Gennady Moskal: “At the same time received from government snipers shoot specify not only the protesters, but police” [translated]

Gennady Moskal: “At the same time received from government snipers shoot specify not only the protesters, but police”

Vasily VALUYKI March 6, 20:50

More devastating critique of MIA Yanukovych times than general Moskal, Ukraine was not. Paradoxically mode of the previous president for several weeks as overthrown and intonation Moskal virtually unchanged. He assures that assigned to the new revolutionary wave guide MIA and SBU pulls the brakes business of massacres on Evromaydane and sabotaging efforts to investigate, trying to shield criminals. 

The events of recent months and their real consequences – in an interview today Gennady Moskal ZN.UA .

“Specialist of Russia warned that police raid lead to many victims and unintended consequences, but did not listen to him”

– Gennady G., you advance warning of Special Ops – “Wave” and “Boomerang” – by the violent dispersal Evromaydana. This gave some results?

– Information on special operations provided me patriotic senior officers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and I told them (indicating the direction from which will start trimming) more January 27. The news spread throughout the many media, but in the camp protesters were skeptical about it – say, Moskal distributes all sorts of horror stories. But even disclosed plans could not stop the power. “Wave” and “Boomerang” developed during the Soviet era. First preparing a special operation MIA for riot control, and the second – the SBU as counterterrorism. During the years of independence of Ukraine “Wave” was used only once – in 2007 Ai-Petri, when Mogilev demolition of unauthorized buildings Crimean Tatars (by the way, these actions still have not received legal assessment). “Boomerang” is not used even once. “Reason” appeared only now – protests against Yanukovych. Conduct special operations both preceded special training. Disguised SBU employees under the guise of protesters, which have joined the real and protesters set fire to the office of the Party of Regions, resulting in the deaths of two people (office belonged to People’s Deputy Smityuh repeatedly expressed public disagreement with the actions of the government, so to destroy his property was not sorry).Simultaneously snipers were instructed to shoot not only protesters, but also police officers. Everything was done for the escalation of the conflict in order to justify a power sweep Evromaydana. Immediately after it appeared angry calls to the president of the regional councils of the East, the South and the Crimea with the requirement to take decisive action, act tough, etc. That is, these things were interconnected and well planned.

– You stated that “Wave” and “Boomerang” criticized Russian specialist in anti-terrorist activities …

– It’s true. According to my information, this is one of the most authoritative experts on counter-terrorism operations, the hero of Russia Vyacheslav Bocharov, at the invitation of the Ukrainian presidential administration. “Wave” and “Boomerang” was represented in the AP, and is present at this Bocharov sharply criticized raid, warning that they will lead to many casualties on both sides, and unintended consequences. A police heads and SBU called professionally unfit. However, power was not convinced, so of Russia invited another expert – former First Deputy Chief of Staff Intelligence Russia (now retired), who was supposed to make the algorithm of special operations, as no Zaharchenko nor Yakymenko nothing in this sense. Russians lived in a hotel “Kiev”, paid his bills SBU.

– Why is it such a huge number of security forces failed to bring a special operation to the end?

– Because morally they were no longer willing to fight. At the forefront of the barricades thrown conscripts internal troops, which were to be used as cannon fodder. But after a bloody confrontation on Hrushevskoho in Kiev began to arrive mothers of soldiers and beg them to take care of themselves, will not climb, etc. Morale “Berkut”, which, besides, numerous, while also was extremely low. Soldiers were not rushing to the barricades, for they saw that on the other hand, people are willing to stand for the idea to death. That is why the raid was doomed.

– Why troops left the president?

– Security forces were demoralized. And after Regionals massively began to withdraw from the party, and the Verkhovna Rada voted for a cease-fire, they had a reason to come back home. There first arose panic – fighters hiding in the barracks Kiev, afraid to go to the people. Sense to fight for Yanukovych they did not have any, as it became clear that the regime is about to ousted.

“Tax site and illegal factories Zaharchenko further work on them is just more” watching “

– You know who ordered snipers to kill people?

