As for his own responsibility for the actions of people in his office, Harper was mute. This buck is for passing. That stance is, of course, entirely at odds with the standards Harper promised when he first came to power in 2006.

#UpInSmoke: #Harper’s #CPC and #Ford’s #FordNation Ideological Subversion of #cdnpoli #senca

It seems as if “We the People” have found ourselves in quite a predicament and the implications are far reaching. Does the cost of “power” consolidation to an “individual” include servitude to foreign investment schemes that can simply “buy” that one individuals influence? Is Canada simply “closed” for “face to face” business domestically so that it may be politically “sold” to the highest faceless international bidders in a globalized fire sale? Why are the seemingly exponential and expanding connections to organized criminal activity and undue influence within the halls of Government being allowed?

PM Harper’s houses of disrepute By Paul E Kennedy — National Newswatch — Nov 19 2013
“The Prime Minister bears responsibility for having brought the two Houses of Parliament to their knees and turned them into houses of disrepute. This situation could only have come to pass because government MPs and Senators have placed narrow partisan interests and blind loyalty to the leader of the day before their responsibility to the people of Canada and the ideals of justice and democracy.”

The real problem now lies with how the various media conglomerates and social media outlets decide to continue spinning lies to divert our collective eyes from the ultimate prize. Surely another riddle or question to ponder is not the option but another perspective and direction is desperately needed. Somehow we need to force the narrative towards and away from the clown prince of the neo-conservative movement since their ultra-far-right agenda is forging ahead behind this 3 ring circus that they have spent billions of our tax dollars to create. They are collectively proving themselves to be the both sides of the “wars” they have waged in our collective names and successfully downloaded the costs to us. As a refresher, below are the fundamental “sales pitches” of the international ultra-right-wing investor to acquire our tax dollars:

  1. War on Crime
  2. War on Drugs
  3. War on Terror

Now is the time for the collective will of “We the People”, the true majority, to set aside our seemingly petty disagreements and understand our adversaries adversary and their tactics. The fact that the Harper Regime has not tossed Rob Ford under the bus is due to the fact that they desperately need the Ford Nation to pursue their mandate. This will prove to be self-defeating as they have lost all control and need the drunken buffoonery to continue and could care less of the well being of Rob Ford but certainly do NOT care about his wife, children, family or friends. They are proving themselves to be the greedy malcontents that they really are by fueling the criminal side by way of the subversion of the Constitution and Charter to their own needs.

“We the People” need to oxidize their narrative, cut off their funds and smoke ’em outta their caves by simply reviewing and investigating further, in no specific order, a few points that are glaringly missing in the media reporting these days which stifles it’s growth via social media:

  • PMO Scandal(s) – Investigations into Frauds upon the Government, Breach of Trust, Conspiracy, Blackmail, etc.
  • Aboriginal, Indigenous and First Nations – Education, health care, missing women, treaty rights, human rights, land rights, resource development rights, international investor involvement in illegal police state measures.
  • Senate Scandal(s) – In addition to attempts to prevent representative and truly transparent reform, once the Supreme Court Justices began pondering and questioning the future implications of the potential for a potentially undemocratically elected majority caucus to create the conditions for a dictatorship, everyone shut the story down.
  • National Security – Missing millions from border security and community resources, PMO compromised, Rob Ford compromised, Foreign Policy, selective investment in Human Rights at home and abroad.
  • Robocalls Scandal(s) – Puzzling, but hey, due process usually catches up with reality after the next election cycle.
  • CETA – Skimpy draft text presentation is unacceptable at best, not to mention it conflicts with NAFTA and other agreements with the US.
  • TPP – Having to wait for “Anonymous” sources and WikiLeaks for leaked drafts of secret long term “trade” agreements that affect everyone is criminal.
  • Electronic Surveillance – As other Nation and States seem to be taking proactive responses to at least pacify the citizenry, having to wait for “Anonymous” sources and Snowden for details is ridiculous.
  • Crime, Punishment, Immigration and Detention – Selective systems rife with corruption and abuse. Unconstitutional omnibus legislation, horrific conditions within the prison systems, overburdened court systems, under representation of the detained, expanded police powers, out-sourcing and privatizing detention services.
  • Currency Wars and Trade Wars – Setting the pretext and domestic conditions to assure that the “budget plan” gets interrupted by global “economic” conditions. Easily done by way of an over valued dollar that encourages quick short term, low to no interest foreign investment in the housing, financial and resource extraction bubbles at the expense of the tourism and export sectors.
  • Tax Evasion Haven – Been a while since we have explore offshore but this ties into the Economic Extraction Action Plan. More appropriately summarized as the Plan of Action to Extract as much liquidity out of the Canadian economy as possible before the inevitable bursting of the bubbles.
  • Veterans Issues – Lest we forget…

Now, getting back to the familiar and failing narrative, the diversion that is Rob Ford, who actually defines the neo-conservative caucus by way of accurate representation. Just take a peek Stateside and look into the crowds that comprise Koch Nation by way of the ultra-right-wing elements of the neo-conservative Tea Party movement. You’ll notice the same divide between “traditional” conservative values and “ideological” values cloaked within the conservative context.

One may wonder what, or why, or how, any of these issues could converge and/or be interconnected and why the thought is never allowed to cross their minds that “Stephen Harper” may not have the best long term interests in “his” mind for Canada. Now how many times “he” get’s caught up in “his” own lies, his caucus seems blinded to what is occurring before their collective eyes. But then again any good conman, crook or criminal knows that for the most part, the most obvious is always the least obvious. This is where the msm narrative needs to be injected with some facts that they are careful to mention in passing but not fully explore. No matter how hard they try, proper chronological documentation elsewhere will assure that facts will not die.

The fact remains that a small minority of ideological internationalist ultra-neo-conservative loyalists have convinced the majority of  persons with “conservative values” that in order to “win” an election they need the ultra-right-wing Reform/Alliance members led by Stephen Harper. To this end to “win” an election and an eventual majority to govern with authority, they became willingly subservient to the whims of a “leader” without having to admit they have enslaved themselves to a “master” that is controlled by international investors that do not have a vested interest in Canada.


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