Did ya ever feel like your being directed, distracted and herded into a pen? Are you on The Stephen harper Conservative Party Enemy Hit List?

#opTeaKettle: Oxidize the #cdnpoli Narrative [DRAFTv15] #SocialMedia #Kettling

#opTeaKettle vs. #cdnpoli #SocialMedia #Kettling

Did ya ever feel like your being directed, distracted and herded into a pen?

Are you on The Stephen Harper Conservative Party Enemy Hit List?

Please Note: Before you proceed, begin investigating and spread the hashtag to inspire and encourage others. Do NOT forget to share comments below, it’s free!

So here we are, right where “We the People” always eventually end up before we get fed up. The problem is that when we finally get fed up enough, the “game” quickly shifts gears and changes. One might think that this shifting of the gears accelerates or slows down the “narrative” when in fact the gears, within the apparatus of the machine, that has become so odious, slam into reverse. That’s where “kettling” enters the fray and where begins.

“We the People” seem, kinda, like a manufactured disposable commodity to be utilized as a resource to be exploited to manufacture invisible wealth?

Summary: The Kettle

Now many are familiar with the term “kettling” as it related to protests, the G8/G20 variety in particular, if not please read the brief explanations below:

Hopefully, as we continue drafting this article, the short summary above has exposed an event that is occurring exponentially and rapidly, in real time, right now via social media.

Counter Strategy: #opTeaKettle

Once the implications hit home, where you may be “kettled” without your knowledge, you know what to do with that hashtag with this new knowledge.

One MUST Know the Enemy… Learn the Art of War

“Knowledge IS Free… Courage IS Contagious… Censorship is NOT an Option!”

The Caucus Kettle

this one can become self-evident rather quickly. Ask this, do YOU or anyone you believe to be well informed put “party” loyalty before the common welfare of your Family, Community and/or Country. Be very aware of “parties” that like to “whip” their caucus away from your elected representative campaigned on to a prescribed non-disclosed or shadowy narrative. Such as Globalization, Enlightened sovereignty, Free Trade, Immigration Reform, Democratic Reform, etc. Get to know the details, keep an eye out for the “kettlers”.
(…to be continued as we all gather more evidence)

The Race Kettle

Do NOT be duped into this trap, period. Let’s just consider the plausibility that “race” was an idea that was hatched in the 1800’s to categorize the serfs in much the same way IBM technology categorized the “Germans” amongst other things.

Do NOT be neoConned, it’s all about the “Benjamins”… Unsure? Ask yourself a couple of silly questions…

  1. When is a Bird not a Bird?
  2. How far should the Go Dog, Go?
  3. What does the narrative add to the answers to these questions?

“Race” is simply a rather useful mass tool of oppression and categorization. Don’t be Race Baited, Fear Mongered and Distracted by BIG $$$ Propaganda Campaigns!

The Vanity Kettle

This one may be a bit more difficult to notice, but IF: “they” are more interesting in, you following them, so that you can spread their name to give them fame, as opposed to encouraging you to research and expand and enhance their message then, you may find yourself caught in the vanity kettle.

“We the People” were a manufactured commodity created by the elitists of the day that were never able to survive and/or adapt to life itself, to manufacture other commodities, in order to create invisible wealth, to enrich themselves, so that they may compete with each other in the free market of investing in commodities that are worthless unless they can be sold back to “We the People” to enrich those that invest in the commodities, with the added bonus of guaranteed unlimited growth potential, that can be passed down through the generations so that their lazy, unsustainable offspring can sit back and play the game later, just like they did?

The Narrative Kettle

This, oddly enough presented itself to us in the form of a rejected, dare we suggest censored, attempted comment to an article on the CBC website. Below you will find the article in question and the question we posed that was deemed unacceptable followed by a screenshot of the comment. Visit our question to see what has filled the void in time where our comment coulda, shoulda been?

Content Disabled
CBC Comment Censored

Really, was it something we said? Really…

The Platform Kettle

This takes self-awareness to determine if you are “kettled” within a “platform” or opaque setting. As for spotting others that are “kettled” and seeking to recruit company, pay attention to their interactions. Do they, NOT post comments or replies, seem UN-interested in anything other than sharing the same “jargon” or propaganda? Do they seem to “block” certain users from participating in a thread? This is common, especially on Twitter. If so beware! for a brief explanation please check the following as it relates to technology:

The Twitter Kettle

This is a bit tricky but let’s just say the bots ARE directing the narrative and contaminating the hashtags.