– The use of snipers provided “Wave” and “Boomerang”. There were several groups of snipers – SBU (“Alpha”) and MVD (Interior special forces troops plus “Falcon”). Order to use the weapon special forces could give only Zaharchenko. And he confessed in a statement on February 20 that he gave such an order. As for the “Alpha”, she had the authority to order the shoot Yakymenko or his deputy Totskiy. However, permission to actuation of “Waves” and “Boomerang” personally gave Yanukovych.

– A few days ago the head of the SBU and Interior Minister Nalivaychenko Avakov said that snipers shooting provoked representing the “third force”, ie foreigners …

– These statements made ​​in unison – neither more nor less than an attempt to whiten the SBU and the MVD. In documents released by me on the actuation force special operations group called sniper specific Ukrainian special forces .There are also their point of deployment, families, responsible, call sign snipers, coinciding with the data intercepted radio communications. Snipers were posted around the perimeter of confrontation, since there could wormed any foreigners? What a “third force” dreamed Avakov with Nalivaychenko?After all, it is well established that our Ukrainian snipers weapons were on combat positions when people were killed. And now special forces commanders told reporters that no one knows who fired. Who will believe in these fairy tales? Why do these sniper teams still have not seized weapons, ballistic examination conducted not (would prove that police and protesters were killed with the same gun), not withdrawn documentation which indicate who that day was a rifle? Most of these lines of evidence have been destroyed, although they can be and had to be documented!

– And what is the head of the SBU and the Interior Ministry to declare a “third force”?

– Nalivaychenko never had authority in the SBU, so now trying to make the image of the fact that, say, does not hand over. To me several times already approached with requests from SBU not touch “Alpha” as long as necessary to protect the Crimea , there except the “Alpha”, there is no one to go, and Moskal “sew” it kills people. So let’s just all – they burnt the house of trade unions with the office of the Party of Regions, which killed people, etc. But how then to look into the eyes of relatives of the victims? And that means – there is no one to defend the Crimea? Do not be in a special unit to dial professionals whose hands are stained with blood? Relatively Avakov, his statement “third force” – helplessness. He does not know how to investigate these cases. MIA has not replaced the unit, so who will document the crimes – they give themselves? The easiest way to blame the “third force” and do nothing. But apart from carnage on February 18-20 Instytutska were other events. Tell me who killed people on Hrushevskoho? “Berkut” of their guns “Fort 500”
12 gauge – as everybody knows. A pile of dead, about fifteen hundred injured, 36 people were left without one or both eyes. So this is also a “third force” was? Who joins stun grenades iron to maim protesters? Who beat and injured more than two hundred journalists – too “third force”? Nothing is not under investigation. All that did Avakov – disbanded “Berkut”. It now remains to rename internal troops in the National Guard and prosecute no one will, because there will be no “Berkut”, or explosives.

The other day I received a reply to his appeal Avakov with the question, where is now senior Interior Ministry employees, gave orders to disperse the Maidan on November 30. As it turned out, the chief of the Kiev police Bucket resigned of their own accord, and the commander of the Kiev “Berkut” Kusyuk escaped and hidden. But the deputy chief of the Kiev police Fedchuk Public Safety, Davao, at the direction of the Dipper, the teams use “Berkut” (and, moreover, led police on Hrushevskoho and Instytutska when violently dispersed the rally, which went to the Verkhovna Rada), Head of the Department of Public Marinenko security, instruct “Berkut”, and his deputy Karandyuk, who led a special unit in place – all remain in their posts. As heads of the territorial units of the “Berkut”. Conclusions can do yourself.

– Although anyone prosecuted for these events?

– There are two “high profile” revelations. First – MIA detained one of the officers mocked GAVRILYUK. But for this great mind is not necessary, because there is a video that saw the whole country. The only question is, why detained one: The video clearly shows at least a few individuals. Second – the detention of involved in the abduction and I.Lutsenko Yu.Verbitskogo – criminal, allegedly worked in the firm Alexey Chebotarev. Though abducted activists from the Alexander Hospital seven criminals. Regarding Chebotarev, here you need to understand one thing: he was “looking” from Zaharchenko over smuggling of tobacco and alcohol. Besides profits from the sale of positions and collecting tribute from subordinates Zaharchenko controlled tax area (conversion centers) and also had illegal plants, which spread all counterfeit alcohol, manufactured tobacco. Chebotarev oversaw this direction – put in the regions of their people, they saw to it that traders bought goods from them, and if someone took from others – caught and punished. And you know what the best part? After the arrest of the suspect firms Chebotarev these plants with tax sites continue to operate as before, just above them have other “watching”. “Business” is passed from hand to hand like a baton. It is known to many people, but there is no sense. Did I complain newspaper … That is not clear what is actually the detention – an attempt to establish the validity or business showdowns. Other kidnappers have not found …

“The appointment of the chief of police Avrutskaya cupola in the Crimea – a crime against the Ukrainian statehood”

– By your logic, the new government is not even trying to punish the perpetrators of mass murder?

