS and hundreds occur regularly.

– No, you saw what their form, what equipment. We like tramps around them.Bummed for party money muzzle otela, thumps now from idleness.

– Yeah, but will mess, will run first.

They say the SS command regularly goes to meetings Self Andrew Parubiya for lack of discipline and clashes with hundreds. Several times during my stay on the fifth floor have raised the alarm – go to deal with someone from the “Freedom” or other units. A couple of times we barricaded on the floor, waiting for the attack samooboronovtsev. Nerves during a truce to the limit at all, but, as a rule, conflict can be solved peacefully.

– Come with us to better “white march” today! Fun! – Mars offers when I retell it in the morning patrol details. – So I recently hachey near two metro TNA … l for a sweet soul. Flip flop one grabbed by the hair, she cries: “For sto, sto ve doing?” And I told her: “Shut up, bitch n … doglazaya!”

I can only politely decline.

The situation becomes

For such uncomplicated entertainment flying days. Absence of any action and was active communication with the leadership gradually demoralizing troops. Efforts “Trident” (namely, the organization claimed almost the entire leadership of the “rules of the sector”) to support at least some semblance of military discipline seem futile.Duty to posts not delved, the schedule is not met. Trying to fight the partisans on night patrol also flying down the drain. Command forbids leaving the fifth floor after curfew, but patrols now just began to emerge earlier. Growing discontent among soldiers.

– Here, before the “Trident” a blanket tied it with titushkami easier dealt – complain to each other in the hallway, two ultras from somewhere in the southern regions. – Who does not directly hit him once again.

– Nafig general should raise them here. Interrogations any, consequence. Brought behind the barricades and there rivet properly.

When I D88 violates strict rule that you must ask permission from the commander, before going to the alignment of detachment.

– Fuck you by x … – throws one of the ultras in response to our observation of misconduct.

Anger is growing among all. Begins bickering for coming in limited quantities vests – men compared to their protective characteristics, trying to “vymutit” poprochnee protection. On training in unarmed combat instructor says:

– Remember: “Berkut” we beat only the neck, the other places they reserved ammunition. “Argument” can be broken mount on the helmet with his fist hit once in the Adam’s apple.

– So it can kill – whether asks whether someone resents failure.

– Yes, you can. As for me, with the “Golden Eagles” ceremony nothing riddance. The main thing – forget about it hit after it’s over.

Hell anyone here forget. Nothing better to do we upgrade weapons: bits strengthen nails, weight pipe, a couple of guys, after procuring the Afghans anvil, forge reinforcement of short blades.

Prepare and weapons seriously. I do not know who responded to the call of the SS leader Dmitry Yarosha bring “Boomstick” Maidan – such weapons I have not found, but pyrotechnic laboratory on the fifth floor was.

Was before the explosion, during which the severed hand of one of the men, and the second eye injury. Then “Right sector”, said the terrorist attack against him: say, under the guise of medical supplies to the floor handed bomb that exploded when unpacked package. The next day, police reported investigating fact careless handling of explosives.

Step right.  Photo 5Leader of the “right sector” Dmitry Jaros calls himself “commander, not a politician,” but populism in his speeches lack

Me this morning on the floor was not, and came back and I found it full of chaos.Several hours command fend off journalists positions have not changed, the men did not say anything. Then, still repeated the official version of the attack. However, in the evening on the floor rumors that exploded some pyrotechnic laboratory reagents.

She was right in front of the sole active toilets, served concurrently Smokingroom.Rabotavschih laboratory chemistry students forever blamed for the stench in the hallway of their experiments with sulfur, potassium chlorate salt and God knows what. According to eyewitnesses, the explosion occurred there.

– I ran out into the hallway, and then the kid off, without the hands, blood gushing, and shouts: “Kill me, Dobey” Well, we have it tied up, and then the ambulance pulled herself – says during the break one of the workers infirmary.

By command of the fifth floor some people come dressed “by a citizen.” Scraps of quiet conversation hear a suggestion to evacuate the lab in some basement. The next night it transported, we commit to the minibus to carry sealed bags and boxes.

It turns out that the last two weeks of the High Command was busy working with the regions. And then on page PS “VKontakte” message appeared on the appointment of the head of the organization in a particular area. Who came from the west told recruits, both in the field “Right sector” crushes under her self-captures local administration.

In the regions of Kiev and leaves agitmaterial: printed copies at least 10 thousand copies interview Jarosz “Ukrainian Truth”.

