Political bargaining in Ukraine. Chronicle of events [translated]

Political bargaining in Ukraine. Chronicle of events

Risk of transition in the hot phase of the conflict remains

■ January 31 | 15:4618.48  Army would intervene in the political conflict only in case of emergency or martial law, said Acting Defense Minister Pavel Lebedev.

While the soldiers live by the laws of peace.

18.20  Head National Resistanceorganized space for safe parking.

Secure parking arranged in such places:

– Barricade near the KSCA (on both sides)

– The area in front of the KSCA

– The sidewalk along the square near the KSCA

– In the barricades Prorizna

17.51 ​​At the Munich Conference on Security Policy, NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen condemned the acts of violence in Ukraine, especially the use of force by the authorities and called on the parties to the conflict in Ukraine for dialogue.

16.57 Meanwhile, Defense Minister Pavel Lebedev said that 87% of the Armed Forces of Ukraine support the actions of the President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych.

16.21 Interior Minister Vitaly Zakharchenko said that investigator Avtomaydana leader Dmitry Bulatov, who is accused of organizing mass riots, filed a petition for commutation of a preventive measure – from detention to house arrest.

14.09 According to the police in Kiev tonight attackers set fire to a car “Nissan Qashqai” Shevchenkyvskyi Court judge that on January 24 decided to arrest one of the leaders Avtomaydana Dmitry Bulatov.

12.25 Ministry of Internal Affairs stated that in the basement of the KSCA again torturedpoliceman. For the abuses of the guard quietly observed by representatives of “Svoboda”.Now the policeman was released, he was hospitalized.

11. 54 FM Germany reported Fatherland leader Arseniy Yatsenyuk that his country is readyto take on the victim’s treatment Avtomaydana activist Dmitry Bulatov.

10.57 Parliamentary newspaper “Voice of Ukraine” in its issue dated February 1 publishedlaw “amnesty” № 4021-3, signed by President Viktor Yanukovych yesterday.

10.02 The UN called on the Ukrainian authorities to deal with those who kidnaps and tortures people stepped on.

01.21 In the Investigations Department admit the possibility that Dmitry Bulatov faked his abduction . As stated in the Ministry of Internal Affairs, during the investigation into his disappearance, none of his relatives or friends to contact with the investigation did not go.

00.31 If presidential elections were held next Sunday, they would have won Viktor Yanukovych. His approval rating hovering around 19-20%. The top three after the events on Independence, burst Poroshenko rating 6-10%.

23.44 Speaker BP Volodymyr Rybak said that the Constitution can be changed until the fall, as this would require at least two sessions of Parliament. But some issues still need to change submitted to a referendum.

23.21 SBU  opened criminal proceedings on the fact of actions aimed at the seizure of state power . They think that all the actions that have occurred since the protests began in November 2013 were pre-planned and aimed at the overthrow of the current government.

22.54 investigator of the case Avtomaydana activist Dmitry Bulatov asks the court to send him under house arrest . The fact is that in addition to the abduction of activist held as a suspect in the case of the riots.

21.42  Speaker of the Verkhovna Rada Volodymyr Rybak does not exclude that President Viktor Yanukovych may dissolve parliament. “If the parliament will continue to behave in a way that breaks all the time will declare. If Parliament does not adopt laws necessary state required by our voters,” – he sounded Yanukovych criteria for the dissolution of parliament.

20.37  Ex-Prime Minister Mykola Azarov on his Facebook page said that after a hard decision on the resignation he needs rest.

20.14  The courts of Kiev and the Dnieper released another 14 arrested in clashes activists

19.43  First day of the eleventh week Evromaydana center of the capital spent quietly – fire shows and stone battles changed dances under the stage and finding empathy stories Avtomaydana leader Dmitry Bulatov. Picture Story “Vesti”

19.07  Dmitry Bulatov gave a brief interview from the hospital and told how he was abused.

18.33  Activist Avtomaydana Dmitry Bulatov trying to arrest in the hospital. This Facebook Contact deputy from “Batkivshchina” Nikolay Knyazhytskyy.

“Right now police are trying to arrest Boris Bulatov on Bazhan. Journalists and MPs who are close – pіdtyaguytes” – wrote the MP.

18.05  Ukrainian office “VKontakte” decided to block the community, who have changed their names and topics on “Evromaydan” to attract users’ attention.

According to the press-secretary of the social network Vlad Legotkin, several communities unnecessarily added to its name the word “Evromaydan” and speculating on the subject of political protests in Ukraine.

17.47  Activists Avtomaydana Alexey Gritsenko, Sergei Koba and Dmitry Bulatov declaredwanted.

17:21  MIA suspected opposition of planning mass protests in Kiev. Moreover, even supposedly preparing power scenario. However, in the “Fatherland” statement of law enforcement officers called cheap PR.

16.59  The police treated the three versions of Dmitry Bulatov.

“First – scoring against the marked faces criminal offense. Second – this may be a dramatization to commit provocations to trigger a negative response in the society. Another – missing Mr. Bulatov to obtain them certain funds. Yet we do not disclose what, but this version is processed, “- said Deputy Chief of Investigations Department Oleg Tatars.

16.36  MIA considers version of the murder of three of the protesters on Hrushevskoho police. Meanwhile, the murder of two policemen in Kiev until the investigation relates to the mass protests.

16.11  European Parliament next week plans to hold an extraordinary debate and adopt a resolution on the situation in Ukraine.

“The resolution will be voted on Thursday,” – said in the European People’s Party, the EU legislature.

15.40 President Viktor Yanukovych signed the law on amnesty participants of mass protests .

He also approved the elimination of a number of laws on January 16.

15.25  Avtomaydana leader Dmitry Bulatov , who on Friday night was taken to the clinic “Boris” with numerous injuries, underwent surgery, he is in intensive care.

15.05  According to the abduction Avtomaydana leader Dmitry Bulatov MIA opened a criminal case under Part 2. Art. 146 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (“unlawful imprisonment or kidnapping”). Created investigative team consisting of experienced investigative and operational units, reports  UNN .

14.45 Deputy Prime Minister of Russia , Dmitry Rogozin, called the “circus”upcoming talks U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry Arseny Yatsenyuk, Vitali Klitschko and singer Ruslana Lyzhychko.

‘We still Verka-Serduchka to attract the negotiations. Be / him the authoritative opinion should be heard by the White house and taken heed!’ – Wrote the Russian Vice Prime Minister on his homepage in Twitter.

14.11 The Ministry of the Interior proposed to amend the rules of application of special means in the protection of public order.

14.08  Putin second time this week spoke to the Security Council of Ukraine. However, the details of the meeting yet unknown.

13.50 Details napdeniya night at Kharkov Kharkov Evromaydana printshop .

12.54  Traditional already Chamber on Independence Square next Sunday can not take place due to frost.

About this  Channel 5  said opposition leader Stepan Kubiv.

11.52  Advisor to Russian President Vladimir Putin, Sergei Glazyev believes that the place of origin of the Polish American political scientist Zbigniew Brzezinski in a mental hospital.

This he said in the interview with the corporate edition of “Gazprom”.

11.04 Military and Armed Forces called on President Viktor Yanukovych to take urgent measures to stabilize the situation in the country and to achieve harmony in society.

10.24  Advisor to Russian President Vladimir Putin, Sergei Glazyev sure if Viktor Yanukovych does not suppress the “rebellion”, the risk of losing power .

“He (Yanukovych – Ed.) Is now setting creeping coup, and since it is the guarantor of the Constitution, the security and integrity of Ukraine, the president has no choice. Either he defends Ukrainian statehood and suppress rebellion provoked and financed by external forces, or he risks losing power, and then Ukraine is waiting for the growing chaos and internal conflict, which is not visible from the exit “, – said the eye.

10.11 Coordinator Government of Germany on German-Russian relations intersocietal Gernot Erler said that the danger of deterioration of the situation in Ukraine, “now is not yet resolved.”

09.23 Vitali Klitschko , who visited one of the leaders Avtomaydana Dmitry Bulatov night in the hospital, noted that “torture and humiliation” suffered by Bulatov, made ​​to intimidate those who disagree with the authorities and to show what can happen to anyone.

08.55 U.S. Secretary of State, John Kerry, on the sidelines of the Munich Security Conference will meet with the leaders of the Ukrainian opposition. In an interview with Kerry participate Vitali Klitschko and Yatsenyuk.

03.41 In Ukraine again rides U.S. Assistant Secretary for European and Eurasian AffairsVictoria Nuland . The main task – to support the process of harmonization of the new government and the Action Plan, which will return to Ukraine on the path of European integration.

00.28 Activist Maidana Michael Gavrilyuk known by the staff, which depicted bullying police officers over naked man recognized the victim of torture .

From the Attorney General  require  urgently establish all official law enforcement officials who participated in the public torturing Michael Gavrilyuk; immediately announce these persons suspected and send to the court about the use of statutory measures.

23.03 Finder Avtomaydana leader Dmitry Bulatov said that these days he was tortured, he cut off his ear and even crucified. Then just out of the car. In the nearby village, to which he was able to walk, let th e in one of the houses and gave call friends.

21.47  In the period from 30 November 2013 to 30 January 2014 the capital physiciansassisted 1,231 protesters – 681 people hospitalized last. Now hospitalized in health care is 63 participants of mass actions reported in the Department of Health KSCA.

21.30  The U.S. State Department expressed concern about the situation in Ukraine.”We look forward to a peaceful settlement of the political crisis in Ukraine, as well as the fact that those responsible will be punished,” – said State Department spokesman Jen Psak, reports  Interfax .

21.22  Crimean prosecutor’s office considers illegal the recent decision of the Supreme Council of autonomy to ban the party “Freedom” in autonomy and require its cancellation .

20.47 They found the missing leader Avtomaydana Dmitry Bulatov.  announced this at his Facebook page said MP Yuriy Stets.

20.23  Name of the deceased activist Evromaydana Yuri Verbitsky plan to perpetuatein the name of a mountain peak in the Caucasus and one of the streets and squares in Sykhivskiy area of the city.

19.52 Lawmaker suggested ban rubber bullets and water cannons in the cold.

19.21 Sunday will again be held at the Independence National Chamber.

The opposition People’s Deputy  Andrew Paruby told “West”: “We now have to defend the Maidan. pull together to Kiev force to disperse people from the Maidan, so we will strengthen the protection. Sunday spend Popular Assembly on the Square”

19.00  Party of Regions MP Hanna Herman said that Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych is not afraid of early presidential and parliamentary elections and confident of victory .

18.53 The opposition called cheating yesterday’s vote in parliament.

18.33  The deputy from the Party of Regions Oleg Tsarev broadcast Russian TV channel “Rain”  said the 21-year-old Sergei Nigoyana and 25-year-old Michael was not killed on Zhiznevsky Hrushevskoho. Their bodies, in his opinion,  simply planted provocation.

18.05  The leader of Dnepropetrovsk “Liberty” SBU found in the washing machineTNT

17.43  Bikers club “Night Wolves” decided to protect adminzdaniya Sevastopol, Simferopol, Kharkov and Lugansk from “radicals and provocateurs.”

“Night Wolves” will not sit “under the baseboard” in a difficult moment for the country. They will be with his people – said  NSN  leader and ideologist of the bike club “Night Wolves” Alexander “Surgeon” Zaldostanov. – If the people on the front lines, we’ll be there though.This happens not only in Sevastopol, but in Kharkov, Mariupol, Simferopol, Lugansk and other cities. We just have not given vandalize “cannibals” who started the riots in Kiev. ”

17.14  On the capital Evromaydane law enforcers detained a recidivist , who is suspected of attempted murder in Kharkov.

17.11  Activists Evromaydana today completely abandoned the Lviv regional administration, giving the conquered territory of the Lviv regional council representatives.

Offices of the governor and his deputies sealed management of communal property of the regional council. RSA now, as told to us in the press service of the regional council, will guard retired military officers from the union of Lviv.

17.02  Hollywood actress with Ukrainian roots Milla Jovovich supported Evromaydan .

“I was sitting watching the news and my heart breaks when I see his incredible Ukrainian brothers and sisters who suffer for what they believe. I pray that a peaceful solution was found. Ukraine, I believe in you!” – Wrote Jovovich on his page on Facebook.

16.41  One of the leaders of the right sector Andrei Tarasenko told the newspaper “Rzeczpospolita” said Poles need to select at Przemysl and several counties.

In the right sector rushed to comment about his vision of Ukrainian-Polish relations. They noted that the interview is clearly provocative and dishonesty noted journalists who specifically asked provocative questions, and then took his words out of context.

16.31  German Chancellor Angela Merkel in a telephone conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin called it “to achieve meaningful and result-oriented dialogue between the Ukrainian government and the opposition.”

Also the German leader by telephone praised President Viktor Yanukovych for the repeal of 16 January, as well as for the fact that the country’s leadership does not shy away from negotiating with people threw him vyzov.m

15.40  As a result of mass protests in Ukraine killed 4 people and injured more than 500.Such figures lead PGO .

15.15 President Yanukovych said that the implementation of all obligations of the authority to stop the crisis.

This is stated in his address to the Ukrainians .

15.05  The deputy head of the Party of Regions Mikhail Chechetov denied “Vesti”rumors of hemorrhage from the President of Ukraine.

“The President of Ukraine opened sick leave due to acute respiratory illness accompanied by high fever,” – he said.

Chechetov argues that yesterday noticed symptoms of illness of the President. “Yesterday, when the president came to a fraction, it was immediately apparent that he is not well.” But any serious illnesses question. It’s all rumors, “- said the Regions.

14.11 Rada Speaker Volodymyr Rybak at his press conference rejected the possibility of a state of emergency in Ukraine.

13.20  The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) voted a resolution on Ukraine.

Resolution typed “for” 114 “against” – 34 votes and 12 abstentions in a vote at the end of the discussion on the Ukrainian question, which was held in the framework of the PACE winter session in Strasbourg on Thursday, reports “Interfax-Ukraine” .

In VOTE resolution expressed concern at the violence on both sides of the conflict, calling for dialogue for the peaceful settlement of the situation and the threat of voting privileges of the Ukrainian delegation at the next session in the event of further violence.

13.00 Rada Speaker Volodymyr Rybak signed adopted on the eve of the amnesty law, and sent it to the President for signature.

12.40  Party of Regions faction Kharkiv Regional Council came to the meeting of the session today in the dark T-shirts with the inscription “Berkut” on his chest.

So deputies decided oblrady poddrezhat spetspodrazdeteniya employees. In a T-shirt came and governor of the Kharkiv region, Mikhail Dobkin.

Political bargaining in Ukraine.  Chronicle of events.  Photo 1

Photo: kharkivoda.gov.ua

12.15 Today at five in the morning the captain died Interior Troops Dmitry Donets .

In 30 years, to the healthy, a policeman stopped his heart, the press service of the Interior Ministry of Ukraine.

The Minister Vitaly Zakharchenko expressed condolences to the family of Captain.

11.46 Speaker of the Verkhovna Rada Volodymyr Rybak signed a law that cancels the nine laws adopted on January 16.

According to the official website of the Parliament, at the moment the law passed by the Ukrainian president’s signature. The head of state has 10 days to sign or veto the document.

11.08  The President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych is on sick leave .

This was announced by the deputy head of the State Administration of Medical Affairs Alexander Horde.

“The President of Ukraine opened sick leave because of acute respiratory illness accompanied by high fever” – quoted Horde press service of the head of state on Thursday.

10.43 Regional Vitaly Zhuravsky said that opposition leaders and their supporters, who continue to protest on Independence Square in Kiev and other Ukrainian cities, need to realize that the failure of the conditions adopted by the Verkhovna Rada of the amnesty law will lead to the fact that people who are currently behind bars, can not be free.

10.05  Kiev Maidan continues its vital functions normally despite the cold at 21 degrees.With scenes set on the Maidan, advocate activists stand in front of the stage a few dozen people. On Hrushevskoho barricade on the outside is about 150 protesters who are watching cordon “siloviki”, or bask in the barrels with fire.

08.51 Inna Theological states that adopting pro-government amnesty bill protesters’ power received respite to regroup and go to the military option.

08.24 Sources in the Congress report that the U.S. Congress and the administration to discuss the issue of possible financial sanctions against members of the government and opposition leaders of Ukraine in case of continued unrest in the camp.

04.08  People’s Deputy of Regions Anatoliy Bliznyuk urges opposition to the decision to participate in the formation of a new government. By law, the president has 60 days to make nominations premiere, but Blyznyuk predicts that it will be done much sooner.

Moreover, in his opinion, if the opposition will delay the process, the Party of Regions will decide on their own premiere.

03.10  People’s Deputy of Regions Mikhail Chechetov opposition expects reciprocal steps and concessions. The adoption of the amnesty law deputy considers his third assignment of power in favor of the opposition. This concession he considers the requirement of the law about leaving protesters all administrative buildings in Ukraine.

If the opposition refuses to meet this requirement, the responsibility for hundreds of convicted people will be on the opposition leaders.

01.28 Yatsenyuk admitted that he did not know the content of Rada adopted an amnesty law. However, he promised to read it and to convey to the Maidan. At the same time the leader of the “Fatherland” is going to continue the fight.

00.56 Author adopted an amnesty law Yuri Miroshnichenko said that protesters left for a peaceful protest and Maidan, and the House of Trade Unions. and Ukrainian House.Required by law to release only building  associated with the activities of local authorities and executive bodies. He considers his most compromise bill, and hopes that the opposition will support it.

00.31 People’s Deputy of Regions Tihipko believes that the dissolution of Parliament is worthy because the majority and the opposition can not find common ground. He himself admitted that he voted for the amnesty law.

oo.02 Klitschko said that the amnesty law passed only glow situation. He noted that the opposition from their positions will not retreat.

23.36 near the stage on Maidan  await  the arrival of opposition leaders about two hundred activists of the most persistent. air temperature dropped below 20 degrees.

23.15  Opposition gathers on Independence Popular Assembly to discuss further action in connection with the adoption of the amnesty law in the form of Regions Miroshnichenko.

According to Oleg Tyagniboka, Maidan is not going to diverge.

22.57 Parliament Speaker Volodymyr Rybak closed the extraordinary session of the Verkhovna Rada immediately after voting for an amnesty law. The next time the people’s representatives will gather at the plenary meeting on February 4.

22.53 Rada adopted an amnesty law . Voted “for” 232 MP. Adopted version of the bill, proposed by Yuri Miroshnichenko regionals. Opposition for that option did not vote.

22.42  People’s Deputy of the “Fatherland” Leonid Emetc wrote in his Facebookthat President Yanukovych traveled from Parliament to the studio to write an appeal to the people. “The dispersal of parliament unconstitutional? State of Emergency?” – Asks the deputy.

