Ukraine: Let’s Get the Facts on the Table

Be sure to take a look at this excellent summary “Ukraine: Let’s Get the Facts on the Table ” by One Citizen’s Opinion posted on March 5th for some excellent insight and analysis…


4 thoughts on “Ukraine: Let’s Get the Facts on the Table”

    1. Thanks for passing that on, the timeline provides another excellent overview of how the events transpired and how they fit into the puzzle. This situation is really not as cut and dried as our media and politico’s would like us to believe. There are a lot of questions that seemed to have been purposely ignored between the role of the Svoboda Party, that has secured several key positions within the interim government, to the role that the Right Sector and other far-right ultra-nationalists played in escalating the violence. The fact that they are allowing the narrative to dis-include any Russian speaking voices is very troubling since it is unimaginable that they are all pro-Putin. It would seem that it will be very difficult to put the genie back in the bottle if the security situation is not addressed quickly. None of these coverups will fair well for the future of Ukraine as a Nation and the People of Ukraine, especially the minorities, will only suffer. The lack of any investigations into the snipers, is completely unacceptable and in itself is criminal considering those sniper attacks were vital to how the new leaders were handed the keys.

    1. Thanks for the update One Citizens Opinion! This should be very interesting indeed. For the sake of the People of Ukraine hopefully there is a “real” investigation, keeping in mind the rumoured suspects are now high level Ministers.

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