Yarosh periodically scurries back and forth on the floor – you can see that he has a lot of work. But it seems that general demoralization makes finding the time and soldiers – one day we announce that from now on the evening before the prayer will be meeting with the “provіdnikom.” Markedly is inspired people.

The meeting is held in one of the cramped office of trade unionists, which barely squeezed into two squads. Sam Yarosh, smart, in field uniform, easily fits into the image of “the commander, not politics.” However, his speech was full of frank populism.

– Friends, you are without a doubt the vanguard of this revolution, the best part of it.It is understood by all. “Right sector” has broad support among the population.Criticize us only Russian and European imperialists liberasty who do not need Ukrainian national revolution and created as a result of a strong nation-state – he starts nodding their approval fighters.

– Isolation is not far off, “Right sector” yet to play a key role in the current protests, which will be assessed at its true worth after the victory. That’s why the most important task now is to create a national organization to combat not only, but also with the political wing, which would ensure our future presence in power. I think after winning “the right sector” should form a powerful vertical power unit of the new Ukrainian state, the only way we can complete the national revolution, to restore order in Ukraine. All in your hands, the men!

Present noticeably animated. Cheers and Yarosh:

– Yes, we do not like much in other organizations and parties involved in the revolution now. But the movement to split incorrectly from a tactical point of view.Not worth going to open conflict with the same “freedom” or self-defense forces, it makes us weaker. A “Right sector” should remain strong: believe me, we will need more strength to the overall victory after the deal with these weaklings!

First time in nearly two weeks of the “right sector” I was really creepy after these words and applause that they caused.

Farewell to the Slavs

Impersonate a long time for a man whose views on violence, xenophobia, racism frankly alien, proved to be no easy task – the expiration of the second week I order shattered nerves. In addition, after the explosion of information leaked to the Interior Ministry, “Right sector” starts “Paranoia”: everyone understands that there is spyware on the floor and they should look for.

Big difference between journalists and police here do not seem to observe.Journalists, however, have to be much more common – the flow of colleagues, eager to interview with Yarosh, does not dry out, but also the information they provide an incomplete and distorted.

– Wait, wait, wait, that’s about the best Russian Muscovites and strike – two commanders in the corridor proofreads message to harmonize interview some foreign publication. – Replace the best criticism of oligarchs – they love it.

When given after on floor titushkoy begins to break the crew of one of the national channels, she gets furious resistance.

– What are you, not the same as people in broad daylight miss you I press secretary call now! – Shouts journalist.

– Girl, we do not have to explain anything to you! Leave the floor immediately – the crew almost pushed back into the elevator.

– It’s time to have someone of these journalists to catch and how to smack. To discourage others were – it already then someone shouts.

In general, it is clear: it is time to bring down. Radical I warned that I must return to Kherson to work, at least in order to take another vacation. Promise to contact the local representatives of the SS, and in case of mobilization urgently travel to Kiev.

– Field! So sorry you’re leaving – told me goodbye commander. – Hold on, and be careful. Come back!

The guys from the squad arrange more warm send-off. We hug and exchange “nepalevnymi ‘phone numbers. Feeling of summer camp with me again.

Instead of an epilogue

After a few days on the Maidan shooting starts.

The next time the guys from the squad I meet on Thursday, February 20, at the hospital on the territory of St. Michael’s Cathedral. One of my acquaintances are not heavy wounded and walks here with a friend.

I know that the House of Trade Unions of them evacuated quickly enough on the front they were defending basically a plot near the tents of the “right sector.” No fatalities, and no one was hurt seriously – they relocated to the shops the capital.

– Field, come to us! We now actually safer – confidentially looking me in the eye tells the boy that week and a half ago jokingly argued that the armor on his back he does not need, because it’s not going to retreat. His baby face gray and haggard, but the fight was a fanatical light.


Step right.  Photo 6

The events described in this report occurred in the first half of February, during the fragile truce between the government and protestors. A few days after I left, “Right sector”, in the center of Kiev there was a tragedy that claimed the lives of over 80 people. On the fate of the heroes of reportage I almost did not know – I only know that after the massacre they all survived. Words can not express how glad I am.

Although, of course, I never concealed his negative attitude to Ukrainian, Russian, Jewish, Tatar, German and any other nationalism, and I think this ideology alien to the democratic society. Needless to say, for me, is unacceptable xenophobia, militarism, racism and neo-fascism. All this for two weeks, I’ve seen enough.