22.37  Now the hall are four factions and vnefraktsionnyh and briefcases, handbags, tablets and things regionals. This is what we said the MP from the “Fatherland” Alexander Brygynets. “We easily, we are for the people. And at regionals today tough day and a tough choice. When you, the people’s deputy and a millionaire before the eyes of the whole country to bend over, it’s still not survive everything. And we are ready to support in difficult moments colleagues, because we are always on the side of those who are being bullied, “- told us Brygynets

22.29  People’s Deputy of Regions Vladimir Oleinik said the president’s willingness to appoint early presidential and parliamentary elections .

This will happen if the opposition would fail agreement under an amnesty law. In this case, the President today will deliver an address to the nation. But it’s a state of emergency is not.

22.01  Leaders of opposition factions back to the session hall of the Verkhovna Rada. They were immediately surrounded MPs who Klitschko Tyahnibok Yatsenyuk and tell , as agreed under the amnesty with Yanukovych.

Regionals are still missing in the hall.

21.43  People’s Deputy from BYuT Alexander Briginets said that now there is a fifth round oftalks between the leaders of the opposition and Yanukovych

21.35  After the meeting with the President of Ukraine MPs from the parliamentary majority declared their readiness to vote for the amnesty bill participants of mass actions proposed faction deputy Yuri Miroshnichenko, reports  Interfax-Ukraine .

21.09  President Viktor Yanukovych at a closed meeting of the Party of Regions in the Verkhovna Rada told deputies about the power of the government and radicals .

“We have enough forces to control the situation in the country and here in Parliament,” – he turned to the deputies from the Party, reports RBC-Ukraine .

The President stressed that “it is impossible to give any chance to feel radical impunity … Who wants war? Who wants the conflict to continue?”.

20.40  The President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych arrived to the Verkhovna Rada to personally consult with deputies from the Party of Regions on voting on laws on amnesty arrested participants of mass protests.

20.32 Nicholas Knyazhytskyy writes that for projects opposition amnesty would vote 52 regionalization.

20.11  After a long break for two hours deputies began to leave the meeting hall of the Verkhovna Rada.

First left, “to consult” with their jobs deputies from the Party of Regions. For Regionals tightened and communists. “We leave the room apart from the PR. They have their own faction meeting,” – said the head of the Communist Party Peter Simonenko and accused the opposition of disrupting the meeting.

Opposition is happening in the Verkhovna Rada has not commented, but urges deputies to return.

20.07 Ljashko in your Facebook reports that now in office Fisherman are still Arbuzov, Efremov and Portnov .

19.40  Billed at 18:00 Speaker of the Verkhovna Rada Volodymyr Rybak 10-minute break in Parliament was delayed for half an hour.

MPs from all factions together with their leaders are at their workplaces – all waiting for Fisher. Among parliamentarians even a rumor that the speaker allegedly barricaded himself in his office, not to conduct the meeting.

18.42  Russian President Vladimir Putin said the threat of nationalism in Ukraine.

According to the Russian president, some priests from western Ukraine urged to take part in the protests, speaking out against the national minorities

18.16 Fisherman, after about 4 amnesty laws extended to night work Rada .

18.04 On the day Evromaydane Kruty Heroes created the National Guard.

The duties included guard to protect the Ukrainian nation, according to  the “Comments” with reference to the “Channel 5”.

17.40 The opposition opposed the bill , which only provided the release of captured premises will be amnestied protesters.

17.35  Today, because of riots near the local government building in Dnipropetrovsk region arrested 28 people.

17.13  In Parliament initiated the process of amending the Constitution

17.10  The deputy from the “Fatherland” Mykola Tomenko said that the majority of opposition MPs opposed the bill, which only provided free the occupied premises will be amnestied protesters.

“It was believed that this is an option, which may go the opposition but preliminary discussion of our faction and faction IMPACT shows that the MPs are not ready for a compromise,” – he said.

Tomenko said that the compromise proposed the Party of Regions. According to him, opposition lawmakers believe that it is necessary to insist on the version of the bill without additional conditions.

17.02  In Rada registered a draft resolution on the establishment of a temporary special parliamentary committee on preparation and approval of the draft law amending the Constitution of Ukraine concerning the return to a parliamentary-presidential form of government.

Draft decree was registered under number 4054 on Wednesday, January 29. The document’s author – MP Valery Pisarenko (Party of Regions).

16.39 People’s Deputy of the “Fatherland” Alexander Brygynets wrote on Facebook : “The authorities offered a” compromise “, which is unacceptable for a person who respects the Maidan. Due to this happening now an emergency meeting of the faction”.

16.35 deputies from “Fatherland” left the hall of the Verkhovna Rada!

On it informs “Interfax-Ukraine” .

16.16  The Working Group agreed on draft legislation on amnesty and arrested participants Evromaydana create FAC to change the constitution. This was stated by SpeakerVolodymyr Rybak in the session hall of the parliament.

“Conciliation Council has prepared two bills approved by all factions of the amnesty bill and VSC on constitutional reform. These issues have been agreed,” – said the speaker, after which all the deputies applauded.

16.08 Speaker Volodymyr Rybak said that the working group agreed on amnesty laws and the Constitution Commission .

16.00  return for the release of prisoners, representatives of opposition factions agreed to release adminzdaniya in Kiev and regions, as well as street Hrushevskoho. This was stated by individual deputies Oleg Lyashko after talks in the office of Speaker Volodymyr Rybak .

15.50  Investigators with mobile operators “Kyivstar”, “MTS” and “Astelit” (“Life”) set the opposition members on the street. Hrushevskoho. Do this they allowed the district court judge Dnieper in Kiev .

15.30  People’s Deputy from the Party of Regions Vadym Kolesnichenko said that Ukraine should become a federation to ease tensions between the different parts of their own.

15.24  Negotiations with Ukraine for financial support in the energy sector will be resumed as soon as the new government is formed. This conclusion was made ​​by Russian PresidentVladimir Putin and Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev .

14.50 Protesters released building of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy in Kiev.

14.30 In Parliament adjourned – now up to 16.00.

14.16 In Kiev again shot a policeman .

The victims were 42-year-old senior ensign of militia Dnieper district police department in Kiev.

14.07 Russian President Vladimir Putin instructed the government to fully implement the financial and energy agreements with Ukraine.

14.02 Shevchenko district court freed eight activists for participating in protests in November and December 2013

13.56  The leader of the “Fatherland” Yatsenyuk , who had previously refused, offered to him as prime minister, has announced its readiness to enter into a new opposition government.

13.35  During the liberation protesters building Minagropolitiki (Khreschatyk Str, 24) scuffle between VO “Svoboda” and other activists Maidan.

Political bargaining in Ukraine.  Chronicle of events.  Photo 2

Photo: O. Omel’yanchuk, “Vesti”

13.32  The office speaker Volodymyr Rybak continue negotiations on a single version of the bill on amnesty arrested participants of mass protests, which would suit the majority and the opposition.

More  The new law on amnesty offered to change the picketers at home

13.21  Conditions dissolution Evromaydana unacceptable for protesters .

This morning after talks between the factions in the Verkhovna Rada speaker said Yatsenyuk, the website “Fatherland.”

13.09  After yesterday’s clash with activists of the “Freedom” protesters released half of the Lviv regional state administration and now only block the second floor, where the offices of the governor and his deputies.

12.33. Also, according to the prime minister,  pensions and social benefits Ukrainians paid on time , despite the difficult situation in the country.

“Citizens of the time receive payments from the budget. Payments are on schedule. As of January 28 Pension Fund pension paid almost 14 million citizens. For these needs within a month was sent to more than 21 billion USD. This fully satisfies the January demand for money,” – quoted by  Interfax-Ukraine .

12.28  Acting Prime Minister Sergei Arbuzov said that the interim the government should work “even harder”.

12.02 Activists “Spіlnoї right” again occupied the Ministry of Agrarian Policyand Food of Ukraine , located in Kiev on Khreschatyk.

11.35 In Parliament adjourned until 14 pm

Before that, in the parliament made the first President of Ukraine Leonid Kravchuk, who once again called on all parties to the Armistice

11.23  Fisher opened an extraordinary session of the Verkhovna Rada. In the hall registered 402 MPs.

In today’s meeting, attended by two ex-president Leonid Kravchuk and Leonid Kuchma.

11.12 According to Arbuzov , financial and banking system of Ukraine has demonstrated a sufficient safety margin during the political crisis in the country.

10.49   Sergey Arbuzov expressed condolences because during protests in Ukraine killed and injured people, including journalists.

He also said that while the government-opposition dialogue continues, the government should ensure the stable functioning of the state.

10. 25  Mykola Azarov said goodbye to the members of the government, which, according to the decree of the President shall remain in office until the formation of a new government

10.02 In Kiev began Cabinet meeting , chaired by the Deputy Prime Minister, the Acting Head of Government Sergei Arbuzov .

09.32 Russian Federation Hint (the upper chamber of the Russian Parliament)  accused the Ukrainian opposition of provoking riots. This position was announced today in a statement “about the situation in Ukraine.”

08.52 U.S. President Barack Obama in his annual address to the Americans said that his country supports the Ukrainian people in the peaceful protests and fight for their future.

08.25 The protesters on Independence Square in Kiev, going into columns to honor the memory of the heroes of the day on Wednesday Krut peaceful march to Askold’s grave.

04.24 Almost every resident of the country (93.9%) are interested in the events taking place on and around Independence. But only 16.7% fully support the actions of the protesters. The bulk of the information Ukrainians draw from the Internet or television.

Most citizens were in favor of a peaceful resolution of all problems.

04.14  Vitali Klitschko on Independence urged not to stop and achieve full regime change, not just the Cabinet. He was also unhappy amnesty law and Kostitutsiya. However, he categorically otkazyvatsya participate in the executive branch.

02.51 U.S. Vice President Joe Biden, in a telephone conversation Yanukovych gave some recommendations as to what actions to do. He called for an immediate sign yesterday Rada adopted laws, and to form the Cabinet, which will resume towards European integration.

01.53 Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk has called all of Ukraine’s neighbors to political neutrality. “You do not need to give advice if they do not ask,” – he said.

Tusk also promised to improve conditions for Ukraine association agreement with the EU.

00.21 Canada imposed visa sanctions against Ukrainian leadership. The Canadian government has noted the positive dynamics of resolving the crisis in Ukraine in recent days, but believes that this is still not enough.


22.02 Regionals offer postpone discussion of the question of a return to the 2004 Constitution in the next parliamentary session. According Balytsky regionalization, a return to the basic law of this embodiment are ready to vote 30% of his party.

21.36  Brussels repeal of January 16, consider an important step to resolve the political crisis in Ukraine.

“Today, the Verkhovna Rada adopted the decision to abolish the laws of 16 January. If it is, together with the adoption of the amnesty law, the decision is an important step to reduce tensions in the current situation and further steps towards political dialogue and to resolve the crisis,” – said European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso.

21.07 Tyahnibok said that “Freedom” does not support a return to the 2004 Constitution.According to him, it provides parliamentary election under the proportional system and therefore its return means early elections Cabinet.

21.01  If tomorrow the Verkhovna Rada will not accept an amnesty law protesters, the Maidan will go on the offensive,” said the leader of the Third Republic” Yuri Lutsenko.

” Tomorrow we should get an amnesty law, and freedom for all our associates – otherwise cease to stand Maidan. I say this officially and seriously or freedom, or offensive,” said Lutsenko from the rostrum Independence Square.

20.26  U.S. Senator John McCain called the abolition of the Verkhovna Rada on January 16 laws encouraging.

19.05  Putin said that Russia is interesting to Ukraine’s economic policy.

18.47 Putin announced a new postponement on Ukraine’s gas debt.

18.37  Ex-Prime Minister Mykola Azarov said that after the resignation will give more time to the Party of Regions, of which he is chairman.

18.25  Russian President Vladimir Putin responded to the resignation Azarov.

“Russian credit and phased reduction in gas prices is not intended to support a specific government and the people. Directly tell you immediately reply to the question whether we will revise our arrangements for loans and energy if the opposition comes to power? Will not” – said Russian President.

Shortly before this, the first deputy head of the “Fair Russia” Mikhail Emelyanov said that Russia should cancel its agreement with Ukraine to reduce gas prices and financial aid by $ 15 billion.

18.15 media reported that Russia may respond a new trade war on resignation of the government of Mykola Azarov and the possible resumption of negotiations on a free trade area with the EU after a reboot of the government in the case of appointment of the prime minister of one of the opposition leaders.

18.05 … Meanwhile, Russia and the European Union reached an agreement on bilateral consultations on the Association Agreement with Ukraine.

17.52  Ex-Interior Minister Yuriy Lutsenko said that the opposition is not enoughjust to dismiss the government.

“We need not only a change of persons in power, and in the change of the power system. This means that it is insufficient to cancel the fascist laws in effect from January 16,” – he wrote in his Facebook .

17.16  Leader “Freedom” Oleg Tyagnibok said that authorities had offered the protesters to leave the Maidan for 15 days and to release all captured adminzdaniya. Only after that would be in force a law on amnesty

17.05  Duties of Prime Minister of Ukraine, according to the law “On the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine” will perform the first Deputy Prime Minister Sergei Arbuzov .

17.03 Azarov in a video: “Today I took a very difficult and at the same time a very important decision – to resign from the post of prime minister. I took this decision because I wanted to provide an opportunity for all our political forces to reach agreement, to reach a compromise and complete the crisis that started. The decisions taken today Parliament, create together with my decision a sufficient basis for compromise. ”

16.50 Parliament opened and closed environment to 11.00!

For this decision voted 368 people’s deputies.

15.47 President Viktor Yanukovych has accepted the resignation of the Cabinetheaded by Prime Minister Mykola Azarov.

13.30 Professor, Department of Political Science, Kiev-Mohyla akaldemii Alexei Garan sure it’s not exactly who will be the successor Azarov . “Now on the constitution, the president still has the right to withdraw from the post of prime minister without explanation.Therefore, at this stage, the names are not important, we just need to go back to the constitution in 2004 to the Prime Minister was more powers “- told us the Guarani.

13.24  Political scientist Vadim Karasev calls several possible successors Azarov : “It may be Arbuzov, Yekhanurov , under certain conditions – Yatsenyuk (if the issue is resolvedTymoshenko ), “- says Karasev. At the same time, in his opinion, the most likely candidate – it Poroshenko . “He is close to the opposition, but at the same time not in the opposition, and plus it will support Parliament. I think that this is the most realistic option, “- said the expert.

12.55  Parliament included in the agenda of an extraordinary meeting of the draft law on amnesty. For voted 396 deputies out of 413.

Speaking in parliament, Yatsenyuk said that now the opposition is preparing a bill on the establishment of a special parliamentary committee to work on amendments to the Constitution of Ukraine and will offer MPs to vote for the establishment of such a commission at the evening session parliament.

Speaker Rybak announced a break until 16.00, then the parliament will return to work .

12.46 Instead canceled Rada adopted the law 4 . It supported 257 deputies.

Deputies peregolosovat for the laws “On Amendments to the Tax Code st.197 on the exemption from value added tax transactions to import into the customs territory of Ukraine natural gas,” “On Amending the Law of Ukraine” On free legal aid “to postpone the entry into virtue of the provisions of section to claim 6 VI “Final and Transitional Provisions,” “On Amendments to the Criminal Code of Ukraine regarding the denial or justification of the crimes of fascism” and “On Amendments to the Criminal Code of Ukraine st.297 of responsibility for the desecration or destruction of monuments built in memory fought against Nazism during the Second World War – the Soviet soldiers, members of the guerrilla movement, the underground, the victims of Nazi persecution, as well as soldiers-internationalists and peacekeepers. ”

12.44  Rada abolished laws 9 January 16 , including toughening responsibility for irregularities in the mass actions.

12.38 Parliament continues to work! Decided to consider the abolition of laws 9 January 16, package and without discussion.

12.30 faction leaders in the office of Fisher agreed to vote for the abolition of nine laws from January 16. , said Oleg Tyahnibok .

“One question that we have finally agreed upon – is the abolition of the laws of 16 January,” – he said.

Tyahnibok noted that canceled will be 9 out of 12 voted laws. Will not touch the state budget for 2014, an amnesty Evromaydana arrested participants and the creation of the temporary investigative commission.

12.17 “Who will vote for the abolition of dictatorial laws January 16, after dinner – for amnesty for participants of mass actions,” – said in “Facebook” opposition leader Oleg Lyashko .

12.15 Job Parliament still has not restarted. Negotiations between politicians …

12.10 In the opposition camp resignation of Prime Minister Mykola Azarov received with enthusiasm, but are waiting to catch.

11.58  By the way, on Evromaydane already know about the resignation Azarov, but people here believe – that Yanukovych will not sign, and the Cabinet did not exactly resign.There is therefore confident that the goals are not met, the correspondent of “Messages”.

At 12.00 is already assigned to a gathering of people, but so far little people – a maximum of a few thousand. Creative teams on stage singing songs.

On Hrushevskoho too peacefully , then a couple of hundred-maximum of 500 people.Some tires are extinguished, but there is smoke. Here resignation Azarov glad, but also say that it is “not the end of the revolution.”

11.49  Kost Bondarenko believes that the next prime minister could be Poroshenko.

“Within 60 days will be Acting First Deputy Prime Minister – Sergey Arbuzov. And then the opposition will propose a candidate. If they want to have a situation in a remote corner, that offer, for example, Turchinova or any other person with a controversial reputation, “- told us Bondarenko.

According to him, if the opposition is going to be constructive, they will offer as a candidate Poroshenko: “I think that it is supported by a majority. Another question – whether it is the most Poroshenko? “.

11.42 Political analysts estimate  resignation Azarov  as a huge concession, which went Yanukovych.

“The resignation of the prime minister – it means the resignation of the entire government.Major concession, which could go to the president, it’s hard to imagine “- said,” Vesti “political analyst Mikhail Pogrebinsky.

According to him, now back step is to make the opposition: “They should release today Hrushevskoho and then – Khreschatyk. Only after that there may be some further concessions from the government. ”

More  equal resignation resignation Azarov Cabinet

11.18 The MPs argue that the dismissal of Nikolai Azarov complete reformatting of the Cabinet will not.

More  opposition does not believe in the resignation of the entire Cabinet

11.05 Meeting of Parliament should be resumed at 12.00

10.50 Meanwhile, under the Rada again going to the so-called Antimaydan – a rally in support of the course the president. N Now it about three thousand people, but the public still tightened.

10.48  Regional correspondent Anton Yatsenko “Vesti” confirmed that, most likely, the faction will vote for the resignation of the prime minister. According to him, the deputies have accumulated a lot of questions to the government.

