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Below you will find a rather unique peek behind the complex web that weaves the veils of secrecy that lie between special interests and government. Some prefer to follow the money, while others prefer to follow the digital footprints. Here are a few of the steps taken along the way during the quest trough the tar sands via Ethical Oil…


Attention: Targets acquired that need to be addressed by those within the hive as well as the support groups and crew! Please be advised that some rather disturbing information has been brought to our attention about the Harper Regimes direct ties to the not so “grass roots” group Canada’s Ethical Oil located on the interwebz at

Please take a few moments to review and relay the following information posted on the article attached along with the details and data available at the JLS site. Below there will be a series of related comments from various users and sources. Special thanks to Anonymous for putting it all together and sharing it with us so that we may share it with you. Note: some names and minor details have been changed to protect the innocent… :)~


Tony Clement should Resign – EthicalOil-Gate | The “JLS” Report

“Tony Clements already is known for his highly unethical abuse of office, previously he was the man behind the G8 slush fund and now he is the man behind UnethicalOil.”


Primary target acquired:

What it’s about encourages people, businesses and governments to choose Ethical Oil from Canada, its oil sands and other liberal democracies. Unlike Conflict Oil from some of the world’s most politically oppressive and environmentally reckless regimes, Ethical Oil is the “Fair Trade” choice in oil.

Countries that produce Ethical Oil protect the rights of women, workers, indigenous peoples and other minorities including gays and lesbians. Conflict Oil regimes, by contrast, oppress their citizens and operate in secret with no accountability to voters, the press or independent judiciaries.

Some Conflict Oil regimes even support terrorism.

As the world still requires growing amounts of oil, people, businesses and governments need to make a choice: do we continue to buy Conflict Oil from politically oppressive and environmentally reckless regimes or do we purchase Ethical Oil that is discovered, produced and transported responsibly?

Ethical oil. It’s a choice we have to make.

How it started began as a blog created by Alykhan Velshi to promote the ideas in Ezra Levant’s bestselling book Ethical Oil: The Case for Canada’s Oil Sands.

The blog, in addition to rebutting inaccurate and unfair criticisms of the oilsands, also sought to engage its readers: inviting them to write letters to their local newspapers, call talk radio stations and suggest ideas for Access to Information requests to expose the network of anti-oilsands lobbyists who meet regularly with senior Environment Canada officials.

Within a month, based on the generosity of its readers, has become an online community that empowers people to become grassroots community activists on the front-lines of the campaign for ethical oil.

Have your say

The blog is now maintained by Kathryn Marshall. She welcomes your ideas on how can better encourage people, businesses and governments to make ethical energy choices.

You can reach her by emailing at kathryn – at – and by following her on Twitter.

How we are funded

Unlike most anti-oilsands organizations, does not accept any money from foreign donors like Greenpeace International, the U.S. Tides Foundation or the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We are 100% Canadian.

We are a registered non-profit NGO and do not accept money from any government agency. We are non-partisan and believe that the Canadian values reflected in Ethical Oil appeal to people from all walks of life and across the political spectrum.

We do accept donations from individuals and companies, including those working to produce ethical oil. Since launching our website in July, hundreds of Canadians from all walks of life have donated through our PayPal button. The median size of our donations to date is $38. Even one dollar helps to get the word out. We believe that by using our blog, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube we can spread the word about Ethical Oil even without the money and professional staff that the anti-oilsands activists have at their disposal.

Please donate online or send cheques to P.O. Box 1047, 31 Adelaide Street East, Toronto, ON M5C 2K4.

Ethical Oil | A choice we have to make


Here is a story that was on CBC’s Power and Politics with Evan Solomon with the description below. I know some prefer news articles but this segment may be well worth the watch since it features many facts with some relative links.

CBC Showdown: Sierra Club vs “Ethical Oil” – One of them is a Ridiculous Radical

Cozy Ties: Astroturf ‘Ethical Oil’ and Conservative Alliance to Promote Tar Sands Expansion

Showdown of CBC : Sierra Club vs “Ethical Oil”

Sierra Club executive director John Bennett and Ethical Oil spokesperson Kathryn Marshall discuss the public hearings for the Northern Gateway pipeline and whether opponents are acting on behalf of foreign interests

Must watch!

Showdown of CBC : Sierra Club vs “Ethical Oil” -a spokesperson representing the Ethical Oil industry is absolutely ridiculous when asked If Enbridge funds “Ethical Oil” she doesn’t answer, tries to spin the topic, and says its a “conspiracy theory” when asked again and again

She kept dodging the question, which told me that it is true. Enbridge donates money to “EthicalOil”

“Ethical Oil dial-a-quote Kathryn Marshall is married to Hamish Marshall, Stephen Harper’s former strategic planning manager.” from the Ottawa Citizen


Here is Kathryn Marshall’s bio. She worked for the Fraser Institute, a think tank.