The difference between the “good” vs “bad” bots is tricky but doable, with patience. The first signs of a bot usually go a couple of ways, but if it is a “good” bot, it may be: users using mobile devices but do not like to reply or maybe sharing links through apps or automated social media sharing tools/widgets. If it is a “bad” bot, it will attempt to “kettle” users by luring them into interaction as a means of distraction and/or subversive. These bots usually repeat the same series of posts, in the same time frames. several hours apart. these are a bit easier since a quick glance at the account profile home page will show this repeating trend.

You are not authorized to look up related results for that Tweet.
You are not authorized to look up related results for that Tweet.

One of the best ways to spot the troll from the happy fingers crowd is that they will “bait” users into nonsensical red-herrings that can be manipulated by swapping out words and phrases or maybe placing thngs out of context initially, only to lead in circles to nowhere. Usually, the user will “block” the other user and keep @mentioning them over and over. Unfortunatly, you’re stuck, but for only as long as you stay. The classic

(…to be continued as we all gather more evidence)

The Facebook Kettle

This is a bit more tricky but let’s just say the “notes” and “photos” are exposing users to various exploits and profile contamination, especially when using the “groups” and “pages” features, not to mention the “suggestive” content that “they” think you want on your news feed.
(…to be continued as we all gather more evidence but here is a start while ya wait.)

The Narrative Kettle

For now we can just refer to the image below to see how to “kettle” an entire “following” into a pre-scripted and guided narrative:

@SunNewsNetwork Twitter Kettle
@SunNewsNetwork Twitter Kettle
Captured 15Jul2013

(…to be continued as we all gather more evidence)

this article will continued to be updated, so until then, consider the following…

Operation Tea Kettle –> Oxidize the Narrative is Engaged.

CoIntel Deployed.

Target Acquisition Activated.

Counter-insurgency Leveraged.

Offensive Capabilities Readied.


to be continued…

Special message delivered to our group members regarding this phenomenon:
Canadians Against the Harper Regime [CAHR] Posted 16 July 2013
(please note that we will be bringing in additional relevant and important information that results from this discussion)


Join this Q and A: Topic of discussion –> Social Media Settling and the Separation of Church and State.

OK, let’s begin an internal dialog within the group to refresh the page, if you will. Several things are simmering and bothersome for a wide variety of reasons. As we stroll and troll through the various gripes, complaints, comments, posts, suggestions, etc., a definite pattern is emerging and it is troubling indeed.

We would like to expand this further than the limitations of this box and touch upon social media “kettling” and developing effective strategies to combat it. In addition there are a few things that We are certain about how groups is actually interacting with the general book of faces platform and a few of the other “apps” such as photos and notes. You may be surprised that they operate independently and expose your participation within groups, contrary to the way groups is/was separated. Let’s just say it’s a separation of Church and State issue where the general platform is the state and the group is the church.

Most of us “feel” it but cannot adequately grasp what that creepy and eerie feeling is. Many members, throughout the book of faces and social media, find themselves at odds with each other and sometimes within themselves. This is natural, this is healthy, this is “freedom” evolving within everyone that does not want to be further “oppressed” by a status quo that does not factor them into the equation.

Sad thing about history is that it repeats, Good thing about history is that it repeats, Odd thing about history is that most of it is a lie or series of mis-truths that repeats in a variety of ways. At the end of the “day” all sides are created equal and the cycle continues. Which point within the cycle one finds themselves in, is a different story.

There is a new “draft” article on the site with a very brief introduction. This is the only time we have pre-published an article or summary prior to completion. Why? For a few reasons but primarily to initiate further exposure and investigation, plant the seeds of action via social media and launch the “operation” hashtag for the PTB and MSM to shiver over. That’s all. 🙂

So here we can discuss any and all issues we may see, now that we are looking to see how many corrals we are being herded into that seem to lead to only 2 pens at the end of the trail.

Jumping to a couple of other topics and to AVOID the “red herring” claims and accusations of censorship. Since some of our newer members didn’t get the memo, group issues get discussed in the group. Any communications may be made public if related to the group, sorry. Don’t like someone? Don’t like certain topics? Gotta problem? Please review the about section first and then post it so that it can be addressed.