“Voluntary resignation Azarov does not mean resignation of the entire government. But vote for the resignation of the Cabinet and the Parliament president signing this decision would mean resignation of the entire government,” – wrote “Fatherland” on the official Twitter page.

10.33 Prime Minister Mykola Azarov has resigned

10.15 A fisherman with a minute of silence for 10 minutes opened Radu .  395 registered in the hall of People’s Deputies

10.10  question the imposition of emergency in Ukraine today in Parliament will not consider. This was announced by Justice Minister Olena Lukash, which yesterday announced its intention to apply to the National Security Council to impose a state of emergency.

09.45 In the city center, law enforcement officers established a cordon of concrete blocks at the crossroads Ul.Shelkovichnaya and college at the entrance to the government quarter.

Boom height more than one meter. Concrete blocks almost completely partition off the roadway. The intermediate portion is completely blocked.

09.00 Exactly one hour to begin largely determines our country session of Parliament.

8.11 in the morning in the center of Kiev situation on occupied territory calm protesters. The past night passed without incident and the escalation of confrontation. Near the barricades in the street Hrushevskoho duty several dozen activists from among the hundreds of self-Maidan.

04.25 U.S. Vice President Joe Biden has demanded from the President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych abandon the introduction of a state of emergency in the country and to withdraw special forces from the streets of Kiev.

01.52 From Donetsk to Kiev went to train with 500 supporters of President Yanukovych.Secretary of the Donetsk city council Bogachyov coordinates in the establishment of voluntary squads.


22.26 The U.S. State Department condemned the taking of administrative buildings in Ukraine and called for continued peace talks. Washington also hopes for the abolition of laws adopted by the Rada on December 16.

21.33  Smoke from burning tires on the street. Hrushevskoho was so harmful that the city authorities decided to temporarily close the kindergarten school number 498 and number 94. Until the end of the week children will learn in other schools.

20.00 Singer Ruslana said. she has two days threatened. According to the singer, prepare provocation against it, according to Ukrainian Pravda .

“Allegedly inside Maidana should attack me guys who kidnap me or or beat, or will use weapons,” – she said.

19.40 On the Independence and Hrushevskoho yet quietly. On the Independence activists from the stage act. And Hrushevskoho protesters are working on clean-up. According toMFN , now gathered in the center of about 10 thousand people.

18.33 In the village on the second Nakonechniy Yavorschine in Lviv region buried activist Evromaydana Roman Senik. On entering the village set a plate with a portrait of Roman and says “He died for us.”

16.02  Deputy Parliament from “Fatherland” Stepan Kubiv called provocations grips protesters ministry buildings.

15.16  New information about the person whose body was found today at the Independence Square.

As the “news” from a source in law enforcement, his name – Hamster Viktor Borisovich. He was a resident of the village Golysz Lutsk district Volyn region.

14.37  The Verkhovna Rada registered document that provides re-election to parliament and local authorities.

14.12  The court released activist “Traffic Control” Andrew Zinzi , which previously had been arrested for participating in street brawls Bankovoj December 1.

Activist was released under the law that provides amnesty participants Evromaydana.

13.51 The activists “Spіlna right” unlocked room of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine .

13.48 Together with the abolition of the laws of January 16, Parliament will try to prohibit the office of President .

13.42  continue to emerge all the new details of the incident on the Maidan, where they found the body of a man in the loop .

“At first, they thought that the incident occurred in the House of Trade Unions, but then found that the man, volynyanin 1958, hanged himself inside the frame of the Christmas tree,” – commented “Vesti” police spokesman Pechersk district Natalia Stetsenko. According Stetcenko, traces of violent death on the deceased is not found, a preliminary version of the investigation – suicide.

13.30 The Party of Regions is ready to vote at an extraordinary session of the Verkhovna Rada on January 28 for the resignation of the Cabinet .

This was stated by deputy head of the faction most Mikhail Chechetov.

13.04 A resident of Volyn region hung on a skeleton tree installed on Independence Square in Kiev.

Soldiers self Evromaydana not allowed journalists to the scene and asked not to keep photos and video.

12.34 Azarov with the Cabinet is ready to come to the parliament on Tuesday

12.29  Crimean organization of the Party of Regions has sent 2,000 people from Simferopol to Kiev for a rally near the parliament building, which will be held January 28th extraordinary session to consider the situation in the country.

12.27 Members of the reconstituted Ukrainian Insurgent Army claimed responsibility for the murder of a policeman in Kiev.

A message  was taken on January 26 in Facebook . “This is an act of retaliation for the killing of protesters, torture and abuse of prisoners them,” – said in the text.

12.05 The Party of Regions has seen a coup in capturing picketers buildings RSA.

“Political terrorists, extremists of all stripes, capturing the building of public administrations, their first decisions identified ban activities and symbols of the Communist Party and the Party of Regions in their territories,” – said in a statement to the press service of the party.

11.51  Former Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev believes that the Ukrainian authorities need to be consistent in their actions and struggle to peacefully resolve the political crisis.

11.35 Kyiv Prosecutor’s Office closed 35 criminal proceedings concerning the events related to mass protests in November and December 2013.

This was reported by the head of the press service of the prosecutor’s office in Kiev Jan Sobolevskaya.

According to her, today authorities metropolitan prosecutor extended the practical implementation of the Law of Ukraine “On Amendments to the Law of Ukraine on elimination of negative impacts and prevent the prosecution and punishment on the events that took place during the peaceful assembly.”

11.23  Russian master Andrei Malakhov visited Evromaydan in Kiev. Showman, in particular, was photographed on a background of the barricades.

Political bargaining in Ukraine.  Chronicle of events.  Photo 3

Photo: a_malahov / twitter.com

10.: 43  Outdoor Zankovetska Evromaydana activists erected a ten-foot barricade. Also completed the construction of barricades in the street Gorodetsky.

Meanwhile, the entrance to the building is protected by the Ministry of Justice, is exposed on both security barricades. While no active operations either by the protesters, not by security officials not observed around the perimeter of Independence Square.

10.06  Ministry of Internal Affairs opened criminal proceedings on the fact of capture activists Justice building. Event included in the Unified Register of pre-trial investigations Caves rugu MIA in Kiev for the crime under the Criminal Code ch.1.st.341 “Capturing the state or public buildings or structures.”

9.45  Regions Party demanded that the Prosecutor General Viktor Pshonka to investigate the actions of People’s rad. Indiscriminate seizures RSA claim Regionals, pose a threat to the existence of an independent Ukraine.

09.10  In Sunday’s clashes in the regional administration building in Dnipropetrovskinjured 18 police officers .

As a result of the collision, police detained 37 people.

08.30 The Minister of Justice Olena Lukash will require the imposition of emergency in Ukraine, if activists are not released on the eve of the building captured the Ministry of Justice. The minister said the TV channel  “Inter” .

In addition, she said that it might appeal to the President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych with a request to terminate the negotiations with the opposition.

08.26 Security Service of Ukraine stated that it sounded anonymous threats to blow up hydroelectric and nuclear power plants . 

“Along with extremism frequent anonymous threats undermining hydroelectric and nuclear power facilities. Their damage may have unintended, particularly serious consequences for the population of Ukraine and neighboring countries”, – stated in the SBU.

00.03  From the Park bridge over Peter’s alley remained iron frame. On Saturday, during a confrontation between protesters and “Berkut” tires set on fire with fire spread to the bridge, where lovers hang padlocks as a symbol of the fortress feelings.


22.38 Activists “Spilnoy Right” said the Ministry of Justice of the seizure of the building.This is the third ministry captured protesters.

22.37 The Interior Ministry said that during the assault on the house Ukrainian protestersused against the police grenade RGD-5. Fortunately it did not explode.

22.11 For information about the missing leader Avtomaydana Dmitry Bulatov increased remuneration . Now it is 25 thousand dollars.

20.56  There are new details about the man, whose body was found in Kiev Obolon. And as reported. about. Spokesperson of the Metropolitan Police Alexander Radkevich, identity of the deceased is installed – this 36-year-old resident of a neighboring street North, the day before he was celebrating a birthday.

Later contact with him was cut short when the man found all his personal belongings and a mobile phone. The preliminary cause of death – hypothermia, but 100% confident you can say about it until Monday when they forensic conclusions. Was he drunk – as long as there are no results.

19.04  Protesters in Ukrainian House opened on the second floor kitchen and dining area, reports  UNIAN .

Now Ukrainian house imported warm clothes, who handed out to everyone. Protesters also equip your life, going out on the chairs in the foyer of the second and third floors. And on the first completed cleaning and repair broken during the storm windows, close them with plywood and advertising banners.

At the European area is now several thousand people, some of them just walking or heated by the fires, the remaining ice is removed from the roadway and sidewalk.

18.5o  staff captured activists on Friday Ministry of Agrarian tomorrow, January 26 will not come to work .

“We settled them in different scientific institutions, and they work from there. But you must understand that we have now access to many reports, by his technique. We have a problem with the transfer of money, “- told us APC Minister Mykola Prysyazhnyuk .

According to him, what is happening now in the ministry – it is anarchy.

“There are people sleeping. We were promised that the rooms are not touched, but eventually they opened and go there “- says Prissyazhnyuk.

18.00  As of January 26, in Kiev for all the protests in the police department brought 116 people.

As the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, held detention “to check for involvement in the commission of criminal offenses in the central part of the city, in particular riots”

81 of the detainees have reported suspected.

The police stress that among the detainees there are people who have had problems with the law, some have even been convicted of a particularly serious crime.

16.16 In Kiev, said goodbye to the dead activist Michael Zhiznevsky . Hrushevskoho on the coffin some time spent at the first barricade. Participants funeral procession chanted “Hero glory,” “Glory to Ukraine, death to enemies,” “Heroes do not die.”

After that carried the coffin to the European area where loaded into a white van. Bury the deceased, as previously reported, collected in Belarus.

15.44  From opposition to the dead Zhiznevsky goodbye: fArion, Schweich, Klitschko Tyahnibok, Yatsenyuk Poroshenko Paruby etc. It was about two thousand people.

15.35 Body activist Zhiznevsky carry along Khreschatyk to the place of his death on the street. Hrushevskoho.

14.50  In Kiev Maidan part in the protest take about 20 thousand protesters .

The situation in the capital generally calm. From time to time the protesters chant traditional “Gang Go!”, “Zeke Go!” and “Glory to Ukraine!”.

14.30  in Kiev in the Ukrainian House, after a busy night assault Evromaydana activists are 1.5 thousand activists. Around the building on the European Square territory cleaning occurs.

13.44  The Ministry of Interior stated that the cartridges found on the roof of the activists of the Ukrainian House, a provocation .

Earlier activists Maidana, who on the night of voskresee occupied the Ukrainian House, found on the roof of a large amount of ammunition for the Army weapons – Kalashnikovs and carbine Simonov.

Veterans of the Afghan war, which found patrons showed footprints in the snow, which they identified as traces of bipod military weapons.

13.09  Today at Maidan will not be the People’s Chamber in connection with what will be a farewell to the dead activist Michael Zhiznevsky.

12.53 In Michael’s Cathedral in 13-00 will be held funeral Zhiznevsky Michael , who died on January 21 during riots in Kiev. After that memorial service will be held on the Maidan.

12.10 Today, January 26 in Kiev will be held next Popular Assembly on Independence Square. Already traditional Sunday demonstration will begin at 14:00. It is reported by the “National Popular Resistance headquarters.”

Maidana on stage is expected to address the opposition leaders.

In regions of Ukraine are also held opposition rallies.

On the morning of January 26 after a night of confrontations situation in the capital is calm.People continue to stand on the street and Maidan Hrushevskoho.

11.55  On the body of a man found dead in the bay in Obolon district of the capital, did not show any signs of violent death . This was told in the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

11.11  The Verkhovna Rada registered bill of people’s deputy of the Party of RegionsMykola Rudkovsky the abolition of laws passed by Parliament January 16, 2014 In addition, the MP has registered a draft resolution on the adoption of measures by the Cabinet to ensure the rights and freedoms during peaceful assembly.

10.20  During the assault protesters Ukrainian houses suffered two policemen . Both were taken to the hospital for departmental medical care. “Their preliminary diagnoses: one – burn a person from another – incised wound of the thigh. Now they are hospitalized. Shall be checked,” – said in a statement.

9.03  In Obolon district of Kyiv found dead another activist Maidana . He had tied the hands and feet. Name of the deceased is not reported.

8.40  In the Ukrainian House evromaydanovtsy established guard posts. The building place people bask. Protection ensures that there was no looting. Representatives are located at the entrance to self: spend “face control”. “Klitschko was here and gave valuable guidance to here everything remained as it was originally,” – said one of the guards says ” Case “.

“On the fourth floor is not allowed, as was informed that there is valuable exhibits in the museum. Some workers have already arrived at work – a carpenter and museum staff, as there are valuable artifacts. Maidana Guide morning decides what to do with values,” – said guards.

8.15  All law enforcement officers who were in the Ukrainian House, left the building, reports  UNN . Fighters internal troops brought the leader of “IMPACT” Vitali Klitschko.They left the house and went through the rear exit.

Background  The protesters announced plans to Ukrainian house


17.30 Interior Minister Vitaly Zakharchenko said that two law enforcement officers, who had been held “Maidan guards” at the KSCA, released .

16.52 Protesters, meanwhile, continues to branch network of barricades on the street.Hrushevskoho in central Kiev three high barricades to 3 meters collected from bags with snow and other scrap materials, among them – a maze lower obstacles that significantly impede the movement inside the fortified perimeter.

16.01 In the presidential administration began meeting Viktor Yanukovych and members of the working group to resolve the political crisis with leaders of opposition parliamentary factions.

15.48 The Department of Health of the Kyiv City State Administration has confirmed that the January 25, 2014 at 10:47 at the Kiev hospital seriously wounded protesters died in the city center.

15.22 At the headquarters of the national resistance expressed that have reliable information that the Presidential Administration of Ukraine prepared a decision on the introduction of a state of emergency and clean-up of the Maidan.

14.31 Evromaydanov Forum supported the call of People’s Deputy Anatoly Gritsenko to patrol city streets and the use of legal weapons to protect the square.

13.52 People’s Deputy of Ukraine Stepan Kubiv called the statement about the alleged possession of weapons in the House of Trade Unions provocation power.

13.27 Protesters under the Prosecutor General’s Office completed their action and go. About 500 people with flags of “Svoboda”, “Fatherland” and UNA-UNSO demanded the release from detention of activists. Part of the protesters wore masks and gas masks. Activists shouted “Freedom arrested”.

12.49 SCM Rinat Akhmetov made ​​a statement in which he said that the only way out is the transition from the street confrontation and attempts to suppress it in constructive negotiations and achieve a result.

12.28 Press-service of “Svoboda” referring to the People’s Deputy Irina Seh reported that Kiev hospital died Roman Senik , who was seriously injured Jan. 22 Ul.Grushevskogo.

11.57 Interior Minister Vitaly Zakharchenko made ​​a statement that in the House of Trade Unions and the building KSCA collects firearms, and the conflict in the ranks of the protesters escalates. He stressed that the talks with the leaders of the police protests and opposition deputies that lasted hours, failed.

11. 35 activists seized premises of the Ministry of Energy and Mines. Protection of the Ministry of resistance is not provided.

10.49 President dismissed as the head of the Kiev city state administration Alexander Popov and appointed to the post of people’s deputy of the Party of Regions , Vladimir Makeenko .

10.11 A source in the Interior Ministry confirmed that if the protesters in a short time not release captured policemen, the law enforcers will storm the building of the Kyiv City State Administration.

09.51 Ministry of Internal Affairs has asked civilians to leave the building and the neighborhood of the KSCA.

“Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine demands immediate release of captured policemen. Failure to implement the requirements of the police will be forced to take measures to release trapped”, – stated in the USO.

09.15 Parties confrontation at dawn stopped shelling each other, one of the protesters on their own initiative took the state flag and went on to negotiate the siloviki.

04.07 Kharkov Evromaydana activists are not going to storm the building of local authorities. They noted that their complaint is entirely peaceful. Everything else – the provocation.

02.55  Fire on Hrushevskoho spread from the barricades in the park, located behind the colonnade of the stadium “Dinamo” Very badly lit several large trees. Not visible to someone extinguished.

02.12  Vitali Klitschko held separate talks with European Commissioner Stefan Fule .They talked about the exit from the crisis, early elections and a constitution. Other opposition leaders at the meeting was not.

01.07  The Interior Ministry said the attack on activists Maidan police patrol, in which one policeman was wounded with a knife, and the other two are captured and delivered to the KSCA. Their fate is unknown.

00.40  Protesters Hrushevskoho surpassed themselves. This glow was not even in the hours of greatest confrontation with police officers. Law enforcers do not take any response except one attempts a hose to extinguish the fire.

All Quiet on the Maidan. Near the scene gathered a few dozen people. Only that it gave a speech singer Ruslana . Maidan living an ordinary nightlife.


22.57 The crowd of several thousand people tried to storm the Interior Ministry control in Cherkassy. They demanded the release of those who participated in the capture of the local RSA yesterday. Yet been able to hold back the onslaught, but one policeman kidnapped service weapon.

20.58 Yanukovych appointed Irina Akimov presidential adviser and representative of the president in the Cabinet. In addition, he dismissed the presidential adviser Andrei Portnov and appointed his first deputy head of presidential administration.

20.35 Leader “hit” Vitali Klitschko said that the situation in the Evromaydane by reorganization of the government could solve a few months ago, but not now. According to him, now Maidan could disperse only if the president’s resignation.

20.07 The President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych said that he had not understood the violence and he was sorry for the people protesting on the Maidan. In addition, he stressed that every day thinking about the people who came to protest.

19.35 Lviv passed farewell to the dead activist Avtomaydana Yuri Verbitsky .  funeral came a few thousand people, including the mayor of Lviv Andriy Garden with his wife, Secretary of the Lviv city council Vasily Pavluk and chairman of the Lviv regional councilPeter Kolodija .

19.17  Opposition parties have denied any involvement in and control over the capture of RSA throughout Ukraine. This information was confirmed in the “Fatherland” and “Freedom.”

18.33 Yanukovych declared the necessity of the next stage of negotiations with the opposition leaders.

18.22 Officials who are involved in the violent dispersal Evromaydana December 30, will be dismissed . On President Viktor Yanukovych said.

18.21 Volunteer Fourth Cossack Mikhail Gavrilyak company over which the soldiers mocked MIA, during a briefing in Kiev gave the details of the situation.

17. 49 The president also said that intends to continue negotiations with the leaders of the opposition to stop the violence in the country.

In addition, he called legitimate law enforcement actions during the confrontation.

17. 25 President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych n oobeschal reformatting government at the extraordinary session of the Verkhovna Rada on January 28.