Critics of Fraser Institute such as David Suzuki have also named Exxon, Koch and Scaife as the Institute’s donors

This Video is non for profit, It is shared/used for the purpose of research, criticism, review and news reporting under the fair dealing exceptions 29, 29.1 and 29.2 of the Canadian Copyright Act (R.S.1985 c, C-42)

Broadcaster: CBC news, full credit/source:

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Puff. Puff. Puff. How in the hell can a cartoonist keep up to all the lies, smoke, deception, mirrors and bull shit Harper dishes out?

Remember that sweet little thing on CBC last night that kept repeating like a broken record, “We’re a small grass roots organization”?


They ARE the Conservative Party running off of Jason Kenney’s own IP address!!

Therefore, the Conservative Party are probably being funded by Enbridge Gas!!!!

NO WONDER she had to refuse an answer!

It would probably incriminate Harper himself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How’s THAT for breaking political funding????!!!!!!!!

The RCMP should be called in and examine this whole slush fund probably going through Kenney’s office.

OH, that won’t work. Harper appointed the RCMP Commie himself, so how would that be independent?


repost from Anonymous:

Coincidence? Ethical Oil address the same as Conservative MP Tony Clement’s old campaign by Jenny Uechi

Ethical Oil, the pro oil-sands non profit organization that claims to have no government backing, appears to share the same mailing address as Treasury Board President and Conservative MP Tony Clement’s old campaign office. Clement’s office has denied any connection and questioned the validity of the source.


repost from Anonymous:

Not only are they hosted on the same ip address but they also use the same DNS Server – given that there are millions of hosting companies and tons of DNS servers this is not coincidence… Further the IP address used has few domain names on it! @anon, no it’s not the same as city, it’s much more like the same house and given the fact that under 20 domains are hosted on it, it’s much more like the same room…. City would be if the IP address was in the same class, those two are under the same IP – huge difference. The domains hosted are::


Next time the idiots wanna hide shit they should hire the right people to do the job… – IP address information

All Sites List by IP |, Country Name: United States, Region Name: Texas, City: Houston, Zip: 77002


repost from Anonymous:

Of the four national federal parties (didn’t check Bloq) only the NDP & Green’s host in Canada on a Canadian IP. While the Tories and Liberals both use Peer1 only the Liberals appear to be in their Toronto NOC. The NDP use Montreal’s iWeb to host their site. The Green’s also use a Quebec based company, Netelligent, for their hosting.

That these”groups” all use The Planet to host these sites it is their use of the same IP that suggests co-ordination. The very same IP at minimum donotes using the same server (physical or virtual). Therefore it is reasonable to assume it is the same account.

While one hosting server can be shared by hundreds of disparate websites it is very unlikely that websites created at different times would end up on the same shared hosting server.

It is possible but an enterprising journalist who still believes that the public has a right to know and that is why we guarantee a free press might actually call The Planet to find out. Or ask the Minister and Enbridge directly. After all public funds, personnel and other assets may be being used (or abused) in this supposed collusion.


repost from Anonymous:

Domain registry on shows that it is owned by Ezra Levant.


repost from Anonymous:

Stepehen Lautens’ Twitters: **AND** are both hosted at – 3 IPs apart

Now here’s an interesting bunch of sites on the same server:,,


repost from Anonymous:

Viewers of Ethical Oil’s disingenuous new ad campaign aren’t being told about the intricate web of industry influence peddlers behind the effort AND their connections to the Harper government and oil interests.

The lines between politics and big business interests are so blurred, it is nearly impossible to distinguish them.

As the Northern Gateway Pipeline Project Joint Review Panel begins hearing over 4,000 comments submitted by community members, First Nations, governments, and environmental groups, the tar sands front group has launched its latest PR offensive in support of the pipeline.


repost from Anonymous:

The Ethical Oil cluster of websites and http://Joe/ form a distinct sub-group within the Go Newclear network, with unmistakeable signs of common development and a deployment seemingly aimed at obfuscating the link to Newclear team. So there is more than just common ideology tying to the Conservative PR machine; they also share digital service providers – and a lack of transparency.

Ethical Oil political connections, part 1: Conservatives “Go Newclear”

As a once in a generation Canadian pipeline review process gets underway, the rhetoric around the massive Northern Gateway project has heated up noticeably.


repost from Anonymous:

Now, as you know I’ve been stating that it’s obvious that Ethical Decision (really, why pretend they are truly different organizations) is a government shill wrapped in the pretense of being a grass-roots organization. If you were paying attention a few weeks ago you would have seen clear synchronization between Harper, key players, and the Ethical Decision team.

Canada II: Ethical Oil: Domestic Puppets


repost from Anonymous:

There are some other “interesting” sites there on the same server:

Also, this server is in the USA:

So who knows, maybe Jason Kenney’s whole campaign site has been funded by Americans too.


Please note that the book of faces decided to place a security check between posts. That in of itself says something, eh?

Game on and have some fun, if anything do it just for the lulz… 🙂

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