Perimeter Security Deal – Canadian MP’s Warn About Threat To Sovereignty And Rights

0NAU- Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper and American President Obama recently announced the finalization of their common security perimeter deal for North America. When asked where the funds will come from to implement this fortress north america scheme, the Canadian government responded that it would come from money saved via cuts to public services. The cost has been initially reported to be $1-Billion but we all know how these things work, expect that price to skyrocket out of control fast!

Canadian Members Of Parliament confess, that Canadian sovereignty and the constitutional rights of Canadians are currently under negotiation, all in the name of security and prosperity. The creation of this common security perimeter was a keystone in the CFR/CCCE wet dream of creating a corporate controlled “North American Community” or what many have labeled, North American Union.

Opposition parties should know very well what’s in this agreement as all parties have played a role in getting us to this point in the deep integration and harmonization process. North America is currently being consolidated and our constitutional rights and freedoms are once again under attack by our own governments!!

Are You Awake Yet Canada?? #Occupy Your Sovereignty!

Uploaded by NAUresistance on Oct 9, 2011

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Video Credit: CPAC- “NDP Finance critic Peggy Nash, Liberal Leader Bob Rae, NDP House Leader Thomas Mulcair, and Liberal House Leader Marc Garneau spoke to reporters about their concerns for the perimeter security deal between Canada and the United States.”
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