17.15 Great stuff “Messages” on the situation in the regional administration, who are taking over the protesters.

16.32 People’s Deputy of Ukraine Yaroslav Sukhoi actually written statement of withdrawal from the Party of Regions.

Corresponding video appeared on Youtube. Dry the camera read out his statement.

16.28  In Kiev police detained a criminal group involved in the proliferation of weapons and kidnappings.

15.33 Ukrainian political analysts have commented on the “West” designation President Viktor Yanukovych head of his administration Andriy Klyuyev.

15.22 People’s Deputy of Ukraine Yaroslav Sukhoi written statement of withdrawal from the Party of Regions .

Copy of the application on its Facebook page posted the leader of “Svoboda” Oleg Tyagnibok .

15.18 In Lviv, confirmed the dismissal of four Berkut

14.49  The police have reported waiting for the next shot

14.18  Under the walls of Volyn Regional State Administration in Lutsk extends the rally .The protesters eventually came Governor Boris Klimchuk.

To provide him safe passage, people have created a corridor. Coming to the protesters, Klimchuk stood before them on their knees. The governor urged the protesters to solve the problem peacefully, allowing diplomats and negotiators to do their job. This is extremely angered people so they do not want to let the governor of the square, writes  VIP .

In addition, the protesters forced Klimchuk write a resignation letter on the street. However, the Governor stated that the procedure requires that he contacted the Presidential Administration.

13.46  Famous Hollywood actor and former Governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger has recorded a video message to the Ukrainian people.

“I want to address with the message to the people of Ukraine, – Arnold Schwarzenegger said. – I want them to know – I wish them the best of luck in the peaceful struggle for democracy and freedom. World “.

13.38  Several soldiers Lviv Special Forces “Berkut” written resignation. Told reporters at the output of the base commandos on the street. Trolleybus in Lviv is one of the officers, who himself today put on the table a statement.

13.25  The extraordinary session of the Odessa City Council adopted an appeal to the President.

According to the document, everything that happens in the capital and other “rebel” regions of the country, is a coup attempt, and protesters called extremists.

13.17 Fisher said the reluctance to consider the introduction of a state of emergency on vnecheordnoy Rada session .

12.50 Meeting of the Odessa City Council today’s session began with tension. Thus, opposition lawmaker Alexander Ostapenko offered to commemorate those killed in clashes Kiev minute of silence, however, Acting Mayor of Odessa Oleg Bryndak not want to place the question on the agenda.

12.27 Last of the detainees released from detention Bankovoj

11.52 Lviv Regions advocated Azarov resignation and early elections

11.35 The President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych appointed secretary of the NSDC Andriy Klyuyev head of the presidential administration of Ukraine .

11.25  Protesters broke down the side door Chernivtsi Regional State Administration.Approximately 500 people demanding the resignation of the head of State Administration Michael Pope, emphasizing that space belongs to the people.

10.45  Member of Russian State Duma Committee on Foreign Affairs Yang Zelinsky prepared an appeal to the Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov to include in the number of persona non grata in Russia some leaders Evromaydana.

09. 56  The inhabitants of Lviv, which occupied the building on Thursday Lviv Regional State Administration, State Administration of employees do not miss the building on the street Vinnichenko 18.

09.37 MP from the Party of Regions Volodymyr Oliynyk and Elena Bondarenko deniedentry into the United States  reported  on his Facebook page Miroslava Gongadze. The ban may be associated with the use of force against protesters on Maidan in November and December last year.

08.58 Protesters occupied the building of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine, located on Khreschatyk. It arranged the point of heating people and clinic.

04.06 Vitali Klitschko came out into the street Hrushevskoho, where he held talks with fighters “Berkut”. As he later told the protesters, he negotiated a truce for tonight. SWAT agreed on the condition that there will be no provocation.

03.23 Polish President Bronislaw Komorowski said that EU sanctions against Ukraine can be introduced at any time. If you do not cease military action in Kiev, if the government and the opposition will not come to a compromise, sanctions could not be avoided.

02.50 Activists Maidana, led by Yatsenyuk Tyagniboka and built a new barricade on Instytutska. Maidana pushed the boundaries, the area has increased. In addition, Yatsenyuk oyavil Hrushevskoho territory and Maidan.

01.36 Interior Minister Zaharchenko urged his subordinates to exercise restraint and not to succumb to provocations. He said in an address to the personnel that the negotiations on the opposition and the president reached an agreement on cessation of confrontation. He tkzheguaranteed Maidan if these agreements are approved, security and rejection of the assault.

00.58 Tyahnibok offered Maidan vote for the continuation of negotiations with the government and approval arrangements today. Vote by show of hands revealed that people do not want negotiations. But then Yatsenyuk, as if not noticing the vote, said that negotiations would continue, but on different terms, and announced the start of construction of a new offensive and barricades.

00.36  Vitali Klitschko, speaking from the scene of the Maidan, said that the only agreement which was achieved at the talks with Yanukovych, is agreement on the release of all activists and cease military pressure.

00.24  For all those who seriously experiencing the latest developments in the country, will be free to help psychologists. Recently opened in the capital of the Crisis Call Center, which can call and get any advice. Phone: 353-90-79, 222-70-65.

00.18 Opposition leaders booed on Hrushevskoho when they talked about their arrangements with President Yanukovych. Activists are unhappy with the fact that the leaders agreed to negotiate.


23.58  activist who has received on Hrushevskoho gunshot wound to the chest, is urgently needed blood donations.

Relatives of 45-year-old Roman Senik, say amputated arm, he has already had three surgeries, lost 3.5 liters of blood and needs one more intervention.

“Blood to come to pass in the morning (8:00 to 14:00) in Kiev city center blood tomorrow 01/24/2014. Address: Str. Berlin, 12 (m r-n. Dorohozhychi) For Senik Roman Fedorovich,” – they call social networking.

According to the head physician of the 17th metropolitan city hospital Nikolai Demin, a bullet stuck in the chest Senik, heavily damaging the lungs and other organs. “Man did not come to himself, he is in critical condition – is in intensive care on ventilation. I do not even dare to make any predictions at the expense of it,” – said the “Vesti” Demin.

23.34 U.S. Vice President Joe Biden called and urged Yanukovych together with the opposition to find a way out of the situation, stop the bloodshed. Otherwise, Biden warned that relations between the countries could undergo significant changes.

22.57 Chapter “Freedom” Oleg Tyagnibok said after talks with the President of that is the result of negotiations, but to approve it, you need to consult with the public. Details are still to report he refused.

Leader of the “Fatherland” Yatsenyuk confirmed these words and added that there was a high chance to stop the bloodshed in Kiev.

22.48 On the Independence Square is still waiting for the opposition leaders who negotiate with the president. On the area and its suburbs are several thousand people. They entertain various speakers.

21.30 On Hrushevskoho continues truce. According to UNIAN , there are now about 5000 people.

Some of them are engaged in strengthening the barricades they have erected several street Hrushevskoho which are supported mainly due bags with ice and snow. Protesters also gathered enough tires for possible kindling fires and collected in a heap of stones, apparently planning to use them in clashes with police.

On the street there are no representatives of the opposition, except Yuriy Lutsenko , who just talks with the protesters. Correspondent’s question, whether he has any information about the negotiations in the presidential administration, he replied that he does not own the information. Lutsenko also suggested that in case of a further escalation of the conflict, the police can once again make an attempt to attack the Maidan not only from the European area, but also from other directions.

20.18 In the Kiev subway “Vesti” assured that everything is operating normally, the trains run on schedule.

20.06  Hrushevskoho priests went to where they plan to try to extend a truce between protesters and police officers to return to the party leader “BLOW” Vitali Klitschko .

Now Hrushevskoho situation is calm.

19.53  The party “Fatherland” said the metro station Khreschatyk and Maidan now closed .

Ostensibly this announcement in the subway. “All the Maidan!” – Said in a Twitter party.

19.32  MIA apologizes for unacceptable actions of people in police uniform.

“Secretary (Interior Minister Vitaly Zakharchenko – auth.) requested to investigate the situation, in fact already begun an investigation. Such behavior is unacceptable. Guilty will be punished to the fullest extent of the law, “- said” lead “the spokesperson of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Sergei Boatmen.

He assured that the perpetrators will be installed.

“They face up to criminal liability (Article 365” Abuse of power or authority “, to five years in prison – auth.) ‘.

19.15  Protesters outside Hrushevskoho erected four new barricades .

19.13 Scandalous laws January 16, can be changed , said Prime Minister Mykola Azarov.

“But this requires constructive cooperation with the opposition … in this work may be involved experts of the Council of Europe and the Venice Commission,” – the words premier government’s press office.

18.56  MP from the “Fatherland” Andrew Paruby said on his page on Facebook, that activist over which mocked Berkut and VVshniki already brought to the headquarters of the Self on the Maidan.

18.33  President Viktor Yanukovych condemned the statement premier Mykola Azarovthat demonstrators who were killed on the street Hrushevskoho themselves to blame.

18.26 Source of Kharkov fighters MIA commented resonant video , which shows how Berkut fighters and explosive mock protesters man:

“This n … and we caught two days. This is one of the most apt brosalschikov. Metal in us He Molotov cocktails, and a lot of our badly damaged. We did eventually caught and stripped. It worked for us” souvenir “a warning to others “- said the” lead “a source in the Kharkiv police ranks.

18.25  Opposition invites all to come on Thursday at 20.00 on Evromaydan in Kiev.

18.14 Due to the political events, the cost of Ukrainian Eurobonds Monday slipped by more than 7%.

18.02 Due to riots in Kiev police brought 97 people. 52 of the detainees – procedurally in an open criminal proceedings under Art. 294 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (the riots). This is related to the USO MIA.

18.00  Germany sees no reason to impose sanctions against Ukrainian leadership, said German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

17.52  Russian actor Ivan Ohlobystin on his page on the microblogging expressed its position on the clashes of protesters in Kiev and police officers.

“I’m for” Golden Eagle “- wrote the actor.

17.39  An extraordinary session of the Verkhovna Rada will be held on Tuesday , January 28, at 10.00.

17.21  Negotiations to resolve the situation in the country, which runs between PresidentViktor Yanukovych and opposition factions leaders Oleg Tyagnibok, Arseniy Yatsenyuk and Vitali Klitschko will start at 17.30 .

17.19  On the Internet there was a video of bullying fighters “Berkut” on protesters in the street Hrushevskoho.

Siloviki activist stripped naked on the street, leaving only shoes, and started filming on mobile phones. After that, they also gave him an ice ax in hand.

16.51  In the Metropolitan Police said that firefighters who saved from the fire house on Hrushevskoho did so under a flurry of stones and firebombs.

“These dangerous items thrown into them participants in the riots. Their bodies and their shields defending “Berkut”, – stated in the police.

16.14  Mykola Azarov considers that shoot protesters on the street could Hrushevskoho “provocateurs” of “extremist organizations.”

In an interview with  BBC  , he again assured that the security forces in Kiev had no firearms and could not use it.

15.58  Sviatoshinskiy District Court in Kiev at 16.00 starts hearing activist Maidana, who was detained yesterday in an explosion in the infirmary on the street. Hrushevskoho.

This “lead” the president said Ukrainian Oleg Musiy community physicians.

“Yesterday was detained volunteers from our medical center Alexander Skoryk. When the “eagle” burst to doctors, it just drove away. Skoryk, incidentally, not a doctor – he helped carry the wounded “- said Musiy.

Apparently, the detainee will be tried for volunteer involvement in the riots.

At this moment in Sviatoshinskiy district court to attend the hearing representatives go Maidana, who, by the way, say that they had learned about the meeting by chance, but yesterday could not get information about where Alexander Skoryk taken.

15.37  Protesters continue to seize power in Western Ukraine. After Lviv stormed theRivne regional administration.

Several thousand people gathered at a rally in front of the regional administration, clearing the glass in the RSA and burst into the room.

15.20 The President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych instructed the Speaker of the Verkhovna Rada Volodymyr Rybak convene an extraordinary session of parliament for immediate settlement of the political crisis in the country.

15.15  The governor of Lviv Oleg Salo, who wrote a letter of resignation under pressure seized RSA crowd asks that the document invalid.

Salo explained that people threatened him with physical violence if he did not not write a letter of resignation, reports  UNN .

14.36 Lviv governor Oleg Salo wrote a letter of resignation under pressure from protesters seized the premises today Lviv regional state administration.

14:15 President Viktor Yanukovych during a telephone conversation with President of the European Commission Jose Manuel Barroso n oobeschal not to introduce a state of emergency in Ukraine .

14.05 Reporter “Messages” from the scene said that now on Independence “calmly as before fights.” On the main square of about two thousand people.

13.29  Russian director Andrei Kiselev, known project Lenta.doc, detained in the morning on January 23 in the center of Kiev with a group of activists released from the police station .

12.27 Protesters and security forces at the request of the leader of “IMPACT” Vitali Klitschko agreed on the “hour of silence” for the period to 20.00 Thursday , when, according to the policy, it will come to them again and will report on the outcome of negotiations with the opposition leaders by President Viktor Yanukovych.

11.57  BLOW Leader Vitali Klitschko went to talk with the officers of Special Forces “Berkut” street Hrushevskoho.

11.51  Several individual deputies – Vladimir Litvin, Igor Eremeyev Stepan Ivakhiv, Martynyak Sergey Sergey Labazyuk Valery Moshenskiy, Victor Timoshenko, Oles Dony and Victor Pilipishin – registered in the Verkhovna Rada a bill on invalidation of some laws of Ukraine adopted by the Verkhovna Rada on January 16

11.03  The protesters, who are now on Hrushevskoho built another catapult – more efficient.

It is reported  Espreso.TV .

The new Catapult is significantly less than that on the eve of the Interior Ministry fighters destroyed. The new facility is more like a slingshot, it is more convenient to use and more effective

Political bargaining in Ukraine.  Chronicle of events.  Photo 4

Photo: Espreso.TV

10.04  The district courts of Kiev on Wednesday, January 22, chose a preventive measure against 16 people arrested in connection with the riots on the street. Hrushevskoho in Kiev.Total currently preventive measure chosen for the 26 suspects.

09.40  Early morning was detained director Andrey Kiselev Lenta.doc. About this publication  Lenta.ru,  said project founder Alexander Rastorgouev.

09.08 Press Secretary of the President of Russia , Dmitry Peskov, said that Russia will not interfere in the internal affairs of Ukraine.

07.58 In the midst of the events is a few hundred protesters. They do not take active steps are just some of the protesters throwing stones, “Berkut” rarely responds stun grenades.

02.05  People’s Deputy from the Party of Eugene Balitskii believes that on the side of the radical opposition are professional mercenaries, including from NATO countries. They are not only engaged in manufacturing of fuel mixtures, but are snipers bullets which killed protesters.

01.27  House in the Museum Lane caught fire because of the constantly burning tires on Hrushevskoho that protesters set fire. They interfere to extinguish the fire. And in a house located expensive shops and restaurants.

00.06  Davos Azarov said that the situation in Kiev is under control. He once again called the protesters “extremists and radicals”, but assured that no additional powers to restore order, law enforcement officers did not receive.


23.26  Lviv Mayor Andriy Sadovy said that in the city will not execute the laws adopted by the Rada on January 16. “Laws passed in violation of the Constitution and common sense, in Lviv will not perform “- said the mayor during the Siege of a military unit stationed in the city.

23.02  On Maidan flocked lot of people, ten thousand, no less. Everyone is preparing to attack and erecting barricades. New fortifications arise wherever possible. Proven technology has been used for building with bags of snow.

In addition, for the sake of replenishment of ammunition, actively understands paving slabs near the KSCA.

22.22  In the Museum Lane, just off Hrushevskoho burning house. On the roof of this house are tracking for opposition journalists.

According to an UNIAN correspondent, until they try to extinguish the flames on their own.

21.37 Kiyani reported massive Internet outages in the city. Most messages concerns the Left Bank, but there are messages and the right bank, for example, from Golosiivsky district.

21.34  Press Secretary to the Prime Minister Vitaly Lukyanenko said “Vesti” Information about boycotting his boss Mykola Azarov in Davos untrue .

“We will be tomorrow (Thursday) to work on the program, the Prime Minister will hold all scheduled meetings. And perhaps there will be unplanned,” – he said.

21.31  During confrontations between protesters and police officers on the street in Kiev Hrushevskoho killed five people .

“Two doctors do not have time to pick up, and they have remained in the territory, which was the” Golden Eagle. “These are the guys up to 30 years, with gunshot wounds to the chest. Course we do not forensic examination, signs of life but they did not serve. Rather, their bodies took the “Golden Eagle” – said, “Vesti” Medical Service Coordinator Staff National Resistance Oleg Musiy .

21.22  The head of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church Kiev Patriarchate Filaret (Denisenko)refused Order “For Merits” of the first degree, which he was awarded in accordance with the presidential decree of Viktor Yanukovych to mark the Day of Unification and Freedom of Ukraine.

“From the official announcement on the website of the President of Ukraine became aware of the presidential decree on awarding me the Order” For Merit “I degree. Also at today’s meeting of the Holy Synod of the Patriarchate of Kiev ruled on awarding me the Order of St. John the Divine – in connection with my 85 – birthday. Under the conditions that have developed in Ukraine today, when people died, and in the center of Kiev continues brutal confrontation, I beg you not to give me awards, “- said in a statement Filaret.

According to him, this decision was supported by members of the Holy Synod, and other bishops, meeting in Kiev.

“Sharing with the Ukrainian people the pain and sorrow, the Church prays for peace and cessation of strife and calls to prayer of all believers. Also we pray for the souls of the dead, for the relief of suffering and healing of victims. I bless Kiev Patriarchate clergy perform the prayers where people ask this contribute to the pacification of hatred, “- he added.

21.11  In the social networks among the many photos and videos of the last days and apply a snapshot. Berkutovets stops his colleague, who is going to strike rally.

Political bargaining in Ukraine.  Chronicle of events.  Photo 5

21.04  Brother abducted January 21 from Alexander Hospital Evromaydana activist, 50-year-old from Lviv  Yuri Verbitsky  identified his  body  in Borispol.

“He called and said it Yurino body was found in the woods,” – said the “lead” of the deceased brother’s wife Olga Verbitskaya, barely holding back tears.

20.53 Amid escalating clashes in Kiev, Ukrainian Prime Minister Mykola Azarov staged a boycott of the World Economic Forum in Davos.

20.45  20.15 B of the landfill “Devichki”, which is located 90 km from Kiev Pereyaslav-Khmelnitsky region, start to leave the military equipment . This “lead” became known by their own source. Whether APCs go towards the capital – is unknown.

20.35  Unknown Broadcasting Company took over the building in Kiev .

About 20 masked men broke into the building utility TRK Kiev Khreschatyk Street at 5V.

