#Harper vs #Alberta and the #AusterityStampede

Come Hell or High Water… Let the Looting Proceed!

Let us take a moment or so to reflect upon what “today” means in the bigger picture. As our first thoughts, naturally, shift to those that have been severely affected by the recent austerity [v], floods and wildfires of Biblical proportions, we cannot ignore the disaster profiteers with criminal connections to economic and political institutions, that lurk within our transparently exclusionary and opaque democracy. Who and what will appear from behind the veil and will this disaster be the elusive, and so far invisible, Stephen Harper’s Katrina moment. Will diverting all available resources to the Stampede, ‘come hell or high water‘, instead of focusing on those displaced save the day or bankrupt and divide Calgary? Will the Koch Bros. Economic Action Plan 2013 [A + B + C] save the day and just bankrupt and divide Alberta or will they aim much higher and continue subverting the PMO even further to the extreme-right and accelerate the looting of the entire Nation? Is the long awaited end of the Harper Government Corporate Dictatorship? Only time will tell how this will play out, unless the writing was on the wall last fall

“Corporatism is the use of private ownership and markets for state-directed objectives. Its tools are subsidization, public/private partnerships and state investment funds.” ~Stephen Harper 2003

At this time of distress, there is a great urgency for everyone outside the sphere of influence, to pay close attention to the scripted propaganda and words, or lack thereof, of the political talking heads, both paid and elected, as they relate to the legal exploitation of the displaced and uninsured, low-income, underdeveloped, uneducated class of citizens. The first thing we need to focus upon are waivers and disclaimers in exchange for assistance that are being signed by tax-paying citizens and residents, under duress, that have zero options. Pay close attention to the historical injustices that have occurred, and persist to this day, when signing an agreement under duress. Aboriginal and Native communities, not to mention Haitians, already know the past practices of “justified” exploitation first hand as well as the realities of the Harper Government’s ongoing program of accelerated impoverishment, displacement and relocation by starvation.

“In a time of universal deceit – telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” ~George Orwell

Luckily, the show must go on! All things considered so far, here are just a few dire “predictions” based upon past “neo-political” practices, keeping in mind that Stephen Harper has a very grey, what some may call strange others call false, ideology. We do know one thing for certain, Stephen Harper has his hands on our money and that money is on his global investor “friends” minds. So how can “they” parley this tragedy into long term prosperity considering “they” pro-actively muzzled the scientists and re-classified Aboriginal Peoples, farmers and environmentalists as adversaries, radicals and terrorists? Since “they” obviously knew this was coming sooner, rather than later, why “they” choose to ignore reality we can merely speculate but just like floods/wildfires, we know fire/flood risk mitigation measures negatively affect property values and that is like poking the housing bubble with a hot pin.

Five Proven Scorched-Earth Investment Opportunities

  1. States of Emergency, aka: Martial Law, will exist until such time as the buildings and neighborhoods are rendered unsafe in areas deemed suitable for foreign investment. This will be “sold” to the general public as “in your best interests”. These costs, in the billions, will be passed down to the taxpayer, resulting in more austerity.
  2. Understandably, the interoperability of the downtown core will need to be expedited and all such costs will be covered by the taxpayers. In this case, it will be murky determining what were essential services for residents and rushed luxuries for the Stampede. A virtual blank-check to preferred contractors and a political pork-barrel bonanza. This will be “sold” to the general public as “in your best interests”. These costs, in the billions, will be passed down to the taxpayer, resulting in more austerity.
  3. Despite the billions in damages, major insurance companies will emerge victorious and relatively unscathed. All property losses by non-global corporations within certain zones will be denied. Commercial property structures will more than likely be covered due to the failure of the municipal sewage system. The vast majority of homeowner claims will be denied, as they may have been assUme’d or implied, were never covered to begin with. This will be “sold” to the general public as “in your best interests”. These costs, in the billions, will be passed down to the taxpayer, resulting in more austerity.
  4. Expect rampant delays, coercion and collusion as “public” infrastructure projects become mired in a web of municipal, provincial and federal jurisdictions, authorities and interests, especially where the P3’s are concerned. This will be “sold” to the general public as “in your best interests”. These costs, in the billions, will be passed down to the taxpayer, resulting in more austerity.
  5. Due to the Harper Government’s race-to-the-bottom, top-down ideological policies and narrow focus on speculative extraction wealth, Alberta may potentially, after the dust settles, become a have-not province and become subjected to the grim realities of the broader economy. This will be “sold” to the general public as “in your best interests”. These costs, in the billions, will be passed down to the taxpayer, resulting in more austerity.

Five assUme’d Scorched-Earth Investment Results

  1. Assured long-term austerity with the added bonus of never-ending tax increases.
  2. Record breaking Harper Government subsidies to “favourable” organizations.
  3. Forced Public asset sell off, aka: Fire Sales to the lowest preferred bidders.
  4. Accelerated reduction of government employees and wholesale reduction and privatization of municipal services. Call it what it is, Union busting time.
  5. Initial increased economic activity. Careful propaganda will allow the “blip” to appear to show strength without reveling the true costs when in fact, the spark in activity is an extended, one-time, dollar shot related to the immediate replacement of necessary (insured) equipment and merchandise.

BTW: Happy Barons Day!

For those that may be puzzled, “Barons Day” is the secret “term” used by globalists and corporate interests to refer to what the public believes to be Canada Day, Independence Day, etc. Think: Pacific Scandal

“Of our two legislative houses, the Senate, our upper house, is appointed, also by the Prime Minister, where he puts buddies, fundraisers and the like. So the Senate also is not very important in our political system.” ~Stephen Harper 1997

And that is just the tip of the melting iceberg…

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