Statement from Muhammed- July 30th, 2013

The need for justice in my case is also the need to provide me with reasonable access to seek refuge in countries that are still willing to offer me refuge in order to secure my removal to the Gambia. The refugee protection division of Canada and the Canada Border Services Agency are baffled to release me in order to travel to where my claim for refuge would be considered or at least to a Country I am not required a visa for entry. The most bizarre scenario in my case is the outrageous behaviour of CBSA in denying my request to seek asylum in Senegal with whom I have made confirmed arrangements with. I am well educated and well experienced to live and make a substantial living on my own almost anywhere I might go and living in Canada would not make it at my top five lists of such Countries. I have been crippled by the system in Canada that cannot see through the legitimacy of my asylum in many different deteriorating reasons which include various misconduct by judges at my hearing and numerous false accusations including travelling to the US which never happened. 8 billion dollars per annum is made by international students by Canada of which I contributed to, plus many other essential taxes I have paid therefore should I not qualify for protection in this Country? I should be allowed to live then wherever else I desire. Seeking justice, fairness and transparency in my case would further render justice for cases alike mine and should I be returned my valid passport from CBSA, I shall voluntary leave Canada and be free again.


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