Sniper є not Til’ky in AIM. A stench Yakscho vіzmut gvintіvki?

Anatoly Gritsenko wrote in Facebook :

“Vzhe dvoє hammered. Dozens wounded i pokalіchenih – cholovіkіv zhіnok i, i yunakіv dіvchat. Htoo Tse robit? Sniper MBC – svіdomo, nahabno, tsіlespryamovano. Strіlyayut pritsіlno. Chastіshe head – on vrazhennya. Usvіdomlyuyut Chi stink – hto vіddaє punishment i hto strіlyaє – yakі naslіdki svoїmi dіyami provokuyut? Aja Sniper є not Til’ky in AIM. Є i stink at Maidan, i pose Maidan. Nabagato profesіynіshі th dosvіdchenіshі mіlіtseyskih. I. zbroї hands on millions in October odinits. Rіznoї in addition chislі pritsіlnogo ranged. ofіtsіyno millions in October zareєstrovanoї. And krimіnalnomu seredovischі? And tіnovomu market analysis? Yanukovych s Klyuєvim i ZAKHARCHENKO – Varto zupinitisya. Zvazhiti naslіdki. Bo situatsіya Crossing vkray zhorstku nekontrolovanu th phase. Nekontrolovanu Vladoiu takozh, prinaymnі Vladoiu Óêðà. Tse zagroza for vsієї Kraina. I. for Vlady to chislі and mozhlivo – nasampered. nasillya Bo i zhorstokіst provokuє Vlad bezposeredno abo svoїmi bandits tіtushkami. vzhe tretіy mіsyats pospіl, pochinayuchi defoliation of 21 … “

20.14  Yuriy Lutsenko  said that today found near Kiev body belongs, probably, the man who kidnapped together with Igor Lutsenko .

“Power on the warpath,” – said the former head of the Interior Ministry. He also urged the audience to take decisive action.

As the correspondent of “Vesti”, with Maidana people en masse towards Hrushevskoho nominated . Women there are still not allowed. Men who go check the availability of means of protection – tight clothes, helmets, masks and so.

20.02 to the home unions instead of products today, dozens of people have drugs, petrol and car tires.

19.59 On stage was singer Ruslana . She said that today flew from Brussels. According to her, she knew one of the dead guys.

19.57 Yatsenuk the scene also called for more decisive action.

“If the authorities within 24 hours of the guilty will not be punished perpetrators of the murder, then, say for myself: I live with the shame I will not. Tomorrow go ahead. If a bullet in the forehead, then a bullet in the forehead, but honestly.”

19.50 Tyahnibok the scene urged protesters to more decisive action.

He said that on Wednesday Hrushevskoho 5 people died.

According Tyagniboka, he has information that is pulled from the Chernigov region tyazhelae equipment, and allegedly prepared army.

19.38  Vitali Klitschko said that at a meeting with the president heard willingness to discuss the abolition of the Rada adopted January 16 laws, as well as during the next session of Parliament to raise the issue of the government’s resignation.

Klitschko also said to prepare a new assault on the Maidan and called zaschishat it.

19.25  At the scene of the Independence Square came Yatsenyuk Klitschko Tyahnibok. Held a minute’s silence in memory of those killed on Hrushevskoho. After this area sang Anthem of Ukraine.

19.18 The United States strongly condemns the increase in violence in the streets of Kiev and say they are willing to consider additional steps in response to violence after previously been revoked visas to several people.

It goes about this in a statement the U.S. State Department made Marie Harf.

“The United States strongly condemns the increase in violence in the streets of Kiev, which has led to the loss of human life and the death of two demonstrators. We call on all parties to immediately relieve the stress of the situation and to refrain from violence,” – said in a statement.

In addition, the United States urged the Ukrainian government to “undo the anti-democratic legislation and initiate a national dialogue with the political opposition.”

“The United States has revoked visas to several people responsible for the violence, and will continue to consider additional steps in response to the use of violence by all participants,” – says the State Department.

The statement also indicated that the increase in tension in Ukraine was “a direct consequence of the refusal of the Ukrainian government to engage in a real dialogue and the adoption of anti-democratic legislation on Jan. 16.” “However, the aggressive actions of members of the extreme right-wing groups right sectors are unacceptable. We also condemn violence by informal groups known as” titushki “- the statement says.

The State Department also condemned the targeted attacks against journalists and peaceful demonstrators and their detention. “Movement Maidana was determined spirit of nonviolence, which we strongly support,” – said in a statement.

19.01  Yatsenyuk said that during the talks with the government on Wednesday announced a proposal was to collect in the near future session of the Verkhovna Rada adopted to cancel the January 16 laws. This writes the “Interfax-Ukraine” .

“Our position is that Yanukovych called an extraordinary meeting of Parliament … He said that the causes Azarov … and let’s continue tomorrow negotiations concerning the abolition of the laws and the resignation of the Cabinet of Ministers “, – he said at a meeting of the Constituent Assembly of the People’s Parliament.

In addition, he said, the government raised the issue of resignation: “As the government’s resignation has been said that you can think about it.”

At the same time, according to Oleg Tyagniboka , repealed laws could be voted in plenary mode already.

Vitali Klitschko suggested not using scheduled before the procession, which can result in large numbers of casualties. Klitschko called for an early exit of the opposition leaders to the people on the Maidan, which stand for a long time and waiting for the outcome of negotiations.

18.57 Shortly before adviser Oleg Lyashko Andrew Lozovoy  in your Facebook posted the following.

Political bargaining in Ukraine.  Chronicle of events.  Photo 6

Political bargaining in Ukraine.  Chronicle of events.  Photo 7

18.54 In addition to opposition MPs on Parliament People – vnefraktsionnyh  Inna Theological, David Zhvania, Oleg Lyashko .

18.52  People’s Deputy Alexander Brygynets  writes in Facebook :

“Talks: Yanukovych is not able to negotiate, because they are not adequately assess the situation in the country. OL ready to discuss laws on January 16 and all. That is no compromise is not our fault. ”

18.48 People’s Deputy Nicholas Knyazhytskyy writes in Facebook :

“Oleg Tyagnibok : in fact we can say that the negotiations came to nothing. Yatsenuk : offer to withdraw tomorrow Azarov and to continue negotiations. Our demands are clear. ”

18.44 People’s Deputy Maria Matios writes in Facebook :

” Klitschko talks about talks with the President. President have no desire to hear the demands of citizens. Authority adequately assess the situation. concessions does not want to go. ”

18.42 MPs voted for the education of local people’s councils, for the formation of the municipal police.

18.36 On the People’s Parliament voted in favor of training nationwide popular vote of no confidence in Yanukovych and Verkhovna Rada discredited.

18.35 People’s Parliament House profosyuzov opened with a minute of silence in memory of the victims. The presidium – Yatsenyuk Klitschko Tyahnibok, Koshulinsky . There are all MPs who did not vote for the laws on January 16. Radu leads Koshulinsky.

Political bargaining in Ukraine.  Chronicle of events.  Photo 8

Photo: facebook.com / iryna.gerashchenko

MPs unanimously voted for the proclamation of the People’s Rada.

18.32  On the Independence are already tens of thousands of people. All barricades strengthened to a height of five meters. People look forward to speeches by leaders of the opposition.

18.20 Negotiations government and the opposition continue, said Justice Minister Olena Lukash.

About it , she said in a broadcast channel “Inter”.

“Negotiations are ongoing, position of authority – is the peaceful settlement of the conflict. Pity that although the opposition refused to make a statement condemning extremist activities in the capital,” – she said.

According to Lucas, the next round of negotiations is scheduled for Thursday, but the two sides have yet to agree on graphics.

18.15 On the Independence becomes more and more people. As you know, the next scheduled 19.00 Popular Assembly, where leaders of the opposition, in particular, will announce the results of the talks with Viktor Yanukovych .

18.11  The protesters erected barricades second line near the hotel “Dnipro” across the street Hrushevskoho. People there demolished metal panels, fittings and boards.

Still burning car tires. Protesters throw in “Berkut” “Molotov cocktails” and those shooting gas and stun grenades.

17.47  SAI covers entry to the center of Kiev.

17.45  Self Maidana not miss women on Hrushevskoho.

17.40 Lviv declared mourning for the dead on the street. Hrushevskoho in Kiev. Such an order issued Lviv Mayor Andriy Sadovy .

17.32  Developments in the Ukrainian capital remains one of the main topics on the pages of the Western media who write about “radicalization Evromaydana intimidation against the backdrop of protesters using provocateurs and SMS.”

17.30  Yanukovych met with opposition called the first stage of negotiations.

17.21 Opposition leaders have already left the building of the Presidential Administration . Refused to comment on the policy, but said that all information will be on the national Chamber evening.

16.44 Armed Forces of Ukraine will not participate in events related to the protests in Kiev.

“Apply APU against protesters will not. All military personnel and equipment are in places of permanent deployment” – told “Interfax-Ukraine” representative office.

Political bargaining in Ukraine.  Chronicle of events.  Photo 9

Battles in Kiev on Wednesday. Photo: A. Temchenko

16.32  Vicar of Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, the Metropolitan and the Chernobyl Vyshgorodsky,Bishop Paul (Swan) assured President Yanukovych in his support. This LB.ua told parishioners attending the service.

“Today you are carrying a heavy cross and the Church today with you to the end, just as Simon Kirineysky helped carry the cross of Christ on Calvary,” – said Pavel Yanukovych during a solemn sermon in Kiev-Pechersk Lavra.

At the service, except Yanukovych attended Andriy Klyuyev, Victor Pshonka and other top leaders of the country.

16.25  The police did not rule out that the body of a man was found today in Boryspil district of (Kiev region) may belong to the missing activist Yuri Verbitsky.

16.22  In schools and gardens center of Kiev was not and would not evacuate . This is what we told the head of the education Pechersk district Ala Hall.

“This order was not. School near the metro station “Khreschatyk” parents just take their children, some students of the teacher put yourself on the subway. In some schools, parents are asked to wait for their arrival home from work. Mugs and all lessons are planned as usual.I am sure that no one will touch us, “- told us the Town Hall.

16.21  Chief Editor of “People’s Tribunal” Denis Hnatiuk said that the information that the man who fell from the colonnade Stadium. Lobanovskiy alive – not true.

He added that his medical acquaintances who work in Kyiv City Clinical Hospital № 17, confirmed the death of a man who fell from the colonnade because shot (where not specified) on Hrushevskoho writes “Ukrainian Truth” .

16.19  today Kiev Metro will operate normally.

“No orders to close the central station was not. We are working in normal mode – that is, until midnight. Of course, the employees of underground constantly on the alert, watching the traffic flow and the situation in general. Everything is calm, “- told us spokeswoman Natalya Shumak Moscow metro. According to her, no means of security employees were not given the central stations, security at stations do not increase.

16.07 In the center of Kiev closed trading underground complex “Metrograd”.

15.57  Protesters throwing “Molotov cocktails” on the street. Lutheran in Kiev, close to the presidential administration.

As informs “Interfax-Ukraine” , police cordon outside on the street. Lutheran adjoining ul.Bankovoy, unknown from the crowd threw a few “Molotov cocktails”. Street Lutheran Bankovoj tightened by smoke.

Through the police cordon at the Lutheran Bankova arrived on the scene coach “ambulance”.Also, a fire truck arrived.

Political bargaining in Ukraine.  Chronicle of events.  Photo 10

Battles in Kiev on Wednesday. Photo: A. Temchenko

VIDEO  APCs, and fire fighting on Hrushevskoho

15.40  Self-Defense Groups of Maidan were able to keep the October Palace in an attempt to assault “Berkut”. This was stated by leader self Andrew Paruby in his Facebook .

“It was an attempt to attack and capture of the October Palace” Berkut. “Recaptured” – he wrote.

15.36  Soldiers of “Berkut” completely destroyed the clinic “evromaydana” street Hrushevskoho. This was from the scene correspondent reported “Espreso TV” .

And according to our correspondent, eyewitnesses say that the clinic has got either a grenade, or a smoke bomb, and when the security forces started to push the protesters to the European area, and they cleared the clinic. That is, it was not an organized attack on him.

Doctors on duty at the scene of two-three. Hrushevskoho on duty two ambulances.

15.21  As the correspondent of “Vesti”, ambulances, police stops and takes the hit.

15.13  Killed during a confrontation on the street Hrushevskoho Belarusian – a member of the UNA-UNSO Michael nicknamed Loki. “He was a political refugee from Belarus. Moved 10 years ago and lived in the White Church. At home was his brother, parents do not, he’s an orphan, “- told us Comrade Mikhail Alexei Semenov.

According to him, Loki shot sniper shot went straight into the heart. “He was a very nice man.Engaged in melee combat. I do not know how old he was, somewhere 25. On the Independence was from the beginning, “- says Alex.

15.09  Offices near the metro station “Pechersky” massively too close.

15.06  is not working most of the restaurants and cafes on Khreschatyk. “We are not asked in the morning to go to work due to an incomprehensible situation nearby. At night we worked. Berkut to us even went to eat, and the waiters refused to serve them, even under threat of dismissal,” – told the “Vesti” restaurant employee “Mafia”

In the SEC “Globus” is now a matter of urgency close to all shops and establishments. “The administration of the mall did not give such an order – this decision by the leadership of the points that we are” – told us the manager on duty “Globes”, Les. But orders for the evacuation of the SEC staff was not here. “I’ll sit here until recently – I can not leave the mall and go” – says Lesya, adding that there is no place to hide it.

Staff at the hotel “Dnepr” in the European area literally cry. “We have just released all employees who work until 18.00. A administrators guard left, because so many rooms passed – there live mostly journalists. Central inputs we close, but still very scary – suddenly” Berkut or protesters want break, “- told us crying into the phone, the receptionist.

The hotel “Khreschatyk” too alert. “Cash registers and we left the staff at the hotel to a minimum. On evacuation, unfortunately, can not be out of the question, since we live too many journalists. Hotel entrance we permanently closed, and people We let-release only with a pass. We hope that everything will be fine, “- told us at the reception.

15.01  One of the victims in the center of Kiev as a result of collisions is a citizen of Belarus. It is reported by the Belarusian service of “Radio Liberty” .

“One of the dead today in Kiev – Belarusian Zhiznevsky Mikhail,” – said in a statement.

Political bargaining in Ukraine.  Chronicle of events.  Photo 11

Photo courtesy svaboda.org

14.57  The police say that the activists used unknown gas that causes more damage than normal tear gas.

“A lot of our guys were seriously poisoning with this substance. It’s more like a liquid nitrogen – told “lead” the press service of the Interior Ministry. – Today we seized the activists several barrels with such material, our experts are finding out what it was. ” Suffered the most during the campaign for nearly 200 law enforcers.

As we reported a source in the Interior Troops, the order to storm the house or Maidan unions they did not receive. ‘Clear the European area and there will be secured, “- says the source.

14.55 Press Lutsenko, secretary Larisa Gar wrote on Facebook  , referring to sources, the security forces are asked to free up space around 15.30 Maidana not just office workers, but also people.

14.51  The Interior Ministry until confirmed only two of the deaths of protesters .According to preliminary information, the Attorney General, one victim of gunshot wounds.

“To say this is impossible, as the final conclusions can only give forensics. Now they fix it – told “lead” the press service of the Interior Ministry. – It is known yet about the two deaths.And information about the guy who allegedly fell from the columns, is not confirmed. ”

14.46  In an emergency hospital on the left bank on the second floor of the police on duty.There receives dozens of people with burns and in a state of shock from the explosions of grenades.

People immediately picks up the police , even without waiting for them to administer first aid.

14.43 “News” found that killed tonight in the confrontation with the soldiers of the “Berkut” on the street. Hrushevskoho in Kiev Sergey Nigoyan (villager Bereznovatovka in Dnipropetrovsk) was the only child in the family. When this was not confirmed earlier reports that he left a wife and children.

The victim was engaged in Kyokushin karate and even won the “bronze” Dneprodzerzhinska Championship two years ago.

14.35 Party of Regions issued its statement regarding today’s events

“The opposition has opened a bloody account for their dirty political games – the lives of three young people sacrificed excessive ambitions of candidate triples. Dropping the tragic death of opposition activist, organized at the direction of Maidan leaders precision bombing” Molotov cocktails “with trinadtsatimetrovoy colonnade stadium” Dynamo ” Lobanovskyy behalf. Two activist in extremely mysterious circumstances suffered gunshot wounds, incompatible with life.

We are confident that as a result of the necessary investigative actions, forensic examinations will be given the answers to all the questions society will be established artists and customers of these heinous crimes.

However, today it is necessary to answer the question, who is now advantageous for the death of civic activists. In the past few weeks could clearly see very disturbing trend – the opposition leaders and their spin doctors persistently and purposefully tried all possible ways to provoke a tough phase of confrontation, to mobilize their supporters to take radical steps to create an image of “innocent victim” suffered in the fight with the government.

Every day in the media and social networks massively replicated information about “loosened nuts on wheels opposition cars”, “Missing and brutally beaten up.” And every day these “stories” are becoming more and content – all the harder.

Given the dramatic events of January 19, it becomes apparent – the organizers of the coup against the state step by step preparing their radical supporters to a bloody climax. “

14.25 Cabinet removed restrictions on water cannons USE WITH FROST AND ALLOWS POLICE HAND SMOKE GRENADE AND NEW GAS AND stun grenades

On it informs  “Interfax-Ukraine” .

14.23  Several dozen supporters of the actions of the current government (mostly women) came from the Mariinsky Park towards the cordon of law enforcement on the street Hrushevskoho to thank them for the implementation of law enforcement in Kiev.

As informs “Interfax-Ukraine” with reference to the “Channel 5”, women want to thank the members of Special Forces “Berkut” for “to move freely” in the capital. From protesters. At this time, many protesters are in the European area, continuing to resist law enforcement agencies.

The main part of the protesters is on Independence Square in anticipation of the assault. All barricades fortified, protesters armed with baseball bats, sticks, armatures.

14.21  Information about the burning of the Kiev office of the Party of Regions was untrue.


On it informs “Interfax-Ukraine” .

The government allowed the bodies of internal affairs in the case of information on possible violations of public order temporarily restrict the movement of vehicles on the streets and territories, as well as temporarily restrict access of citizens to certain areas or objects.

14.10 Meeting of three opposition leaders and Yanukovych held in the presidential administration.

14.04  According to the people of the units of the People’s Self-Defense, at 16.00 to begin the attack on Evromaydan – why now being strengthened barricades even from Downtown. Meanwhile barricade from the Houses union reached a height of five meters.

14.02  From the stage Evromaydana made ​​Yuriy  Lutsenko . Among other things, he said that negotiations with Viktor Yanukovych is not enough: “The worst thing that could happen (trimming Hrushevskoho) already happened.”