Start work on this reportage prompted me skyrocketing popularity of the “right sector” and other right-wing radicals after the January clashes Hrushevskoho.Popularity among the participants in the revolution, whose purpose – to overthrow undemocratic power. Why, I wondered? In their willingness to act decisively? In the new faces? In an open criticism annoying all opposition politicians? Maybe a lack of information?

For example, the phenomenon of street political terror, most Ukrainians met only last year, when “citizens athletic appearance”, titled titushkami, began to attack the opposition rallies and beat activists. I remember sounded the idea that this is a direct result of being in power people with criminal records.

But for many of my friends such attacks – a constant risk for many years. Commit them, those who are called ultra militants: football fans, members of radical nationalist organizations and parties, informal neofashistkih fighters and racist groups.Object of attack: Left activists, trade unionists, student, feminist and LGBT organizations, some human rights activists and journalists. To the right are ideological opponents – the “anti-fascists”, or simply “mongrel.” Ample reason for grievous bodily.

Such attacks, unfortunately, not uncommon. Can not say that they were suppressed, but publicity is usually not obtained. Most of them simply do not notice or treated them as a conflict marginalized subcultures. Few openly disapproved of aggression against “commies” or “perverts.” The situation worsened last year when, under the slogan “fight fascism” has launched a campaign against the power of the united opposition, which includes the nationalist party “Svoboda”. The word “anti-fascist” instantly became abusive in response to any criticism of the nationalists could often hear accusations of collaboration with “zlochinnoy Vlada.”

In the present revolution activists of “Freedom” and other nationalist organizations, some football fans attended the first days. Despite the fact that the early slogans of European integration and democratization of power to the majority of them were frankly alien. Ultra took over responsibility for law enforcement and immediately tried to expel from Evromaydana-demonstrators “mongrels.” These first attempts of political terror in democratic revolution were suppressed and condemned, but eventually grew radical possibilities.

December 1 crowd, consisting mainly of representatives of right-wing organizations and football ultras tried to storm the presidential administration. Almost immediately from the scene Maidana call them provocateurs, but could not stop. Victims of the senseless and unsuccessful assault veveshnikov unable to produce power as a counterargument to the accusations of hard acceleration Evromaydana first, and as an exception of the current protests peaceful. Participants on assault charges in provocations offended, but to participate in the revolution did not refuse and soon created an informal association that is now known as “Right-wing sector.”

Perhaps the most important unifying thesis for the SS became even nationalism and acceptance of violence as an acceptable and effective means of achieving the goals.Ignoring the power requirements of a peaceful protest, overclocking attempts, the threat from titushek – all this forced Maidan radicals give a mandate to the violence.When in January “Right sector” took responsibility for the outbreak of clashes in Hrushevskoho provocateurs already called opposition politicians, calls to stop fighting.

Step right.  Photo 7

Once in the “Right sector”, I found there is much less of the very street fighters whose victims became my friends. They were frank minority. But two weeks I have not met a single person admits victory of the revolution peacefully. All blood coveted “Golden Eagle” Yanukovych deputies from the Party of Regions, and sometimes opposition politicians.

After the tragedy that occurred on February 18-20 in Kiev downtown, for some reason I thought that the first step will be Maidana condemnation possible bloodshed, the rejection of coercive methods, the dissolution of the armed forces. That did not happen.

In those days I had to convince a friend from Moscow that the role of radical nationalists, including the “right sector” in our revolution has been greatly exaggerated. “I saw them, they are few, and they are losing support. Our goal – democracy, overthrow the usurper-corrupt, and not limit the rights of Russian-speaking citizens or “- I said.

“What then do you among those people speaking publicly, that democracy – not their option. After all the propaganda against your revolution relied on them! Why do you not abdicate from them? “- Do not let my companion.

I have not found an answer. Just remembered how many of my friends – the protesters in response to the replica residents of South-East of the “Banderivtsy and extremists” on Independence beat their breasts with a cry of “Yes, I think I Banderivtsy and extremist!”.

Two weeks passed. As predicted by my interlocutor Moscow, now played cards ultra Kremlin, fueling separatism and justifying criminal intervention. When, during the last press conference, Vladimir Putin spoke of the “Kiev fascists”, most people of Kiev twisted his finger to his temple. And I learned with horror, though exaggerated, but the familiar picture of the “right sector.” Whose role in the revolution, I hope, will be more fully appreciated.


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