AbEnomics™: The Ultimate Political SocioEconomic Domestic and Foreign Policy

The ultimate socioeconomic domestic and foreign policy has to have balance and contain a separation between Church and State. The beauty of such a policy is that it has within itself an inherited alter policy. As we see the PTB (powers that be) have already created this system of social and economic order under the guise of Two-party Systems. We will expolre this but first we need to create new terms to aviod old terms that have already been spun to extremes, depending on what side of the isle you sit or what side of the tracks your from. The first will be the “sell” version: Abenomics™, which is shortened from AbrahamEnomics™ and AbrahamInomics™. Now that may sound a bit strange but if you sound it out a few times, you here who it is named for, (hint: Abe). Great guess, but it’s not that Abe if you were envisioning Abraham Lincoln, the 16th President of the United States, the way older one. Remember, the previous term was the “sell” term intended for the masses and we will explain the two sides to this political socioeconomic domestic and foreign policy system and the power of division, either Abe will do. Before we do though, keep in mind the current Harper Government’s fascination with 1800’s historical revisionism and biblical ideology. To get a fuller appreciation of the gravity of this system and so that there can be a bigger perspective panoramic view, please consider the following quote.

“All politics reduces itself to this formula: try to be one of three, as long as the world is governed by the unstable equilibrium of five great powers.”  ~ Otto von Bismarck – 1st Chancellor of the German Empire

AbEnomics™ is an economic theory based upon the Biblical Abraham, who is considered to be the the founding father of the Biblical Israelites of the Ancient Near Eastern region of Mesopotamia, modern day Middle East. Since Abraham plays such a prominent role in Judaism, Christianity and Islam, it is fitting for those that believe in the covenant between Abraham and God, to develop a religiously guided, politically driven, economic society to support and protect it’s role and goal of inheriting Canaan, modern day Israel, by guiding, supporting, dividing future generations of this region.

“Harnessing disparate anti-Semitic, anti-American and anti-Western ideologies, it targets the Jewish people by targeting the Jewish homeland, Israel, as the source of injustice and conflict in the world, and uses, perversely, the language of human rights to do so.” ~ Stephen Harper – 1st Prime Minister of the Harper Government

AbEnomics™ is hands-down, considered by it’s benefactors by inheritance, to be the best scientifically created economic system of power and control ever created as within itself, it has contained a perpetual maintenance-free self-destructive replicating self-healing mechanism. Historically, no other economically driven, social-order-out-of-chaos, system has been able to achieve ongoing exponential and unlimited growth and wealth out of nothing at all, but a story. The problem with continuing a system based upon a story, no matter how noble, true, false or otherwise, that story may be, is that it, like all of the previous systems that failed, does not factor several things, beginning with non-believers. Then it’s the land claim dispute, if it’s not resolved yet, let the chips fall where they may, it’s time to move forward. Then we need to ask what happens when anything and/or everything runs out, including life and it’s necessary componets, such as shelter and accessible consumable water and food itself.

The infographic below will attempt to display the relationship between the quote previously mentioned, the two party system and the power of being a part of the three. The beautiful part is that both sides are equal and always balanced to prop each other up, while knocking each other down. From a “western” perspective it’s great but for the other 2/3rds of the worlds inhabitants  that do not know either Abraham, it is a bit tough to swallow, once you think about it?

AbEnomics™ Cycle

If you notice in the above infographic, there are 5 players, no matter how you play. Pick one of the three that control one of the two of either of the sides and you’ll always end up where you began.

Now, how does one decide which side to choose, once presented with the true options…

Let’s do a quick exercise for fun: How could you sell this system to anyone with just words? How do you factor in the spelling of the words? How can you turn the same word into two words without anyone noticing consciously, but will definitely be noticed unconscionably? Hmmm… How about these but if you say right away that it is obvious, try them without the capital letters:

AbrahamInomics™:  A political socioeconomic domestic and foreign policy system that puts the emphasis on the I, as in individual.

AbrahamEnomics™:  A political socioeconomic domestic and foreign policy system puts the emphasis on the E, as in everyone.

Please Note: Do NOT attempt to profit off the terms AbEnomics™, AbrahamInomics™ OR AbrahamEnomics™ without first contacting us, period, thank you, have a nice day. 🙂

Remember, politics is a contact sport, like hockey, so please feel free to add quick contributions, observations and relevant information as a comment below!

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