14.00  On the Independence very stink of cooking gas, the correspondent of “Messages”.Because of this, there protesters started to panic – all others did not even ask to smoke because of the risk of fire.

In place called gas service.

13.55  Mayor of Kharkiv Gennady Kernes at the session of the City Council did not keep emotions and swore obscenities, when they showed a video activist Evromaydana.

13.50  … Meanwhile in the Verkhovna Rada registered a bill to repeal the law, adopted on 16 January 2014.

13.44  In the city center staffed by five ambulances .

13.35  On stage act Evromaydana opposition. For example, Vice-Speaker of ParliamentKoshulinsky urged Ukrainians to go out tonight in the city center. Calls attack “Berkut” on stage is not.

13.33  Outdoor Hrushevskoho in close proximity to the building of the Cabinet of Ministersworth armored fighting vehicle , reports  delo.ua . Currently, the government is the Cabinet meeting.

Also on the road section on Ul.Grushevskogo from the building of the Cabinet to the Parliament is more than a dozen trucks with covered cargo compartment for transporting people with a designation letter “K”. Also there were several machines “ambulance” and fire trucks.

However, on Ul.Grushevskogo hear music and songs wafting from the Mariinsky Park.Russian songs sound the “Lube”.

In the courtyard of the Cabinet is a lot of buses in which, apparently, are law enforcement officers, as well as a van with the words “Making an accident.”

13.30  Now in the center of Kiev patrol five ambulances. This was stated by Director of Department of Health Vitaly Mokhorev . According to him, only in Kiev state hospitals today have 1,000 empty seats.

“This refers to the place in all departments of all hospitals. Unless enough beds in specialized wards, will lay down in the non-core” – says Mokhorev. He added that additional forces Kiev doctors do not even need. “I think we can handle on their own. All the necessary medicines and dressings we have” – ​​he said.

13.29  Meanwhile Berkut one catch protesters and leading them on “their” territory.

13.27  Journalist “Vesti” reported that between “Berkut” and protesters formed a gap of approximately 100 meters.

Law enforcers are dense in rows. Protesters also harness tires and create a smokescreen.

13.26  Employees City Hall told “Vesti”, that they were ordered to flee the city hall building . And in the Alexander Hospital in the emergency room where the injured may bring with Gruschevskogo, police on duty.

In addition, employees of banks in the city center, ordered to take out cash.

13.25  The police opened criminal proceedings on the discovery of corpses with gunshot wounds on the street. Hrushevskoho in Kiev on Wednesday morning.

“Criminal proceedings opened under Art. 115 part 1 of the Criminal Code (murder),” – said the agency “Interfax-Ukraine” in law enforcement.

Interlocutor of the agency stressed that this pre-qualification.

13.11  Reporter “Vesti” reported that the territory Evromaydana mobilized men – of “bins” podostavali Molotov cocktails. Now they barricade near the entrance to the house of the European Union at least a hundred.

In addition, according to the observations of protesters, many policemen entered the Ukrainian House. In the ranks of the self-defense groups believe that the police will soon run to help “Berkut” Evromaydan attack.

13.06  The leader of the “Fatherland” Yatsenyuk said that he and the leaders of the opposition parliamentary factions Vitali Klitschko and Oleg Tyahnibok go to a meeting with President Viktor Yanukovych.

“At 13.45 the three of us go to Yanukovych. Meeting confirmed” – wrote Yatsenuk account on “Ukrainian Truth”.

13.02  On the Independence of the boys appeared “right sector”, which has already procured Molotov cocktails to attack the “Berkut”. Reports the correspondent of “Messages”.

Another column of men with Molotov cocktails runs from the street Instytutska.

The territory Evromaydana dumped a large number of wounded, and there they have the first medical aid.

13.01  On Evromaydane started to prepare for storm – activists have begun to strengthen the barricades from the European area. From the stage at the Independence, there are calls to law enforcement agencies to fight back, who spent on cleanup Hrushevskoho.

Women are asked to leave the tent city.

Meanwhile, in the center of the fighting – on the European Square and near the stadium “Dinamo” – the protesters had to surrender their positions.

12.52  Yanukovych calls on the opposition to the negotiating table and stop CONFRONTATION

“Once again I ask people not to succumb to the appeals of political radicals.’s Not too late to stop and resolve the conflict peacefully. Again urge the opposition to the negotiating table and stop the confrontation,” – says the President’s message on the recent events in Kiev.

12.48  “Berkut” trying to enter the headquarters on the street. Hrushevskoho transmitsEspreso.TV . Protesters retreat, but some try to resist law enforcement officers.

At the same time the bulk of the security forces retreating from the European area.

12.44  According to the correspondent of “Vesti” Alexander Sibirtsev, street Hrushevskoho tipped!

Protesters pushed. Many wounded – medical centers packed to capacity. Alexander also was injured – he laceration feet . Our journalist first aid was provided on site. Soon it will be delivered to the clinic.

Activists with Evromaydana meanwhile suited to European Square and security forces sometimes throw paving stones, and law enforcement officers responsible throws stun grenades.

12.33 Offensive law enforcement “Berkut” turned into an active phase – the soldiers ran to the Maidan. Protesters run back to the Maidan.

12.25 “Berkut” pushed the protesters behind the barricades, lined up in rows, pprikryvayas shields. Protesters sometimes they throw Molotov cocktails and meet pravoohrniteli throws stun grenades.

12.06 Spetsnaz fighters organize the so-called “turtle” – rearrangement, during which Berkut raise shields up. Among the protesters are preparing to take action on the part of law enforcement.

12.00 Between “Berkut” and protesters started a fight

11.57 Meanwhile Hrushevskoho defense force, building barricades with snow. There appeared the soldiers of internal troops from Kharkov and Kiev students. Students are at the forefront, reports correspondent of “Messages” from the scene.

11.39 Meanwhile, the Interior Ministry said that aid to the days of confrontations have needed 167 law enforcement agencies, 84 of them – were hospitalized.

11.28  In response to the actions against protesters on Maidan in November and December last year, the U.S. Embassy canceled the visas of several citizens of Ukraine related to the use of force.

11.17  One of the victims on the street today Hrushevskoho Sergei Nigoyan was from Bereznovatovki (Dnipropetrovsk region. – Ed.), and studied at Dnipridzerzhinsk.

“He studied there in college sports. He was 20 years old. Wanted to become a professional athlete,” – told us a friend Sergei Victoria Garden.

More  Killed on Hrushevskoho activist studied in college sports

11.11 The police have confirmed the presence of two bodies in the infirmary Evromaydana.Now set the character of injuries and the time of death. On-site works investigative team and the medical examiner. About it, “Vesti” said deputy head of the press service of Ministry of Internal Affairs Ivan Babaev.

11.01 In the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Ministry of Health in Kiev did not report the death of a second activist, but reported that 12.00 will be a briefing, on which will be informed of the latest news – by the time the Ministry of Health, according to them, will have all the necessary information.

10.37  Members of the self Evromaydana reported that during this night and in the morning there are constant provocations by the so-called titushek.

“About every 20 minutes come to us guys sporting appearance, which make attempts to dismantle the barricades,” – told representatives of the People’s Self-Defense correspondent of “Messages”.

10.08  During confrontations protesters and the law enforcers on street Grushevskogo todaydead still one demonstrators .

The journalists of “Vesti” said one of the doctors of medical service Evromaydana.

Mortally wounded man, who appeared to be 25-30 years old, got to the heart. The victim has not yet been identified.

09.56 media reported one death to another Hrushevskoho .

Activist who fell from a 13-meter colonnade “Dinamo” stadium them. Lobanovskyy during opposition protesters and security forces on the street Hrushevskoho died on January 21 in the metropolitan hospital. This was reported by UNIAN .

Information about his death confirmed in self-defense headquarters Maidan. At the moment, the name of the victim is unknown.

09.12  young men who were shot on the street Hrushevskoho Nigoyan is Sergey.

09.01 The reason why the “Berkut” got to barricade the protesters on the street Hrushevskoho emergence of information that allegedly Molotov cocktails protesters added liquid sodium, which is a dangerous substance that causes burns.

08.01 Staff Special Forces “Berkut” crossed the area, separating them from the barricades erected by the protesters and pushed them off the street Hrushevskoho.

After that law enforcers have started parsing facilities.

07.58 In the Ukrainian Interior Ministry confirmed that the street is Hrushevskoho human body with injuries still unknown nature.

07.31 During the confrontation on the street Hrushevskoho on Wednesday night at one of the demonstrators received gunshot wounds, which resulted in death.

04.05  Night “front line” in the street Hrushevskoho passed relatively quietly, not counting the constant roar of the metal. In the night between the barricade and rows of police appeared a group of priests. They read a variety of spiritual texts.

Protesters continue to shout various provocative and insulting words against the police officers. “We still have all the bedrooms” – screaming radicals.

02.12  President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko believes nightmare and disaster political crisis in Ukraine. If you take the power in these presidential elections, those who are attacking – this long, “- said the president.

He promised to help, if it be asked, as well as the thought of Western interference in the internal affairs of Ukraine

01.48  Foreign Ministry believes that all statements by Western politicians agree with the proposals voiced by President Yanukovych: democratic dialogue and the search out of the situation.

01.06  Soldiers police special repulsed an attempt to attack by radicals GRUSHEVSKIY.They tried to approach the law enforcement agencies, in order to cast aside their “Molotov cocktails”, I even threw a few charges, but then hastily retreated. Law enforcers have not moved a single step.

The rest – all is quiet.


23.32  The UN has called on the leaders of the Ukrainian opposition does not support theextremist protesters. There recognized the right of the police to do their duty in accordance with the law and human rights

22.38  Prime Minister Mykola Azarov did not rule out the use of force under the legislation, if the confrontation in the center of Kiev will not stop. At the same time he hoped common sense protesters.

The Prime Minister also confirmed that the Cabinet is not going to introduce a state of emergency and will hope for successful negotiations.

21.40 In the media reported that the government is preparing to disperse theprotesters on Hrushevskoho and, if possible, on the Maidan.

According  ZN.UA  citing a source in the Council of National Security and Defense, the authority has prepared a detailed plan for stripping. So, it is reported that the operation is planned to involve 4631 employee Interior Troops, 1460 and 1530 policemen fighters “Berkut”.

20.50  In Ukraine, trying to overthrow the legitimate institutions of government by force.This is stated in the draft statement of the State Duma of the Russian Federation“On the aggravation of the situation in Ukraine”, which is tomorrow, January 22 at the plenary session will consider Russian deputies.

19.55 The Ukrainian authorities must do everything to avoid military confrontation in the country. This Prime Minister Mykola Azarov said .

He, in particular, believes that information about the number of participants and the so-called Evromaydana Antimaydana represented fairly.

“The Western media pay attention to one Maidan and do not pay for another. And another Maidan (Antimaydane) represented all Ukraine. If you look at the geography, who is in Kiev Maidan, where we note that very few people from the major regions of Ukraine. In basically three areas – Ivano-Frankivsk, Lviv, Ternopil. All. And on the Maidan, which near the Verkhovna Rada – represented all Ukraine “, – said Azarov.

19.35  On Hrushevskoho currently the situation is calm. As informs “Interfax-Ukraine” , the protesters continuously knocking on the barrels.

At the main entrance to the Stadium. Lobanovskyy are hundreds of people.

Of the van with the logo of “Fatherland” sounded Ukrainian songs and calls for special forces “to the side of the people.” Police have assured that they will be employed and provide security “after the regime change.”

19.23  Kharkov Governor Mikhail Dobkin believes adopted by the Verkhovna Rada on January 16 laws are too loose . He also said he was preparing documents for the prohibition of “Svoboda”.

19.00 Prosecutor General Viktor Pshonka met with opposition leaders Arseniy Yatsenyuk and Oleg Tyagnibok on the latest developments on Hrushevskoho.

During the meeting, the opposition, in particular, demanded that the Attorney Generalto prohibit “Berkut” shoot people.

18.34  Nearly two thousand people of Lviv and 200 units of the car block in Lviv, the press service of the western department of internal troops.

For blockade siloviki have  sued  under Article 279 “Blocking transport and communications, as well as the seizure of the transport company,” for which the restriction of freedom activists face up to three years.

17.57  Adviser to the President of Ukraine Andriy Portnov believes that taking place in the center of Kiev events are responsible opposition leaders.

16.59 Also Klyuyev said that NSDC abandoned state of emergency

16.51  Klitschko came out of the negotiation process with the government to resolve the crisis in the country.

“Constructive conversation did not happen, Klitschko began to assert that comes out of the negotiation process,” – said the NSDC Secretary Andriy Klyuyev.

16.42  during clashes on the street in Kiev Hrushevskoho most injuries activists got from using his own pyrotechnics.

This was stated by Head of Public Relations Ministry of Internal Affairs Sergei Boatmen on the TV channel “112”.

16.24 Luhansk regional council asks Yanukovych to impose emergency rule .

16.01  Lviv Mayor Andriy Sadovy personally ready to block military units not to release the security forces in Kiev. Claimed by the press service of the Lviv City Council.

15.42 On Hrushevskoho winged loudspeaker. Protesters ask “Berkut” go on their side, for they promise immunity.

On the barricades is still Klitschko . To it fit different people (mainly pensioners). Politician talking with them about the political situation in the country

15.40 While on Hrushevskoho not cease passion, Kiev City Administration has estimated losses from damage participants of mass protests on Evromaydane and declares that theyaccount for 14 million hryvnia .

15.32 The priests at the barricades on Hrushevskoho bless Klitschko . They baptized him and recite prayers.

15.23  Klitschko  came out to protesters on Hrushevskoho. He said that he had just been in a meeting with the country’s leadership. Oppositionist concluded that the situation does not change and the president refused to go to the concessions.

Reported by special correspondent of “Messages” from the scene.

15.27  In the presidential administration is meeting a working group to resolve the political crisis in the country, under the chairmanship of the Secretary of the NSDC Andriy Klyuyev .

The participants of the meeting joined chairman of a political party “BLOW” Vitali Klitschko .

However, the press service of the head of state noted that now the president of Ukraine, “according to the work schedule conducts a planned meeting with Prime Minister of UkraineMykola Azarov m and First Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine Sergey Arbuzov on socio-economic development of Ukraine in 2014 ” .

Klitschko said “lead” that surprised that the president did not have time for a personal meeting with him.

15.21  On Hrushevskoho girl came with a placard “Marry for Berkut, if he goes to stoonu people”, reports correspondent of “Messages” from the scene. A few minutes ago on barrikadarah near Instytutska appeared Klitschko – he went to the side of the Presidential Administration. Near the stadium “Dinamo” Now everything is relatively calm.

Political bargaining in Ukraine.  Chronicle of events.  Photo 12

Photo: facebook.com / hubs.ukraine

Radicals come close to law enforcement officers and began chanting “Berkut” with the people. “Law enforcers do not apply force to it and just watch what happens.

15.07  Opposition prepares for Ukrainian warning strike. Already established Ukrainian strike committee headed by the People’s Deputy UDARovtsem Sergey Kaplin .

14.50  … Meanwhile, in the echelons of power. Lawmakers from the Party of Regions do not know anything about the urgent gathering in Kiev to participate in the extraordinary session of the Verkhovna Rada. About it, “Vesti” said Regions Oleg Tsarev . “Nobody convenes in Kiev in extraordinary session,” – he said and added that he had no information about the preparation for the introduction of a national emergency.

Earlier Espreso.TV citing its sources in the pro-government party reported that now phones deputies from the Party of received calls demanding to come to Kiev. Because on Thursday scheduled an extraordinary session of the Verkhovna Rada, which will decide on the state of emergency.

14.21 Our reporter says that the situation does not change – no attacks no one produces.

Now Hrushevskoho many “tourists” who photographed the monument Valery Lobanovsky.Meanwhile, protesters erected a new barricade at the entrance to the stadium “Dynamo”.

13.27 Protesters came closer to the BB and shout “Mіlіtsіya s people”. Policemen, in turn, have clubbed their shields to the rhythm of chanting protesters.

13.23  Reporter “Vesti” reported that the situation near the stadium “Dinamo” relatively calm. “Berkut” moved inland Mariinsky park, and stand at the forefront of the internal forces.

Protesters are now not attack. Major role in their environment now occupy priests leading talks with the protesters.

Among other things, the protesters in what was collected stones, who previously ran in law enforcement – the actions they explain the fact that this “weapon” they can still be useful.

12.56 In opposition reported abduction Evromaydana known activist Igor Lutsenko.

Earlier, some media quoted Facebook users reported that on the night of Tuesday, January 21, unknown to one of the activists grabbed Evromaydana Igor Lutsenko under the October hospital and taken in an unknown direction.

12.00  After an overnight interrogation in the assembly hall of the House of Trade Unions released titushek Evromaydana activists, who were first forced to disarm , and then apologize to the people of Kiev.

11.40 In Mariinsky park reassembled the Party of Regions . Currently, their more than three thousand. They lined up in front of the columns for the metal fence and go inside groups.

11.01  detained 13 participants in the riots in Kiev on Ul.Grushevskogo suspected of involvement in the riots.

According to the MOI, generally detained 32 people who delivered the bodies of internal affairs.

10.37  On-site opposition protesters and law enforcement officers on the street in Kiev Hrushevskoho saved stepped dawn truce.

According to  “Interfax-Ukraine” , “fighting”, which ceased after the arrival of the morning clergy until resumed. Several dozen activists focused immediately behind the barricade and burnt a police bus.

In turn, employees are special forces quietly lined up cordons at a distance of several tens of meters.

09.51  About 10 unknowns, roam in the center of Kiev with sticks and hammers were caught Maidana self-defense and delivered to the headquarters of the opposition. Now in the presence of journalists being questioned in the assembly hall of the House of Trade Unions.

08.24  protesters said the center attracts young people athletic. They are staffed by teams in the alleys in the city center, said  “Interfax-Ukraine” .

Press secretary of the leader of “IMPACT” Vitali Klitschko Oksana Zinoviev wrote on his page on Facebook that Klitschko “titushek rides.” According to her, the politician on the street. Hrushevskoho rose on the street. Mikhailovsky, then went on the street.B.Khmelnitsky where “titushek” more than a hundred.

“Klitschko caught two titushek, interrogated and disarmed. Told that brought them from Kherson. Task – to beat the machine, shop windows, block roads and hold mass confusion and fights” – wrote Zinoviev.

In turn, the leader of “Svoboda” Oleg Tyagnibok wrote on his page on Facebook: “Just Yanukovych said about” peace “and immediately started! Titushki shastayut around the government quarter. Provoke, stopping cars, burn. Found another 200 stray titushok in Botanical Garden . Activated “Berkut” in the European. Maidan mobilized, all are determined. ”

03.10 After the decisive attack on the barricade radicals “Berkut organized otshel to their former positions. Cordon raspoldozhilsya 15 meters from the barricades. Protesters immediately returned to their hideout. Correspondent “Vesti” reported from the scene of multiple victims.

