Beat, cut, kill “Titushki” as an element of political struggle in Ukraine [translated]

15:56, 27 January 2014

Beat, cut, kill

“Titushki” as an element of political struggle in Ukraine

Caught activists "Evromaydana" "titushki"

Caught activists “Evromaydana” “titushki”
Photo: Sergey Outsiders / AP

Ukraine continues “parade Maidan.” Opposition capture authorities in the regions occupied by buildings in the center of Kiev and close police. Against this background, the hired gunmen of the number of athletes, or “titushki” – tried and tested means of power to fight opponents – sidelined. They are still used in eastern Ukraine, where protesters are trying to assert themselves. In general, however, the radicals of the opposition demonstrated that they can act much larger scale.

Even before the current “revolution” local authorities warned that the craze “titushkami” may leave her side – street fighters can use and its opponents. “In the end, too active use titushek lead to the fact that they are either out of control or … take your side, – wrote the local press last summer. – In fact, the guys are used to working without ideals and fantasies for conditional two hryvnia per day. And let the two become two thousand or twenty – it does not matter. It is important that there are people who are using the same titushek one day get rid of the expensive Yanukovych [Yanukovych] because “he frankly got” … “.

The publication, which appeared last summer, it was suggested that the organization of such a scenario may take oligarchs. A few months later in Kiev began “Evromaydan” under the banner of European integration and the change of power in the country (according to one version , the protest campaign was supported by just the local representatives of big business). Soon radical groups were already in the city center street battles and stormed government buildings in the regions.

These people – some now call them “rebels” – began to start a “revolution” as a major driving force. Formally, they opposed the “titushkam” positioning itself as patriots and fighters against “gangster regime.” In fact, however, even the opposition leaders do not always distinguish them from one another.

“We sandals for Yanukovych …”

High protest activity in Ukraine provided the demand for tough guys hired as power and its opponents. With their help, as noted by “Komsomolskaya Pravda in Ukraine” , politicians face a number of problems:

• provocation (attack on political rivals rally or meeting their own colleagues – in the latter case provocateurs provided with the appropriate symbols, so they portrayed representatives competing political forces);
• protection of the rally (protection against the above-mentioned agents provocateurs);
• maintaining discipline among the protesters (follow that they, for example, not drinking alcohol and wandered around the city);
• Support the election (on duty far away from the sites, and if need be, for example, “recapture protocols from rival candidate”).

Phones “professional fighters”, as contended edition, have each organizer rallies.Designated recruitment – sports clubs, law enforcement and fitness institutions.

If desired, type “titushek” can be even without a special relationship. Last summer it showed journalists are “1 +1”, who came to Kiev Central Station and tried to hire a couple of people there of the number of migrant workers – ostensibly to scare the person refuses to repay the debt. Wishing to find easily. One of those who spoke with reporters, expressed readiness to take and for more serious work. “What should I do? Beat, cut, kill? “- He asked briskly. Journalist Publishing “Prestupnosti.NET”, in turn,has witnessed how the station collected the homeless. Recruiter, who admitted that he represents the ruling Party of Regions, said: “we sandals for Yanukovych.” When asked, he explained that “sandals” means “to beat.”

Dial “titushek” can also email. In addition, according to the magazine “Focus” , and customers work directly with the owners of sports clubs, and those already collected fighters. From the customer organization engaged people who are usually associated with sports media, and sometimes themselves control sports clubs – which naturally makes it easier.

As the “News” in Ukraine in general has a large number of private sports clubs receiving funding from politicians and businessmen, and they can optionally use athletes for their own purposes. “Some of these clubs are not licensed, are located in the basements of houses and there due to the fact that the management section gives paw chief housing department and a policeman – says metropolitan boxing coach, who wished to remain anonymous. – They have the same essence. Although athletes do not even know about. Their coach just puts a fait accompli. Like, you need to go back and then do such. Sometimes guys get paid for it. And sometimes – not. ”

The amount of payment varies. On average, it is a few hundred hryvnia per day.According to the data of the Ukrainian opposition at the end of November last year, for the provocation in the capital at the beginning of “Evromaydane” power dialing “titushek” for 200-500 hryvnia (from 800 to 2000 rubles) per day. Additional costs include the cost of masks, respirators (during street clashes in Kiev used tear gas), shields to protect the hands and feet during fights and fighters of transportation around the city. If we consider equipment and transportation, it is preparing a “titushki” estimated “economic truth” , will cost about a hundred euros.