– When Avakov and Nalivaychenko this will not be uniquely determined. They released Yanukovych personally gave instructions for the introduction of the special operations force. In addition, the ex-president – chief carrier of state secrets. Obeyed him as Commander in Chief Defence Intelligence Ministry of Defense and Security Service, Foreign Intelligence Service, he knows all about the residency of Ukraine abroad, about the most valuable agents, etc. I have no doubt now that all these data – in Russia. Yanukovych did not “take” because, they say, it would have caused a great public outcry. But why now seek his extradition – there will be no resonance? In addition, if Yanukovych detained today, would not have this situation in Crimea. Because he would not give harmonization appointment Aksenov (time to do it until he was stripped of authority) and would not have asked Putin to send troops … Another illustrative example of Nalivaychenko and Avakov: the day after their appointment, I, as head of the parliamentary time Inquiry Committee (FAC), asked for assistance in dealing with several department heads MIA and SBU, while they’re on the spot. The overall picture of events on Evromaydane me and so is understandable, but it was necessary to find out some details. They promised before the end of the day to call, to facilitate meetings, provide classrooms. I waited until 23.00, and then he called the duty of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Security Service. There replied that contact in an hour, and then said – if you want to get some information, write parliamentary inquiries.That after the overthrow of the FAC chairman Yanukovych was not allowed to work in the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Security Service, and was told to write a treatment – is not it sabotage? ..

– What about the police appointments in the field? The same Crimea, for example …

– This is generally a glaring fact! Avrutskaya, deputy mayor of Feodosia, suspect in the murder of the mayor Barteneva, chairman of the city cell Party of Regions, which from the beginning of the year personally handed 42 membership ticket OL new party members, appoints the head of the Crimean Avakov cupola police! After half an hour after the declaration Aksenov premier without a fight he rents the entire Crimean militia “new government”, gives the keys, press, secret documents, etc. newly appointed chief Abisovu Aksenov, and he returned to work in Feodosia. Do you know what the most annoying?Crimean Glaucus that could save for Ukraine, because Russians do not use weapons. Those who refuse to swear allegiance to the self-proclaimed government, not storm, and trying to win over to their side siege or bribery. It was necessary immediately after infidelity Avrutskaya take Glaucus under the direct supervision of the MVD. But it did not, so the Crimean militia lost, and the people have remained faithful to the Ukraine, adrift. Is not it a crime by Avakov?

– Perhaps, though it’s hard to believe that Avakov appointed Avrutskaya purpose, that he surrendered to the police Aksenov.

– There are crimes committed with direct intent, but they are – inadvertently.And for both establishes liability. I will explain what caused the appointment Avrutskaya. Today, unfortunately, the frames in the Interior Ministry did not pick up on the professional qualities, as well as in Zaharchenko – who is more than willing, and one chief. Looks like Avrutsky gave such a sum from which could not refuse. Therefore Avakov now silent, because Avrutsky tomorrow may say – I also paid for everything.

– You have worked a few times in the Crimea, know well the balance of power and the mood on the peninsula. What are the forecasts?

– Russia will not attach itself to the Crimea. It is planned that this will be a self-proclaimed territory, which recognize Russia, its satellites, and possibly a few countries in Africa. All will develop scripted or Transnistria and Kosovo.What comes down to, any person in their right mind was clear as soon as the prime minister elected Aksenov (his father – Valery Aksenov – Chairman of the Russian community in Moldova). But SBU all overslept. Adequate response from the central government on the situation in Crimea is still no. And this is the saddest thing …

PS Edition is ready to provide masters and Avakov Nalivaychenko opportunity to express their own point of view about the events mentioned in the interview.


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