02.52 “Berkut held attack on the barricade Hrushevskoho. With rubber bullets and tear gas. barricade was captured, but was not serious fights.

02.40  The soldiers of internal troops repelled another attack by radicals. They tried to shield a large undercover to get close to law enforcement agencies, but the soldiers set fire to shield stun grenades. In response to sounds as many shots of travmatiki. Police dragged the barricade large spotlight and blinding protesters.

02.04  French foreign ministry made ​​the statement in which he condemned the clashes in the center of Kiev, and also expressed concern about the laws adopted by the Verkhovna Rada on January 16. France hopes for a constructive dialogue to the conflict.

01.28  By counting the police, only the Sunday confrontation in the center of Kiev, caused damage amounting to 375 thousand hryvnia. This includes cars burned and exploded pavers, and the innocent victim “Dinamo” stadium.

01.07  Units “Berkut” started slowly but surely to advance to the position of radicals near the stadium “Dynamo”. They use non-lethal weapons, including tear gas, the correspondent of “Messages” from the scene.

The protesters were not in debt. They throw stones towards law enforcement and firecrackers.

00.18  On Hrushevskoho protesters again torched buses. In addition, they continue to dismantle the cobblestones to replenish stocks of combat missile weapons. Shooting and drums do not stop.


23.44 Lviv “Freedom” lucky to Kiev hundreds, and perhaps thousands of new fighters for justice. Among them a large number of deputies of different levels.

23.10  In a blow announced that negotiations between the government and the oppositionare not held . However, as noted by the People’s Deputy Paul Rozenko, took a real step towards negotiating a peculiar training.

Opposition demands that negotiations led by the president, not the people. In addition, they put forward a number of requirements and are now waiting for the reaction.

22.56 Ukraine’s Foreign Ministry made ​​a statement in which he asks the international community to condemn radical actions of protesters taking place on the street in Kiev Hrushevskoho.

22.12 Authorities Kharkiv, Donetsk and Crimea denounced unrest in the capital .

21.55  The confrontation between protesters and police officers at Ul.Grushevskogo in the center of Kiev began to deteriorate .

As informs “Interfax-Ukraine” , security forces tried to get out of the shelters and assumed enhanced hail of stones and “Molotov cocktails” by protesters. At the same time, police caught several active protesters. They used physical force to them, then took them with him.

21.50 Lviv again hundreds of townspeople gather for “Night Watch”  security forces to bases, which supposedly should take on reinforcements in Kiev.

21.08  The protesters climbed the arch near the stadium and fired Lobanovskyy “Berkut” fireworks. Soldiers responded with tear gas them.

20.55 On Hrushevskoho “Berkut” again began to pour out of the jet barricade collected from burned vehicles.

20.47 “Berkut” protesters threw stun grenades. There are at least two victims, the correspondent of “news” from the scene.

20.41 Part circulation “Voice of Ukraine” was removed from the press about an hour ago, another part – at 20.30. Several packages of newspapers Publishing staff presented the opposition , the correspondent of “Messages” from the scene. 

20.26  Protesters with a metal pole broke on Hrushevskoho lights . They believe that the darkness will help law enforcement protesters throwing stones and “Molotov cocktails”.In addition, the protesters are trying to break the power lines in the area.

As shields used tables like tables ping-pong, as well as billboards “Dynamo”.

By evening in Kiev very colder, but that does not stop the picketers. A scuffle between them and the security forces continues.

20.15  According to the source “Vesti”, part of the circulation of the newspaper “Voice of Ukraine” has already taken out from the printer for distribution.

20.02 Protesters on Hrushevskoho used old tactic of “walking-cities” – mobile field fortifications.

However, instead of the traditional in this case carts with shields used toilets.

Video: TV Espreso

19.58 The police say they do not lead any negotiations with the protesters.

“We will stand as required, but will not counterattack. Such an order can only give the head of the rank not lower than the Minister of the Interior,” – said the ministry.

19.42  On the st. Hrushevskoho white van pulled up . Now he travels toward the police cordon. It is followed by the protesters.

Maybe they want to use it to break. On the roof of the bus is a person calls and shouts through a megaphone.

Also on the street Hrushevskoho suddenly  exploded  fireworks. On the official page on Facebook Evromaydana reported that fireworks launched in honor of the birthday of the Interior Minister Vitaly Zakharchenko.

Video: Youtube/Frankensstein1

19.39 In tweeted “Freedom” states that deputies from the party block circulation of the newspaper “Voice of Ukraine”.

19.31  Outdoor Hrushevskoho where the confrontation between protesters and police officers suddenly exploded fireworks .

19.29 The laws adopted by the Verkhovna Rada on Thursday, have already been printedin the newspaper of the Verkhovna Rada “Voice of Ukraine”.

This was  written on Facebook  lawmaker from “Freedom” Igor Miroshnichenko .

Political bargaining in Ukraine.  Chronicle of events.  Photo 13

Photo: facebook.com / Igor Miroshnichenko

19.15 On Hrushevskoho lit one of the barricades .

19.02 Protesters dismantled metal fence, near the hotel “Dnepr”. Activists plan to build a portable shield in human growth.

A built catapult hike closer to the line of battle. She reportedly already in force.

Constantly working clinic. Just what brought the two victims, who underfoot stun grenades exploded.

Political bargaining in Ukraine.  Chronicle of events.  Photo 14

Catapult. Photo: S. Kharchenko

Political bargaining in Ukraine.  Chronicle of events.  15 photos

Catapult. Photo: S. Kharchenko

18.55 As the “Vesti” , talks Ukrainian authorities and the opposition.

18.43 In the midst of riots in the Ukrainian capital Kiev on the internet buy bulletproof vests and gas masks.

18.32 President Viktor Yanukovych appealed to the Ukrainian people .

“But the path of peace, hard work, unity of the people and our commitment to build in Ukraine high living standards of people will lead us to success. War, destruction, violence destroy Ukraine. I call for dialogue, compromise, for calm in our native land. I believe in the people of Ukraine. Confident in the wisdom of our people. And ready to serve the state and people of faith and truth, as long as enough of my strength and confidence of the people, “- said the head of state.

Yanukovych urged Ukrainians to preserve the integrity of the state, and also promised to make efforts to ensure public order, protection of civilians: “I will use all legal and other laws of Ukraine provided methods to ensure public order and security of all our countrymen.”

18.19 And the police claim that localized conflict , which is now “continues in a slow mode.”

18.17  Restaurant “Sushiya” on the street. Hrushevskoho Monday was closed . In the next “Coffee House” told us that the day of the confrontation came to them, mostly journalists and protesters who want to bask.

“We saw several wounded. One guy was rewound to hand. People came to us for a short while – once again bask in and went out into the street” – told us in the cafe. Here added that “Sushiya” visitors were few, and the administration of the restaurant is not recommended that they leave the premises.

18.12  Injured in Kiev evromaydana activists are willing to accept in Lviv hospitals, regardless of the place of residence. The solution Lviv physicians wrote on his page in the social network Facebook announced Lviv Mayor Andriy Sadovy .

17.58 Some members of “Svoboda” threatening to leave the game due to the fact that the opposition leaders do not support radical actions “right sector.”

“It is said that one third of the members of” Freedom “, after on Veche Oleg Tyahnibokradicals called nits, decided to leave the party, “- wrote Kolomiec.

Such information in social networks unveiled activist Evromaydana Roman Kolomiec his words duplicate sites of radical organizations.

17.39  Prosecutor General Viktor Pshonka addressed to the organizers and participants of events on Hrushevskoho January 19 and 20. Pshonka named the situation complicated. In addition, he said, it violates the law.

17.35 The police say that while there is no need to enter on Hrushevskoho armor and “Berkut” completely in control.

17.32  Ex-Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko has expressed support for the protesters in Kiev and urged the current government to resign.

17.25  Protesters outside Hrushevskoho getting to close to the cordon “Berkut”, covered with wooden boards.

Forwards began throwing stones at security forces and “Molotov cocktails”, and those in response threw stun grenades. After this, some attackers ran off back. Others remain near the barricades established before the law enforcers.

17.23  Amid heavy clashes in the capital Hrushevskoho Street in social networks have been actively discussing the topic of emergency mobilization of military age Ukrainians.

Ground for conversations gave Facebook user Andrew Hooke, who reported on his page on the alarming call from the recruiting office Obolon Kiev. “I just called me from the recruiting office. Announce that I mobilized for war … We will fight,” – he wrote.

However, in the enlistment “Vesti” categorically deny this information. “It’s someone posted information in the net once again to haunt the people”, – told us at reception recruiting office.

17.11  Sunday protesters clash with police officers, which occurred near the entrance to the stadium “Dinamo”, literally tore sotsseti Ukrainians and already claims to be the most discussed social and political themes of all of 2014.

Someone confused radical methods of protesters, while others – on the contrary, supported.In any case, the picture with burning buses and wounded people did not leave anyone indifferent.

16.52 Protesters chain police shoot fireworks .

Firework explodes behind law enforcement. The remaining protesters welcome this enthusiastic shouts.

Political bargaining in Ukraine.  Chronicle of events.  Photo 16

Frame of the video: ustream.tv / channel / euromajdan

16.13  On the Independence – a general mobilization .  Andrew Paruby urged all concerned to come to the Maidan and recorded in a self-defense units:

“I, as the commandant of the Maidan, declare full mobilization of volunteers,” – said Paruby.

16.00 From the metro station “Arsenal” to Mariinsky Park circa 300 people in black clothes, reports RBC-Ukraine .

Police missed these people freely through the barricades in front of the Ministry of Health.

When asked where they were going and for what purpose, the men in black said, “Come to defend its citizens.”

15.52  During the riots in Kiev on Hrushevskoho police had the right to use firearms.This was stated by the head of department and sporting activities of MIA of Ukraine Oleg Matveytsov.

“Article 12 of the Law” On Police “clearly indicates that in the case of an attack on a group of police officers, threatens their lives and health, law enforcement officers have the right to use firearms,” ​​- he said.

15.28  The police say that the losses due to collisions at Hrushevskoho Street are about 3 million hryvnia.

According to the press-secretary of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Sergey Burlakov activists were burned six units of equipment (four buses and two special automobile). “Besides actually burned Lobanovskiy stadium ticket office. Dredged all pavers. Losses will be significant,” – quoted him  112.ua .

15.00 Activists have build a catapult  out of wooden stairs, our correspondent says.Obviously, the stones certainly drifted to the wall siloviki.

Political bargaining in Ukraine.  Chronicle of events.  Photo 17

facebook.com / EuroMaydan

14.58  “Berkut” Hrushevskoho to let gas troops fired rubber bullets. On the ground is difficult to breathe, the protesters handed out masks.

14.53 According to political analysts interviewed, oppoziitsii should not expect big concessions authorities – can be changed only some of the provisions of the laws of resonance.

14.38 activists on the ground fighting became even more – already 4-5 thousand. Stones and bombs fly in the “Berkut” increasingly, protesters pulled actively paving the driveway.

At 14.18 Hrushevskoho the confrontation.  According to the journalist, “Vesti”, which is on the scene, the number of protesters is growing, they have about 3-4 thousand.

Constantly heard grenade explosions. Protesters throw smoke bombs at police.

14.13 … And at this time in the House to the victims who are in the Alexander Hospital,investigators came , our correspondent says.

14.07  European Council expresses its deep concern over the events in Ukraine and calls for a broad dialogue to resolve the political crisis, reports  Interfax-Ukraine .

14.06 Reporter “Vesti” reported that Hrushevskoho “Berkut” is shot with rubber bullets.

Political bargaining in Ukraine.  Chronicle of events.  Photo 18

Photos from the group PMOP “Berkut” in vk.com

Political bargaining in Ukraine.  Chronicle of events.  Photo 19

Photos from the group PMOP “Berkut” in vk.com

14.04 question the imposition of emergency in the country on a weekly meeting with Prime Minister Mykola Azarov on Monday was not raised or discussed.

This spokesman Vitaly Lukyanenko head of the Cabinet.

14.00 Meanwhile Hrushevskoho .  To complicate the movement of protesters on the street Hrushevskoho police turned it into a skating rink . According to the correspondent of “Vesti”, law enforcement officers poured out water from a fire hose.

However, the actions of law enforcement officers occurred protesters do not like – sticks, crowbars and shovels they break the ice for a possible new assault.

On Bole battle with the police flying grenades, stones and meet the protesters’ molotov cocktails. ”

Political bargaining in Ukraine.  Chronicle of events.  Photo 20

Photo: instagramm / paulinka_f

13.58 Four of the victims of the riots eyes removed .

13.40  This morning,  unidentified persons threw  a bottle with flammable window Pechersk district court in Kiev.

Opened criminal proceedings into the attempted property damage, but no one has been detained.

13.33  In the Lions brought the case for the  blockade of  the military units, which are based in the internal troops and “Berkut”.

13.26  The deputy from the “Fatherland” Andrew Pawlowski said that one of the conditions for negotiations opposition fielded condition to suspend the publication of “draconian laws” in the official press. “According to our laws, if the law has not been published, it is not considered to be acting

According to him, according to preliminary information, the authorities agreed not to publish laws .

13.15  The Interior Ministry confirmed the detention of the journalist, “Radio Liberty”.

“It was some of the most active citizens who were thrown into police prohibited items. Detained them. Indeed, one of them – an employee of” Radio Liberty “, but it had no distinguishing marks, proving that he is a representative media. Also, he did not introduce at detention and only in establishing identity revealed that he is a representative of “Radio Liberty” – told in the press service of the Interior Ministry.

13.11  But sending troops from Odessa to Kiev was not planned , said komanduyuschiyupravleniya Southern Territorial Command, Maj. Gen. Igor Plakhuta.

13.09  Buses fighters “Berkut” go from Ternopil through Rivne to Kiev, says the protests in the net. Meanwhile in Lviv and Ivano-Frankivsk activists blocked the exit to Kiev fighters explosives, blocking the road with their cars.

12.52  According Spilno.tv, at the entrance to the stadium “Dinamo” Lobanovskyy placed snipers . They stand near the letter “O” in the word “Lobanovsky.” The confrontation between demonstrators and “Berkut” on the street watching Hrushevskoho snipers. It also reported that snipers located on the roofs and attics adjoining houses.

12.42  Commandants Maidan in Kiev, they are the same people’s deputies from the opposition, arming self-defense units . This was stated in the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine.

According to police, scalps people handing out two-meter wooden poles with metal tips.”These guys have nothing more than a cold dangerous weapons that they are going to be used for law enforcement injuries,” – say the law enforcers.

Political bargaining in Ukraine.  Chronicle of events.  21 photos

Photo: Sergey Morgunov

11.50 Meanwhile, waiting for a response from the opposition to participate in the negotiations on the settlement of the situation in Ukraine.

“Started working group to resolve the situation in the country, which was created for the settlement under the leadership of Andrew Klyuyeva (NSDC Secretary). The group consisted of the Minister of Justice Olena Lukash and Andriy Portnov (Advisor to the President of Ukraine), “- said the deputy from the Party of Regions Anna Herman .

She also noted that the President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych yet will not participate in the negotiations.

11.33  More than 60 law enforcement officers were hospitalized because of clashesbetween protesters and police officers on the streets of Kiev Hrushevskoho.

10.56  To Hrushevskoho Street, which are hassle police and radicals, came nearly three thousand people, and people keep coming to a place of confrontation with police officers.

Protesters shout: “Kiev, get up!” And “Gang Go!” Wrote  UNIAN .

Street Hrushevskoho also attended by representatives of the church.

The most radical demonstrators continue to throw in commandos stones and “Molotov cocktails”.

Political bargaining in Ukraine.  Chronicle of events.  Photo 22

Photo: S. Kharchenko, “Vesti”

10.01 The number of casualties Kiev clashes of protesters with the police more than 100 people .

9.34  In the police department delivered more than 20 rioters in downtown Kiev.

With regard to 9 people have already made decisions about procedural detention under investigation for massive violations

09.15  Monday morning stopped large-scale assault on law enforcement protesters.

Reporter  espreso.tv  reports that are periodically 5-10 people throw something in the police.In turn, the fighters “Berkut” sometimes fired from a traumatic weapons.

0840  Soldiers of “Berkut”, which on Monday morning are in Mariinsky park lit fires directly on the ground and bask near them.

It was also seen as a front boundary Interior Ministry employees stood priest with a cross that read prayers.

05.18 Outdoor Hrushevskoho near the stadium “Dynamo”, the confrontation with law enforcement officers demonstrators. There was a barricade, which due to the police flying stones and “Molotov cocktails”. In response dealt rare shots of traumatic weapons.

04.51 People’s Deputy Poroshenko urged protesters to agitate Hrushevskoho “Berkut” goes to his side. He also considers it necessary to get to the side of the people’s deputies of the opposition from the majority. He said that we all have a common enemy, though did not specify who.

04.19 The White House firmly demanded that the Ukrainian authorities to negotiate with the opposition, the repeal of laws adopted by December 16 and withdraw all special forces from Kiev. Otherwise, the United States has once again threatened sanctions against members of the Ukrainian leadership.

03.10 Police reported arrests among radical protesters. Among them was a killer nicknamed “Skull”. Total delayed for about ten protesters.

Also in the Interior Ministry reported 49 hospitalized by police officers. While security forces did not have resistance scalps protesters.

02.44. Besides MVD technology on the street and sidewalks Hrushevskoho from rampant protesters injured “Dinamo” stadium. His offices were burned, set on fire by Molotov cocktails.

02.20 Where to look for victims:

Hospital Emergency Room – 2 persons.

Hospital № 3 – 1 person.

Hospital № 9 – 3 people

Hospital number 12 – 6 people.

Hospital number 17 – 6 people.

Alexander Hospital – to 6 people.

By the police 27 hospitalized victims. All – in Hospital MIA

01.15 Vitali Klitschko said about the possibility of civil war. He warned that the authorities did not believe, nor Reconciliation Commission, which ordered the creation of Yanukovych. It demands the immediate resignation of the president and the police from the streets care.

00.49 The Interior Ministry said about the destruction of six protesters units.

00.28 Yanukovych instructed the Secretary of the NSDC Andriy Klyuyev establish a working group with representatives of the Cabinet and the AP to deal with issues to resolve the political crisis.

00.05  Foreign Ministries of the United States and Poland made ​​an immediate end to military confrontation in Kiev and the opening of negotiations between the warring parties.


23.35  As reported by the Research Affairs of the city of Kiev, at the moment in clashes in Kiev suffered more than 70 law enforcement officers.