In December, the opposition evaluated by “titushek” in Kiev, about ten thousand people. The former police chief of Kiev, and is now a member of the opposition of the “Fatherland” Vitaly Yarema, according to “Radio Liberty” , claimed that the police engaged in their recruitment. The objectives of the hired fighters, according Yarema, included attacks on protesters and provoke clashes with police officers. Some relation to the “athletes”, as reported in “Economic truth”, and attributed to people from the inner circle of President Viktor Yanukovych.However, documentary evidence of these rumors, as emphasized edition, was not.

At most of the opposition on the experience of using athletes also had rallies. Visitor sports club near Kiev told me that his friends in different times and were hired to guard the rallies of the ruling Party of Regions, and the opposition party “BLOW”.As for the opposition Nationalist “Freedom” (which, along with the “hits” supported “Evromaydan”), they, according to the magazine “Focus” do without mercenaries, preferring to rely on “ideological fighters.” Party, as the newspaper notes, has a fighter wing – the organization “Sich”, and also enjoys the support of football fans. After the “Evromaydana” series fan associations openly spoke on her side.

“Let them, the boys, their own!”

Object of special interest, street fighters in Ukraine began last spring, after a scandalous brawl in the center of Kiev and attacks on journalists. Actually, it was after this incident the word “titushki” and rooted in the Ukrainian lexicon.

May 18 opposition gathered his supporters at a rally in the capital. The same day, the party in power in Kiev organized their own “anti-fascist” rally, where participants denounced the party “Freedom”, and along with other opposition. Several dozen young people present at the event, separated from the main group and came to blows with the nationalists.

From the “athletes” hit and journalists who were nearby – employee “5 channel” Snitsarchuk Olga and her husband, photographer of the newspaper “Kommersant-Ukraine” Vlad Sodel. According to the journalist, the people in tracksuits, noting that they are being filmed, knocked her to the ground and started beating him. Donated and her husband, who was trying to protect her. Police officers at this time, the victim told how, just watched the scene.

When the scene is still fighters arrived “Berkut”, “athletes” hid in a nearby park. One of them tried to hold, but he said: “Let them, boys, your” – and was released. Later there was a photo in which participants brawl peacefully communicate with fighters “Berkut”. Authorities with involvement in organizing fights denied.

One “athlete” journalists soon found in social networks. It appeared to be a resident of White Church, a member of the sports club “Budo” (the club, as it turned out, is on the territory of the local police department) Vadim “Romanians” Titushko. Among the participants of the fight was seen and the man looks like a leader of the local branch of the “Young regions” Vasily Boyko – however, the involvement of the latter in a collision in Kiev was not confirmed .

Titushko himself later recorded a video message in which he admitted that, as an athlete earns “on just such meetings.” However, he said that in this case, was allegedly hired by the opposition – to protect its rally for 250 hryvnia. Beating journalist young man vehemently denied, but later agreed to go to the world and recognized that “let journalistic activity.” The court sentenced him to a suspended sentence.

Unofficially participants of the fight suspected of involvement and other scandalous stories: attempts raider capture Kiev home teacher Nina Moskalenko, conflict around St. Vladimir Church in Kirovograd region and even attack on the car Aunt Julia Timoshenko (which two young men punctured tires).

On the other hand, one of the participants in the May incident later noticed at the congress of the opposition of the “Fatherland”, where he played the role of guardian.”The end customer – is not only the Party of Regions, – admitted , commenting on this topic, one of the “colleagues” Titushko. – This “BLOW” and “Fatherland.” Watch the video demonstrations with the regionals, and then – with rallies of opposition parties, except that the “Liberty.” And you’ll see the same people – us. All the boys who took part in the fight that Saturday, and once worked for the opposition. ”

As for the Titushko Vadim, he quickly became known throughout Ukraine. His name (or rather, last name) has become synonymous. In summer it ironic interpretation appeared in the online dictionary of modern Ukrainian language, and later wound up and the corresponding article in the Ukrainian “Wikipedia” . The authors identified “titushek” as “the collective name of semi-criminal elements, Gopnik and the unemployed, are used by the authorities to prevent the activities of opposition activists.” Apparently, it is assumed that if these subjects are on the side of the opposition against the government, the “titushkami” they are no longer considered.

Lawyer Titushko Oksana Skoda way, threatened to stop the speculation around his name. “Now coming to the finish paperwork, then we will be able to prosecute the media or the people’s deputies for the mention of the word” titushki “,” – said she was at the end of last year. For “colleagues” Titushko is naming, however, is not the worst option: in the ruling party, as claims opposition activist Eugene Karas them, for example, is called “carp.”

“We – as titushki only good …”

By the end of last year the word “titushki” Ukraine has become a part of everyday life.The reason for this was enough. So, at the end of November, a group of people in tracksuits defeated local maidan in Dnepropetrovsk. Five activists in this case, were reportedly beaten to unconsciousness. For a while, according to “Left Bank” , watched the representative of the city council and the police appeared on the scene only after the attackers fled.

