Cons Made 6 Million Election Calls, Refuse To Hand Over Call Records For Investigation

Cons Made 6 Million Election Calls, Refuse To Hand Over Call Records For Investigation


National Day of Action Across Canada, phase 2: March 31, 2012

Investigating their own tapes before elections canada or the rcmp? Election call tapes under review by Conservatives Investigators planning to interview staff at call centre

Misleading election call traced to Conservatives

RMG (Responsive Marketing Group) clients – 2011 election
Full list of expenses (($15,000.01 per client))

***Robo-calls worse than Watergate***

***Election Fraud promoted at conservative campaign school***

A slew of former employees at a call centre in Thunder Bay, Ont., revealed on Monday they were using a script to make live calls on behalf of the Conservative party direction voters to goto wrong polling stations.

Elections Canada confirms over 31,000 complaints in RoboCall Scandal

Harper ignores opposition calls for by-elections in ridings hit by robo-calls

Stephen Harper says Election Fraud in 57 Ridings is a “Smear Campaign” and is a Lie?

Measuring the impact of robocalls in the 57 ridings allegedly targeted

cbc news: photo posted to Facebook by (Robocalls) RackNine CEO Matt Meier, in which he noted that “government does pay”

Link Between Racknine President Matt Meier and the Harper Government , personal facebook photos of Racknine President Matt Meier released.

First election scandal casualty: Democracy

February 27th 2012- The word is “script.” And we’re not talking about the Oscars here. source:

February 27th 2012- “I made misleading election calls for the Tories: Call centre workers speak out.” source:

February 27th 2012- CBC News- Robocalls : **Confirmed** Conservative Party linked to calls directing voters to different polling stations.

February 27th 2012
Conservative scripts misdirected voters in 2011 election, say call centre

The Conservatives won their majority with 166 seats. That’s a margin of 11. That means the legitimacy of the Tory majority is in question. It’s simple math.

Stephen Harper, Jason Kenney, Rona Ambrose and Tim Uppal amongst those whose campaigns paid for RackNine’s auto-dial services.

Misleading election campaign robocalls linked to company that worked for Conservatives source:

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