One of the law enforcement officers found stab injury. Hospitalization, at the moment, needed 13 employees.

23.15  Protesters torched “Molotov cocktails” another car ad on Hrushevskoho. Law enforcement agencies are unable to extinguish the fire. They retreated. While hail stones and “Molotov cocktails” does not stop.

22.20  Yanukovych  suggested the opposition  to hold a round table on the situation in the country.

About it in his blog on the social network Twitter said MP from the “Fatherland” Alexander Brygynets .

According to him, Yanukovych specified with the chairman called “Batkivshchyna”Arseniy Yatsenyuk . After calling Yanukovych Yatsenyuk also called the head of the National Security Council and Defense Andriy Klyuyev .

22.12  Two men “Berkut” activists were captured and dragged to the Maidan. People began to shout, “the scene of their”.

22.06  One of the protesters on the street. Hrushevskoho severed brush blast noise grenades.

21.57 It is reported that Klitschko has already released from Yanukovych .

21.49  Correspondent of “Kiev” newspaper “Vesti” Vyacheslav Veremei wounded stun grenades.

“I am wounded. Grenade exploded right under your feet. I injured left hand. Shard hit in the left eye – I do not see anything”, – told our reporter on the phone.

21.46  Radicals drew off one of the buses , which covered the law enforcers from flying into them stones and other objects.

As informs “Interfax-Ukraine” , now in the cordon formed gap, which does not interfere directly protesters throw stones at police officers and other items.

21.23 … And the leaders of three opposition factions Yatsenyuk, Oleg Tyahnibok and Vitali Klitschko have filed lawsuits regarding the illegality of the vote in Parliament on January 16

21.05 It is learned that the leader of “IMPACT” Vitali Klitschko  held in Mezhigorie for talks with President Viktor Yanukovych .

21.02 On the Independence Square little people now. About a thousand people gathered at the scene and listen to the master Eugene Nischuk.

20.39 Meanwhile, in the slaughterhouse, which runs on the street Hrushevskoho already injured three dozen police officers.

20.35  Police reports that detained four active participants in today’s events in Kiev.

20.13  Protesters say “Berkut” began to use the traumatic weapon.

20.06  All the tiles under the columns “Dinamo” stadium was almost dismantled (her recall radicals throw the police). Activists also began to appear umbrellas, which intends to protect from water.

19.52  About 200 radicals organized in the direction of Park went – to the helipad, our correspondent says. Apparently, they are planning something

At the same time, about 300 men with shields went in the direction of “Berkut”.

Political bargaining in Ukraine.  Chronicle of events.  Photo 23

Photo: Youtube / RadioSvobodaOrg

19.46  One faer ranked fighters “Berkut”, the correspondent of “Messages”.Law enforcement caught fire, but he managed to put out.

19.45 After the bus radicals throw fireworks at police. Before him – an inverted side passenger cars, which drags the board, turning it into a mini-barricade, behind which hides a few people. They continue to throw stones towards police officers.

19.39 One of the officers jumped out in front of the bus, cut the rope for which dragged protesters.

19.36 On the scene at the height of the fighting. Radicals using ropes trying to pull the burned bus, followed by – the police. Thundering drums, do not stop exploding grenades.

19.34 Leader “hit” Vitali Klitschko recorded videeobraschenie prezidentuViktoru to Yanukovych, then went to his residence in Mezhigorie.

It is reported by the party “BLOW” tweeted .

“I appeal to Viktor Yanukovych : you are fighting against their own people! Stop the situation from escalating. Not incite the police and special units for people. Stop the war against the citizens of Ukraine, who call two months to hear their demands, “- said Klitschko.

He urged Yanukovych to remove police and Berkut “titushek” from the streets. “Stop it! The only way out of this terrible crisis is already a complete change of government, against which people revolted. Appointment of early presidential and parliamentary elections. Find the courage and do not repeat the way Ceausescu and Gaddafi. In this struggle still win the Ukrainian people, “- said Klitschko.

Video: BLOW info

19.27 Radicals managed to pull out of the failure of one of the fighters “Berkut”, who rushed for activists. He swooped down on a few people who kicked him and sticks.

19.19 between the police and the bulk of the band formed mitinguyuschi empty space. Some of the most radical people continue their crowd throwing stones police. They fly toward stun grenades.

Radicals throw Molotov cocktails at police.

Also, police are trying to extinguish a burning bus, but the crowd continued to throw his grenades.

19.13 Meanwhile – another aggravation. The police flying stones, thunder grenades and smoke bombs.

19.09  EU Ambassador to Ukraine Ian Tombinsky urged participants confrontations in Kiev not to aggravate the situation .

“We urge people not to exacerbate an already difficult and dangerous situation. Friendly police may give rise to those who do not want a political solution of the crisis,” – said in comments Tombinskogo.

18.59  Became known the fate of fighters “Berkut”, which previously detained activists of the radical “right sector.”

In pablike  organization says: “Pee **** s from BYT rescued captive Berkut: dressed in civilian and taken out of the House of Trade Unions. ”

18.45  Representatives of the “right sector” – participants Maidana, who took responsibility for the attack on the “Berkut” – took up the axes . Protesters prepare to go with them on security forces, the correspondent of “Messages” from the scene.

18.40 Law enforcers started showering protesters with water, also used gas.

Police, according to the correspondent of “Vesti” confront about three or four thousand people. Heard cries of “Shame!”.

18.33 The police pushed the protesters a bit. It is this movement protesters took over the beginning of the assault.

18.31  A lot of people are fleeing from the scene in the “Maidan”, our correspondent says.May be preparing an attack “Berkut”

“Well, no, actually, that we are here we storm?” – Said a member of the party “Svoboda” Alexander Aronets leading online broadcast from the event.

18.26 Protesters sprayed water trying to counteract the effects of tear gas.

18.17  The leader of the parliamentary faction of “Fatherland” Yatsenyuk said that the opposition has no relation to the clashes that took place on the street. Hrushevskoho.

18.02  “Berkut” used water cannons to extinguish the flames that erupted as a result of actions of the protesters.

17.40 Some activists surrounded the burning bus and do not miss him other protesters.

Suddenly the lights went out a lot, the correspondent of “Messages”.

17.34 Again, there was an explosion. People chanted “Garbage Rubbish”. But skirmishes until silenced. In the “Berkut” periodically flying stones, but law enforcement officers are not responding.

17.25 On the street came Hrushevskoho water cannon.

Political bargaining in Ukraine.  Chronicle of events.  Photo 24

Photo: vk.com / banderivci

Masked men continue to attack fighters “Berkut” and Internal Troops gas.

17.23 As the “Vesti”, among the leaders Avtomaydana small split . Some representatives Avtomaydana are at the epicenter of events on the street. Hrushevskoho, and some – anywhere.

17.12  Representatives of the “right sector” (radical organization participating in the protests) caught fighter “Berkut” and carry it to the Maidan.

Reports the correspondent  INSIDER  from the scene.

“Carry him by the arms and legs on the Maidan for the” People’s Court “, he said.

17.09 One of the captured again torched buses, all the smoke and gas.

Political bargaining in Ukraine.  Chronicle of events.  Photo 25

Photo: vk.com / doct.olga

17.07 Responsibility for the attack has taken over the organization “Right sector” .This is evidenced by entries in their pablike

“Right sector went to the Verkhovna Rada”, – reported in pablike organization.

17.04 In the column police by protesters flying stones.

Correspondent “Vesti” also reported medica with a broken head, assisted by. What exactly happened is unclear.

17.01 The crowd of protesters with sticks and knocks chanting “Glory to Ukraine – Glory to the Heroes!” and “Glory to the nation”.

16.46 One of the buses zahvachennnyh police , protesters set fire to , however, was soon extinguished.

Political bargaining in Ukraine.  Chronicle of events.  Photo 26

Photo: vk.com / patriotukraines

Continue booming explosions, work on site ambulance teams, hanging in the air with tear gas.

16.44 In a sushi restaurant right next to the scene were trapped visitors. People are not allowed inside and do not release.

16.41 to the scene pulled the new columns of law enforcement.

16.37 The protesters managed to seize two buses “Berkut” . Now law enforcement officers are not available.

16.32 Again rocking militsieysky bus thundering explosions .

16.28 According to the correspondent of “Vesti”, much of the protesters peremaschaetsya for “Dinamo” stadium. The crowd thins out. Where exactly are people still unclear

16. 15 policemen in the crowd trying to enter the unknown bus. Police van screaming rocking. Thundering explosions of smoke grenades.

16.12 Activists periodically attempt to shake and turn militsieysky bus. Hear the cries of “Glory to Ukraine!”.

Political bargaining in Ukraine.  Chronicle of events.  Photo 27

ustream.tv / channel / aronets

16.09 Clashes continue!  Activists use sticks. On all sides are flying smoke bombs – they are left to the police, the police throw them back.

15.40 Some of the activists went to the Maidan to the Verkhovna Rada. At the police cordon on the street began Hrushevskoho protesters skirmish with police officers.

Political bargaining in Ukraine.  Chronicle of events.  Photo 28

Photo: Twitter, nikita_e_ # evromaydan

15.00 Popular Assembly on Independence Square was completed , there began a concert dedicated to the Epiphany . Maidana act on stage folk groups.

14.50 The opposition announced a plan of action approved by the People’s Chamber on the Maidan in Kiev. During the People’s Chamber on Independence Square in Kiev today, January 19, 2014, opposition leaders announced a plan of action items for the near future.The plan was approved by the People’s Chamber, the press service of “Fatherland.”

“January 16 of the Party of Regions, the Communist Party of Ukraine and some individual deputies falsified adoption of a series of unconstitutional legislation. This was in violation of the Constitution, all the rules and regulations of the Verkhovna Rada procedures frankly criminal and illegal manner, without any real debate and vote counting.

In Ukraine, there was a coup aimed at overthrowing the constitutional order in the country, the destruction of the foundations of democracy and parliamentarism. Mentioned so-called laws seriously limit the rights of Ukrainian citizens to freedom of expression and peaceful assembly, and virtually eliminate democracy in Ukraine.

In this regard, we, the participants of the People’s Chamber on Independence Square, decided to:

1. Not to recognize the so-called laws adopted January 16, 2014, as null and void, and those who violate the Constitution of Ukraine.

2. People Create Rada as the union of People’s Deputies of Ukraine, members of the opposition faction “Fatherland”, “Svoboda”, “Beat Vitali Klitschko” and vnefraktsionnyh MPs who are in positions of defending democracy, the constitutional system and parliamentarism.

According to Article 5 of the Constitution of Ukraine, People’s Rada charge after confirmation of its powers by the Ukrainian people, to generate all the power vertical, starting with the government of national trust, which must be supported on the Maidan.

3. Carry-Ukrainian popular vote on the following matters:

  • expression of distrust President Viktor Yanukovych and his resignation constitutional way of expressing distrust those MPs who voted for January 16 so-called “laws of the dictatorship”;
  • confirmation of the constitutional and legal way the people of Ukraine the authority and legitimacy of the National Council;
  • restoration of constitutional order in the country, the impossibility of constructing totalitarianism and dictatorship and a return to the Constitution of Ukraine, as amended and supplemented, amended in 2004, which was unconstitutionally and illegally canceled.

4. Create a Constitutional Assembly as a body to draft a new Constitution of Ukraine, which would reflect a new, qualitatively conscious social contract between the state and citizens to ensure democracy, public trust and the rule of law, restore the balance between the branches of government, strengthening local government.

5. Conduct national democratic elections of Kyiv Mayor and Kyiv City Council, providing them with training and organization.

6. Consult the local authorities to establish municipal police departments and units of the people’s self-defense (public associations to participate in the protection of public order) in order to ensure the realization of the people’s will.

Assign tasks to these units to ensure public safety, the fight against corruption, organized crime, drug trafficking, maintaining law and order during the elections.

7. Release and provide full legal rehabilitation of all political prisoners, including Yulia Tymoshenko, “- the document says.

14.05  On the Popular Assembly, held at the Independence Square, the head of the party “BLOW” Vitali Klitschko said that opposition announces early presidential elections.

13.59  The leader of “Svoboda” Oleg Tyagnibok called sabotage laws adopted by the Verkhovna Rada on January 16 . He said, speaking from the stage on Independence Square. According Tyagniboka, every law enacted January 16 violations of the regulations.”We do not need to comply with them,” – said Oleg Tyahnibok. He noted that the received documents violate the Constitution and, in particular, limit the rights of citizens. “We do not accept and will not comply with such laws … Officials who will comply with such laws, should remember that sooner or later they will be in the dock,” – said O.Tyagnibok.

13.40  One of the opposition leaders Yatsenyuk, speaking from the stage at Maidan Veche, said that the opposition will create a new and popular Radu Krnstitutsiyu. Also, it is about the creation of constitutional byavil sovetayu said that the need to return the Constitution of 2004. In addition, the plans – creation in every city people’s self-defense, and then – the new government. January 22, Yatsenyuk announced all-Ukrainian procession.

13.18  One of the organizers Avtomaydana Dmitry Bulatov said on Maidan that protesters need a single leader of the resistance , who will take the responsibility and lead them to victory. Addressing the leaders of the opposition, he said: “This is not a dance area, and public resistance. We have no more time while you arrange the distribution of posts. We today – last chance to defend themselves, we need a leader of the resistance, which would take the responsibility. ” “Before Avtomaydan urged the opposition to decide on a single candidate. Now it is irrelevant – it is clear that no fair elections next year and will not be in 2015 will appoint the same prisoner,” – said Bulatov. “That’s why we ask you to name a single leader of the resistance,” – he said.

Participants Evromaydana the square front of the stage supported his appeal, chanting “Leader”.

13.08  On the Independence counted the smallest number of people since the beginning of the protests . We are talking about an amount of about 10-20 thousand.

12.59  From the stage Maidana made ​​recently released from the hospital after being beaten activist Tatyana Chornovol. She told how after beating her first assisted Borispolsky traffic cops, from which it can be concluded that the police and the people. She also urged the people to unite.

12.34  In Kiev on Independence Square began Popular Assembly in support of the Maidan, which involved 10 to 50 thousand people (as reported by RBC-Ukraine ). Veche began with a prayer, which had representatives of the Ukrainian churches. Most of the people is directly on the Maidan. A significant number of participants in the Chamber are on the street. Khreschatyk and college. People continue to actively come to the Maidan.

12.31 Around 100 young activists in different helmets , medical bandages and masks children came under the Presidential Administration to express dissatisfaction with the laws adopted on the eve .

11.44 On the Independence Square currently gathered about 10 thousand people . This was the correspondent of “Messages”.

11.41 Impossible revival and approval on Maidan called news that in Sebastopol police came to picket against the government.

11.16 People come to the Maidan with pots and baskets on their heads instead of any helmets.

Political bargaining in Ukraine.  Chronicle of events.  Photo 29

Banned from wearing helmets, and they are not. Photo: facebook.com / Vladislav Perevozchenko

11.06 As the correspondent of “Messages” on Independence Square currently gatheredseveral thousand people . People keep coming up.

10.30  Foreign Minister Carl Bildt said that Ukraine is losing its future. This he wrote in his Twitter, commenting on the publication of the agency Bloomberg “the West is losing the Ukraine.” “It’s not the West is losing the Ukraine. Idea is that Ukraine is losing its future,” – wrote Bildt.

Political bargaining in Ukraine.  Chronicle of events.  Photo 30

Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt said that the EU can sign. Photo: news.pn

Earlier in his Twitter Bildt noted that “regime is likely to try to increase further repression.”He noted that yesterday the head of the British Foreign Office, Germany and Sweden reported that adopted January 16, 2014 the Verkhovna Rada and signed by President Viktor Yanukovych laws “limit personal freedoms” and “gone Ukraine from Europe.” In particular, Bildt pointed out “regime unrest in Kiev.”

9.20  Ukrainian Canadian Congress called on Canada, the U.S. and Europe immediately introduce visa restrictions and financial sanctions against individual persons responsible for the violation of human rights and freedoms in Ukraine. On it informs Radio Liberty .According to a statement COOK organization condemns the actions of Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych, who has signed a number of laws restricting freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, the right to proper conduct of justice, freedom of association, which seriously reduces the political rights and freedoms in Ukraine. “Laws enacted, designed to stop peaceful protests on Evromaydane showing the determination of the Ukrainian people to live in a free, just and democratic society. Rather than engage in constructive dialogue with its citizens, the government suppressed the protests because of repression, censorship and intimidation “- say the Ukrainians in Canada.

“After taking office, President of Ukraine vowed to uphold the Constitution and protect the rights and freedom of the Ukrainian people. Today, by signing these laws, the president de facto turned Ukraine into a police state,” – said Paul Grod, president of the Ukrainian Canadian Congress.

Political bargaining in Ukraine.  Chronicle of events.  31 photos

Ukrainian Canadian Congress President Paul Grod. Photo: radiosvoboda.org

The congress is also stated that “no less concern and that on the same day, when the president signed the” dictatorial laws “also fired the commander of the Land Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the head of the presidential administration, and appointed 70 new judges in Ukraine in order to consolidate control over the armed forces, the judiciary, in addition to monitoring legislative and executive bodies. ”

8.40  In Kiev, January 19, at Epiphany noticeably colder. Forecasters promised day rain, only occasionally a little wet snow. Temperature -8-10 morning frost, day -5 to -7 degrees in the evening possible to -12 degrees.

Today, 19 January, at Maidan in Kiev will Nezlezhnosti eighth Popular Assembly, which will be held under the slogan of mass mobilization.

Veche begin at 12:00.

On Sunday at the Independence and surrounding streets will be handing out leaflets to mobilize and to go home.

Political bargaining in Ukraine.  Chronicle of events.  Photo 32

Photo: V. Borodin, “Vesti”

Action caused outrage activists signing by the President of a number of laws, including those that make illegal certain actions of protesters.

More information on the laws  hands Rada voted for a number of important laws for the country

Despite resistance from the opposition, the regionals and the communists were able to adopt a budget for this year and a number of bills that are hung and activists Evromaydana and its leaders on the hook for criminal liability.

Laws. Rada on January 16 decided  to put  the Ukrainians for three years for extremist activities, for libel on the Internet and the media  will be punished  with a fine and community service. MPs also  forbidden to gather  in the column more than five cars, toughened criminal responsibility for the riots and the seizure of buildings, and wanted to SIM-card could  buy  only a passport.

In Kiev and other Ukrainian cities rallies community activists and opposition under the title Evromaydan that were provoked by the government’s decision to suspend the European integration on November 21, 2013.

Once in the night from 29 to 30 November 2013 fighters riot police “Berkut” violently dispersed a peaceful protest on Independence Square, civil actions Evromaydana escalated into a political protest.


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