What ARE and are NOT “Red Herrings” as far as postings and comments? Interesting question, with multiple answers so allow us to sum it up as far as we are concerned: (keep in mind the difference between a “post” and a “comment”)

Off topic (post) COMMENTS = Red Herring

Related issues that need to be explored and/or considered along with the original topic = NOT Red Herring

Abusive Posts of Comments = Action

Off topic POSTS = who cares, let them die, if they persist fire warning shot to cease and desist, take further action by contacting an admin. For those that remember, Kevin Clark and his Peoples Party shenanigans, were addressed in such a way that was both respectful and effective.

BTW: what initiated this?

Well, sadly we lost a rather well liked, respected, valuable contributing member PLUS we lost a spook, aka: troll, cointelpro, etc.

Add to that some enlightening revelations that converged. Voilà!

Brief exchanges about the group via the spybook inbox follow:

IF: a member sends replies like the ones below when, after other members complain or feel something is inappropriate, we inquire as to THEIR intentions within the group:

Our Inquiry:

Greetings _______,

If We may respectfully ask you a question as to your intentions and interactions over the past several weeks within the Dump Harper group. Please keep in mind that NOTHING actually disappears from the book of faces, profile edits, interactions, profile photos, display name changes, etc.

Now, if you are “paid” to work the social media narrative to earn a living, it may be acceptable as you have obviously moved on and We wish you well.

If you are simply dis-satisfied that the group is sticking to it’s unaltered original mandate as copied below, that is acceptable as there must have been a miscommunication and We apologize and wish you well.

But if you were there to cause harm or place anyone in danger, there may be a problem.

Please reply to this either way, if you would not mind, as it would be greatly appreciated for the sake of pure disclosure and transparency.


CAHR is an open, non-partisan, uncensored and unbiased group of socially conscious and concerned citizens from Canada actively engaging in dialog to better our Nation. Stay tuned for updates and be sure to share and share alike…

Issues of concern: Constitution, Poverty, Economy, Jobs, Education, Civil Rights, Social Responsibility, Public Healthcare, Government Transparency, Political Corruption, Security Perimeter, Free Trade, Environment, Foreign Policy, etc.

We encourage everyone to create smaller groups of like-minded individuals and collaborate together about common causes and issues. This is merely a hub of communication since many are left out or left behind due to various reasons, personal, professional, private, transportation, time, economic, family, disability, etc.

–end of inquiry snippet–

— Beginning of suspicious replies —

“i can assist you in your understanding if you pose a specific question with a specific answer”

“my intentions were as i directly stated – i am quite irritated by your unpleasantly paranoid insinuations, so i will refrain from further comment”

THEN: There is a problem!

Proposed Solution:

It is up to us to address it but NOT acceptable for ANYONE to imply or impersonate Administrators. So here is a hastily crafted short reply to offensive posts

It may be worth considering that some “members” of, not only this group that you are participating in, but the collective. Now, the “collective” is comprised of concerned individuals and groups from across the entirety of the Canada that spans the entire spectrum regardless of Race, Religion, Nationality, Colour, Creed or Caucus. That being said, please refrain from “challenging” the cause. It is simply offensive and a great distraction. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.


(Keep in mind the book of faces is an American Corp and can deleted anything it wants anytime, don’t like it, sue them in the US and/or California court system. We inquired and they don’t care of our opinion on the matter.)


Hashtag hat-tips to the original Boston Tea Party and to J.C. Penney and their controversial “Bells and Whistles Stainless Steel Tea Kettle” with it’s uncanny resemblance to former German Nazi Chancellor Adolf Hitler.

Remember, politics is a contact sport, like hockey, so please feel free to add quick contributions, observations and relevant information as a comment below!

Contact us if you would like to contribute to our collaborative efforts or would like to share/submit articles, data or additional content, feel free to add feedback, additional info, alternative contact details, related links, articles, anonymous submission, etc. as a comment below, via web-form, through social media outlets or email us directly and confidentially at: dumpharper [at] live [dot] ca

This site may contain copyrighted material the use of which has not always been specifically authorized by the copyright owner. We are making such material available in an effort to advance understanding of environmental, political, human rights, economic, democracy, scientific, and social justice issues, etc. and intend its use to be for education and instructional purposes only. Therefore, we believe this constitutes a ‘fair use’ of any such copyrighted material as provided for in section 107 of the US Copyright Law. In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107, the material on this site is distributed without profit to those who have expressed a prior interest in receiving the included information for research and educational purposes. If you wish to use copyrighted material from this site for purposes of your own that go beyond “fair use,” you must obtain permission from the copyright owner.

ShareAlike Statement: https://dumpharper.wordpress.com/sharealike/


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