Stephen Harper invited to First Nations meeting

Stephen Harper invited to First Nations meeting



Theresa Spence
Attawapiskat Chief Theresa Spence speaks with journalists about her hunger strike in a teepee on Victoria Island in Ottawa December 27, 2012. (REUTERS/Chris Wattie)

OTTAWA – Amidst weeks of protests across the country, First Nations leaders plan to hold a mass meeting at the end of January and Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Gov. Gen. David Johnston are invited.

The meeting, planned for Jan. 24, will fall on the anniversary of the Crown-First Nation gathering last year in Ottawa.

In January 2012, aboriginal leaders met with Harper and agreed to focus priorities on education and economic development.

Since then, Assembly of First Nations National Chief Shawn Atleo has raised concerns about the “disappointing” rate of progress. There has also been mounting First Nation frustration with the government’s second omnibus budget bill, which includes legislation revoking certain environmental protections of lakes and rivers.

Aboriginal protesters showed up on Parliament Hill in early December to “serve notice” to government. Since then, Idle No More protesters have marched in several major cities and demonstrators have blockaded a handful of major transportation routes – highways and rail lines – across the country.

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  • Avatar
    Carla Mcewen • 5 hours ago

    it not just about first nations issues. it about the protections that have been removed on the environment, and the laxing of regulations that will allow other countries to develop, purchase, mine out and leave behind for us to clean ujp. the mines coming in under china means they will be run under chinese pollution and environmental rules, not canada’s.
    take away the native rights issues, there is still the fact that harper has done little or no consulting of the canadian public on most of these decesions, leaving canadians wondering what new law they are breaking today cause it all going down so fast, how could any one have the time to even read it before it became law?? i am all for international, planetary oneness in business and all that but not like this. it being shoved down our throats. it is obscene.
    take away the native rights issues and there is still a lot that needs to be talked about…like how come they building a wall around the parliament and how come the rcmp are going to be armed with sub-machine guns?

  • Avatar
    Kateri Sa’n • 3 hours ago

    Why Hate a INDIAN, When all they want is to protect their Land from mistreatment of people and mistreatment of environment. You See Money, We See Pollution, We see anger, We see Division. You say we are richer… REALITY IS WE ARE POORER, WE ARENT GIVEN OPPORTUNITY BECAUSE OF OUR RACE. They Kill us in Millions when they first arrived, but all we wanted to do was live in friendship and harmony, We Wanted to share resources, not be forced into little lands. LEARN OUR HISTORY, It shouldn’t even be called history, LEARN WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO US IN THE PAST 100 YEARS, OVER AND OVER AND OVER, AND TODAY.

    • Avatar
      Jeffrey Sinclair  Kateri Sa’n • 3 hours ago

      sadly, they are also protecting our (non indiginous Canadian) land as well. We should take the time to understand the complex history and issues involved. Sadly ethnocentrism and racism seems alive and well in Canada.

  • Avatar
    mavri • a day ago

    Attawapaskat…about 1800 people, about 300 homes. Before the Queen of Sheeba Spence meets with Harper, she could explain…why her boyfriend earns $850/day as “manager”,,,why there is 9 million invested in the stockmarket but she (or anyone else there) can’t fix leaking roofs…why there are at least 100 people listed as “gov’t officials” earning at least $100,00/yr, where is the money from the diamond mine which is about 1 million every 6 months, what happens to the $450,000/month in welfare checks…I can go on but… Can she explain why she has not lost one pound during her 3 week “starvation gig…so many questions but most media are the Idle Ones…shame.

  • Avatar
    muskokagirl • a day ago

    I hope Harper does not see her until she opens up the books of the reserve! Taxpayers deserve to know where all that money went or better yet she can get a job!

    • Avatar
      George C. Thomson  muskokagirl • 5 hours ago

      So then Harper should have seen her last month. All the Band’s financial records are <tahdah!> online. Took me less then a minute to find them. Oh, and Mavri’s “figures” are so much horsecrap. Just sayin…. bazzinga yourself</tahdah!>

    • Avatar
      Kateri Sa’n  muskokagirl • 3 hours ago

      and the same with your billions of dollars the harper government plays with, canada as a whole is in poverty, the children, the homelessness, the unemployment rate, do not single out to aboriginal people without looking at all leaders as a whole.

      • Avatar
        muskokagirl  Kateri Sa’n • 3 hours ago

        They are singling themselves out – This BS is outdated the reserve system is not working they are canadian just like the rest of us lets all move on. When you have your hand out – you cannot expect to receive respect from people. It is obvious that they have no self respect. All canadians are watching their pennies right now as times are hard and all things are expensive – noone wants to see our money being given away and mismanaged in such a manner. Harper is not my favourite person, I did not vote conservative but he is the Prime Minister and in this situation he should not cave and he should protect our money and he should get out there and protect more of our money that gets wasted on silly programs that are of no use to anyone.