“Athletes” attracted to the protection of the city council, whose work in August, tried to block the opposition (to the questions of the journalist, who was going to talk to them, they respond refused ). Then, however, he eventually had to flee. “With dozens of” titushek “skedaddle vengeance towards the Maidan – described the incident“regional committee” . – They were chased by a crowd of angry opposition. One of Gopnik ran shouted, “Peck ******** [run]!” Who fled from “titushek” Pekoy was, and remains a mystery. But followed the advice of all the “colleagues” shouting. ”

Observers note that both sides of the political opposition gradually radicalized. Border as the image of “titushki” while gradually erased. During “Evromaydana” when began the attack on the police, it was difficult to make out who was behind it – whether planted the very same authority “titushki” (to give the authorities an excuse for a major “cleaning” – which it should be noted, in fact and did not use), or radically-minded opposition.

This fully manifested December 1, when the clashes near the presidential administration. Opposition almost immediately said that it was a provocation arranged “titushkami.” Support the opposition tycoon Poroshenko even wrote a statement to the police. However, in the press pretty quickly emerged evidence that in the storming of Representatives “right sector” – a radical nationalist wing “Evromaydana” (among other things, a bulldozer that was used in the assault, was previously seen in opposition disposal). Themselves nationalists did not conceal his involvement in the events of December 1 (for the version of one of the leaders of the association Igor Zagrebelniy, “there were some activists”), and even offended when they were called “provocateurs.”

“My friends and I went to the Mikhailovsky Square to protect the protesters from the police – told the publication “Facts” party collision named Sergei. – Guide the actions carried out “Right sector” … December 1 fee was announced at the crossroads and Instytutska Bankovoj as was information that planned blocking of the presidential administration. Sturm was not originally planned. ” According to him, the crowd began to warm up a few “healthy men with blue and yellow bandanas”, which provoked a fight. Member collision admitted that he at one point was even sorry policemen who “tightened under the blows of stones and chains and offered no resistance” – “but then won the belief that at this moment it is not people, and ministering to the current regime.”

The young man also said that before a woman adopted him and his associates for “titushek.” In response, she explained: “We – as titushki just … good.”

In “Right sector” for information “Vesti”, includes such organizations as “Patriot of Ukraine”, “Trident after Stepan Bandera”, “White Hammer” and UNA-UNSO.Nationalists did not deny his involvement in the events on the street in the center of Kiev Hrushevskoho where in late January, violent clashes broke out with the police, and they are involved in takeovers of regional administrations.

In a situation with “titushkami” – pro-government mercenaries – in the capital already there was a fracture. Their work has become much more dangerous: the authorities will now confront people without much hesitation to use force, in addition to the protection of the police, “athletes” can no longer be relied upon – the police and myself-that can barely defend. As a result, in Kiev the opposition announced on “titushek” hunt, or, as she gleefully wrote sympathetic local media – “safari” (this, according to the opposition, preceded by an attempt of the authorities to use a group of provocateurs pogroms in the city center). Activists toured the city, caught suspicious young people and was taken to the headquarters of the opposition. There they were interrogated at the camera – some confessed that they were hired for the money.Before release, some left on his forehead inscription “servant” or “Tituha.”

Some government support “titushki” still provide in the east, where now – after the West – trying to consolidate the “revolutionaries”. On Sunday “titushki” as reported , along with the “Berkut” disperse opposition supporters who had gathered at the regional administration building in Kiev. A day earlier, a group of people in tracksuitsattacked by members of the opposition marches in Kharkov.

In opposition, meanwhile, already discernible signs of a civil war. In conditions when the power is happening can not affect the parties – for example, “Berkut” radicals and opposition – lose containment centers. And now the “Berkut” mocks caught the opposition, stripping him naked. A crowd of “revolutionaries”, besieged the house with several hundred security forces, talks about how to burn them all. “War does not start when the positional battles go – says Vadim Gorshenin Institute President Omelchenko – and when a soldier begins to avenge fallen comrade on the principle of “an eye for an eye. ‘”

Even if a civil war will not come, and the “revolution” is complete overthrow of authority to deal with the consequences of conflict have long. This experience demonstrated the post-revolutionary Kyrgyzstan, where after the coup in 2010, there were several unsuccessful rebellions, and in ethnic clashes killed hundreds of people.If someone uses the crowd to solve their own problems, it is only a matter of time when the same will the opposite side. In this case the components of a crowd of people to call – “titushki” or otherwise – is not important.

Mikhail Tishchenko


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