    • Avatar
      Jeffrey Sinclair  muskokagirl • 3 hours ago

      Each reservation has open accounting books as far as reporting to the government. They have annual statements from auditors that explain their budget allocations. The confusion is actually result of excess government bureaucracy and red tape. It is the government that is the problem. Unlike non-aboriginal municipalities, reservations are required to use 3rd parties for many contracts which dramatically raises the costs per capita.

    • Avatar
      hstsucs  muskokagirl • a day ago

      There should be an RCMP investigation into missing millions. The welfare should stop until we know what they did with our hard earned money.

      • Avatar
        Jeffrey Sinclair  hstsucs • 3 hours ago

        There are not missing millions.. that is propaganda and BS from the Feds who are actually the only group who doesn’t actually know where the money went. All reserves are audited and report their budget allocations to the government.

      • Avatar
        nwmk  hstsucs • a day ago

        A convenient distraction from the missing millions but sooner or later she will have to face the music.

    • Avatar
      Home Grown Hippie  muskokagirl • a day ago

      If Harper agrees to meet with Spence only after she loses 10 pounds, he will likely never have to see her again!

  • Avatar
    Kateri Sa’n • 3 hours ago


  • Avatar
    Travis Fehr • 5 hours ago

    Ignoring the problems, demonstrations, and now civil disobedience of First Nations people is a discourtesy to say the least, and a denial of human rights at worst. Spence wants to talk to the PM, and that is perfectly legitimate.

  • Avatar
    Pete (Granpa) Moss • a day ago

    Harper should send invitations for them to come meet with him, in Fort Calgary.

  • Avatar
    Perplexed10 • a day ago

    Stay the course PM Harper and refuse to meet with all of these swindlers. Not another penny without accountability.

  • Avatar
    YeahOkFerShure • 2 hours ago

    For the people who are promoting Ezra Levant’s little diatribe against
    Chief Spence and the natives, please at least know who he is. Look him
    up. He has a very biased opinion and has been successfully sued for
    slander before. Fraser Institute, Reform Party, Unite the Right, against
    our publicly-funded healthcare system, against affirmative action, etc.
    Like a Canadian version of a Tea Party member. He was interviewed by
    Glenn Beck and loves Ann Coulter. Is this who you’re getting your
    “facts” from?

  • Avatar
    clintruin • a day ago

    RWers in a tizzy as they relize the world is seeing Harper for what he is – a COWARD supported by racists.

  • Avatar
    BlueJay87 • a day ago

    Ezra Levant’s video on Fact Checking a Hunger Strike is well worth viewing the entire 29 minutes. It addresses the underpinnings of Idle No More, precise verbage of James Bay Treaty 9, takes a peek inside Attawapiskat’s financial records / investments along with some interesting findings on Spence/fellow band council salaries/expenses. Thank you for giving us cold hard facts, Mr. Levant. These are the truths which will sift to the top. Any taxpaying Canadian liberal, conservative, green or other party citizen should demand full transparency of how our $$$ are managed and tolerate no less. First the answers, then the pow wow.

  • Avatar
    clintruin • a day ago

    “When you are a nation, it is perfectly natural to be a nationalist” – Harper to Quebec, 2007

  • Avatar
    KieranDevine • an hour ago

    WOW The Crime Minister really has his misinformation agents working very hard to quell the truth and bad mouth the native people of this country… in a last ditch effort to save his low life self serving a$$.

  • Avatar
    Ruledbythemoon • a day ago

    I wonder what they are going to have for lunch? Betcha there are no leftovers.

  • Avatar
    WhiteHartLane • a day ago

    Mr Harper should politely decline to acquiesce to their request.

    (Means no.)

  • Avatar
    lukecanada • a day ago

    I am disappointed that a SUN reporter gets it wrong just like the lib media,, when the article says “There has also been mounting First Nation frustration with the government’s second omnibus budget bill, WHICH INCLUDES LEGISTATION REVOKING CERTAIN ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTIONS OF LAKES AND RIVERS” First there is no such revoking,, the law simply gives the authority for such matters back to the tribe councils,, something the tribes asked for!!!!!!!!!!!!!! if they want to continue to protect such from any development the have all the power without having to beg back to the aborigional affairs ministry.

  • Avatar
    lukecanada • 21 hours ago

    now this “leader” is demanding a meeting within 72 hours,, OR WHAT? you will not eat another cupcake? as if anything will come of that if when the prime minister doesn’t meet with blackmailing phony’s like this woman, stand your ground prime minister, this woman is a nut job just trying to hide all the millions they misspent or perhaps worse!!!!

  • Avatar
    Nukejockey • 9 hours ago

    Request Denied!!!!!!!

  • Avatar
    Anonymous • 39 minutes ago

    LOL even with all the Conservative racist propaganda and trolls LIES and misinformation the Canadian people are rising above it all. You Con-trolls you will never control us. May you realize the error of your ways before it’s to late. Not to worry though we are fighting for you too even if you are too ignorant to know what we are fighting for because it isn’t your fault that you have been brainwashed all your lives you just happen to be too mentally weak to see through it.

    ~Peace to all from Anonymous~

  • Avatar
    Guest • an hour ago

    WTF the sun blocks my comments about the Crime Minister and his evil misinformation agents??

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